'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Se...

'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate

There are 190537 comments on the thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com story from Oct 1, 2010, titled 'Fox News Sunday' to Host Kentucky Senate Debate. In it, thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com reports that:

"Fox News Sunday" is heading to Louisville, Ky. Jack Conway, Kentucky's attorney general and the Democratic candidate for Senate , and Rand Paul, the Republican nominee and son of Representative Ron Paul, Republican of Texas, have agreed to a live debate on "Fox News Sunday" on Oct.3 at 9 a.m. (Eastern time).

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a more perfect union

Bonita Springs, FL

#79111 Feb 5, 2013
I did not vote for the man but he did win the election. The U.S is not perfect. Or government is not perfect, but know of no other country i would prefer to live.It simply is what it is. It is human nature to disagree. I watched a series called John Adams. I found it very funny that at the beginning of our government we very quickly agreed to disagree and would only completely agree if it seemed that it would be a majority vote. Thus the republican and democratic parties were born. Politics will continue to be shady on both sides to a certain extent, until the lobbyist are removed from the ears of our elected officials and there pockets of there pants filled by there own hands and not by the lobbyist. I will finish by stating that it really doesn't matter if I made this entry on a republican or a democrat blog I would in some way still be wrong.(simply because we prefer to agree to disagree) In the words of paul harvey Good day..........
dems are retards

Lansing, MI

#79113 Feb 5, 2013
GhostofRaygun wrote:
<quoted text>So would everyone get fired over the 2008 second worst Depression in US history? Anyone who voted for Bush should have been fired according to your idea.
if Bush was responsible then perhaps, but he wasn't, CLinton was and you lying about it doesn't change a thing, BAAAAAAAAA
No one cares for you

Los Angeles, CA

#79115 Feb 5, 2013
Our politicians are too busy protecting their own investments and their careers ...they don't care for you!
Mark Winshel

Richmond, CA

#79118 Feb 5, 2013
In regard to the memo by some so called "practitioners of the law " who "proved" it is "legal" for the US, and without even a trial, to kill those who it declares to be "dangerous" and/or "horrible" people:

By doing so we are creating and opening up the ultimate Pandora's box. Let me give just a few examples as to why.

For instance if back in the early 1970's, and while Nixon was still president and the disclosures in regard to Watergate were first starting to get into high gear, does anyone really think that Nixon would not have arranged to have any whistleblowers and potential whistleblowers murdered if he thought he could have gotten away with it, and including by having his stooges and co-conspirators, and such as for instance John Mitchell, Erlichman, Haldeman, or L. Patrick Gray, etc, declaring the whistleblowers and potential whistleblowers to be terrorists, and therefore not fit to live.

How about Spiro Agnew, in other words Nixon's vice president, and who for decades had been accepting under the table bribes, and both before he became vice president and also while he was vice president.

Does anyone really think that while Agnew was vice president if had become convinced that particular whistleblowers or certain potential whistleblowers were likely to expose him, that he would not have had them murdered if it had been "legal" for him to do so by having them declared to be terrorists or potential terrorists.

And how about the people who first started to publicly talk about the affairs Bill Clinton had with such characters as Monica Lewinsky. Under the rules established by this memo, Clinton or one of his co conspirators could have declared them to be terorists and then had them murdered.

Actually, this memo is not only totally contrary to all sorts of basic principles, and including the First Amendment, and which guarantees free speech, but in a sense it is also a newer and much more extreme version of the Alien and Sedition Acts, in other words illegal garbage and nonsense that the US tried for a short time about two hundred years ago in an attempt to restrict free speech.

Glasgow, KY

#79119 Feb 5, 2013
GhostofRaygun wrote:
<quoted text>So it's not Obama's wrong about anything currently? It's all about Clinton? So during the Clinton years 22.5 million new job were created and he handed Bush a balanced budget and no wars and a 1996 tax increase to keep the money coming. But 8 years later it was Clinton's fault the Depression happened. hahahahahhahahah!!!!!!!!!! You are just eat up with this Repub shit aren't you? Why were over 90% of the home loans defaulted on in 2008 LESS than 5 years old?
A balanced budget? Really? Clinton borrowed so heavily from SS it's no wonder why that program is in so much trouble now. I know, shhh! lol If Bush is responsible for everything bad from 5 years prior then I guess that means Obama will have to start taking responsibility for his 5 year prior shit too, right? That's this year, isn't it? According to you Obama can no longer blame Bush for Obama's last 5 years of failures. They now become Obama's failures. They were all along but you knew that already, didn't you? Shhh...we won't tell nobody else.

