'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate

"Fox News Sunday" is heading to Louisville, Ky. Jack Conway, Kentucky's attorney general and the Democratic candidate for Senate , and Rand Paul, the Republican nominee and son of Representative Ron Paul, Republican of Texas, have agreed to a live debate on "Fox News Sunday" on Oct.3 at 9 a.m. (Eastern time).

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#132664 Nov 2, 2013
Fox News Is A Joke wrote:
<quoted text>All the Repukes do is talk about it Doofus.
Well Obama is the gift that keeps on giving.
Fox News Is A Joke

Pikeville, KY

#132665 Nov 2, 2013
Le Jimbo wrote:
<quoted text>
Well Obama is the gift that keeps on giving.
Well you voted for Red China Romney so get over there Stupid.

Kingsport, TN

#132666 Nov 2, 2013
Jay wrote:
What can a cartoon, produced in 1948, teach us today, that's of any value? You'd be very surprised! Pay close attention! Keep in mind as you watch this that it was done in '1948'. Keep telling yourself that as you view it.
Click on 1948 Cartoon below - this cartoon is timeless and is just as true today as it was in 1948!"
http://nationaljuggernaut.blogspot.com :80/2009/09/this-cartoon-seeme d-far-fetched-in-1948.html
Jay that was great! Looks like all the dims are loveing their dose of ism, given by their own personal shyster, Obama!
Fox News Is A Joke

Pikeville, KY

#132667 Nov 2, 2013
obamaisadumbASS wrote:
<quoted text>
Jay that was great! Looks like all the dims are loveing their dose of ism, given by their own personal shyster, Obama!
Are you enjoying the death of the Republican Party?

It is imminent.

United States

#132668 Nov 2, 2013
Fox News Is A Joke wrote:
<quoted text>Are you enjoying the death of the Republican Party?
It is imminent.
Apparently you don't know what you are talking about.The democrats have screwed their self really good this time. The horror storys are comeing out about all the millions Americans that have had their insurance dropped. OBAM caused all this with his lieing mouth. The ass hole said " if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you like your plan then you can keep your plan. A whole lot of Americans believed him when he said that.A lot of the democrats are turning against him now. They have enough sense to know he will not supply their bread and butter the next election!
Fox News Is A Joke

Pikeville, KY

#132669 Nov 2, 2013
RightOn wrote:
<quoted text>
Apparently you don't know what you are talking about.The democrats have screwed their self really good this time. The horror storys are comeing out about all the millions Americans that have had their insurance dropped. OBAM caused all this with his lieing mouth. The ass hole said " if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you like your plan then you can keep your plan. A whole lot of Americans believed him when he said that.A lot of the democrats are turning against him now. They have enough sense to know he will not supply their bread and butter the next election!
Republicans are History the cry baby temper tantrum pos.
Reminds me of you.

Elizabethtown, KY

#132670 Nov 2, 2013
well lQQkie at the repuke love/lie fest going on here the last 24 hours. You CONS never take a break from it, do you? No fun, friends, and family, just shitslinging on a topix thread with all the socks and trolls from the president bashing site the )8~D> batshit crazy loon must of recruited here. They get a good bashing over there so they troll over here like some little topix gang. You can all go to hell and kma. I will post here whenever and whatever anytime. You don't like it scroll and roll like I did that batshit crazy witch's countless winged nut daily crap and the serbs big hate for our country and it's President. You people reek of crazy. Sling it anyway you want the end results is still the same. Dying repuke parties. So gfy, I don't post for you clowns.

To my lib friends, spare yourselves the last 24hrs of bullshit. They didn't even come up for air. Scroll and roll. Injudgment had some great posts, foxnewsisajoke did too. Have fun. I am out for another fun filled day with friends and family. Must suck to be you repuke cons with nothing to do but stalk topix. hahaha



Since: May 13

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#132671 Nov 2, 2013
I have just decided that Hillary will be my VP in my third term as president.

Elizabethtown, KY

#132672 Nov 2, 2013
Leader of Pakistan Taliban killed in US drone strike, US, Pakistani officials say

The leader of the Pakistan Taliban was killed Friday in a U.S. drone strike in Northwest Pakistan, U.S. and Pakistani officials tell NBC News.


