'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate

"Fox News Sunday" is heading to Louisville, Ky. Jack Conway, Kentucky's attorney general and the Democratic candidate for Senate , and Rand Paul, the Republican nominee and son of Representative Ron Paul, Republican of Texas, have agreed to a live debate on "Fox News Sunday" on Oct.3 at 9 a.m. (Eastern time).

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Butler, KY

#132844 Nov 3, 2013
Newport Guy wrote:
Our deficits are falling at the fastest rate in 60 years
Thanks Obama :-)
Maybe in 330 years, we can actually pay back some of the money barry borrowed!

“A proud Kentuckian ”

Since: Aug 13

At Your Mama's House

#132851 Nov 3, 2013
whoopdedoo wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe in 330 years, we can actually pay back some of the money barry borrowed!
That's funny, I thought the House controlled the puse strings.

Since: May 13

Location hidden

#132852 Nov 3, 2013
Fox News Is A Joke wrote:
<quoted text>Faux said Romney won.
When does he take Office you stupid pos.
That's why I said they should not be allowed to have a TV station!!

We are on the same side!!!

Democrats rule!!!

“A proud Kentuckian ”

Since: Aug 13

At Your Mama's House

#132853 Nov 3, 2013
"Puse strings" = Purse strings.

Since: Feb 07

Location hidden

#132854 Nov 3, 2013
Mimi, and theReid will wallow in the WashingtonDC swamp of elite & privilege.


#132857 Nov 3, 2013
Fox News Is A Joke wrote:
<quoted text>Faux said Romney won.
When does he take Office you stupid pos.
welpers you are one confused dumbocrat. you are the pos the idiot well;)@you!


#132858 Nov 3, 2013
Obobin Hood wrote:
<quoted text>
That's why I said they should not be allowed to have a TV station!!
We are on the same side!!!
Democrats rule!!!
FNIAJ is confused, he does not see that you were on his side. He is a no brain leftie. Please do not confuse them any more with your satin isms. It is twisted anyway. Obama is o bobbin from the hood. He has no idea how to be a Robin. He robs the poor too.

Since: Feb 13

Location hidden

#132860 Nov 3, 2013
Le Jimbo wrote:
<quoted text>May I ask this question? Why is it that Americans don't have the freedom to choose their own health insurance? I just don't get it. Why must the liberal nanny state make decisions for us? We can make them ourselves, thank you very much. It's like choosing a car, buying a home or investing in a stock. We can handle it.
So why must the government tell me and everyone else what we can and cannot buy?
Charles Krauthammer and the Wall Street Journal's Dan Henninger noted in excellent recent columns that this whole Obamacare business represents the greatest-ever expansion of the liberal entitlement-state dream. But I don't want that dream. And you shouldn't either.
(Read more: When insurers drop policies: Three stories)
Here's what else I don't want: As a 60-something, relatively healthy person, I don't want lactation and maternity services, abortion services, speech therapy, mammograms, fertility treatments or Viagra. I don't want it. So why should I have to tear up my existing health-care plan, and then buy a plan with far more expensive premiums and deductibles, and with services I don't need or want?
Why? Because Team Obama says I have to. And that's not much of a reason. It's not freedom.
Fortunately, NBC News pulled the plug this past week on President Barack Obama's promise that "if you like your own plan, you can keep it." Ditto for keeping your own doctor. The plug was pulled because NBC learned that Team Obama knew—for three years—that stiff new regulations would prevent the grandfathering of existing health-care plans. And not just a few plans. But plans that could affect as many as 15 million individuals.
The day after that bombshell hit, the president tried to blame insurers rather than regulatory overkill for this Obamacare shortfall. Yet both the public and the mainstream media were having none of it. In what may turn out to be a landmark moment, Americans and the media at large have turned against the president and Obamacare.
Good story except for the fact that it is Federal LAW that all patients must be cared for regardless of their ability to pay. If a Doctor or Hospital could just let the non-insured die (Repub healthcare plan) that didn't have the money to pay the problem would be solved.
What was the name of the commie socialist President who made it Federal Law everyone must be treated? REAGAN.

