Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

There are 81774 comments on the The Cincinnati Enquirer story from Jan 5, 2011, titled Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.. In it, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that:

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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Hillsboro, OH

#89641 May 25, 2013
Currently, a scattered to broken mid deck of clouds stretches from
Louisville to London, KY, with clear skies south and west of this
line. Skies will become mostly cloudy everywhere through the late
afternoon and early evening as deeper moisture associated with a

This will include the northeastern portions of Louisville. Most
locations will remain dry until after midnight. Otherwise, nice
temperature gradient has set up between mostly clear skies to the
southwest and mostly cloudy skies in the northeast. Highs in the mid
70s SW and upper 60s NE still look reasonable.
As we move past midnight, chances for measurable rain will increase
as deeper moisture begins to saturate the lower atmosphere and an
isentropic lift component overspreads northwestern portions of the
County Warning Area. This enhanced moisture/lift will then gradually fill in across
the entire County Warning Area toward dawn on Sunday. Despite the increase moisture,
still can't go above scattered rain shower chances as column does
not look to completely saturate and general surges in deeper
moisture are somewhat unorganized. Tonight's lows will certainly be
milder than last night's. Look for the Mercury to bottom out in the
upper 40s to mid 50s.
Sunday will bring continued isolated to scattered rain shower
chances, along with a small chance for a thunderstorm. This will
occur as isentropic lift continues to occur over a weak warm front
near the region. The exact placement of this feature is still in
question but the best consensus leaves northeastern portions of the
County Warning Area under the best chances for rain. A decent temperature gradient
will likely set up from southwest to northeast much like today. Look
for upper 70s SW to lower 70s NE.
Sunday night will see slowly retreating precipitation chances
confined to northern portions of the County Warning Area as the frontal boundary
lifts north. Still expect no more than isolated to scattered. Lows
will be generally in the mid and upper 50s.
Long term (monday - saturday)...
issued at 245 PM EDT Sat may 25 2013
This period will feature mostly warmer than normal temperatures and
mostly dry conditions as a ridge builds in aloft and at the surface.
The best chance for rain looks to be at the beginning and perhaps
again at the end of this period. For the first chance, a warm
front will be somewhere near our northeast forecast area Monday
morning, which will serve as a focus for activity during the day.
That front should lift north of the region Tuesday. The subsidence
aloft building in should put a damper on rain chances through the
work week, and allow temperatures to rise at least into the
mid/upper 80s by Wednesday, possibly the 90s. Then Saturday a closed
low moving over the plains may push the ridge over the southeast
U.S. Far enough east to allow for some scattered storms to develop,
mainly across our northwest forecast area.
Aviation (06z taf issuance)...
issued at 1255 am EDT sun may 26 2013
The light rain currently streaming southeast across sdf and Lex will
continue off an on through the night. It should decrease by sunrise.
Models continue to indicate some showers may develop in this same
area this afternoon. However, coverage does not look to be high
enough to include in the tafs at this time. Winds will be mainly
light and variable tonight. They will be out of the east through the
day today. Skies will remain mostly cloudy, with the lower cloud
deck at sdf and Lex around 6-7 kft.
Lmk watches/warnings/advisories...
short term.......bjs
long term........rjs

Hillsboro, OH

#89642 May 25, 2013
All of the items that I discuss below are items that have been addressed in this blog previously. A reason that I am writing about them this week is that recently other writers have put together excellent discussions of the scientific knowledge and the communication of that knowledge. Also I refer to the web site Skeptical Science which has an ongoing collection of arguments against climate change science and their counters.

The pause in warming: An article appeared in The Economist on whether or not the Earth was warming as fast as predicted. This is an argument that has been especially prevalent since about 2005. This particular emergence of the warming pause follows from an article in the Daily Mail that I wrote about in October, 2012. The Daily Mail article was obviously written with the goal of disruption.

From a scientist - citizen perspective, the Economist article is a good article and it demonstrates some of the perils of communication and science driven by public dialogue. For example, the surface global temperature plots were in the 1990s highly touted as a communication tool to provide the story to policy makers and the people. However, it is known to be too simplistic, and the models were never built as predictive models.

