Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Jan 5, 2011 Full story: The Cincinnati Enquirer 81,776

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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Vine Grove, KY

#86231 Feb 20, 2013
Blueminer wrote:
More scary sink hole info. Ireally hope this link takes.
Thanks for all the sites Blueminer. I am still working on viewing them all but have been distracted by others listed in the link like this one:

I never seen anything that looked like a car hit a gas line in this early video. It amazes me how many people were walking and driving by prior to the firefighers getting there. Wonder if it was a plate shift that ruptured the gas line. That was one heck of a fire/explosion. You can clearly see when the fire get fed by the gas on the left side of the screen. Those poor firefighters. Plus I noticed their winter storm warnings until tomorrow on their Kansas local station where this happpened. Guess that is why we are scheduled to have the double "S's late Thurs and just slick about morning commute time. Dang it.

Authorities held a morning news conference at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday to give an update on the Plaza fire investigation and announce that a body has been recovered from the scene.

They talk about their investigation into the explosion will probably be hampered by the oncoming winter storm. Prayers to all those involved and the family of the one who lost their life. It would of been nice if they had given you a clue of what the questions were being asked. It does amaze me that some of the ones I did hear were repetitive to the Fire Chief...what don't they understand about ....FD's don't deal with power, gas, or water issues, they are there to fight any fires and provide EMS on the scene. Wow, they do way more than fight fires but they cannot be certified in gas, water and power technology. It will be days before they find out and I never heard anyone ask if a car (initially reported as the source hitting a main gas line) was responsible.

Vine Grove, KY

#86232 Feb 20, 2013
@Nope.. Thanks for the earthquake links, AB. Interesting. And a bit unsettling... I wonder if we're going to have another big one within the next few days? It seems to be a pattern when little tumblers start up like that. It wouldn't surprise me to hear of a major shaker hitting somewhere within the next couple of days.

That map was blinking away on the earthquakes and I wonder how many booms and gas explosions have happened in the last couple days. That Kansas explosion was a scary thing. I should check back later for the updates and see what the weather is heading our way. hahaha

Glad you didn't shoot the coop, possum and maybe your chickens. I hope it doesn't have a family that you will end up re-locating. Maybe it will come back like dogs and cats to tell them about "Nope's" rules.(That was cute)

I feel about the same way you do on the being alone right now. Alone but never lonely. lol

I hope your repairs went quickly and easily. Just in time if we are getting bad weather again. It has barely moved temp wise here 26 degrees and suppose to hit 34. Whoopee. Where is our Spring? I am ready for it.

Have a wonderful evening.

Since: Jan 10

Scotts Vegas

#86233 Feb 20, 2013
Well I have to share this one more thing. As I was about to log off, the horoscope thing caught my attention. It reads as follows.

"You may feel more emotional as the swift Moon enters your first house of personality today. Now that you're back to your normal self, you can get down to the serious business of communicating and gathering information. Your contacts from afar seem more intriguing now, but this may be the grass is always greener effect. Continue evaluating your situation carefully."

Since I never have put any stock in horoscopes, I found that to be amazing.
Just another in a string of coincidences that have been with me for several weeks... Coincidences??? I am starting to think not.

Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#86234 Feb 20, 2013
Blueminer wrote:
Well I just posted one for Oglala, Misty Eyed, and So True. Several minutes of thumb work is apparently hung up in some tower somewhere.
In a nutshell; It is always nice to read your hearts here. You all post some very uplifting stuff here that I'm sure we all like to read.
Your posts have hit home. I had to put the spurs on my parent who every time I turned around slandered Partner. We all come from different walks in life, but have one thing in common living life. If I am such a negative influence on someone's life, I have served no purpose , first to myself and to that person. Life to me is about purpose and sparking positivity. If you can't attribute your heart in your words and actions than all is lost. We cannot change people; they must come to that realization of improving their lives.
Hopefully, your job outlook improves for you. Partner has been an OTR about seven years. Your Dad is fortunate to have you. Bumpy roads can be smoothed. LOL. Best wishes to you,Blue.There's a few words from a song that has stayed with me: On the wings of snow, white dove. He sends His pure, sweet Love.A sign from Above. On the wings of a dove. Peace;)

