ban mitchells market!
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#86 Nov 16, 2012
not able to work wrote:
<quoted text>i'm not able to work but i'm able to go to the store and buy food. it will not be at mitchells never after they talked about the sick and poor like this. that is a disgrace to our community.i get foodstamps and everytime i stopped there they always liked them. there are some heartless people out there folks....
Do you even know these people? Did you see hollys write this or say this for yourself? I know her good never has she said she hates poor people or people on food stamps. Holly is an honest person and says her mind but she does not hate poor people or disabled people. You people don't see what's really going on here. The same person has started stuff on here about 5 times and lied and taken out of line or anyhow you want to put it about what holly has said because this person has personal problem with holly n you people are foolish to believe it. an it looks like they are trying to start a fight between holly and greg from what i been reading trying to tell greg to control her. How stupid. i been around holly and greg more times than I count and she aint nothing like this person makes her out to be n this whole line of [email protected] about hating food stamps is a lie she never said that! I see her page every day so I know what she says the person that started this is a crazy troublemaker that is mad because holly won't agree with Obama and nothing else. holly knows who did this and so does anyone that knows her. The person who done this is a crazy woman and she is making fools out of you people that she acts like she's taking up for n she sits back laughing at you.This whole thing is so stupid and I can't believe this town has people that believe it when they don't even know what was said. Wont to know something else that will probably give me away if the mitchells read this but they have helped me out many times with money when I didn't have any. Won't take none in return and I tried. i was down on my luck n in hard times and they was both good to me it makes me so mad to see good hardworking people messed with in this town. Are you people even thinking what your doing. this town ain't got nothing here but law offices fast foods walmart courthouse workers and you want to try and hurt a place that gives jobs. this [email protected] won't happen in another place but in our town where people hate other people and lie and cheat and steal because most are just lowdown dirty and mean to the core. An another thing I hope happens is that the mitchells get the court order they want to prove who did this so this person will have to pay up or at least be taken to court. Did you know how many internet addresses have had to be turned over just in this town? all topix has to get is a court order from a judge and they will turn over ips and then the ip service gets an order to turn over your name. I hope it happens so this person can see what libel and slandering a business can get you. if you don't believe me just use google and you see it all in writing. hurting a business ain't the same as slandering a person its easier to get court orders and prove. You people better think before you say things you don't know are true or not because you might regret it and stand good for it.

London, KY

#87 Nov 17, 2012
samiam wrote:
<quoted text>
What a dumb sl^t you must be honey. You just mad cause you look like honey boo boo child's mom and all you stupid talk on here shows just how jealous you are. I bet when you look in you mirror you are so sad and it makes you feel so much better to pick on someone that in your simple & stupid little mind is above you and you won't so bad to be like that but you try and try and try but you can't be like that because you are just trash and scum and nobody likes you so you say bad stuff about her to try and ease that bad pain of knowing you are worth no more than the money you cheat the people out of. It just breaks my wittle ole heart that you are so sad bout your own life and lookin for somebody to listen but honey nobody hears you because you are a big pile of human doodoo and you the one that smells so bad you cant stand you poor self. Ain't it bad when somebody got a good life and look what you got. you got a computer or a phone that hide you from the world. you dont have enuff guts to say your name and you a brave puppy here tryin to make people not like holly or greg but I got some news for you cause you are a coward and got no guts. Why I bet you so proud of how you talk after you hit that reply button but way inside your ugly soul you sad and lonely and want a life you just ain't never gonna have. I pity you cause you need help and lordy knows you need a job. Sleep tight while the green eye monster gets a big bite out your butt. You been eat up with that monster honey boo boo child. sweet dreams about how sad you make stalking holly your life while she with her family and laughin at you because your so dumb. I will shop at mitchells more now like somebody else said and you will still be ugly and sad and jealous and mad. Poor baby with hurt feeling throw a tantrum but don't wont nobody to know who she is because she's a fraidy cat. lololololololololololol
Well looks like you one to talk No one sees your name on here so put it up or shutup
Are you stupid