Another one bites the dust. Love Obama's drones eh?
Plus two last week involved in the mall killings in Africa. The President is taking them down. Great job.



Elizabethtown, KY

#132673 Nov 2, 2013
So You’re Not Able to Keep Your Old Health Insurance Plan? Good. It Was Probably Terrible Anyway

It’s only been a few days since Republicans seized on the news that “broke” about some Americans being unable to keep their current health insurance plan like President Obama said they would be able to.

And trust me, I get it. People don’t like change, especially if that change might end up costing them more money.

But even while it’s only been a few days since Republicans pounced on this new right-wing talking point attacking the Affordable Care Act, I’m already sick and tired of hearing about it.

Because let’s face it, most of the people losing their current health insurance plans are losing them because they don’t meet the basic requirements set forth by the “Obamacare.”
In other words—they sucked.

Were they cheap? Sure. Did they provide some level of coverage? Yes, though usually at such minimal amounts, calling it “health insurance” is really just a bad joke.

For many of these individuals, if true tragedy struck, they’d be screwed.

Imagine having car insurance that only covers the first $500 in damages, while you’re left covering the rest. What good is that “insurance?” Better hope you never get into an accident where the bill ends up being tens of thousands of dollars—because all you’d be covered for is the first $500.

Which is essentially what many of these “health insurance” plans did.

Now, should President Obama had been more detailed in his message about “everyone” who wants to keep their current plan being able to? Sure. He should have added the words,“If your insurance provider continues to carry your plan.” Had he said those words, then he would have been completely honest. He misled some people and there’s no excusing that.
But then again, isn’t that just politics?

As much as voters say they want the truth, they really don’t. I studied politics in school. I met quite a few current and former politicians. One of the main things I pulled from many of them is that voters really don’t want to know the truth. Voters like being told what they want to hear. And trust me, that is the truth.

That’s a reason why voters get so angry when a politician “lies” to them. Because the truth of the matter is, voters wouldn’t have wanted to hear,“Once “Obamacare” rolls out, there will be quite a few problems and it most likely will negatively impact a few Americans. In fact, some Americans will be paying more for insurance and the law really won’t benefit everyone. But, trust us, in the long run—it’ll be great for the nation.”
You know who says that? The politician in the no-name party who never gets elected.

“Centrist” politicians rarely win because they tend to tick off liberals and conservatives. Hell, even as a writer I often get “my side”(liberals) angry quite often. Any time I dare to call liberals out for hypocrisy, I get hammered. If I ever suggest a conservative was right about something, I get hammered. Basically any time I “reach for the middle”— I get hammered.
That’s why President Obama wasn’t completely honest about everyone being able to keep their current health insurance plan.

But the reality is, the vast majority of Americans will get to keep their current plans. Yes, some will be paying more for insurance. However, I’m willing to bet for every “horror story”

Republicans put on television about someone paying more for health insurance, I can find you even more success stories about Americans paying less.




Elizabethtown, KY

#132675 Nov 2, 2013
Hoyer: Boehner reaping what he sowed with Tea Party lawmakers

Rep. Steny Hoyer doesn't feel bad for Speaker John Boehner.[Watch Video]

Boehner has struggled throughout this Congress to unite his splintered conference, but he's not going to get any sympathy from the House minority whip.

The Maryland Democrat said Boehner (R-Ohio) is getting his just desserts for helping to enlist the same Tea Party conservatives who have been a thorn in the Speaker's side.

"John Boehner was involved in recruiting most of these people," Hoyer said in a sit-down interview in the Capitol. "So, you're a little bit 'hoist on your own petard' if you recruit people who then,[when] you bring your alternative [bills]… they tell you,'Sorry, I don't agree with you, and I'm not going to support that.'

"So, do I feel sorry for John?" Hoyer added. "I think John is a little bit in the position that he placed himself in when he recruited people who apparently came to Washington without a sense that, in a democracy, you have to reach compromise."

