symboxone clinic in corbin Dr. may

Williamsburg, KY

#21 Nov 17, 2008
my husbands hooked on pain pills and has smoked pot for years. does anybody know how hard it is to get an appointment at this place in bville or how long the waiting list is?

Pineville, KY

#22 Nov 18, 2008
help wrote:
my husbands hooked on pain pills and has smoked pot for years. does anybody know how hard it is to get an appointment at this place in bville or how long the waiting list is?
there is a website you enter your zipcode in the box at the righthand top of the screen and how many mile you are willing to travel and it will list all the doctors who are ceritified to prescribe suboxone. it also give details on the treatment and stories of real people who have dealt with addiction for years or from those who have just became addicted.either way suboxone will help if you do excactly as the doctor says, i hope i have helped.
not me

London, KY

#23 Nov 18, 2008
I don't see how it got you high...I was taking 4mg 4x a day and they never once got me high!!

London, KY

#24 Nov 25, 2008
your crazy, symboxone did u like that.

London, KY

#25 Nov 25, 2008
Has anyone had any bad experiences with Dr. May in corbin.

Pineville, KY

#26 Jan 18, 2009
just fine wrote:
<quoted text>
To my knowledge they do not accept any kind of Insurance at the Clinic. Now, as far as your meds, I get mine filled at George Hammons Pharmacy and yes my ins. helps pay for the Suboxone. I know that the 350.00 is hard to come by but compared to where I was and where I am now I would pay triple that a month! I feel WONDERFUL!! You can choose where to go but allow me to recommend Dr. Krug at the B'ville Clinic (Self Refined) is the name...he has been wonderful to me! I was so afraid of going to the clinic here in town afraid that someone might see me, I am a "football mom" not one that you would think to be addicted to anything, but I was! Then I decided that OH WELL...if someone sees me I am only trying to better myself and I could care less what people say! Please take my advice on this...I was addicted for 7 LONG years!! If I can do it anyone can...I'll be glad to answer any question or just offer my support in any way...GOOD LUCK!!
i can not find a number for a dr krug or the clinic called self refined
please help

Pineville, KY

#27 Jan 18, 2009
is there anywhere else in barbourville to get suboxone. I heard the waiting list was long at dr krugs office
a believer

United States

#28 Jan 18, 2009
hey im wow wrote:
<quoted text> i was someone taking 15 lorcet 10s a day.... went to corbin and they put me on it. a 2mg messed me up so bad that i saw my grandpa that had been dead for 6 yrs.... that s**t does get u high... higher than any drug i have ever taken!!! i'll never touch one again!
I took way more than you a day and I have been going to the B'ville Clinic and I have not had a pain pill since Dec.11 and I was so scared to take them too because of the bad things I have heard about them, but I done just fine with them. If you take them right and don't take them with any thing else then you wouldn't have any bad side effects. They told me that the most comman side effects were nausea,constipation,dizziness, and sleepyness. I think they are a miracle pill and I really have got my life back, and as far as them being addictive they decrease your dose every three months until your off of them too. I would reccomend them to any one because they are awesome!!!

London, KY

#29 Apr 20, 2010
This is the most awesome drug on the market i was addicted to Oxy contin for 10 years i was taking 4 to 5 80 mg pills a day more if i could get them and this suboxone made me clean ive been clean now for 3 years!!!!!!! And like mentioned above im a mom too and i didint want everyone and the brother to judge me so if you are on drugs (pain meds) or know someone who is go for it you wont regret it, your old life will come back and its like so much clearer and its just great!!!!

Pikeville, KY

#30 Apr 21, 2010
well first of all it is Suboxone. And there are several of you who need to do some research because your information is wrong.
Uh Huh Riiiiight

Somerset, KY

#31 Apr 23, 2010
CAPS LOCK wrote:
<quoted text>its a form of cat shit...smashed up..they use it fresh from the litter box...then the dumbys...make it a liquad, and shot it with a taken place of oxys was given to treat the oxy addiction, but know these pills are being abused.....the same as methadone....they give you methadone to get you off opiates..think i spellrd it wrong..oh well......but then they end up abusing the pill that is suppose to help them.....dont make much since....
Its all about the money or they wouldnt keep giving drugs to get people off drugs. Especially not something that is just as addictive.
Uh Huh Riiiiight

Somerset, KY

#32 Apr 23, 2010
someone who knows wrote:
I respect you all for trying to kick the habit, but you need to know the down side of suboxone. I was only on it for 45 days, and it has taken me until now (3 months) to feel somewhat normal again. The withdrawls are long and miserable, and I am all too familiar with w/d's. I was on methadone for 4 years before trying suboxone, so I understand the misery you're in. I wish you all luck with your new journey, just be cautious.
If you took Methadone for 4 years trying to kick a drug habit, it was not because the Methadone was not working, it was because you liked the high you got off it.
Makes so much sense to take one drug to replace another...Not.
It's like being addicted to Jack Daniels and using Jose Ceurvo to try to get off alcohol....
I go there