From a scientist perspective, the global surface temperature record is not a singular or robust measure of planetary warming. There is heat going into oceans and melting sea ice and melting ice sheets and melting permafrost. I think an interesting tension is that there is a growing literature that the Earth is heating faster than predicted, when all of these other measures of heating are considered.

Judith Curry has a recent post on the warming pause in which she summarizes David Appell’s article W[h]ither Global Warming: Has it slowed down?. In great detail the reasons why the surface temperature record is not a singular measure of planetary warming are discussed. As we search for the heat and find it, largely in the ocean, all observations suggest that the planet is warming, and that the dominant cause is human-generated greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels.

It has been a cold spring in the U.S.: The 2013 spring has been one of the most peculiar in my life. This follows 2012, which was just stunningly hot. 2013 has had a lot of record cold in the U.S. There has also been a lot of variability, record cold followed by record warm. Marshall Shepherd brought the article Cooler Spring Weather Does Not Equal a Cooling Climate to my attention. This article makes reference to a video from entitled Pockets of Cold on a Warming Planet. All I have to say here is the U.S. is not the world, globally March 2013 was the tenth warmest ever and for the past 337 months the global temperature has been higher than the twentieth century average. April will be number 338. Here is one of my old links on this subject Warm Cold Warm Cold.

Carbon Dioxide Increase is Good for the Plants and not Correlated with Temperature: There was an article in the Wall Street Journal, Defending Carbon Dioxide. I note that it was an opinion piece. It was full of opining with no cohesive basis in fact and isolated misrepresentation of fragments of knowledge. It misrepresents both climate knowledge and ecological knowledge. It was released to coincide with the atmospheric carbon dioxide crossing 400 parts per million. All I have to say about this is that carbon dioxide is a waste product and I can name numerous waste products that are good for plants. We choose to manage our sewage.

A note or two: I am glad to see in the various articles I reference here scientists becoming more circumspect about how we communicate about climate change. We see a number of places where attempts to make communication simple contributes to perpetuation of disruptive political arguments. We set up the isolated piece of information that falls prey to the yes-no questions that generate doubt.

Hillsboro, OH

#89643 May 25, 2013
One etymology asserts it is derived from the root of the Irish word gob or gab (mouth), which the same source asserts is the root of jabber, gibber and gobble.[2] The word may derive from the word "jabber" ("to talk nonsense"), with the "-ish" suffix to signify a language.

Another etymology links it directly to the Irish term Geab ar ais (pron. g'ab er'ash), gab ar ais (pron. gab er'ash), back talk, backward chat; fig. back-slanged speech. Gab (gaelic), n., to chat or talk a lot. Geab (pron. g'ab) n., chat.(Donegal.) Geabaire, n., a chatterer or blabberer. Ar ais (pron. er ash), back; backwards.[3] However, this Irish etymology was suggested by Daniel Cassidy, whose work has been widely criticised by reputable linguists and scholars. The terms geab and geabaire are certainly Irish words, but the phrase geab ar ais does not exist, and the word gibberish exists as a loan-word in Irish as gibiris, defined by Ó Dónaill as "Gibberish. Gibiris chainte - unintelligible speech".(Ó Dónaill, Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla, 630). Thus like many of Cassidy's derivations, this proposed explanation appears quite improbable.

Another theory is that the word comes from the name of the famous 8th-century Islamic alchemist Jābir ibn Hayyān, whose name was Latinized as "Geber", thus the term "gibberish" arose as a reference to the incomprehensible technical jargon often used by Jabir and other alchemists who followed.[4]

Some speculative accounts attribute the word's origin to the language of the Rock of Gibraltar, Llanito, which is a form of Spanish heavily mixed with English.[citation needed] However, the word first appears well before England acquired Gibraltar in 1713.