On a long and growing list of proposals championed this year by GOP leaders — from spending bills to farm policy to aid for Hurricane Sandy — Boehner has faced a revolt from his right-most flank that's embarrassed the party and sent leaders scrambling back to the drawing board in search of alternatives that could win more conservative support.

In several cases, GOP leaders were forced to defy most of their conference and move proposals with Democrats providing a majority of the votes.

Hoyer told The Hill that he and Boehner have a good relationship, but the Maryland legislator also urged the Speaker to be more forceful in the face of the recalcitrant conservatives in future fights.

"I feel empathy for John.… I respect him, and I like him," Hoyer said. "But he has been unable to marshal the support for his own ideas, much less coming together on bipartisan ideas. And very frankly, Speaker Boehner's going to have to do that."

Boehner's office declined to comment for this story. But the 2014 budget negotiations, which launched this week, will provide a telling window into whether the Speaker will soften his post-shutdown negotiating tactics.

Those talks got off to a rocky start on Wednesday, when the leaders of the budget conference — Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)— sparred over whether new tax revenue should be a part of the package.

“If this conference becomes an argument about taxes, we’re not going to get anywhere,” warned Ryan, who, like most House Republicans, opposes almost any hike in taxes that is not offset with tax cuts.

Hoyer warned that such staunch positions would sink the chances of reaching an agreement. He said Democrats are ready to accept certain Republican demands for the sake of a deal, but was quick to warn that Ryan and other Republicans must be prepared to make similar concessions.

"I think and hope that Paul Ryan understands that, in order to get to a reasonable, common-sense conclusion to this budget conference, he's going to need to compromise," he said.

Hoyer expressed a strong optimism that Democrats could buck the odds and, not only pick up seats in 2014, but retake the Speaker's gavel. The recent shutdown, which sunk the Republicans' approval ratings, only increases those chances, he said.

"We can win back the House in 2014. And said another way, I think the Republicans can lose the House in 2014," Hoyer said.

"The American people are fed up with gridlock.… They want people to come to Congress to work together to get things done," he said. "So … I think we're going to have a very, very good opportunity to win back the House."




Elizabethtown, KY

#132676 Nov 2, 2013

Hoyer has long been critical of the entrenched partisanship that's practically defined Washington politics in recent years, and on Wednesday, he amplified those charges, calling the 113th Congress "the most ideological … in which I've served."

Still, the 74-year-old Hoyer, who seemingly hasn't aged much at all in the last decade, isn't ready to walk away despite being "disgusted" with the current political environment.

"It's a wonderful job.… I get to meet people from all walks of life," the 17-term lawmaker said.

Hoyer acknowledged that he's not enamored with every aspect of the position, particularly in this age of partisan stalemates.

"But you know what?" he said with a laugh. "That's probably true of almost everybody who works."




Butler, KY

#132677 Nov 2, 2013
Fox News Is A Joke wrote:
<quoted text>Are you enjoying the death of the Republican Party?
It is imminent.
You are ignoring the fact that dems are distancing themselves from barak. Poor barry will be the whipping boy as the next elections come around.

"oh, I didn't have anything to do with that"

Elizabethtown, KY

#132678 Nov 2, 2013
Batsh*t Alert: Tea Party Nation Says Obama Campaign Logo Is ‘New American Swastika’

The Tea Party Nation has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to drinking the PCP-laced Kool-Aid in the past. And let us not forget their complete and utter contempt for spelling. Well, their latest theory will make you ponder if humanity still has a role to play, all while you wonder “how can these people breathe the same air?”

Tea Party Nation Thinks Obama Logo Is A Swastika.
A horribly confused Tea Party Nation writer is convinced that President Obama’s popular campaign logo is actually the “new American Swastika.”

Allow me to reiterate for readers with blood coming out of their eyes: a Tea Party Nation writer has equated a mundane campaign logo to one that’s associated with the murder of six million Jews.

Tea Party Nation Writer Darwin Rockantansky writes:
According to the “design team” under the guidance of David Axelrod, the current regime’s iteration of Joseph Goebbels,“The Sun Rising over the horizon evoked a new sense of hope”. Really? Here is what I see. We in the western world read from left to right, top to bottom, so this is what I read…When I see an arch of almost any color on a background I think of a rainbow. Reading from left to right, that would put the right side of the arch at “the end of the rainbow”.