Shelbyville, KY

#132861 Nov 3, 2013
Injudgement wrote:
<quoted text>Good story except for the fact that it is Federal LAW that all patients must be cared for regardless of their ability to pay. If a Doctor or Hospital could just let the non-insured die (Repub healthcare plan) that didn't have the money to pay the problem would be solved.
What was the name of the commie socialist President who made it Federal Law everyone must be treated? REAGAN.
Back then, the idea was to treat all that were in serious need , not the ones showing up for a cold, ear ache, ingrown toe nail or non serious or realistic need. These were to be referred to their own medical physician. But the illegals, and the live off the gov`t types just had to ruin a good thing. They still do not understand ," being responsible for your own problems." It is another matter with the indigent, and the really needy, but then it became just a run thru with no responsibility for anything. Now the progressives and liberals want socialized medical because they want to live off the workers that do work. Hate to be the one to tell it, but this will only work so long , then the give away will stop. Most all liberals will say the conservative doesn`t want to help the poor and make a fuss over what is said, but they also do not want to pay out of their pockets.

Since: May 13

Location hidden

#132862 Nov 3, 2013
I am glad that the government listens in on people through their computers webcams and microphones. They will get these mean republicans for saying nasty things about the president!!

Obama rules!!!
American Lady

Danville, KY

#132863 Nov 3, 2013
Good Afternoon *Patriots*
American Lady

Danville, KY

#132864 Nov 3, 2013
I 'see' the -LIAR- didn't keep his word ...

WHO can TRUST a libTARD to DO THAT!?!

American Lady

Danville, KY

#132865 Nov 3, 2013
Obama Lied, Media Credibility Died
By Ben Shapiro October 30, 2013 6:55 am

The administration, NBC News said, had known all of this since 2010. Even as President Obama repeatedly told the American people that nobody had to lose their insurance, he recognized that millions would lose their insurance... In June 2012, PolitiFact, a supposed nonpartisan fact-checking site, said that Obama's "if you like your health plan, you can keep it" language was "half-true."

The media routinely ignored President Obama's provably false promise.

And so he was re-elected.

And now, here we are, almost a year after that re-election, and some in the media are now telling the truth about Obama's lies. Too little, too late.

Comment by mred
October 31, 2013 @ 9:09 pm


The biggest problem with the liberals is that they all think they are so smart and everyone else is stupid. That is why they can’t agree even with themselves a lot of the time. They constantly bicker because that is a way of life to them. Their arguments are so shallow that they can’t keep up a good argument and keep it on issues, they always resort to name calling.

If that doesn’t work, then they ALWAYS play the race card.

It doesn’t matter what the argument is about, if they ever get flustered, and they always do, then they have to resort to name calling because they can’t argue a topic on it’s merits, because in most cases it doesn’t have any, just feelings. If that doesn’t work, then they drop what they think is the H_Bomb,“RACE”.

That is their big gun and they save that for last if they have anything other then a meaningless argument to begin with, and then they will drop it first thing.

That’s just the way they are.

Liberals are not as smart as they think they are, but you can never tell them that, because they simply will not listen.

There’s that smarter then you attitude again and they simply cannot think on any level that we understand.

I don’t know where most of their minds are, but I think they have smoked a little to much POT. If you try and have a decent disagreement with them, then they will try talking over you so you can’t get a word in edgewise.

That is one of their ways of shutting you up.

About that time I normally ask them what they are afraid of, because they don’t want you to talk. They may say they do, but they really don’t.

I love to argue with liberals simply to watch them come apart at the seams when they run out of coherent things to say. It’s not as much fun on the internet because you can’t see their faces, but if you talk to them in person, you get to watch them fall apart in stages until finally they are foaming at the mouth and having fits.

If you ever start laughing at them, they fly off into space or something, because they really go on a trip.