Hillsboro, OH

#89644 May 25, 2013
Spam is celebrated in Austin, Minnesota, home to the Spam Museum. The museum tells the history of the Hormel company, the origin of Spam and its place in world culture. Austin is also the location of final judging in the national Spam recipe competition. Competing recipes are collected from winning submissions at the top forty state fairs in the nation.[36]

Hawaii holds an annual Spam Jam in Waikiki during the last week of April.[37] The small town of Shady Cove, Oregon is home to the annual Spam Parade and Festival, with the city allocating US$1,500 for it.[38]

Spamarama was a yearly festival held around April Fool's Day in Austin, Texas. The theme of Spamarama was gentle parody of Spam, rather than straightforward celebration: the event at the heart of the festival was a Spam cook-off that originated as a challenge to produce the most appetizing recipe for the meat. The festival included light sporting activities and musical acts, in addition to the cook-off.[39]

Hillsboro, OH

#89645 May 25, 2013
The term "cut and paste" comes from the traditional practice in manuscript-editings whereby people would literally cut paragraphs from a page with scissors and physically paste them onto another page. This practice remained standard into the 1980s. Stationery stores formerly sold "editing scissors" with blades long enough to cut an 8½"-wide page. The advent of photocopiers made the practice easier and more flexible.

The act of copying/transferring text from one part of a computer-based document ("buffer") to a different location within the same or different computer-based document was a part of the earliest on-line computer editors. As soon as computer data entry moved from punch-cards to online files (in the mid/late 1960s) there were "commands" for accomplishing this operation. This mechanism was often used to transfer frequently-used commands or text snippets from additional buffers into the document, as was the case with the QED editor.[1]
Early methods

The earliest editors, since they were designed for "hard-copy" terminals, provided keyboard commands to delineate contiguous regions of text, remove such regions, or move them to some other location in the file. Since moving a region of text required first removing it from its initial location and then inserting it into its new location various schemes had to be invented to allow for this multi-step process to be specified by the user.

Often this was done by the provision of a 'move' command, but some text editors required that the text be first put into some temporary location (AKA, "the clipboard") for later retrieval/placement.

Earlier control schemes such as NLS used a verb-object command structure, where the command name was provided first and the object to be copied or moved was second. The inversion from verb-object to object-verb on which copy and paste are based, where the user selects the object to be operated before initiating the operation, was an innovation crucial for the success of the desktop metaphor.[2]

Although the mechanism was already in widespread use in early line and character editors, Lawrence G. Tesler (Larry Tesler) popularized "cut and paste" in the context of computer-based text-editing while working at Xerox Corporation Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in 1974–1975.[3]

Apple Computer widely popularized the computer-based cut-and-paste paradigm through the Lisa (1983) and Macintosh (1984) operating systems and applications. Apple mapped the functionalities to key-combinations consisting of the Command key (a special modifier key) held down while typing the letters X (for cut), C (for copy), and V (for paste), choosing a handful of keyboard sequences to control basic editing operations. The keys involved all cluster together at the left end of the bottom row of the standard QWERTY keyboard, and each key is combined with a special modifier key to perform the desired operation:

Hillsboro, OH

#89646 May 25, 2013
Emotional tension is in the air today, making it a fraught but exciting day. The fur could really fly between you and someone you fancy, especially if you aren't yet having a relationship with them. Try to channel all this energy into positive directions, such as doing something creative or transforming. It will also help to keep active.
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#89647 May 26, 2013

This young man is very talented, Nick Ogawa. I listened to his show on Woodsongs several years ago.Love this song;)
Ancient Wolf

Lexington, KY

#89648 May 26, 2013
More here this morning than my eyes can digest or that I want to know. Good Day.

“Is who I am”

Since: Aug 08


#89649 May 26, 2013
It's been a really tough week, and just getting tougher. Now my momma is sick. She is SO stubborn, though, she won't let me take her to the ER.
I have to go sit with dad and worry about her. NOT happy.
Jack Meoff

Benton, KY

#89650 May 26, 2013
Agreed wrote:
<quoted text>
You should idiot. Look up where Murray is on that Madrid Fault Line. The BIRDS dropped dead in your area of Kentucky, not mine. So go jack yourself off while you can, you may get swallowed up by Mother Earth. That's a fact JACK. This site is way off your hater topix site radar and over your head in knowledge of what's going on in the world with the planet EARTH. So buzz off.

Cry me a f ucking river.