Okay, Rockantansky just lost his WordPress privileges for one week.

A Disturbing Theme Which Refuses To Go Away
A disturbing theme in the Tea Party is that President Obama’s rather center-right government is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. During the “summer of scream” in 2009, swarms of misinformed citizens made signs that depicted Obama as Hitler, all while decrying his signature Affordable Care Act.

After all, one simply can’t open a history textbook without encountering page after page detailing the Führer’s health care plan. But the Tea Party’s blind obsession with presenting Obama as a fascist overlord hasn’t just been relegated to healthcare. Oh no. They’ve also used it in the gun debate, with hilariously wrong results. In addition, they claim that very basic regulations are in line with Adolf Hitler. Tea Party Nation darlings like Matt Drudge shook an always ready to explode can of soda when they claimed that Gun Confiscation was a touchstone of Nazi Germany.

Clearly, the evil Socialist-in-chief was attempting to do the same! Revisionism is a course that the Tea Party Nation could pass with flying colors. Just make sure those colors are all white, thank you very much!

University of Chicago law professor Bernard Harcourt thoroughly debunked this conservative myth in a 2004 article published in the Fordham Law Review. It was the Weimar Republic, the government that cam before, that had very strict gun laws, not the Nazi regime. Following its miserable defeat in WWI and the ruinous conditions laid out in the Treaty of Versailles, the German legislature in 1919 passed a law that effectively banned all private firearm possession. They further restricted firearms ownership again in 1928. When the Nazi’s rose to power, they expanded gun ownership for all German citizens in 1938 with some of the most lax restrictions in history. The exact opposite of what the right claims.

Once again, the Tea Party Nation chooses to delve in totally absurd and irrelevant claims while the adults try to get things done.


Typical racist, bigoted teabagger mentality. bye,bye



Elizabethtown, KY

#132679 Nov 2, 2013
Fox NewsTalks To FL Woman Who Is Losing Her Cheap Insurance Policy, And The Truth Comes Out (VIDEO)

In the short period of time since the new health insurance exchanges opened on October 1, opponents of the law have presented a series of Americans who claim that the law is not doing what the president promised. However, the claims of most of these anti-Obamacare “poster children” have been debunked. Thanks to the shoddy reporting of CBS News, the latest poster child is a 56 year old Floridian named Dianne Barrette.

As reported here on October 29, Dianne Barrette was the centerpiece of a thinly disguised Obamacare hit piece that ran on CBS This Morning. In the piece Barrette claimed that she had an insurance policy that she was happy with — one that only cost her $54 a month. Barrette’s story did not hold up to scrutiny. As Tommy Christopher explains on Mediaite,

First of all, the plan that Barrette paid $54 a month for is barely health insurance at all. It’s part of a subset of insurance that Consumer Reports calls “junk health insurance”(and which even the company that sells it recommends that customers not rely solely upon) and it pays only $50 towards most of the services it covers. That’s it. If Dianne went to the doctor every week for a year, her plan would pay, at most,$2600.

Meanwhile, based on average office visit charges, Diane would pay about $5,600.00. She probably doesn’t go to the doctor every week, of course, which means her plan pays a lot less, while her premium buys her a lot less. If she goes to the doctor, say, six times in a year, she’s paid a $648 premium for the privilege of spending another $600 on office visits. The plan also pays up to $15 per prescription, which will get you a few milligrams of most prescription drugs. The one decent deal on her plan is that it covers 100% of in-network lab services.

CBS also did not bother to explain that certain policies can be “grandfathered” in under the Affordable Care Act. If Dianne Barrette’s policy had been available before the ACA was signed into law on March 23, 2010, she could keep it. The only exception to that rule is if the benefits under the policy are changed. So the cancellation of her policy is the fault of Blue Cross, not Obamacare.
Fox News seeks out Dianne Barrette.

Even though the CBS report has been completely debunked, Dianne Barrette is telling her story on Fox News. Erik Wemple, media reporter for The Washington Post, spoke to Barrette. She confirmed that she spoke to producers from the shows “Fox and Friends,”“Your World,” and “On the Record.” Barrette told Wemple “You guys are going to be sick of my face.”

