Cabell Midland needs new football coach

Cabell Midland needs new football coach

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Scott Depot, WV

#1 Oct 9, 2010
There is no reason that they shouldn't be a top 5 team every year. I would settle for a top 10 team, but fact is they haven't been a threat to go to Wheeling except maybe one year since McMillion has been there. Chip is a nice guy, but there are way too many athletes walking the halls for them to be so piss poor.

Time to create a little excitement and get a real coach. The guy that was or maybe still is coaching at the middle school in Milton seems to know a little about winning. I think they've dominated the county and they beat Hurricane this year who never loses a middle school game...

Just venting, any thoughts?

United States

#2 Oct 12, 2010
maybe so. i think byfl needs new coaches, cheer coordinator and board members. they also have alot of two faced people too!!!!gotta love a redneck!

Scott Depot, WV

#3 Oct 14, 2010
I'm not involved with B'ville youth sports anymore, but I do keep up by reading the scores in the paper. Both football and baseball seemed to have went down hill though. We used to dominate, but now they are losing to teams like Milton, Ona, and CK.

Burbank, OH

#4 Nov 7, 2010
"and get a real coach" Sounds like this could happen now. Only if real coach has enough seniority or is related to assistant superintendant. That is now how cabell schools do everything! Just venting what Ive seen.

Since: Oct 10

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#5 Nov 7, 2010
the milton coach would be herman beckett ! he is an awesome person and coach! great personality and cares for his teams sooo much!!

Richmond, VA

#6 Nov 8, 2010
Herman Beckett? Are you serious? No one can stomach that "Know It All". Want a good coach at Cabell Midland?

1. Richard Williams
(CMHS Defensive Coordinator, Former HHS PonyExpress Head Coach & HHS Highlander Head Coach)

Williams is a defensive mastermind with a knack of motivating kids. Hands down the best choice.

2. Willie Wilson
(Current Winfield Head Coach, Former HHS & CMHS offensive coordinator)

Wilson is a passing game specialist. His understanding of timing routes, QB Checkdowns and pass protection means instant offense.

3. Tommy Harmon
(Current Wayne Pioneer Head Coach)

Harmon's resume stands alone, he knows how to win games EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Only thing that drops him to 3rd on my list is his "old school wing t offense" & the fact that fast teams with open offenses have always given him trouble. Id love to see what he could accomplish with the talent at CMHS compared to Wayne.

4. PJ Noble
(Current CMHS Defensive Line Coach, Former Milton Middle School Head coach)

Noble's intensity & knowledge of the physicality on both sides of the ball make him a prime candidate for the job.

5. Curry Haggerty
(Current CMHS Basketball Head Coach, former CMHS Offensive Line Coach)

Haggerty, like Noble is a very intense coach who pays attention to the small details. Haggerty and Noble both are great at teaching solid technique

United States

#7 Nov 8, 2010
Give them all the boot they need someone who doesn't know the kids so all the kids get looked at give the kids a chanse to earn a spot because they want it not because of who there dad is or how much money was given to the boosters or even that was where they played before because it should b the best player plays so y not look for a coach that will do that not a teacher that needs some extra cash for the hollidays we go thru this everywhere the middle schools thru midland I'm sure there r great coaches that would take it if they didn't have to play second to some sorry ass teacher that thinks he or she can coach when they don't have a clue bottom line is we have to start building programs we can win with programs not just a team and I don't want to offend any teachers I'm talking about the ones that coach and don't have any business being there

Daniels, WV

#8 Nov 8, 2010
Williams is a good guy, but his defense has flat out sucked. Here's a hint, run something besides a damn cover 2 and you might be able to stop Pburg and Capital. Every year they stop the run but can't stop the passing game to save their lives.

Noble is really the only person currently on the staff who I think should be considered, and I think he should be given a chance. His record at Milton speaks for itself.

Richmond, VA

#9 Nov 8, 2010
I wouldn't blame all the defensive struggles on Williams. Midland historically has had trouble (with and without Williams) shutting down open offenses and teams with great speed at the skill positions. I think its just a testament that although Midland has a large student base, they lack premiere speed and always have.

I do like Noble a good bit for this job as well. He's great in the weight room with the kids, very technique driven on the practice field.

I just feel like with Williams, you have a better motivator who can definately get kids to buy into the program, in and out of season.

Willie Wilson would be interesting.

Charleston, WV

#10 Nov 9, 2010
If u keep anybody that was there then they will just bring everybody back that's y u have to get all new personnel then if pj or anybody else wanted to help then they would have to apply with the new coach they need somebody without any ties to anybody at midland period not a dad not a former coach not a teacher put it out for bid so maybe a coach from one of the other schools that have smaller programs might look at commin to midland the school needs change they need a program not just a coach a PROGRAM to much talent here to b so shitty.

Richmond, VA

#11 Nov 9, 2010
I don't understand the need for change. What was Midland like before Mcmillan took over? Garbage. McMillan, Williams & Noble installed the states top weight lifting offseason program and took the team to the playoffs 6 or 7 times over 9 years. CMHS does not have the premiere speed at the skill positions to garner a top 5 finish every single year. Has anyone forgot Midland is mostly white country boys? They aren't gonna be able to run with Capital every year. I think Williams or Noble would do just fine as the head coach at Midland. All these parents griping about not hiring someone with ties is ignorant, its important to hire a coach that knows about the program and the kids in it. No coach is out here playing favorites like all the parents are saying, coaches are in the business of winning, they aren't gonna put "Billy" in at QB if "Billy" doesn't give them the best chance to win.