Booneville, KY

#89652 May 26, 2013
Misty eyed wrote: F5l8YJVg1A
This young man is very talented, Nick Ogawa. I listened to his show on Woodsongs several years ago.Love this song;)
I love this guy also. Great song.
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#89653 May 26, 2013
RoamingInsomniac wrote:
It's been a really tough week, and just getting tougher. Now my momma is sick. She is SO stubborn, though, she won't let me take her to the ER.
I have to go sit with dad and worry about her. NOT happy.
If you have any nurses in the family, I'm sure that one could listen to the lungs and check their blood pressures, basic procedures. I agree with you- from having experience in the medical field- one must be healthy enough to care for others. It'll not her,your Dad any good if she doesn't get treatment herself. I use homeopathic ones myself because that's my preference; nonetheless, she's going to need her strength through proper care to be of assistance to your Dad.
EMT's at your local ambulance service could come out as well if she's too stubborn. Someone will assess her condition. Medical personnel will help you; I assure you. Bless you,Roaming. I will continue to say a prayer for recovery, mercy and peace for you. Never forget which is important not to neglect Roaming's well being;)
Pleasant day to all...
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#89654 May 26, 2013
Jack Meoff wrote:
<quoted text>
Cry me a f ucking river.
Pent up anxiety,Hence the name. You recommending to cry that river so somebody can save you. Well, swim. Life can't be shit and giggles all the time.
Fine day to you as well. Take care of yourself,Jack.
believe your eyes

United States

#89656 May 26, 2013
Raised two different families.

Shelbyville, IN

#89657 May 26, 2013
Agreed wrote:
<quoted text>
You should idiot. Look up where Murray is on that Madrid Fault Line. The BIRDS dropped dead in your area of Kentucky, not mine. So go jack yourself off while you can, you may get swallowed up by Mother Earth. That's a fact JACK. This site is way off your hater topix site radar and over your head in knowledge of what's going on in the world with the planet EARTH. So buzz off.
It is "NEW" Madrid, not "Madrid". Okay Neeeew Madrid? It is not even pronounced like the city in Spain. It would sound totally backwoods hick to just say "the Madrid Fault." Sounds like you would need a big chaw of baccer in your jaw to call it "the Madrid Fault". LOL Some people who think they know so much know so little.

United States

#89658 May 26, 2013
Worst drug in the world.

United States

#89659 May 26, 2013
On a brighter note: beautiful day here!! Pulled the little ole aluminum row boat up in the yard and gave it a good scrubbing! Tomorrow we will seal some rivits. Repair the bench and give the floor a fresh coat of paint!!
Geez, these haters are a pain. I don't mind a good argument but this is ridiculous. Good night all....
So true

United States

#89660 May 26, 2013
Happy Memorial Day everyone.. May your memories of your loved ones fill your pain with ease, as we celebrate their life's.. Nite all. ..,
Ancient Wolf

Lexington, KY

#89662 May 27, 2013
Such trivial issues mean nothing in the overall scheme of life.

Since: Jul 12

Houston, TX

#89664 May 27, 2013

Today is Memorial Day, and Big Stevie would like to wish all of his friends, on this format, as well (yes!) as his enemies, a Happy Memorial Day. Though this is certainly NOT a happy day, it should be a respectful one. We should all just take a few moments to think about what our ancestors, who served in all of the wars, did for us in keeping our freedom intact, and this country alive. Though we are a divided nation, these days, and this is a sad thing, we are all still Americans and, as such, owe a debt of gratitude, that we can never fully repay, to all of our warriors, both alive and dead, who gave us this country, and have maintained all of our freedoms ever since. God bless them, God bless you, and God bless America!!!

This farmer had a wife who nagged him all the time. One day, while he was outside plowing the field, she came out and started nagging him. While she was doing this, the mule kicked her and she died.

At the funeral, the ladies came up and talked to the farmer. The farmer nodded his head "yes." The men came up and talked to him and the farmer nodded his head "no.” there was this one man who wondered why he nodded his head "yes" to the ladies, and "no" to the men. So, he went up to the farmer and asked him why.

The farmer replied, "Well sir, when the ladies came up, they told me how pretty my wife's dress was, and how pretty she looked, and all, and I had to agree with them. When the men came up, though, they asked, "That mule for sale?"

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