Barrette appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show “On the Record” on October 28. In an amazing display of journalism that was lacking from CBS, Van Susteren makes the following observation:“If you are walking across the street and someone runs a red light, you are in deep trouble under your existing policy.” Barrette replies “That is true.”
Van Susteren refers to Dianne Barrette’s existing policy as “bare bones,” and “stripped down.” She asks why Barrette would want to keep that policy.

Barrette admits that the policy doesn’t cover hospital stays. At one point Van Susteren suggests that there may be options other than the replacement policy recommended by Blue Cross.




Elizabethtown, KY

#132680 Nov 2, 2013

Barrette admits that she has received email directing her to other policies. She says that she is interested in looking at them. Like the CBS report, Van Susteren makes no mention of the “grandfather” clause in the ACA. Nor does she explain that due to that provision, it is actually the insurance company that is forcing the cancellation of the policy.

The interview shows that many Americans have no idea of what their health insurance actually covers. A good number of people pay more attention to the cost than to the coverage. What is or isn’t covered only becomes a concern when they get sick.

Barrette calls the policy “totally confusing.” Van Susteren, who is a lawyer, agrees. But the brochure about the plan is quite plain: the plan pays up to $50 for most covered services. Lab services are 100% paid for. There is no coverage for hospital stays.

After both women agree that Barrette’s current policy is almost worthless, Van Susteren says “Your promise wasn’t kept. You don’t get to keep your policy.” Yes, damned Obamacare. Forcing people off insurance policies that won’t cover anything they actually need to have covered. The horror!

Here’s the video, from Fox News:

Lying CONS



Elizabethtown, KY

#132681 Nov 2, 2013
Why The Race Issue Still Heavily Influences American Politics

One reason American politics has become so polarized is race. We like to think of ourselves as an evolved, post-racial nation, but we’re not. Not even close. The race issue is still very much alive and affecting our politics. An article in The New York Times looks at the differences between the opinions of different demographic groups regarding healthcare and immigration. They found that 55% of whites think the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is bad, while 59% of blacks think it’s good. And when it comes to immigration, they found that 51% of whites oppose giving legal status to undocumented immigrants, while 63% of blacks and 76% of Hispanics support it.

But just how deep does race run in our politics? Is it really all that terrible?

The New York Times piece discusses how the growing minority population bolsters the Democratic base. Republicans, on the other hand, are increasingly seen as the party of old, white men. And those old, white men are staunchly opposed to pretty much everything President Obama does.

The Democracy Corps’ Republican Project used focus groups to get a look inside the mentality of Republicans and found a disturbing trend. More than 90% of the evangelicals are white and older, and are the loudest and most intense segment of the party. The overall demographic shift away from the evangelical base —white, married, and older—help this group feel like it’s losing some type of battle.
A large part of the GOP base is horribly aware that they’re white.

As far as race goes, these people are acutely conscious of the fact that they’re white in a country with a fast-growing, non-white population.

One man in the Roanoke evangelical focus group said,“It’s a little bubble. So everybody – it’s like a Lake Wobegon. Everybody is above average. Everybody is happy. Everybody is white. Everybody is middle class, whether or not they really are.

Everybody looks that way. Everybody goes to the same pool. Everybody goes – there’s one library, one post office. Very homogenous.”[emphasis mine]
When asked how they think Obama views them, another man from the same group said,“I think that his picture of the people in this room would be that we’re all a bunch of racist, gun-clinging, flyover state, cowboy-hat wearing yokels. Because we didn’t go to Harvard, we’re not from New York, and we’re pretty white, and we’re pretty middle class. We like to go to church, we like our Bibles. And so we’re just not him. We’re not on his agenda.”[emphasis mine]

Evangelicals admire and even embrace the Tea Party because they see the Tea Party as the one group that’s standing on principle. They’re looking for people who will fight for their shrinking demographic. The Tea Party itself may be only 20% of the base, but the evangelicals make up another 33%. Together, they’re over half of the GOP.
These people think race plays heavily into government dependency.