United States

#88 Nov 17, 2012
Fact wrote:
<quoted text>
If there is a Single kid that did not eat today because they did not get it from the government, it is the Fault of the Parent... I have no problem with a food stamp program where a disabled individual receives them, I have no problem with receiving then for a period of time when someone needs to recover from job loss or some major issue.
But today they are considered by many as a Right just because the receiver makes Bad Choices in their life and have become comfortable living at subsistence levels.
If a Kid does not have food and the Parent is not disabled then the Parent should be charged with neglect. What you are saying is that people should have any number of children they wish and Expect everyone else feed them, and cloths them, and house them, and educate them, and transport them while the Parent uses them for their living at subsistence levels.
I know one family that the mother has a live in boy friend, 3 kids and is pregnant. Neither the boy friend or the mother have worked in 3 years, are young and very healthy. Have received housing but have been kicked out of 3 free housing units because they would not pay the 50 buck share, left the places disgusting, receive government funding for food, clothing, transportation, 2 cell phones and food for all. On top of that every month they call relatives for money and use the excuse that the Kids need food, the kids need cloths, the kids need school supplies ect. and the relatives end up shelling out big cash because they don't want the kids to suffer. And don't want to see the kids taken by the state. Yet these two parents blame Everyone for their situation but themselves.
Parents that have and use their kids as a way to live are a lower life form so don't be throwing the "do it for the Children" excuse for the parents to use to sit on the a$$ and make little to no effort to improve their life.
FINALLY!!!! Someone with a brain. No one is saying everyone should or can be rich, but for crying out loud, you should be able to take care of your basic needs in life. Food, shelter and clothing are basics. Don't have children unless "YOU" can take care of their basic needs. Don't have them if you are relying of public handouts for yourself. JEEZ, people how can you bring a child into this world and allow them to live in poverty? or for that matter you yourself live in poverty?
The problems I see around here is that people are looking of a reason to NOT work. I've heard every excuse there is, from "there's no jobs" to "who's going to take care of my kids while I'm at work" and everything in between. This is the problem. First their have NEVER been any good jobs around here, so why are people staying around? Its simple, because they are being provided for by government handouts! If you take the handouts away people will move where there is jobs and get one. My biggest problem is the young women around here spitting out kids when they can't take care of themselves. I would like to have a dime for every 20 yr old girl I see lug 3 kids through walmart on the first of the month. Why in the hell would a 20yr old WANT 3 kids let alone how in the hell is that 20yr old going to pay for those 3 kids. OOOH, I know how, government handouts!!! THIS IS THE PROBLEM....don't give people the handouts and they won't have a choice but to find work. Don't give people MORE handouts for having kids and they will stop having kids...DAMN, people its pretty simple!!!!

United States

#89 Nov 17, 2012
shedevil wrote:
<quoted text>Well looks like you one to talk No one sees your name on here so put it up or shutup
Like you do. Good one. You got me there.

Since: Jun 12

Lexington KY

#90 Nov 17, 2012
some of you use "they" on here, his wife may talk trash, Greg doesn't say anything bad about anyone. you dummies can stop shopping there if you please, more for me!

“Echoes of Insanity”

Since: Dec 09

Cannon, KY

#91 Nov 17, 2012
Do "They" sale Sirloin?
heard that

United States

#92 Nov 17, 2012
The Specialist wrote:
Do "They" sale Sirloin?
It's "sell", sale is only if it's on "sale"..poor guy
Tess Bereczky

Lexington, KY

#93 Apr 27, 2016
Please wrote:
<quoted text>

Tess Fisher... You need to stop!!! Do something with yourself and get off the computer!!! You are CRAZY!!! Seek professional help sister!!!
Since I'm never on this site I was a little surprised to see this when I was doing a Google search on myself this afternoon.

Even though I'm a very open, public atheist it would be pretty hypocritical of me to say something like this since I'm personally disabled, receive SNAP benefits and my family are regular customers of the Mitchells and have been for many years. I've never had anything against them and think they're good people. So, yeah lol...
Tess Bereczky

Lexington, KY

#94 Apr 27, 2016
Fact wrote:
Again, not me.

Mount Vernon, KY

#95 Apr 27, 2016
Can't boycott great chili! Plus Greg is a nice man. I love his mom!

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