Bible study rules for public schools ...

Bible study rules for public schools proposed

There are 164801 comments on the The Courier-Journal story from Feb 10, 2010, titled Bible study rules for public schools proposed. In it, The Courier-Journal reports that:

FRANKFORT, Ky. - The state would create rules for teaching about the Bible in public high schools under a bill filed Monday by three Democratic senators.

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#97955 Apr 1, 2013
do whut wrote:
<quoted text>
I didn't say the Bible was hard to understand. Nor did I mention any of what you are talking about.
But since you brought it up, slavery was different then. Slavery happened when someone owed a man a debt. They were not treated like slaves that resemble the terrible stories that we have heard on our own soil (most of the time).
As far as the killing of women and children, are you talking about king Saul?
Ah, dude, don't defend slavery. Its on the short list with rape and murder for obvious evils.

And you are incorrect about how the Bible talks of slavery. All the ways that Christians rationalize it away as debt repayment is mainly aimed at Jews owning Jews. Which is still an immoral situation to begin with. If you were not a Jew, none of those happy little human slavery rules applied.

It is the sign of moral bankruptcy when a man has to defend the owning of another man. The absolute removal of human rights and subjugation of a human being to another human being.

And God says it ok.

Think of this. Even in the New Testament when Paul talks about slavery he is giving instructions on HOW to do it, not giving moral guidance that it should NOT BE DONE.

It's disgusting to me. A lot of Apologists will actually defend the various genocides that God commands by claiming that the children slaughtered had it coming. How's that for Christian morality?

Satanic Priest

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War, WV

#97956 Apr 1, 2013
do whut wrote:
<quoted text>
Jewish slavery is what I was speaking of. Keep up with me here. When Jews owed a debt they could not repay, they became a slave to the lender until paid off. Egyptians enslaved Hebrews like they were a lower life form. See the difference Mensa man?
The bible verse that I posted was on jews owning non jews as slaves. See how you turn things around? It even says the slave is property that can be passed down to a son.
You have lost credibility while proving again that the christian cult knows their religion is a scam

Satanic Priest

“There is no god”

Since: Jul 12

War, WV

#97957 Apr 1, 2013
jane wrote:
<quoted text>death is the birth to eternity in an indistructable body.
Then all of the christians should want to die. Dont go to a Doctor just be happy as you die.

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Home, sweet home.

#97958 Apr 1, 2013
They'd rather children learn propaganda about the bible than study the bible...
Yes and Amen

Richmond, KY

#97959 Apr 1, 2013
Happy Atheists day!
May you never celebrate it again!
In Jesus' Holy Name!

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#97960 Apr 1, 2013
GWB wrote:
<quoted text>Jesus was a man and yet a son of God. So biblical evidence would suggest yes angels can appear as men.

Note: this verse

Hebrews 13:2
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

Genesis 18.2
And he lifted up his eyes and looked, and, lo, three men stood by him: and when he saw them, he ran to meet them from the tent door, and bowed himself toward the ground.

Mark 16:1-7
5 As they entered the tomb, they saw a young man dressed in a white robe sitting on the right side, and they were alarmed.

Matthew 28:2-7
2 There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it.
3 His appearance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow.
4 The guards were so afraid of him that they shook and became like dead men.
5 The angel said to the women, "Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.
6 He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.

Sons of God could mean angels or men it seems depending on the context.

So it could be said that some of the fallen angels also could have been men also from my reading.
Oh I fully agree that angels visit the earth. But they don't have a body, so sex is impossible. They do look like people though.

“See how you are?”