Elizabethtown, KY

#132682 Nov 2, 2013

That half thinks that the purpose of a Democratic government is to expand social programs to create dependency among minorities. The more dependent those minorities are on government, the more likely they are to vote Democratic to continue surviving. This implies that they see minorities as lazy mooches, which makes, in their view, whites the hardworking Americans the Democrats want to hurt.

So it’s clear that race continues to play a major part in the politics of the Republican Party, but it’s not necessarily a hatred of anybody that isn’t white. Rather, it’s fear that an increasing lack of “whiteness” in this nation will eventually marginalize whites in society. It is a fear that minorities are taking over, and that small-town, white culture will eventually be lost.(An alternate theory is that they are afraid white people will be treated the way white people currently treat everyone else – ed.)

This is the race issue that now pervades American politics. Instead of the idea that minorities are inferior being the dominant thought, it’s now a fear of losing a privileged status. What was once “right, good and true” is no longer, and will recede even further into memory as America’s minority population grows. So evangelical and Tea Party Republicans work to undermine any minority outreach, and any work that will benefit minorities.





Elizabethtown, KY

#132683 Nov 2, 2013
AARP warns: Hands off seniors' benefits

The powerful seniors lobby AARP on Friday warned the leaders of the newly formed congressional budget conference committee to stay away from Social Security and Medicare.

The warning letter comes despite strong indications that House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-Wash.) are shying away from any “grand bargain” on entitlements and taxes.

Ryan and Murray are trying at a minimum to replace all or part of the sequester's $91 billion in cuts to discretionary spending that are hitting agency operating budgets this fiscal year. Both have talked about cutting mandatory spending, too, a category that includes entitlements. The conference committee is trying to forge a deal by Dec. 13 so a government spending bill can be drawn up by Jan. 15, when another shutdown looms.

“AARP firmly believes that any changes to Social Security, which is off-budget, self-financed by payroll taxes and has run surpluses for most of the last 30 years, must be done separately,” the letter states.“We have therefore opposed, and will continue to oppose, proposals to authorize Social Security changes for, or within the context of, deficit reduction or budget agreements.”

President Obama in his April budget proposal floated the idea of adopting a new measure of inflation known as "chained" consumer price index. Chained CPI would lower benefits for future seniors because it would reduce annual cost-of-living increases. The government's announcement of only a 1.5 percent cost-of-living increase next year for Social Security angered the AARP this week.

Obama made the proposal in the context of a comprise that would also raises taxes. While some Republicans like Ryan want to pocket the chained CPI savings without the tax increases, other Republicans attacked Obama for targeting seniors' benefits.

The AARP letter also warns against benefits cuts for Medicare.

“AARP opposes any proposal which either shifts costs to Medicare beneficiaries or reduces their benefits. Cost-shifts, such as expanding income-relating of premiums, adding copays, raising deductibles, or limiting first-dollar coverage, do nothing to improve our health care system or lower overall health care costs,” the letter states.

Obama has proposed greater means-testing for Medicare benefits, and Ryan wants to partially privatize the program with federal subsidies for buying privatized Medicare plans.


Told you idiots that they weren't coming for your guns, they are coming for your Medicare and SS. Paul Ryan wants to privatize it and give seniors a voucher....hahahaha Yeah, that ought to send some seniors to vote DEM.



Now stomp away loser lemmings and spin those socks ari. Oh yeah and fo freak. I am out to have some fun. Try not to get any fresh air or fun today, just spin, lie, divert and knit socks. hahaha

Butler, KY

#132684 Nov 2, 2013
republiCONS wrote:
Must suck to be you repuke cons with nothing to do but stalk topix. hahaha
Oh you deceptive turd.

I would looooove to see your post count on here. It killed you to stay away from this thread for "24 hours" after I busted you out for being on here 24/7 365. Don't try to play it off. The history files are there for everyone to see. You wasted perfectly good holidays & weekends spewing your venom. I might have 30 posts on this entire thread total. You post that many in an afternoon.

On the bright side, the more you are on this thread, the more you aren't out in public. And for that, I thank you.

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