Vine Grove, KY

#86235 Feb 20, 2013
Blueminer wrote:
OK! Now my take on something going in our government and nation.
Concerning the legalization of weed. Maybe we should ask ourselves why now at this time in history. Well folks it may be all about complacency.
What better way to shut your eyes and cloud your thoughts on issues affecting your lives. Whether it be the activities of governments, mother nature, famines, wars, anything!
Lets give them what they have been begging for for years, they will love us for it!
Now to an even more dangerous issue. This synthetic weed thing. The forces that should be battling this scourge on our society are probably the very ones the are seeing to it the stuff remains available. Even though illegal, if one knows where to look it can be found. And the black market is growing at an incredible rate.
Now this; establishments that sold/sell this stuff seem to always be owned by middle easterneers. Many of them also offer what appears to be Muslim/Islamic products. Are our weaknesses, and disires to puff away our edgyness funding terrorist organizations...It's a possibility!
What better way to infiltrate your enemies home than to provide them with another drug that you seem to have some kind of monopoly on. "We're your friends we get you high!" Some of us have kicked ourselves in the a$$ so many MANY times over these mixed feelings. An addictive personality can DOOM a person clear to hell. Trust me I know.
Now as I am becoming me again, and it took a lot of help and prayer I feel it's my job to share and help others see the light. So many people will tell you it was the hardest thing to get away from they ever experienced.
Now please don't judge me harshly, but if you lean that direction refer to Abelievers earlier post of Beautiful Quotes.
That's all for now. Maybe some of you will believe some of these assertions totally off the wall and out of line, and I can understand that. However are these thoughts so outlandish when we consider that which we DO know?
Blue, I totally agree with your logic on the synthetic version they are peddling to our young people (baby boomers know better lol). They are clearly starting to put laws/restrictions on these people and this crap bath salts/spice. I think they all should be shut down, barred from owning any business and prosecuted. I really don't think they are trying to get everyone numb to their surroundings by considering changes on hemp. Just looking for revenue, decriminalization to free up our law enforcement, courts, and jails.

On hemp, I think that with the tobacco industry going down and the desires for products made by hemp are profitable for the country and could be especially for Kentucky. This would be good for the economy with the potential for production, jobs, tax income etc..

Medical or recreational, I think that people have and will smoke it if they choose too for their entire life if they so choose.
There would be regulation on amount grown or possessed by individuals (like we are already seeing), it would clear the jails/prisons for more hardened criminals. With regulation and taxes it would help the economy and take business away from Mexico, Columbia etc... I have never been hooked on drugs, treated for addiction, or even been a drinker THANK GOD,but I know plenty that have. Most families do. I don't believe smoking a joint is a gateway drug to harder drugs and never did. When I was trying it, all it did was make me hungry, lazy and laugh like a silly girl. haha

So that is where I stand on those issues. I admire anyone who has kicked their addictions whatever they may be. It is a lot of hard work, prayers, family support, and most of all they have to WANT to kick it before they can be helped. I have seen many success stories up close and personal in family and friends.

On another note...I am glad you enjoyed one of my favorite quotes.

Vine Grove, KY

#86236 Feb 20, 2013
Blueminer wrote:
Well I have to share this one more thing. As I was about to log off, the horoscope thing caught my attention. It reads as follows.
"You may feel more emotional as the swift Moon enters your first house of personality today. Now that you're back to your normal self, you can get down to the serious business of communicating and gathering information. Your contacts from afar seem more intriguing now, but this may be the grass is always greener effect. Continue evaluating your situation carefully."
Since I never have put any stock in horoscopes, I found that to be amazing.
Just another in a string of coincidences that have been with me for several weeks... Coincidences??? I am starting to think not.
hahaha, that is mine too. A fellow Moonchild. Cool. I hope it continues to go your way Blue. I should call you Bluemoon now. That would be a great Native American name huh? lol

Thanks for all the interesting links I still have a couple to watch. Full of info taken from credible sites bit by bit put together like a puzzle. I like how he mentions in that first one that many were no longer available having been taken down like that one on the Mass Animal Deaths was.