You do need to know when to stop talking to them, because if they really loose it, they will start beating on you simply because they can’t have their way, just like a spoiled child.

On the internet they are especially brave, because they can hide behind their computers and an assumed name, so they will really lay it on thick.

When they are really laying it on and cussing you out, just picture them foaming at the mouth, because that is probably what they are doing and their keyboards are starting to smoke………

One last thing. Don’t count on getting your representatives on your side, other then in name only. Do you honestly think this country would be this bad off if they cared the least bit about what you think?? Both parties are in on this, it is not just the Democrats and even if they have that R after their names, they are still consumed with a mad desire to get as rich off of us and as much power as they can. The very few people that are not in on this just haven’t been up there long enough


American Lady

Danville, KY

#132866 Nov 3, 2013
The 10 Commandments of Government
Submitted for your review:

I Generally speaking, government always grows -- it never shrinks -- whether times are good or bad.

II In each area it purports to "assist", government attempts to replace individual decision-making with central planning.

III In order to implement its grand central plans and solidify its power, government must take from one citizen to give to another; this is, in effect, lawful theft.

IV No matter how many times central planning fails, the self-appointed masterminds in government assert that "this time is different" and that with only a few tweaks and more money, their delusional plans will succeed.

V Because it uses funds confiscated from taxpayers, self-restraint is no obstacle to government's ambitions.

VI Its fundamental misunderstanding of human nature notwithstanding, government must claim to grant "rights", which require it steal the labors of one citizen to give to another (such as food, shelter, employment, and health care).

VII No matter how widespread the harm it causes, government will never provide an honest and historical accounting -- a report card -- of its failures.

VIII As more individuals and families are harmed by the failures of central planning, government must find suitable scapegoats, must lie to do so, and therefore must also repress dissent.

IX In order to build its network of redistribution and grow a culture of dependency on its services, government must inevitably undermine the family unit, religion, and the notion of God-given rights in order to cow, bribe, or intimidate its citizens.

X As government grows ever more powerful, it must also become increasingly oppressive through compulsion and force. To do otherwise would mean government must shrink, and this it cannot do.


Anonymous said...
I have reached the point of believing that if the entire Greater Washington D C area along with everything and everyone in it were to instantaneously vanish from the face of the earth and never return, everyone in the world would thereafter enjoy more Liberty and be much less oppressed. U.S. government, city county state & federal is being ruined by the policies of tyranny & oppression emanating from Washington D C.

indio007 said...
People ...PLEASE stop anthropomorphizing "government" Government is a FUNCTION. There are only men and women executing an allegedly letimate government function as another incorporeal entity the "STATE".


Until we correct the who and what of this in our communications nothing will be done.

We need to go after the individuals for misfeasance , nonfeasance and malfeasance.

There are legal remedies against the actors. There is no legal remedy against the "government"
10:50 AM


IS there ANY comments from people with "common sense" ...???

AND not "profanity" ...!!!


WE are on a board CALLED:

The pResident has FAILED us
aren't WE?!?
American Lady

Danville, KY

#132867 Nov 3, 2013
ooopsi ...

WRONG forum!

But GREAT for here just the SAME!


Elizabethtown, KY

#132868 Nov 3, 2013

WE are on a board CALLED:

The pResident has FAILED us
aren't WE?!?

NO dumbass we aren't. Get the thread trolling straight or take a break from that fifth of Jose' and take a nap. You are an idiot, babbling on about bullshit all night and can't even figure out what thread you are on. Go help ari clean his sock drawer out, maybe you could trade.

LMAO@you batshit crazy loon.



'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate

Elizabethtown, KY

#132869 Nov 3, 2013
Republican Myth Debunked: U.S. Deficit Actually Falls Below $1 Trillion for First Time Since 2008

While Republicans love to paint President Obama as someone who’s done nothing but spend, spend, spend—reality tells a different story.

Let’s get a few facts out of the way. Yes, we’ve spent a lot of money since 2008. Yes, we’re still currently running budget deficits. Yes, we still need to get spending under control. And yes, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

But this right-wing myth that President Obama has been some kind of “Spender in Chief” is completely absurd.

