'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Se...

'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate

There are 239987 comments on the thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com story from Oct 1, 2010, titled 'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate. In it, thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com reports that:

"Fox News Sunday" is heading to Louisville, Ky. Jack Conway, Kentucky's attorney general and the Democratic candidate for Senate , and Rand Paul, the Republican nominee and son of Representative Ron Paul, Republican of Texas, have agreed to a live debate on "Fox News Sunday" on Oct.3 at 9 a.m. (Eastern time).

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Campbellsville, KY

#84753 Mar 7, 2013
You are so right Uncle Tab, fauxboxnews loves their lemming tools. lol

March 5th, 2013
09:07 PM ET
WASHINGTON (AP)— The number of Americans seeking unemployment aid fell to a seasonally adjusted 340,000 last week, driving down the four-week average to its lowest level in five years. The drop is a positive sign ahead of Friday's report on February job growth.


LOWEST LEVEL IN FIVE YEARS....did you repuke fools catch that. Moving FORWARD without the teabagging repuke lemming tools. Loving it.


Campbellsville, KY

#84755 Mar 7, 2013
Funny watching the GOP lineup for candidates holding up Congress with their "drone" speeches, that is until the idiot from Ky had to take a shit. Priceless

Grandstanding for political gain...that's the teabagging party for you. Won't help. Brennan will still get confirmed and the drone policy will still stand.

Holder: Yep, Obama could kill Americans on U.S. soil

President Barack Obama has the legal authority to unleash deadly force—such as drone strikes—against Americans on U.S. soil without first putting them on trial, Attorney General Eric Holder wrote in a letter released Tuesday.

But Holder, writing to Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, underlined that Obama “has no intention” of targeting his fellow citizens with unmanned aerial vehicles and would do so only if facing “an extraordinary circumstance.”

Paul had asked the Obama administration on Feb. 20 whether the president "has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil and without trial." On Tuesday, he denounced Holder's response as “frightening” and “an affront to the Constitutional due process rights of all Americans.”

“The U.S. government has not carried out drone strikes in the United States and has no intention of doing so,” Holder assured Paul in the March 4, 2013 letter. The attorney general also underlined that “we reject the use of military force where well-established law enforcement authorities in this country provide the best means for incapacitating a terrorist threat.”

Holder added:“The question you have posed is therefore entirely hypothetical, unlikely to occur, and one we hope no President will ever have to confront."

But "it is possible, I suppose to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States,"

Holder said. "For example, the President could conceivably have no choice but to authorize the military to use such force if necessary to protect the homeland in the circumstances of a catastrophic attack” like Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

“Were such an emergency to arise, I would examine the particular facts and circumstances before advising the President on the scope of this authority,” said Holder.

Paul, whose office released the letter, denounced the attorney general’s comments.

"The U.S. Attorney General's refusal to rule out the possibility of drone strikes on American citizens and on American soil is more than frightening—it is an affront the Constitutional due process rights of all Americans," the senator said in a statement.

The exchange came as the White House agreed to give Senate Intelligence Committee members access to all of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel opinions justifying Obama's expanded campaign of targeted assassination of suspected terrorists overseas, including American citizens.

Some lawmakers had warned they would try to block top Obama counterterrorism adviser John Brennan's nomination to head the CIA unless they were able to see the memos.

A few hours after the White House agreed to share the information, the committee approved Brennan 12-3, setting the stage for a full Senate vote.
Obama's drone war—relatively popular at home, reviled across the Muslim world—has drawn fresh scrutiny ever since NBC News obtained and published a Justice Department memo that lays out the legal justification behind it. The White House has defended the policy as “necessary,”“ethical” and “wise.” But civil liberties champions have sharply criticized it.



Campbellsville, KY

#84756 Mar 7, 2013
The Republican suicide caucus

The good news is that the House has finally passed the Violence Against Women Act. The reauthorization of the 20-year-old law is now headed to the president’s desk after previous defeats by House Republicans.

The truly bad news is that 138 Republicans voted no and 164 voted to eviscerate it with a senseless amendment.

The political pressure was so great that at least it came to a vote in the House. Yet, a large majority of the 232 Republicans still opposed the legislation. Is this really the message that Republicans want to send, that they are against a law that is two decades old and has worked remarkably well?