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#97961 Apr 1, 2013
do whut wrote:
<quoted text>
I never said any of the stories of God are easy to believe. Just the opposite. It requires faith and a testimony of Jesus Christ to believe the stories of the Bible. I believe that if a God was powerful enough to create all that you are looking at, then He is powerful enough to perform everything in the scriptures. And these abnormal events are what these people experienced and passed down. I'm sure there were thousands of days where totally uninteresting things occurred too. But why write about these things?
Who would think it necessary to write "Abraham arose from his slumber and caught 6 fishes. He then cleaned them and his family ate. Then they made some clothes out of animal skins, then went back to sleep."
We are told more about the interactions with God that were out of the ordinary and the things that are necessary for salvation. Also, quite a bit about their way of life.
It absolutely takes faith to believe it. Then again, if there were no ancient ruins of an advanced civilization that built complex structures and figured out how to preserve their bodies for thousands of years, we would have a hard time believing that too. It's our nature. That's why Christ said blessed was Thomas because he saw and then believed, but more blessed are those who believe but have not seen.
So the the mythologies were purposefully placed by God in the Bible to strengthen and exercise an ability to believe in nonsense like talking animals, 10,000 feet of rainfall in 1,000O hours, building a tower to heaven within a couple generations of near elimination of the human race, etc...- the master plan is a calculated preparation and test for the faithful? To do what? Make gullibility a "blessed" trait? Do you realize that argument is even more frail and spindly than alleging that these things actually happened?

“See how you are?”

Since: Jul 12


#97962 Apr 1, 2013
do whut wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh I fully agree that angels visit the earth. But they don't have a body, so sex is impossible. They do look like people though.
Of course they look like people. So does God. The Bible says so.

London, KY

#97963 Apr 1, 2013
ChromiuMan wrote:
<quoted text>
Simply not comprehending others' opinions do not make them unjustified. Denying ignorance of a subject does not make one learned. Basing decisions exclusively on emotional investments and religious vestments does not indicate one is either rational or ethical.
Simply not comprehending ... is the EPITOMY of the definition of IGNORANCE.

SO is denying ignorance of a subject...that is abject ignorance OR a psycho-socioillogocal disorder. One or the other, and sometime both.

Basing decisions on emotion only, is also the epitomy of IRRATIONALITY and ILLogic, and it when that psycho-socio ILLOGICAL and IRRATIONAL stuff filters over and starts HARMING others in any shape, fashion or form, it goes beyond UNethical-to EVIL.

And anyone that would even try to promote such-is NUTS themselves.

Let's say for example-I just help myself to your bank account, and your house too. And oh hell, you just might as well cut rocks for me for the rest of your life and not see anyting out of it... TO hell with you and your family. And if you don't like it, too bad-I'll just doze you over and harm what ever gets in the way.

Would you like that? You think INSANITY like that example is rational?

I think it's EVIL.

That which only brings harm to others is NEVER right. EVER.

London, KY

#97964 Apr 1, 2013
Satanic Priest wrote:
<quoted text>And kill the flower? No, I would rather let nature take its course than kill for people who would not appreciate the beauty
May you always have gardenias to enjoy :-).

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#97965 Apr 1, 2013
Brian_G wrote:
They'd rather children learn propaganda about the bible than study the bible...
The bible is propaganda.

London, KY

#97966 Apr 1, 2013
aWitchintheWoods wrote:
<quoted text>
I have volunteered at the local library. I can Dewey just fine.
You might have noticed I said *MY* bookshelves if you got your head out of your a$$ once in a while.
You are so amusing. You love to critisize people that you percieve to be critisizing others.
If critisizing offends you, why are you doing it?
Why aren't you being understanding and tolerant like you keep yammering about?
You are just another troll begging for attention.
Yep, I just critisized YOU.
I only condemn hatefilled lunaTics. Consider yourself condemned.

London, KY

#97967 Apr 1, 2013
Satanic Priest wrote:
<quoted text>Wait, isn't that what gay people are? Not perfect, they are forgiven? I thought that gay people are not under the old law, they are under "grace".
Oh, that is only for the special christians right? They have special fu ck ing rules for themselves.
Pisses me off, makes me want to start a big bon fire and toss a few of them in it (or feed them to the lions)
Most of the rational, sane people I know that attend church (or don't) really have no issue with rational, sane "gay people" of legal consenting ages. Why would they? That's a personal choice/issue, just as religion is.

It's the nutcases of any gender, lifestyle or religion that are vile parasites, just hell bent on spreading hate.

Louisville, KY

#97968 Apr 1, 2013
aWitchintheWoods wrote:
Thor, please forgive happy.
She doesn't realize she is worshipping the wrong god.

