Pull an absess tooth? is that dangerous
just needing relief

Eureka, IL

#24 Jul 31, 2013
dentally educated wrote:
Yes, infection can go to your heart and kill you. That is why the best treatment is to get it out!! Some times (depending on where the abscess is in relation to the tooth), you can pull a tooth that is abscessed. Sounds like the dentist did you a favor and followed dental association recommendations. As far as looking for a lawyer, the next time you have a toothache "kybutterfly", see if the lawyer can help you...since you know there is nothing like a toothache!! He went with a toothache and got treatment..the proper treatment.

Fishers, IN

#25 Jul 31, 2013
I will look into this after l make a truck payment
Barrz Girl

Boynton Beach, FL

#26 Sep 28, 2013
teeth dont abcess wrote:
teeth dont abscess, the gums and the roots etc do,,,,
there absolutely IS such a thing as an abscessed tooth, as well as abscess in gums and soft tissue, look it up on WebMD - do some research before you put in your 2 cents.
painful sensation

Ridgeland, MS

#27 Oct 29, 2013
I have read all the comments above and now I'm scared... I had a tooth to break off in my gums however when the weather stated changing I thought it was my sinuses now I have pain down my neck and my ear sometimes it wonder if I have a pinched nerve... I've tried to put oragel on it over the counter meds to get by BUT NOW I HAVE TO GO IN CAUSE THE PAIN IS GETTING WORST.. I have to hold my head down for some form if relief... Pray for me cause this painful sensation is killing my vibe
Freakin Funny

Scottsville, VA

#28 Oct 30, 2013
ShanaM wrote:
I had a toothache for about two days so i called my Dentist office, and was informed my regular doc was on medical leave but i could see his partner. i went in there *yesterday* with my face swollen up thinking he would give me antibotics and tell me to come back and have it pulled. Instead he took xray said it was absess and pulled it. Today my face is twice as swollen, i still hurt and i am losing more time at work since i work at CSC and cannot talk. What should i do, go to the ER or back to the dentist????
You can be sure this is Freakin Funny
Nathaly Santos

Bronx, NY

#29 Dec 16, 2013
Is very risky to pull out an infected tooth but is the best thing you could do if the infection is big. I have an tooth infection. One day i woke up with a big swollen face and the dentist pull out my tooth. Then, the dentist gave me some antibiotics, medication for the pain & antibiotic in my blood. I still have the infection but the swollen in my face went away. I'm still taking my antibiotics, so hopefully soon the infection would go away.

Los Angeles, CA

#30 Dec 27, 2013
painful sensation wrote:
I have read all the comments above and now I'm scared... I had a tooth to break off in my gums however when the weather stated changing I thought it was my sinuses now I have pain down my neck and my ear sometimes it wonder if I have a pinched nerve... I've tried to put oragel on it over the counter meds to get by BUT NOW I HAVE TO GO IN CAUSE THE PAIN IS GETTING WORST.. I have to hold my head down for some form if relief... Pray for me cause this painful sensation is killing my vibe
Go to the dentist, and get that tooth extracted , trustme thats the only soultion for these type of infections , it sucks to loosd a tooth but gheres always implants . Just go with the procedure and youll be just fine , im telling you from personal experience
Angela Barron

Portland, OR

#31 Jan 7, 2014
The artery that is associated with the infections that make pulling an abscess tooth dangerous is located along the top of the jaw. Therefore, abscess teeth located on the lower jaw are not dangerous to pull and are recommended to be extracted immediately in order to relieve pain and promote drainage.

Pawnee, IL

#32 Mar 5, 2014
I went to the dentist Tuseday with a infected tooth. At first they gatve me amoxicillin. Then he look at me and said we can take it out this afternoon. I didn't want to miss work and it was my day off so I said ok cool lets do it. Then I ask him is it ok to remove a tooth with an infection because I heard it was bad. The dental tools are very sharp and can puncture the infection and get into your blood stream. He said he does it all the time no big deal in fact we will remove the infection too! I said ok let do it. I ended up in the hospital and almost died. Did the dentist hold me down? No he did not. But what he didn't explain is some time the numing stuff they use don't work on infections because the infections fight against it. It was never explained to me and I trusted my dentist because he went to school and all that good stuff. I want to sue him but after listing to the person above saying stuff like did they hold you down. This is a MD someone that should know what they are doing and explain there can be complications. I think my medical opinion is better then the person who tell you anything but treat the infection first is better. Unless you go to a oral surgeon and they put you to sleep and operate on you. and that only should be done if it has to be removed now. So I don't know what I going to do. I want to beat this dentist with his tools and pull his teeth because I still have a infected tooth and had to go through so real BS.

Barbourville, KY

#33 Mar 12, 2014
Nothing worse than a tooth ache

Forney, TX

#34 Mar 23, 2014
HECK NO! DONT PULL IT ABSESSED! I went to dentists on feb.14, 2014, justa git a new set of dentures.....had 2 teeth left.....they insisted on pullin....one was absessed (which I knew my jaw had been gittin a lil sore, but me not thinkin it was tha tooth, cuz I had a root canal there!)well let me tell you....OMG..IT HURT SOOOOOOO BAD!......NOT THA WORSE PART.....after this moron pulled it, he digging an digging in tha hole to git some of that infection out ...he said......felt like crap.....1 week to tha day...feb.21.2014... I ended up intha hospital with a freakin heart attack! git rid of tha abcess!!!