The legislation to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy was rejected by 179 Republicans. Efforts to avert the disastrous “fiscal cliff” in December were rejected by 151 Republicans.

If you begin to examine the “Tea Party problem” you soon discover that the Republican caucus is full of members who pride themselves in their extremism. There are currently 49 members of the official Michele Bachmann Tea Party Caucus.

Despite the last election, where they were beaten so decisively by female voters, Republicans remain adamant in their opposition to legislation to help women.

It is policy suicide and it is political suicide.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/lawmake...

WOMEN won't forget next election either. That is why most women voted for Obama. Sick repukes have no respect for women.


Campbellsville, KY

#84757 Mar 7, 2013
Sequestration, Tea Party Conspiracy?

Imagine a plot to undermine the government of the United States, to destroy much of its capacity to do the public's business, and to sow distrust among the population.

Imagine further that the plotters infiltrate Congress and state governments, reshape their districts to give them disproportionate influence in Washington, and use the media to spread big lies about the government.

Finally, imagine they not only paralyze the government but are on the verge of dismantling pieces of it.

Far-fetched? Perhaps. But take a look at what’s been happening in Washington and many state capitals since Tea Party fanatics gained effective control of the Republican Party, and you’d be forgiven if you see parallels.

The President apparently believes Republicans are serious about deficit reduction, when in fact the Tea Partiers now running the GOP are serious only about dismembering the government.

I suggest the President forget about a “grand bargain.” In fact, he should stop talking about the budget deficit and start talking about jobs and wages, and widening inequality – as he did in the campaign. And he should give up all hope of making a deal with the Tea Partiers who now run the Republican Party.

Instead, the President should let the public see the Tea Partiers for who they are — a small, radical minority intent on dismantling the government of the United States. As long as they are allowed to dictate the terms of public debate they will continue to hold the rest of us hostage to their extremism.

to read more and see teabagging randpaul:


Campbellsville, KY

#84758 Mar 7, 2013
Their only hope of a decent candidate and the diss him for the likes of Dump Trump and Sarah,I can see Russia from my house, Palin. hahaha

CPAC's Mistake: Dissing Chris Christie

By Cal Thomas, FOX News - March 5, 2013
If the Republican "tent" isn't large enough for Chris Christie, then it will resemble a pup tent for some time to come.

Not the folks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which decided not to invite one of the party's superstars to its annual gathering in Washington. Apparently, the reason had to do with Christie upsetting conservative orthodoxy by saying something nice about President Obama for approving emergency aid to distressed New Jerseyans affected by Super Storm Sandy.


Poll: Clinton, Christie fare best in possible 2016 showdowns

And according to a new national poll, Clinton would come out on top in such a hypothetical matchup.

According to the poll, the former first lady, Democratic senator from New York and secretary of state, leads the Republican New Jersey governor 45%-37%. The survey also indicates Clinton would top Republican Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida 50%-34% and would beat Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the House budget committee chairman and last year's GOP vice presidential nominee, 50%-38%.



Campbellsville, KY

#84759 Mar 7, 2013
Hate groups on the rise in America: SPLC says extremists continue to rise in 2012

Oberlin College in Ohio suspended classes this week after a student reported seeing someone dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes. It follows a string of recent hate incidents on campus.

Last August, a 40-year-old ex-soldier-turned white supremacist rocker shot up a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, killing six people.

And a few weeks later, a group of Georgia men was linked to an anti-government plot to assassinate President Obama.

It's all part of what the Southern Poverty Law Center says is a disturbing trend. The group's new study says the number of anti-government groups is at an all-time high - many driven by their fear that the government will strip them of their rights.

But does the study's findings add up?
Outfront tonight: Mark Potok is the author of the report and a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Michael Medved is a conservative commentator for Salem Radio and John Avlon is a CNN contributor and author of "Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America."


Thank the teabaggers for the rise. Racism elevated when they appeared. Hmmmmm, must be those hate signs they carry at their rallies and little tea parties with their imaginary friends.


Campbellsville, KY

#84760 Mar 7, 2013
Oregon man charged in terrorist attack
(CNN)-- A naturalized citizen living in Portland, Oregon, has been charged with one count of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists.