In 2008, our deficit was $458.6 billion. For 2013, it will be $680.3 billion. Is that still a lot of money? Absolutely. But it’s still down from 2012 when our deficit was $1.09 trillion, and it’s headed back towards the levels we had before the economic crash.

And let’s not forget that the 2009 budget, which President Obama gets saddled with, was actually passed by George W. Bush. How large was that deficit?$1.4 trillion. So, what does that mean exactly? That President Obama has cut deficits by more than half since he became president.
Oh, and for 2013, revenue was up 13.3 percent — which is attributed to an economy that continues to grow, more jobs being created and President Obama’s tax hikes on the richest Americans. So much for “tax hikes killing job creation.”

So while Republicans continue to paint President Obama as some “socialist” who does nothing but advocate massive government spending, reality tells a very different tale. Then again, it’s been decades since the Republican party actually cared about “facts” or “reality.”

They cling to the 2008 numbers that are still below what 2013 is at, but fail to embrace the fact that 2009&#8242;s numbers, while tagged to President Obama, were passed by George W. Bush. So the fact is, spending is down under President Obama.

In fact, as many already know, deficits are shrinking at their fastest pace since World War II.
But these realities don’t stop Republicans from pushing this false pretense that President Obama has been this giant spender, hurling money at anything and everything because that’s all he knows how to do.

And let’s also not forget President Obama inherited a train wreck of an economy. Not only did he inherit that mess, he came into office right in the middle of it. We had to spend a massive amount of money to avoid letting our country slip into another Great Depression.

It still amuses me that Republicans seem to only be “fiscally conservative” once their party no longer controls the White House. For eight years under George W. Bush, Republicans had near full control over our government, and did nothing more than wreck a balanced budget, run up giant deficits and double our national debt.

But now they want to pretend to act appalled at spending?

I’ll just leave them to their rhetoric. Because while they’ll continue to push the outright lie that Obama has been a president who simply throws money at everything, reality is on the side of those who know that he’s drastically reduced our deficits from the 2009 levels passed during George W. Bush’s last year in office.


Like Newport said...thanks President Obama.



Elizabethtown, KY

#132870 Nov 3, 2013
Far-Right Conservative Groups Now Admitting That They Want to Hijack GOP for Radical Agenda

For a while now most liberals have been well aware of the fact that the tea party is nothing more than a tool used by far-right conservative groups to manipulate the Republican party, and by result, our government. Though at first the tea party tried to masquerade as some “grassroots” movement of ordinary Americans sick and tired of the “business as usual” politics in Washington, their true intentions became clear with every rally they held and candidate they endorsed.

The tea party was a carefully crafted PR stunt by the Republican party to “rebuild” themselves after eight years of George W. Bush nearly destroyed their entire party—and our country. It was also a group that racism flocked towards in response to the United States electing its first black president.

After some time, the tea party exposed itself as nothing more than a representative of the most far-right reaching “values” of the Republican party. A group that was driven by fear, paranoia, hatred, ignorance and bigotry.

But at its core, it was nothing more than a group meant to manipulate millions of Americans into support the ideology of a few radically right conservative groups like FreedomWorks, the Club For Growth and Heritage Action for America.

However, for the most part, these groups stayed in the shadows as the tea party continued to claim that it was still a grassroots movement of Americans pushing for a return to “traditional American values.”

Well, they are in the shadows no longer. Following the attention the government shutdown put on the GOP, and even more so Texas Senator Ted Cruz (a huge tea party favorite), it appears these groups are now embracing the limelight and admitting they fully intend to hijack the GOP to push their more radical ideologies.

Now these groups are publicly threatening current Republicans who stand in their way of completely radicalizing the Republican party.

Essentially, the only thing a current Republican needs to do is compromise and work with President Obama to be considered a target by these groups.
In fact, the Club For Growth has launched a website titled ”Primary My Congressman.”