Thanks for making that clear for us. lmao

Paris, TN

#79120 Feb 5, 2013
dust wrote:
<quoted text>
you don't need to do any complicated calculations to figure out that an aluminum plane crashing into a steel framed structure can't cause a collapse at almost freefall acceleration and turn to dust in the process. If it was that easy to demolish a building, then demolition experts could simply plant some bombs on the upper floors of buildings to accomplish their controlled demolitions.

Things that make you go, hmmmm.

There are a few of these videos out, but I've personally never seen this one. If people would just listen to those who were there, listen to first responder's tell of what they heard, and do it with an open mind, then we might learn something.

Oh, and by the way, this is not to imply that George Bush or any of our government officials are responsible. You hear the lady say, people were coming and going working in the building for some time.



Winchester, KY

#79121 Feb 5, 2013
GhostofRaygun wrote:
<quoted text>You are correct. All you need do is watch the video of it happening. Oh, sorry,, I forgot you don't believe your own eyes. There were hundreds in on it to start with and a thousand people afterwards in on some type of conspiracy plan. Bush the Master Mind of it all. hahhahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!! Bush a Master Mind.. now that's funny.
Bush is just a puppet of the shadow government, he probably didn't have anything to do with the planning of it, though he was certainly aware of it. That's why he just sat there when he was told that the country was under attack.
You can try to be sarcastic and ridiculing all you want, it just makes you look like a jackass and shows that you haven't looked at any of the evidence of 9/11. You slurp up the official story like a good little sheeple without questioning any of it. In fact, it's likely you are just a government shill hired to parrot the official government fairytale.

Glasgow, KY

#79122 Feb 5, 2013
No one cares for you wrote:
Our politicians are too busy protecting their own investments and their careers ...they don't care for you!
Wonder what old Pelosi and Harry think about Obama saying no more overseas accounts. Pelosi makes a million a year overseas and hides that money to keep from paying taxes on it. RuhRoh...bet that's when Pelosi and Reid and Obama start parting ways.

Richmond, KY

#79123 Feb 5, 2013
Glass House

Greenville, KY

#79125 Feb 6, 2013
GhostofRaygun wrote:
<quoted text>I'm sure a lot of the columns had been cut as the building was going up. Since you know nothing about me you really need to stop assuming about my educational back ground. You may cut steel or even hang it, but I seriously doubt your ability to calculate the statics and strengths.
We have cut and pulled a lot of buildings. My job as a rigger and operator requires the knowledge of weight and how much steel and iron will hold. No they do not cut the iron while it is being put up. When taking a building down you cut the iron at an angle as to make the iron slide and you don't cut it all the way, you leave about one inch so it will hold while you work your way down. No, I do not know you but you are the one who called me a nut case. I have seen way too many buildings pulled and I have watched emplosions. I was there when they blew Internationl Paper in Mobile which was a small one compared to the twin towers and building 7. I also know what the rubble should look like.

Somerset, KY

#79126 Feb 6, 2013
i love these 911ers they are hillarious
Glass House

Greenville, KY

#79127 Feb 6, 2013
GhostofRaygun wrote:
<quoted text>You are correct. All you need do is watch the video of it happening. Oh, sorry,, I forgot you don't believe your own eyes. There were hundreds in on it to start with and a thousand people afterwards in on some type of conspiracy plan. Bush the Master Mind of it all. hahhahahahhahaha!!!!!!!!!! Bush a Master Mind.. now that's funny.
It goes way higher than Bush. You can't even blame it on the President because if they don't keep their mouth shut the same fate will hit them as the 9/11 suvivors that talked. Obama is pushing United Nations down out throat, it is way bigger than US, it is UN. What is really intresting is the people want to laugh at the leaders who are kicking the power of the Federal Government and wanting the states to take back our power. They know what is going on. It has nothing to do with Dems or Rep. It is about the large Corporations and the Feds who control our Banking system, they are in bed with other countries. Canadians said one time that the US citizens are stupid. I think some are starting to see the big picture, most are just too busy struggling to get on with their everyday lives to worry about it. The younger generation is going to have a struggle on their hands or either be enslaved by it as we are becoming now. Don't think by getting your information on the news that you know anything, the very people that contol this country control the news.
Glass House

