Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

There are 81695 comments on the The Cincinnati Enquirer story from Jan 5, 2011, titled Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.. In it, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that:

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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#86340 Feb 22, 2013
veg o matic wrote:
<quoted text>imagine where she would have hid the 'stash'
if she were allowed conjugal visits !
That has been done many times. Males have to hide stuff in the trunk...Yuck. This practice has resulted in many unintended overdoses, when the plastic packaging tears or comes undone in some fashion

Frankfort, KY

#86341 Feb 22, 2013
RoamingInsomniac wrote:
We all miss Una.
UNA's still around, he posted in the Bible Study thread today.

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#86342 Feb 22, 2013
Abeliever wrote:
For lala:
Terrified Homeless Dog with Horribly Matted Fur Gets a Happy Ending
This unloved dog was abandoned its entire life. Terrified of strangers, he was without hope...
But see how Socrates got another chance at happiness!
Socrates was found roaming a college campus, abandoned and completely terrified of humans. His fur was matted and most couldn't believe he survived. Thanks to one angel with a purpose, he was rescued and placed in a family that would love him forever.
Sad as it is and not uncommon. I love these rescue stories and admire the people who dedicate their time to helping God's creatures and reuniting/placing abandoned pets to loving homes.
Such a sweet story. It's sad what people do to animals. I got my bunch of critters in a similar way.

“Is who I am”

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#86343 Feb 22, 2013
DontCare wrote:
<quoted text>UNA's still around, he posted in the Bible Study thread today.
Well, that's something.

Middlesboro, KY

#86344 Feb 22, 2013
My bird is dead
orig una farter

Geneva, IL

#86345 Feb 22, 2013
yes folks
have no fear
i still live

Campbellsville, KY

#86346 Feb 22, 2013
orig una farter wrote:
yes folks
have no fear
i still live
No, your the WKG who liked to hate on Una. Go away, and quit posting that on all the threads. Stick to all the socks you created. You are not fooling me. You hated it because he saw through you and made friends with the regulars, but wouldn't you. He was a very smart man, experienced in life.

Grow up. We haven't missed you.

Campbellsville, KY

#86347 Feb 22, 2013
Centerville, South Carolina
Magnitude: 2.2

Magnitude: 4.8

Magnitude: 5.8

I think all those earthquakes in Washington has disrupted the
Gov: 6 underground Hanford nuclear tanks leaking

YAKIMA, Wash.(AP)— Six underground tanks that hold a brew of radioactive and toxic waste at the nation's most contaminated nuclear site are leaking, federal and state officials said Friday.
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said the leaking material poses no immediate risk to public safety or the environment because it would take a while — perhaps years — to reach groundwater.
But the leaking tanks raise new concerns about delays for emptying them and strike another blow to federal efforts to clean up south-central Washington's Hanford nuclear reservation, where successes often are overshadowed by delays, budget overruns and technological challenges.

Department of Energy spokeswoman Lindsey Geisler said there was no immediate health risk and said federal officials would work with Washington state to address the matter.

State officials just last week announced that one of Hanford's 177 underground tanks was leaking 150 to 300 gallons a year, posing a risk to groundwater and rivers. So far, nearby monitoring wells haven't detected higher radioactivity levels.

Inslee traveled to Washington, D.C., this week to discuss the problem with federal officials. He said Friday that he learned in meetings that six tanks are leaking waste.

"We received very disturbing news today," the governor said. "I think that we are going to have a course of new action and that will be vigorously pursued in the next several weeks."

The federal government built the Hanford facility at the height of World War II as part of the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb. The remote site produced plutonium for the bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan, and continued supporting the nation's nuclear weapons arsenal for years.

Today, it is the most contaminated nuclear site in the country, still surrounded by sagebrush but with Washington's Tri-Cities of Richland, Kennewick and Pasco several miles downriver.

Hanford's tanks hold some 53 million gallons of highly radioactive waste — enough to fill dozens of Olympic-size swimming pools — and many of those tanks are known to have leaked in the past. An estimated 1 million gallons of radioactive liquid already leaked there.

The tanks also are long past their intended 20-year life span — raising concerns that even more tanks could be leaking — though they were believed to have been stabilized in 2005.

Inslee said the falling waste levels in the six tanks were missed because only a narrow band of measurements was evaluated, rather than a wider band that would have shown the levels changing over time.