I know that her god was nailed to something....and that YOU have a hammer.
Proof positive that YOU are the BEST deity!

London, KY

#97969 Apr 1, 2013
GWB wrote:
<quoted text>
Religion seems to morph to appease the followers, JW's were told that they would be not marrying or having sex after Armageddon, now to please the followers watchtower said new light from God and now they can hump for the next thousand years after Armageddon.
It is a paradox in religion they teach you will be like angels with no gender then change as time goes by when expectations of the end of time has not come as once believed. I think you can find in historical data that it has been so with most religious beliefs.
You're kinda hung up on bio-illogical functions of extreme religious doctrines, aren't you.

They make stuff fer people like y-ewe.


London, KY

#97970 Apr 1, 2013
happy wrote:
<quoted text>
Wrong for sure. Sick. Using God as a cover . Satan knows Gods words.
And any idiot savant could spew words from bible passages.

Louisville, KY

#97971 Apr 1, 2013
aWitchintheWoods wrote:
<quoted text>Yes, I agree. Reality is simple. It simply IS right in front of your face.
There is no need for imaginary superbeings.

You are saying, "Don't look for answers, don't question, don't wonder ..Just Believe!"
You are asked simple questions but you can't defend your beliefs.

It's not complicated. I can put it all in one sentence:
IF Yahweh KNEW how people were going to NOT believe in them, why does a supposedly "loving god" allow them to be born so they will be punished eternally?
These are your claims about your deity. You know they make no sense.

happy wrote, "<quoted text> Religion also offends me. My God is AMAZING! Imaginary? R u kidding me? That's HILLARIOUS. Rofl. Honey I'm not in a mental ward. If I were to deny Him after all I have seen I would be in a mental ward teehee"

Worshipping an unseen deity IS Religion. Face it.
Seeing things you didn't understand doesn't mean the myths of a bunch of primitive goatherders are true.
Blah blah blah. I'm convinced. I'm sorry u r not. I've given proof. I don't find it necessary to repeat repeat repeat
old poop

Whitesburg, KY

#97972 Apr 1, 2013
do whut wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't see that in the KJV. Sons of God are just men.
We are all sons and daughters of God. I don't even see the word Nephilim in the KJV.
Try a Gutenburg or a new world translation. King james wasn't even a christian, and many things were altered for his political purposes and by lack of knowledge. 30,000 errors have been found in it. It is a very new translation with information dating back to only about 1277. Scrolls exist today dating back to about 4 AD.

London, KY

#97973 Apr 1, 2013
Yiago wrote:
<quoted text>
This sounds to me like a world in which no God exists. How is this picture of reality different from the reality of an atheist?
Also, why does God get the glory for creating everything but he gets off the hook for bad things that happen?
Let's move away from the realm of free will. Let's not use rape as an example. Instead, let's use a tsunami.
In the 2004 Thailand tsunami over 227,000 people were killed. That number certainly included all kinds of people from infancy to old age. Here's a snippet from the Wiki article on the subject:
“Relief agencies report that one-third of the dead appear to be children. This is a result of the high proportion of children in the populations of many of the affected regions and because children were the least able to resist being overcome by the surging waters.”
If you think about the horror of tens of thousands of children being washed away it is impossible to then imagine a loving, omnipotent god. I mean, sure, you can imagine some kind of deity watching his handiwork unfold, but not the kind of deity any decent human being should be paying homage to.
Anyway, this is an impossible question to answer. I realize. I'm just pointing out the absurdidty of belief in a loving Christian deity in a world where we have murder, rape, and natural disasters on a daily basis. Instead, this is the exactly the kind of world you should expect to see if there was no god in it.
And that is why I don't have a belief in any gods.
That's why I like books, and a good geology one could certainly be considered a "sacred text", for referencing the subject matter of your post (namely tsunamis), but of course LOGIC and rationality, knows BETTER, and would apply the appropritate catagory of what it IS (earth sciences) NOT what one would merely choose it to be.

Louisville, KY

#97974 Apr 1, 2013
TruthIs wrote:
<quoted text>And any idiot savant could spew words from bible passages.
Correct even satan.
And more idiots spew the dung u speak of. Lol,and quote scripture wrong.

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