If you visit their page, you’ll see a picture of a rhino in the upper left hand corner. Why a rhino? Well, R.I.N.O stands for Republican In Name Only, alluding to the fact that they feel these particular Republicans who they’ll be trying to “primary” aren’t real Republicans.

You know, kind of like a cult.”Either you’re with us, or against us.” That’s basically the mindset of these groups.

But just how radical are these groups? Karl Rove is actually someone who often opposes many of their tactics. That is how bad it’s getting. The GOP is shifting so far right that the mastermind behind some of the more radical conservative movements of the last few decades is seen by these groups as “too moderate.”

Because let’s not forget, the healthcare mandate was actually a Republican idea not too long ago. Now it’s seen as “radical liberal socialism” taking over the country.

But what it really breaks down to is this: Any Republican who tries to work with President Obama to actually help move our country forward, and build our economy back up, does so at the risk of being shamed and called out by members of their own party.

That’s basically the only parameter these radical right-wing groups are using to determine who’s a “real Republican” and who’s not.




Elizabethtown, KY

#132871 Nov 3, 2013

In the past, these groups mostly kept their hands clean with their intention to push the Republican party to the far-right stretches of conservatism — they’re now publicly admitting that’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

And if any current Republican gets in their way, or won’t go along with that plan, they have no problem trying to “take them out” as well.

Because nothing says “freedom” and “good Christian values”(you know, what Republicans claim they represent) quite like blackmailing politicians to do what you want, otherwise you’ll unleash millions of dollars attacking them in an effort to ruin their political careers.


"A group that was driven by fear, paranoia, hatred, ignorance and bigotry."

Yep...THAT would be the teabagger CONS.



Elizabethtown, KY

#132873 Nov 3, 2013
Teabagger crazy eyes is a LOSER..hahaha

Michele Bachmann Actually Admitted What Most of Us Have Known for a While:“God, I’m a Loser”

Heading into the 2012 Republican presidential primary, Michele Bachmann had quite a lot of momentum. Many people might forget this, as she wasn’t in the race very long. However, leading up to the actual primary debates she was a huge tea party darling and, believe it or not, was the GOP front-runner.

In fact, in August 2011 she won the Iowa straw poll for presidential candidates. Fast forward just a few months to January 2012 and she received just five percent of the vote in the Iowa primary.

Well, revelations coming out in a new book titled “Double Down” reveal that Michele Bachmann took the Iowa results quite hard:

“Sitting in her campaign bus, in the same seat where she cried with joy in August, she now sobbed over her drubbing.“God, I’m a loser,” Bachmann said.“God, I turn people off.” With two debates ahead in New Hampshire, some of her advisers thought she should consider staying in the race. Bachmann wanted no part of it. Let’s draft a withdrawal speech for tomorrow, she said.”

Of course, she dropped out of the race the day after the Iowa caucuses.

This is another one of those extremely rare instances you’ll actually see me agree with Michele Bachmann on anything. I agree, she is a loser and she does turn people off. That’s exactly what happened between August and January. The more people got to know her, the more national attention she received, the more people realized what a whack job she really is.

A trend that has been pretty common for quite a few tea party candidates in national elections.

Heck, how else do you figure the Republican party ended up with Mitt Romney as their candidate in 2012? The rest of the candidates, mostly all tea party favorites, quickly fell out of national favor the moment the spotlight was placed upon them and their idiocy was put on full display.

But let’s not forget Michele Bachmann announced that “God” spoke to her and told her to run for president. Not that she was inspired by God or her faith — no,“God” actually spoke to her through prayer and told her to run for president.

Well, I guess “God” forgot to tell Ms. Bachmann about her humiliating defeat she’d experience in Iowa. If “God” told her to run, wouldn’t her dropping out at the first sign of adversity showcase her lack of faith?

I mean, if I thought God actually told me to do something — as in my orders were given to me directly from the one and only God — the last thing I’d do is quit.

Except, that’s exactly what she did.




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