Campbellsville, KY

#86348 Feb 22, 2013
"It's like if you're trying to determine if climate change is happening, only looking at the data for today," he said. "Perhaps human error, the protocol did not call for it. But that's not the most important thing at the moment. The important thing now is to find and address the leakers."

There are legal, moral and ethical considerations to cleaning up the Hanford site at the national level, Inslee said, adding that he will continue to insist that the Energy Department completely clean up the site.

He also stressed the state would impose a "zero-tolerance" policy on radioactive waste leaking into the soil.

Cleanup is expected to last decades and cost billions of dollars.
The federal government already spends $2 billion each year on Hanford cleanup — one-third of its entire budget for nuclear cleanup nationally. The Energy Department has said it expects funding levels to remain the same for the foreseeable future, but a new Energy Department report released this week includes annual budgets of as much as $3.5 billion during some years of the cleanup effort.

Much of that money goes toward construction of a plant to convert the underground waste into glasslike logs for safe, secure storage. The plant, last estimated at more than $12.3 billion, is billions of dollars over budget and behind schedule. It isn't expected to being operating until at least 2019.
Given those delays, the federal government will have to show that there is adequate storage for the waste in the meantime, Inslee said.

"We are not convinced of this," he said. "There will be a robust exchange of information in the coming weeks to get to the bottom of this."

Inslee and Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber have championed building additional tanks to ensure safe storage of the waste until the plant is completed. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., said earlier this week that he shares their concerns about the integrity of the tanks but he wants more scientific information to determine it's the correct way to spend scarce money.

Tom Carpenter of Hanford Challenge, a Hanford watchdog group, said Friday it's disappointing that the Energy Department is not further along on the waste treatment plant and that there aren't new tanks to transfer waste into.

"None of these tanks would be acceptable for use today. They are all beyond their design life. None of them should be in service," he said. "And yet, they're holding two-thirds of the nation's high-level nuclear waste."

Wyden noted the nation's most contaminated nuclear site — and the challenges associated with ridding it of its toxic legacy — will be a subject of upcoming hearings and a higher priority in Washington, D.C.

Campbellsville, KY

#86349 Feb 22, 2013
For Hemburn, "Nope" and all Harley lovers. There isn't a better thing to ride on two wheels (or three). Nothing roars like them. You can tell a Harley before you see it. I cannot believe the Super Bowl ad was not shown. Why not feature a true AMERICAN product. What a shame. Nothing like a Harley. Makes me what to write a letter to the advertising people in charge of the ads for that World Wide Event. Makes no sense to me. Enjoy a true American success story:

The Superbowl Commercial, You didn't see! Harley-Davidson, Made in America
Uploaded on Feb 22, 2012
Wilkins Harley-Davidson is proud to show this video released in February by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Exporting Freedom. One of the most moving videos from Harley-Davidson. Covers the recent transformation of the York, PA Plant where many of your favorite motorcycles are made including the Street Glide, The Softail Heritage, The Electra Glide Classic and many CVO Screamin Eagle Models.
&fe ature=share
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#86350 Feb 22, 2013
Hi AB, can't sleep here. Partner got outta Dodge City now on the way to Pa. Not too cold here tonight. It's really nice to hear about the eagle's eggs. Partner said birds were in big flocks today in Kansas. Unfortunately, big trucks and small creatures don't get along:( I'm having a cup of joe. Caffeine sometimes does the opposite of making me jittery. Will see LOL

Campbellsville, KY

#86351 Feb 22, 2013
USPS introduces muscle car themed stamps

Saturday mail service will soon be history, but according to the U.S. Postal Service, muscle cars are "forever."

Today, the USPS is introducing a new set of stamps featuring five of America’s most legendary muscle cars.

Painted by artist Tom Fritz, the stamps depict the 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, 1966 Pontiac GTO, 1967 Shelby GT-500, 1970 Chevelle SS and the 1970 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda, all burning their tires like there’s no tomorrow.

And, of course, they're made in the USA.
The third in the post office’s "America on the Move" series, which previously featured sporty cars and cars with fins and chrome from the 1950’s, the self-adhesive Muscle Cars Forever stamps live up to their name, and will be good as first-class mail one-ounce rate postage for eternity, or at least as long as the USPS exists.