Have a good day yourself.

“Is who I am”

Since: Aug 08


#86237 Feb 20, 2013
Blueminer wrote:
<quoted text>
Roam things are going on that threaten so much of what we have come to know, trust and believe in. Denial is complacency, which equals less anxiety. And I reckon that's not all bad.
I don't buy into all the conspiracy theories, however some of these "theories" ARE all too "reality".
Indeed. And hello.

Vine Grove, KY

#86238 Feb 20, 2013
Hope you all have a good evening. I have to get off here and do some dinner preparations and get snacks together for the UK game tonight. It is at Rupp Arena and after the beat down Tn gave them I hope the Big Blue Nation will cheer them on to prevail without their big man and put a "W" in the column. haha

Before I go I had to post this article I ran across reading the world wide news. I know Una would of got a big kick out of it:

Let your flatulence fly, scientists urge passengers

Flying increases flatulence, according to an article published Friday in the peer-reviewed New Zealand Medical Journal, and passengers should release the gas -- or risk painful medical consequences.

Lead author Dr. Jacob Rosenberg, professor of surgery at the University of Copenhagen, said he always wondered why he had more flatulence flying than when on the ground. Then, after a recent trip, he opened his bag and noticed a water bottle "almost smashed by the change in ambient pressure," said Rosenberg. "And then I thought of the mechanisms of increased bowel air volume when flying."

It's simple. When altitude increases, pressure decreases. According to the thermodynamic principal known as the "ideal gas law," as pressure drops, volume increases. While cabins are pressurized to compensate, the mechanisms can only do so much. When the plane is at a cruising altitude of 33,000 feet, inside it's still the equivalent of 8,000 feet above sea level. That's a lot of physics bearing down on your intestines.

There's a clear medical rationale for releasing the gas. Holding back flatulence can lead to "discomfort and even pain, bloating, dyspepsia and pyrosis," according to the article, titled "Flatulence on Airplanes: Just Let it Go," which surveyed previously published research and studies. It also notes that holding back flatulence has been suggested as a major risk factor for diverticular disease, a condition where pouches develop in the wall of the colon.

But just try telling that to your seatmate.

Instead, Peter Post, a director at Emily Post institute and author of "Essential Manners for Men," recommends that travelers "hold it in until they have the opportunity to get up and release the gas in the restroom."

If you can't get to the lavatory in time, for instance, if there's turbulence and the fasten seat belt light is on, "be as discreet as possible" and release the gas, said Post. "People understand the situation and let it go."

Unfortunately, no graceful phrase or gesture exists to completely smooth over the social awkwardness of releasing your personal flatulence inside a confined space where 50 percent of the air is recirculated. An "excuse me" can really only go so far. It can even draw its own unwanted attention.

"Almost anything you say can create embarrassment and make the situation more difficult," said Post. "Your best bet is to keep your mouth shut."

The article's authors suggested airlines install seats embedded with active charcoal, which can absorb intestinal gases. Carriers could also pass out blankets with the odor-absorbing compound sewn in.

Travelers could also be subjected to a methane breath screening and those with higher methane content could be assigned seats in a restricted area of the plane near the lavatory. Another proposed solution involved the use of rubber pants with air containers to collect passed gas.
As for passengers, they could wear underwear lined with active charcoal, the article said.

Rosenberg said that though the paper had "a humorous direction," it's based on published research. "The background is serious," he said.
But fliers prone to gas should take preventative measures. Post suggests Beano.

Haha, can you see Una with a Depend on full of charcoal, going through airport body scanners. With all the beans he enjoyed he probably did defy the "ideal gas law".

Sure miss him.

“Is who I am”

Since: Aug 08


#86239 Feb 20, 2013
We all miss Una.

Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#86240 Feb 20, 2013
Thanks, Blue, for posting all those links. Was out to doctor most of day, but I'm starting to go through them, and find them most interesting. Thanks, again

Hi, Abeliever, Nope, Roaming, AW, and the ret of the gang. Good evening to you. Long day today. My eyelids are drooping, and I'll have to have a siesta soon, but glad you folks are posting more. For awhile, I was getting worried the the Bird Thread was dying.

