Why do people hate gays?

Newberry, SC

#289 Apr 24, 2012
I agree with the person above me,the hatred of gays is a stupid thing,i have many gay,bisexual,and trisexual friends.
And leave god out of this,i do not believe in him,i believe in evolution.
In your face!!

Cleveland, OH

#290 Apr 24, 2012
When people bring up churches and all when talking about gays that's really wrong. People who go to church and judge really needs to look what's around them. I worked at a adult entertainment club as a bartender and we would let the one's from Fellowship on rt 60 in the back door... Plus I'm sure if y'all or a loved one was in a wreak or very sick that you would say NO you can't touch me because your gay.. Oh and im pretty sure in the bible it says not to judge others.. So for those that do judge this is the way your life should go: You go to church and sit around fake people. You also will need not to want emergency care if ever needed that's if the Dr. Or Nurses would be gay. It would suck for you if there was only gay workers there.. Plus I would hate for people to really judge you. Just saying!!!
liveyourlifeyour way

Hurricane, WV

#291 Apr 27, 2012
I was raised in a christian household. I was taught the ways of the bible and I never saw being gay as a problem. No one is in any position to say that they are disgusting or ignorant. They're human beings living their lives how they see fit. You can't scream bible verses at them and expect them to change. Love is love in my eyes. I'm not gay but I support them because they go through a lot being that way. I know I'm a Christian and I should be against it but I never will be against it. The bible says not to judge others..but what are you doing by making this forum and then bashing them in the same comment that you put a bible verse in?

Toms River, NJ

#292 May 10, 2012
the LESBIANS are the worst.
god isnt real

Ardsley, NY

#293 May 10, 2012
umm wrote:
i aint aganist it but im sure its caz men are made for women an women are made for men., it doesnt matter. who cares what ppl thnk? if ur not against it good for u if u are against it then alright. people belive in different things if u dont like what they believe in then just dont talk to them!
hey everyone! Guess what? It's okay to be gay because god isn't real anyway!!
Live and Learn


#294 May 26, 2012
I don't know why everyone has to debate on this subject ALL the time.... I have lots of gay friends and they are better than a lot of the straight people I have met. If you don't like to be fat----> Dont eat an entire cake...... If you dont like gay people----> Dont date or marry one. Simple as that. But you shouldnt put ur religious beliefs into every conversation about everything. I could sit here and say G-d hates you because you own a dog, but that doesnt make it true. leave everyone alone and worry about yourselves instead of what others do.... Get a life.

United States

#295 Jun 11, 2012
advice wrote:
Because that it very gross, God made boys and girls to be together not boys an boys together and not girls and girls together
You discust me. Everyone deserves equal rights you ugly c*nt.

United States

#296 Jun 13, 2012
The bible: a book written by a chosen man who wrote what the voice in his head told him to. We call them skitzos these days. Just sayin.

Logan, WV

#297 Jun 18, 2012
People hate gays because they are narrow-minded and cannot accept a love that is different from their own.

Ardsley, NY

#298 Jun 21, 2012
Stop with the whole "Jesus is against it, and so is god!". You know, I used to believe in the Easter bunny and Santa Claus too. If you wanna believe in your fictional characters that's fine. But don't say god is punishing all the gays and damning them to hell. You're just plain stupid if you believe that!
Gay christian

United States

#299 Sep 5, 2012
I'm gay, and a Christian. God came to me herself and told me that she loves me and created me just the way I am. Gay and all. She also told me that being gay is no more disgusting to her than being straight. In fact, gay love is more beautiful to her than straight love because to be gay and in love, you must endure way more hardships than to be straight. In fact, straight love is more of a sin in her eyes because it's abused, taken for granted and horribly disgusting.
Smartest Person

Saint Albans, WV

#300 Sep 5, 2012
Because people are stupid. Anymore questions?
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#302 May 14, 2013
I despise yo haters
im gay, and im proud, don't hate me for what I cant control,
I don't hate you for being bible humpers....