If you support terrorist on US soil or abroad, you should no longer be considered a citizen and therefore have NO RIGHTS. If this guy and a bunch of his nutjobs were hold up in the woods like the nutcase killer cop last month, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if a drone flew over and took them out. But as Holden had said it would only be a worse case scenario much like Pearl Harber or 911 that a President may issue their use. Don't have a problem with that. Repukes do. They have not advanced into 2013. Still in the dark ages want us to go BACK. hahaha We will move forward without them.


Campbellsville, KY

#84761 Mar 7, 2013
Now I am off to WORK, something most of you repukes obviously don't do, unless you are a paid topix shill like some of these losers are that post 24/7 with their ignorant and hate comments.

Have fun with your juvenile bullshit and goat girls farm animal imitations. Funny how a school kid doing a project for political science got to them so bad last night. Punked big time.

Carry on lunatic, fauxbox lemming tools.

Uncle Tab, Injudgement, original wtf, country girl, and the school kid riling them up....keep up the good work. Great posts.

Be back later for a laugh. Tootaloo lemmings.

Uncle Tab

United States

#84762 Mar 7, 2013
Repukes.... You are dead on on every post!!

100% factual and there is no way they (the uneducated republican trolls here) can prove otherwise. That's what gets them the most.... It's not what FalseNews or Beck or Rush day, so it can't be true. LMAO!!

The best part about this whole thing.... They don't understand what's going to happen to them in the next 2 elections. It's amazing how stupid they are.

Neither of the Paul's are or will ever be an issue in any elections.

Mitch will be ditched by Ashley and the republican teabagies have ruined the only chance they had to win by alienating Christe.

You all are idiots!

And we thank you for being that way!

Since: Jul 11

Prattsville, AR

#84763 Mar 7, 2013
Jay wrote:
<quoted text>
You don't school me like anybody, bud! I am concerned for the future of my kids and grandkids...including all this younger generation!
I pay attention to what is going on in this country, and have lived long enough to see the changes and the differences that you - IF you are a kid - have no clue about. If you are truly a kid in school, you need to do your own research in your history classes and stop listening to the liberal fanatics who are teaching you that there is only one side to politics, the liberal side! It ain't so, bud, learn with an open mind - take care of your country by selecting the people who will preserve your rights and freedoms. Trust in the fact that is you that will inherit this mess, and the younger generation who will pay the piper!
Once again, if you are an adult posing as a kid, that's immature, and you need to knock off the crap!! You're wise-cracks are not amusing!
very eloquent, Mr Twain

Since: Jul 11

Prattsville, AR

#84764 Mar 7, 2013
HecklerJerk wrote:
<quoted text>
You fail to repudiate the claims of your cowardice so you try to blather on and on with gay insults (which you seem to have an extraordinary knowledge of). Typical liberal mindset.
I have extraordinary knowledge? Thank you, Sir

Since: Jul 11

Prattsville, AR

#84765 Mar 7, 2013
"When the President does it, that means that it's not illegal." Richard M. Nixon

Since: Jul 11

Prattsville, AR

#84766 Mar 7, 2013
"The only way to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is to use them."
...Rush Limbaugh
Uncle Tab

United States

#84767 Mar 7, 2013
AKA Hot C wrote:
<quoted text>
very eloquent, Mr Twain
Just for shits and giggles... Have Jay show you her video where Obama admits he is Muslim.

Seriously! Have her post the link! You'll live it.

It's a no brainer why these people have no brains and how they go on and in about liberal media.

Since: Jul 11

Prattsville, AR

#84768 Mar 7, 2013
"You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test."
... George W. Bush

Since: Jul 11

Prattsville, AR

#84769 Mar 7, 2013
"I couldn't imagine somebody like Osama bin Laden understanding the joy of Chanukah."
...President George W. Bush

Since: Jul 11

Prattsville, AR

#84770 Mar 7, 2013
"Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. But there isn't even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas.''
...Michelle Bachmann

Since: Jul 11

Prattsville, AR

#84771 Mar 7, 2013
"He is purple - the gay-pride color, and his antenna is shaped like a triangle - the gay pride symbol.
... Jerry Falwell, about Tinky Winky, Teletubbie

Since: Jul 11

Prattsville, AR

#84772 Mar 7, 2013
"Welcome to President Bush, Mrs. Bush, and my fellow astronauts."
...Dan Quayle

Since: Jul 11

Prattsville, AR

#84774 Mar 7, 2013
''The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.''
.. Pat Robertson

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