“Is who I am”

Since: Aug 08


#86241 Feb 20, 2013
Good Evening. It was a beautiful day. Got mofre seed for my birdie friends. They were very happy.

Winchester, KY

#86242 Feb 20, 2013
RoamingInsomniac wrote:
Conspiracy theory is something that makes us Human. Everyone thinks something like that happens. I think that's pretty funny, really.
Not so funny really. Some think it may have been a test of a bunker busting bomb made by Boeing and sold to Israel which is meant to target Iran's deep underground nuclear enrichment facilities which was dropped from outer space, like the one discussed in this article.

It appears that the Russians (or a UFO) may have been the ones who shot it down prior to impact according to some videos. You can see evidence of what appears to be a missile striking the meteor (or bunker busting bomb) prior to exploding.

A lot of covert operations are happening today which the average joe will never know about because he will never even consider the possibility of anything other than what is reported in the mainstream news...and we all know how reliable that is these days.

Frankfort, KY

#86243 Feb 20, 2013
Blackbird pie anyone?

Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#86244 Feb 20, 2013
carnevil no 9 wrote:
liberalism has doomed America ,..
it has nothing to do with Israel ,..
it has far more to do with the liberal indoctrination by the American school systems ,...
the selfish welfare recipients ,..
and the idiotic politicians who are propped into office by them and the greedy labor unions
Although it is politically incorrect these days, I have to agree. Social engineering is going on big time in the schools. That's why I pay to have our little guy in a private school setting where progressive sentiment is not quite as obvious.
Go All A

Winchester, KY

#86245 Feb 20, 2013
Oglala wrote:
<quoted text>
Although it is politically incorrect these days, I have to agree. Social engineering is going on big time in the schools. That's why I pay to have our little guy in a private school setting where progressive sentiment is not quite as obvious.
social engineering...aka dumbing down of American society to create easily controlled sheeple

Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#86246 Feb 20, 2013
That website is very interesting, Blue. You might like it as well, Abeliever. Lots of info. about the Louisiana sinkhole and general problem of gas and methane throughout the bayous. It also has interesting info. on increased seismic activity in the New Madrid. Unfortunately, my computer is running very slowly tonight and I am having difficulty downloading the videos. Will try tomorrow.

Good night, everyone. Sweet dreams and may the angels guide you through the night. Lala
So true

Morgantown, KY

#86249 Feb 20, 2013
Night dear ones...:)
Ancient Wolf

Lexington, KY

#86250 Feb 20, 2013
So true wrote:
Night dear ones...:)
You need to talk louder. My dog did not get the message. LOL Good Night/Morning to you.
so true

Morgantown, KY

#86251 Feb 21, 2013
Well back at it again. So early my dear old rooster thinks it is daylight already , just because I turned on the news...
We all have those days when , we want to just give up on this thing called life and it is really hard not to .. My day was yesterday.. Took alot of kind words,and praying to keep me inline.. But I was a lady in the end , and a real southern kind one at that..:)
Tell your dog AW if I could I would sing him to sleep... I do my 150 pound lab most of the time , When I began to sing , he goes straight to sleep, may be out of wantin me to But the funny thing is , some songs he sings along , he really does think he is human.. Although , like me way overweight , and loves his sweats too much, he is quite awesome in his on special way...
Well yall take care and great day to each and everyone of you great new found friends...

One day, much too soon, the end will come to each of our precious brief lifetimes; knowing this, live fearlessly; leave unchallenged not a single obstacle between yourself and the realization of your most joyous dreams."
so true

Morgantown, KY

#86252 Feb 21, 2013
What we can accomplish on our own is hardly noteworthy. We try our best, but the results aren't exactly graceful flowing music. But when we trust in the hands of a Greater Power, our life's work truly can be beautiful.

Next time you set out to accomplish great feats, listen carefully. You can hear the voice of the Master, whispering in your ear, "Don't quit. Keep playing."

May you all play with all your hearts , and may that great voice , coach you on your way... Blessings.

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