I think everyone is blowing Midland's bad year outta proportion. How has Huntington High done over the past 9 years? How about Spring Valley?

Daniels, WV

#12 Nov 9, 2010
Midland barely gets into the postseason as a #16 seed and you call that a good season. Almost half of the AAA teams make it to the playoffs. What have they done in the playoffs when they have gotten there? For being the 3rd largest school in the state, to not have at least made it Wheeling once is pitiful.

Slow country boys?
Midland has just as many black kids on the team as does Morgantown, Parkersburg, or Martinsburg and thats a fact (Saunders and Christian Edwards are two that come to mind). All the teams including Midland normally have 3-4, but those other teams are annually a threat to take home the trophy. So, don't give me that crap. Fact is, they run offenses better suited to their athletes. Now Martinsburg recently went to a spread with the QB Kam Puller, but are traditionally a Wing T team like the Big Reds and Mohigans.

Fact is, nobody wants to play for the former coaches and that is why the roster resembles that of a small AA school. I do understand that Noble is a favorite of the kids and would certainly be intersting to see if the #'s jumped back up next season if given the chance.

Charleston, WV

#13 Nov 10, 2010
A kid doesn't have to b black to b fast or a good ball player look at Cleveland browns white boys makin plays it just takes COACHING. A lot of teams in Texas,Colorado,Iowa,Ohio well places with real coaching not just teachers or ass coach that thinks they are a head coach. South Carolina paid their Coaches when I was there we always had a good team I was a white boy that had to show I could play on every down but I played Sorry I'm in a hurry but I'll check back later don't make it a black -white thing the kids don't need that good luck Midland

Richmond, VA

#14 Nov 10, 2010
Yes Slow country boys. You think Midland has as many black kids as Morgantown, Pburg or Martinsburg you aren't thinking clearly. Martinsburg has a lot of black kids, so does morgantown. Midland has had probably less than 12 black males since the year 2000. Saunders, Edwards brothers, Keaton brothers, Ryan Johnson.

Barboursville- 0.82% Black Population

Martinsburg- 11.63% Black Population

Morgantown- 4.15% Black Population

Parkersburg- 1.75% Black Population

That means Parkersburg has twice the black population as Midland, Morgantown has about 5 times the amount of Midland and Martinsburg has about 20 times the amount of Midland.

And Martinsburg, Pburg & Motown have traditionally ran a wing t? Hmmm so I guess the wing t is what Nate Sowers and Brandon Barrent were running when Sowers accumilated 8500 yards through the air in his high school career. And I guess Marc Kimes was running the wing t up at Pburg when he accumilated 52 td passes and 5300 career passing yards.

The difference in Martinsburg, Pburg, Motown and Midland is the feeder programs. Midland's kids are split up between Barboursville, Ona & Milton Youth Football leagues and then attend 2 different middle schools. I think it would be benefical to combine all 3 youth programs into 1 and then have the high school coach work closely with the middle school coaches about installing base offense and defense at the middle school age to get the kids used to the high school terminology and plays.

Its about buying into a program top to bottom

United States

#15 Nov 10, 2010
The whole point was midland can win with the kids they have but I agree with everything else you said PROGRAM that was what I said two days ago you r correct

Daniels, WV

#16 Nov 10, 2010
You do know that you can throw out of the Wing, right? I have videos of Kimes and Sowers both lined up in the Wing T. Parkersburg always ran the wing and would not stray from it for anything, it's a tradition thing to them. Morgantown and Coach Bowers is the same when it comes to their offense. Parkersburgs potent running game set up easy passing situations over the middle b/c the linebackers were forced to key on the running QB or the wingback.

I don't care what the black population is for each town. I'm talking about the # of black athletes on the roster not in the town. Midland has just as many on the team as the Big Reds, Bulldogs, or Mohigans. The year that Morgantown had Spencer Farley at running back, they had 3 black kids in the game during the semifinal round (I just watched the tape). Guess how many Midland had, you guessed it, 3.

I do agree with you that the youth programs is exactly where it starts.

Lynchburg, VA

#17 Nov 18, 2010
Very true.
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Since: Nov 10

United States

#19 Nov 30, 2010
I'm a little late to the conversation here, but can somebody give me the definition of "defensive mastermind"? I can't remember Williams winning anywhere he's been at. He didn't produce at the old HHS, Milton, or the new HHS. If anybody wants change, he isn't it. He's made every game planning decision at Midland the last few years while McMillan was a figurehead anyway. But if you were impressed with Midland's defensive "might"
of late, well....Enjoy some more 500 yard
performances by Kanawha County's best.

Barboursville, WV

#20 Nov 30, 2010
When u put a coach in that was on the team last year u will get the same ol same ol because they learned what to do from the people that r leaving " replace from the ground up" it will b better for the programs wait and c what the bball team will do they just keep moving guys up when they need to replace them untill they find someone that can better the programs

Huntington, WV

#21 Nov 30, 2010
If you want to win you mant Tom Harmon. He's an offence mastermind. He does run the wing T because thats what works well ikn AA. He would get the kids parents and whole communtity excited and thats what it takes.

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