Logan, WV

#34 May 27, 2010
This office is called Self Refined to let you know the name of the clinic.
wheel chair man

United States

#35 Nov 17, 2010
beast wrote:
Has anyone had any bad experiences with Dr. May in corbin.
. Yeah I have to say I done it to my self but I was on 4 perk 10s a day and screwed up cause a night I would smoke a little pot witch it should be leagal for some one in a chair anyway so anyhow I screwed up and got kicked out but he is a really nice guy cool rides fourwheelers and hunts stuff real cool was close to my home but anyhow after I got kicked iwas a mess for a long time couldn't get in no where and have a broke back5 spots pelvic plates it was snap in 3 spots but finally years later I getting my life back straight through the selfrefind its helping keep my mind thinking smart not pain pain oh I'm pittiful oh god you no.

United States

#36 Nov 19, 2010
The only way that u can really get high on suboxones is to crush them and snort them because they are supposed to be time released like oxy's.

Glenview Nas, IL

#37 Jan 7, 2011
Well guys they say subos r to help get off of pills I have been on them for 1 year and I'm hooked on them its just so they get 400 dollars off people and give u another addicton

Waco, KY

#38 Jan 8, 2011
This is just a way for a addict to justify there addiction I have 501 days clean today thanks to a simple program in knox county called drug court this her sumboxone clinics are just another legal way for a addict to stay active in there addiction and justify there gettin help by taken the drug that dont get them high and takes away there cravens and withdraws It probaly dont get ya high if ya take it right but as a addict I know we dont and that is why we have this problum addiction and there will never be a pill or a cure for this problum cause the pharmaceys would go broke LOL. If ya need help go to a treatment facilty were theres no narcotics thats what also helped me with this simple program was my treatment at a male treatment facilty in pikeville,ky called westcare thanks to this simple program knox district drug court program for helping me get treatment there and given me this apportnity when no one elso would I HAVE 501 CLEAN AND SOBER DAYS TODAY THANKS TO THEM

London, KY

#39 Jan 9, 2011
There is clinic in Hazard, I go. It has real nice people. $100 a week. They accept cash only but, that Janice from Heidrick Works there they say she is really nice. You only have to counsel 1 time a month. Try it there is no waiting list at all. The counseling has helped me a lot. She does not look down on you and she tries to help you get off it.

Mize, KY

#40 Mar 10, 2011
I GO wrote:
There is clinic in Hazard, I go. It has real nice people.$100 a week. They accept cash only but, that Janice from Heidrick Works there they say she is really nice. You only have to counsel 1 time a month. Try it there is no waiting list at all. The counseling has helped me a lot. She does not look down on you and she tries to help you get off it.
Can you give me the name of the clinic or the phone number?
for real

Liberty, KY

#41 Mar 17, 2011
just fine wrote:
I have to tell you a little about my personal experience with Suboxone. First and foremost I was dx with a HORRIBLE bladder disease 7 yrs ago and started taking pain meds. After 7 yrs of course I became very addicted to pain pills. I was needing more and more and I could not get enough. I decided to visit the Suboxone Clinic in B'ville. Dr. Krug is who I have seen since Aug 22 and I have not one time wanted pain pills. It has been a life changing experience for me. Yes, granted it is expensive: 350.00 for the visit and I pay 50.00 for my meds because luckily my insurance pays 80% of the cost, however if you sit and add up what you would spend a month buying meds off the street you are coming out better in the long run. Just to let you know a little about the "addiction" part of the suboxone that someone had mentioned earlier...I was do to go get my suboxone in Oct. I had been in the hospital and was not able to make my appt so that left me without suboxone this entire month...I have had ZERO withdraws from suboxone...NONE!! However I do realize that I still need it because I have wanted so badly to take pain pills...I have craved them just about everyday. So to answer ant ??? that some may have SUBOXONE is AWESOME!!!
u are full of shitt,suboxone does cause severe withdrawals, i have been treated with methadone and suboxone,i have been clean from both for 5 yrs now,neither are good for ya at all,but if i had to take 1 it would be methadone,i was on methadone for 3 yrs and then was put on suboxone to be takin off of methadone,in 3 months of taking it i was diagnosed with severe gastritis in which my whole stomach was inflamed,i thought i was dying for real,it damaged my stomach so bad that i have been completely clean for 5 yrs,and i have to take 2 40mg nexiums everyday among other stomach meds or i am in mysery,and i just turned 39 yrs old...

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