Chesapeake, OH

#303 May 16, 2013
GAY is biblically WRONG AND A SIN!!!!! Plus I think these people have a hormonal illness or birth defect just like Down Syndrome is chromosomal so is being GAY ( hormonal or chromazonal defect)

“Freedom of speech to all!”

Since: May 13


#304 May 18, 2013
Curious wrote:
I sure as hell don't get it. Most of my friends are gay or bi and they are pretty BA people.
I don't think most people hate gay or lesbian people. I would dare to say that most people don't care to hear what your sexual preference is! that is your personal business and I think most people don't want to know about it. Its pretty sad that every time you turn on the television you have to hear someone saying that they are gay or lesbian. I feel honestly that it is none of my business what your sexual preference is. I mean you don't see heterosexual people announcing their sexual preference, some things should be left behind closed doors!
Sarah White

United States

#305 May 23, 2013
That's people"s choice, the bible does say Adam and Eve. I have a friend who's gay. No matter if it was 100 years back today or twenty years from now. 90 percent of society is gonna think the same, it's not right. However I don't judge. I think that's people's choice. They leave me alone, I leave them alone. The way I see it is if they aren't bothering you, what's the issue? Keep things amongst yourselves.

Chesapeake, OH

#306 May 24, 2013
Because gay is WRONG..don't bitch at me , talk to GOD. He says it's wrOng

Zagreb, Croatia

#307 May 30, 2013
i hate a gigantic percentage of all people but i especially hate the gay movement. it has nothing to do with religion since i'm an atheist. i hate them because they want equality and same "rights" as normal people even though they are different and they're proud of it. you can't have your cake and eat it as well. how do you reason with someone that wants both? all they really want is to be famous for no good reason. when you don't manage to do anything with your life, you should accept your faith. but no, gays don't do that. they want to be worshiped for being gay as if it was some kind of an achievement. just accept that you're a stub branch and people will accept you, no problem at all. all the other branches might get stubbed at some point as well. it's a good position if you want sympathy. getting the politicians to invent laws so you could get married and rent women's organs to have a baby in them won't make people very sympathetic towards you and you shouldn't blame them.
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Nasty Gays

United States

#309 Jun 5, 2013
Because it goes against what is right. It invokes a feeling of filthy disgust when I see one.

Hurricane, WV

#310 Jun 5, 2013
You can sit here and deny there being a god until your on your death bed as far as im concerned. I've studied eschaetology for many yrs and have seen prophesies come true that were forcast thousands of yrs ago and right down to the particular yr according to timetables. And as far as judge not lest ye be judged , this is one of the most misinterpreted verses in the bible. We go thru life making judgement calls, how can i tell my children not to hang out with unsavory people if i've not judged them for what they are. The verse only means that we will be judged just like we judge thru our lifes. Except the judgement will be at our death. And turning the other cheek? When Jesus chased the money changers out of the temple he just wasnt being passive that day was he? And back to proof of their being a God. In the Bible it speaks of the world being an orb when man thought it was flat until Columbus sailed west. They wind currents and water currents was described in the bible that wasnt confirmed until modern day meteorology equipment. Dietary laws described in the bible concerning high cholesterol foods is right on the money. God gave proper hygenic laws to the israelites while the bigger empires of the day were still putting dung on open wounds.Now you can sit here and kiss ass with the political correct gay agenda all you want but people like yourselfs would stand in line for a shit sandwich if you seen others doing it and thought it would make you popular and part of the IN crowd. And why would God create someone gay just so he could condemn them? HE WOULDNT! Its a choice and a learned behavior. Ever wonder why you never see any limp wrist , lispy speaking moslems? Because like i say they dont allow it and therefore its further proof that one isnt born that way and only in a democratic sick ass society do people like yourselves get fooled into thinking they are born as such. These universities and genetic testing facilities compete for funding, what better way to secure it then to tell them what they want to hear. The so called chromozone that supposedly causes gayness is also found in a majority of people. This was the only descepency found so they said "This might be it" And they've been selling you bullshit ever since
Wake up fools and get your nose out of PC ASS.
Never once have i heard a christian say they hated gays, this is another lie from the left because the christians wont except that lifestyle. The only hate comes from the gay supporters towards anything conservative.

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