Garland, TX

#35 Mar 23, 2014
I'm reading all these comments and answers. I have a had a bad tooth and then the pain went away but apparently it came back. So now I'm a little on the cautious side for the reason that some of you are saying it can go to your heart. It's very scary situation, right now its throbbing a little bit and it's been years since it been bad. I just pretty much tried to deal with it and a few times I did take meds. I'm just wondering if that's why my heart has been doing the things it's been doing. I noticed I had been having some chest pains that make me jerk where it's very scary. The things is, is that I have an issue with taking medicines so it does make it a bit difficult for me to take them. At the same time I know that I do need to take something. I just wish I could just get it pulled without any complications after it's out

United States

#36 Mar 25, 2014
Yes don't do it
Your mom

Orlando, FL

#37 Apr 6, 2014
Dentally educated, you're a little bitch. Not everybody works in a dentist office and knows the protocol. I had a dentist pull a tooth and not tell me it was infected until after it was extracted. It caused the infection to spread to my throat which started cutting off my airway, hospitalized me and I had to get surgery. So maybe they should look for a lawyer, as I did, if proper treatment was not performed.

Buffalo, NY

#38 Jun 3, 2014
My son had an infection in the gum around his tooth. It was his top back, before his 6yr teeth came in. According to his dentist, he's a little behind. He was on antibiotic for 3 days and still complaining of gum soreness. I suggested that he be on the antibiotics until the infection was gone. The dentist disagreed. After the extraction, he gave my son nothing for pain, and no instructions. Within 10 minutes, his numbing completely went away and he screamed and cried for at least a half hour until he fell asleep. I think, with an infection, everyone is different. By why risk the pain? Take your antibiotics until your infection is gone. I trusted that the dentist would tell me my options, but he didn't give options. I trusted that he wouldn't cause my son unnecessary pain, if it could be avoided. My son is scared to death to go back. Don't get me wrong though, I take responsibility for letting it get that bad and am equally angry with myself.

United States

#39 Jun 3, 2014
I'm pregnant and have been having trouble with my teeth. Everytime I'm starting to get over a sinus infection the tooth next to my sinus swells. This happened so I called a dentist this morning. They got me right in to be seen which I was grateful for. I told the nurse this and she took a look. Then the doctor came in and started numbing me. I waited. He came in and started yanking on it. The thing that upset me was he did not say a single word to me and I had no idea they were going to extract this tooth until he started pulling. It hurt so bad I cried. He then injected some more and left. So I'm thinking well this will be okay maybe having this pulled will offer some relief. I've had 2 teeth pulled and instantly felt so much better. I didn't even need pain meds. He came back and started pulling sine more. With all this man injected into my gums I shouldn't have felt a thing. I felt everything. This was hours ago and I am still in tears. The only other time I have ever cried from pain was giving birth! Another thing I should've mentioned was that they told me I couldn't have xrays done because I'm pregnant. My referral said I could as long as I had a lead apron on. And I also have had dental xrays in previous pregnancy. To tell you the truth I really don't know how I drove home! I am worried now because the lump where the pain originated next to my sinus is now twice as big. These pain meds are doing nothing when taking regular tylenol works really well for me. I did not receive any antibiotics whatsoever. When I got home I realized he only wrote a script for pain meds which also worries me. Can someone please help me!? Am I just freaking out? Should I be worried?
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#40 Jul 22, 2014
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jacqueline buskey

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#41 Jul 22, 2014
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#42 Aug 18, 2014
Well just so you all are aware your dentist will first try to save the tooth if it is worth saving and recommend best treatment for your tooth/ teeth and that you have cleaning done where need ,also they should offer deep cleaning of the gum and pocket of tooth/teeth. When all else fails and you have Repeated pocket and gum infection/s there is not much your trusted dentist can do other than offer the problematic tooth/ teeth to be Extracted last resort when nothing else works. If the infected tooth/ teeth have caused to much swelling they will give you a course of Antibiotics and have you return within 3-4 day when swelling and raging infection are more manageable only then will they extract, If your dentist is a trustworthy healthcare professional they will Advise of the Danger prior to the Extraction.( Abscesses of the tooth/ teeth do not evolve the tooth it's self ),rather it is the root or pulp of tooth or gum and the swelling is due to the pressure not being released ie no hole in tooth or gum to drain which cause swelling and pressure and if the tooth/ teeth are loose and infected abscessing the best treatment is extracting as the other health concerns are healthy teeth becoming infected ,blood poisoning and other problems worst case Septic which if left untreated will cause Death. So if your tooth/ teeth are that Nasty do yourself a favour see your Dentist or community health ASAP there is no price you can put on your health..
Dental Assistant

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#43 Aug 22, 2014
NO!! A Dentist should never pull an abscessed tooth! It's extremely dangerous bc the infection from the abscessed tooth can spread and actually go to the brain and kill you or spread the infection throughout your body. Who's the dentist that pulled the tooth?

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