Read more:

I want to get them all for my son or grandchild I may or may not have some day. lol

I love every single one of them. They are my favorite cars when watching Barrett Jackson auctions. Plus, Cameros, Covettes, Thunderbirds. Wow, those were all of the best of the muscle cars. I would love to do the Carl Casper Car Show in Louisville this weekend. I have been several times and always enjoy it. This weekend is tied up and the big ESPN Game Day at Rupp Arena is tomorrow night. UK Party.:)
who cares

Sandy Hook, KY

#86352 Feb 22, 2013
who cares!!!!
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#86353 Feb 22, 2013
177 underground nuclear tanks in Wa??? If they leak that does mean water will be affected by the seepage unless it's contained. It is so easy for man to destroy life on earth.

Campbellsville, KY

#86354 Feb 22, 2013
Misty eyed wrote:
Hi AB, can't sleep here. Partner got outta Dodge City now on the way to Pa. Not too cold here tonight. It's really nice to hear about the eagle's eggs. Partner said birds were in big flocks today in Kansas. Unfortunately, big trucks and small creatures don't get along:( I'm having a cup of joe. Caffeine sometimes does the opposite of making me jittery. Will see LOL
Hi Misty eyed, got home late tonight again, took a shower and am wide awake. I thought I would check if AW was up for tree time. I have thought of all my topix friends today who have OTR drivers when I look at the mess dumped out in Kansas, Colorado etc..glad it hit the Ohio River and spared Kentucky. lol

I love to watch those Eagles nest and raise their young. It is always nice to watch the live feed when I want to see nature not witness with your own eye. I love that project. They do Owls and other birds too. I like to watch the Eagles. They are my favorite.

I can drink coffe anytime, including shortly before I go to bed. It never bothers me.

I thought I would leave some decent reading for the early risers. lol I don't appreciate the Una imposter. Not funny. He outed her good. He may have been wrong about Nope, but not that one.

I am so happy we have a Spring like weekend forecast. High 50's, I will take it. lol Plan on getting out in the yard and picking up what the cold wind blew in, get some things done at the house, prepare snacks for the UK get together with family and friends all dressed in their UK Blue and have a great weekend.

I hope you enjoy yours.:)

Campbellsville, KY

#86355 Feb 22, 2013
For lala,

Another sad story with a happy ending. Wonder why people have to be so cruel. Even if they thought it was dead from parvo, why didn't they make sure and if so bury it in the back yard or somewhere like pet owners do. God's Creatures are not trash.

A newborn puppy thrown away in the garbage gets rescued by his very own guardian angel!

Newborn Puppy Thrown in the Trash Gets Rescued
Trash collector Michael Upchurch was making his normal rounds when he happened upon a trash container that was whimpering! Inside, he found a small puppy, hungry and covered in garbage. It was a miracle Michael was able to save it in time!
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#86356 Feb 22, 2013
Oh, I'll try. I agree with you about the Una issue. He was pretty frank and at times thoughtful. His comedy and remarks sure are missed. Wish Nope. Lala, AW, Blue well. Apparently, AW has been preparing some meals and Dog's been getting treats as well. It's nice to hear that all seems to be well with the other posters. Life can be fine;) Or at least if we make it so...
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#86357 Feb 22, 2013
Puppy rescued. Such a sweet little mug. Sure wasn't loved to be treated that way:( Have a good night. Will try to nap now. Hehe.Lovely weekend to you as well;)

Campbellsville, KY

#86358 Feb 22, 2013
Misty eyed wrote:
Puppy rescued. Such a sweet little mug. Sure wasn't loved to be treated that way:( Have a good night. Will try to nap now. Hehe.Lovely weekend to you as well;)
You too Misty eyed. I will pray for your partner's safe return. I love those rescue videos. I am on my way to my pillow too. Topix checked, email checked, and facebook checked. Off to dreamland. Enjoy the beautiful day. God Bless

“It is what it is, folks!!”

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#86359 Feb 22, 2013
Hey bird peeps. Just doing a quick fly by to let you all know that I'm still among the living. I've had a couple of blah days.. Like was said previously, I worry too when someone doesn't post for a while.

On another note, I don't know what someone is getting out of posting under Mr Farters moniker, but I contacted Topix about it and they are going to look into the matter... This is an abomination and it needs to stop. I've been keeping a file of every thing I've found since he passed, including the links, and sent the Mods every bit of info they need to get to the bottom of it. So just be patient, they're looking into it. Whoever is doing this needs to realize that the engineers employed by Topix have their little ways, i.e., comparing IP's, etc. This scam probably won't go on for much longer.

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