Greenville, KY

#79138 Feb 6, 2013
GhostofRaygun wrote:
<quoted text>So does your conspiracy ideas stop with 9/11 or is every event in US history some type of plot of this secret unknown shadow government that folks like you only know of? What about UFOs, Birthers, Chemtrails, HARRP, Vaccines, Moon Landing, Masons,Illuminati, Gulf Oil Spill, Big Foot, Hitler still alive after WWII, Elvis still alive? Do you think those people are nuts?
Is there any conspiracy that you don't believe? How can you NOT believe ALL conspiracies? They have as much evidence as you have about 9/11.
I am sooo sorry, I thought this site was to share information with educated people. I didn't know it was shared with the blind and ignoratnt.
dems are retards

Lansing, MI

#79141 Feb 6, 2013
wonder how this could happen! must be a lie, it was posted on fox news, doggone those repubs making up lies about blue states,

City of Baltimore is on a path to financial ruin, report says

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/02/06/ci...
dems are retards

Lansing, MI

#79142 Feb 6, 2013
here is another lie,

Postal Service to cut Saturday mail to trim costs

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/02/06/po...

“for we are many”

Since: Dec 12


#79148 Feb 6, 2013
Reality wrote:
<quoted text>
Why would the president of America want to keep it sealed? He said in his own words: "I will be the first transparent president if elected."
He meant "literally"; his big empty head is see through from ear to Gi-Normous EAR!

Eminence, KY

#79149 Feb 6, 2013
dems are retards wrote:
wonder how this could happen! must be a lie, it was posted on fox news, doggone those repubs making up lies about blue states,
City of Baltimore is on a path to financial ruin, report says
Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/02/06/ci...
I have seen this on the internet also.
It is my belief this is the result of overspending ,graft,greed,dishonesty in politics,all the way.That is why so many cities are in this same boat.No self,or,job control.

Frankly,this seems to be this Countries pointing themselves down this same path.
Can any of us out here not pay attention to what comes in and spent that amount ,no more?.What ever made our Congress and the POTUS believe they just have to print more money and go right on spending?It will decrease the value of the dollar til it is worth less,food costs will go up,as well as all we have to have to get by.Insanty has set in.It is no longer one Party or the other involved,they both are.Yet,the GOP`ers seem to want to stop it while the Dems just want to sail on.Bummer,both.
Obama Sold Out Workers

Bay Shore, NY

#79152 Feb 6, 2013
Corporate America: Saving the Twinkie but Not the Workers
06 February 2013 / http://tinyurl.com/advklgs
No, I am not kidding. Steven Davidoff has a DealBook column touting the fact that Hostess Twinkies are likely to survive as a product, even though the company that makes them has gone bankrupt. The Twinkie brand, along with other iconic brands owned by the company, will be sold off in bankruptcy to other companies who expect to be able to profitably market them. Of course there is no guarantee that they will restart the old factories and rehire the Hostess workers, likely leaving them out in the cold.
There are two major issues here. First, in the United States firms can in general fire workers at will. This means that if they can find workers elsewhere in or outside the country who will work for less, then they can dump their current workforce and higher lower cost labor. This happens all the time. Most other wealthy countries require some sort of severance payment to longer term workers, but the United States does not.
Bankruptcy only changes the picture in this respect in cases where you have union contracts, which was the situation with Hostess. Bankruptcy voids these contracts allowing the company to change terms of employment and discharge workers in ways that would have prohibited under the union contract.
Obama Sold Out Workers

Bay Shore, NY

#79154 Feb 6, 2013
The Myth of American Living
February 6, 2013 / http://tinyurl.com/bfz5ybe
There is a belief that Americans got into economic turmoil because of living beyond their means. Robert Reich (Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley, and former Labor Secretary) explains why this a myth, that most Americans do not live beyond their means and that their "means" have not kept up with the economy. Where has the wealth accumulated and why aren't the top of the top being surtaxed while average-earning and the poor shoulder the burden?

Ashland, KY

#79156 Feb 6, 2013
AmericanMan wrote:
<quoted text>What is it about the hate for the office of President of the US that makes you a patriot? What part of wanting an uprising to happen because an election didn't go your way is patriotic? Your kind are the most Anti-American people in the nation. You only have love of country if your chosen leader is in power. You are all hypocrites to what a free nation is about. Your kind wants an end to a freely elected government. There is nothing about any of your kind that is patriotic.
FREELY ELECTED????! It's costing tax payers plenty!{Remember "Welfare?"} Promising to put more people on welfare will work every time, for people who wants a free ride on the backs of the tax payer.
As for being patriotic , you don't know the meaning. As for hating the president,we hate his lies. He is a "lying" look you in the eye' man and promising one thing and turns around and does something else,that hurts this country.[Talk about being UNPATRIOTIC???}
And you low information droolers only believe what you think he means , because it sounds good, and because of your idol worship. You stop short of following up on what he promises.

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