Madison, WI

#6947 Oct 28, 2013
The mines were all owned by my family, Imperials, had them escavade for preporations to be safe for inhabitants. Oxygen levels hitting the stones would explode the locations, so they had to mines and seperate the stones form each other. They did the same with the vegetation, then exported to nations gorunds for their immune systems to have a natural high or sedative for their immune systems with pill formation of medicaitons, since the pill formations is the minerals in the eco-system anyway.

For me, I always had some crystals and tumble stones, It wa snot for magic or meditation, I was always RICH feeling knowing a miner like my father would find me one day to wield his works upon my own stone collection and make me perfected jewelry. I have been thinking of getting the fur and leather coats and making pouches with a tumble stone inside it and put it for sales, as well stones found on the WIsconsin railroad tracks, illegal to be here at all. "Contraband" all over the place, I cant wait for France to step in and look around.

Japan said to save all the papers and pamphlets I find for proof of embesslemnet, I do. Recalling funds form 1st day of felony offenses at 12% interest and placing each human in a home, should be fun, I want the "madscott" farm with my friend Keith neighboring. Bob can do our Accounting. I sitll think Ang would do well with frat boy Bob, Keith was denounced his frat enterence, the only thing he had in common with the frat wa she liked the flavor of Bobs beer. PArk street Liquor store used to be by Taco Bell Aka Duncon donuts,aka bascon robbins Haunted areas, by golden coins. Green roses grow there too, 6 leafed clover talk alot. FInd one and maybe you will see where golden coin grow in trees(root lifts) Hefietz park is partial to Anthrax music; comes to life.

Grandpa Anrie got schmucked, Feds and Army refused his army applicaiton form life injuries since childhood, faxed over in seconds out of baraboo, They had him watching the undergorund instead selling encyclopedias, to report when military return , they had no clue he had all that condensed in memory for recall sat quit and poor what a shame on them hate my downloads too. NEVER PAID him

Madison, WI

#6948 Oct 29, 2013
Upon that Halloween as a child in 1970s in Madison Wisconsin, On my Willamson Street Halloween parade.

I got to meet many people that year as a child battleing at the Hospital in therapy for life. Jesus appeared and carried me back to the hosptial where my body was in the pool therapy to try to unknot my limbs, I crippled in from the shock, head blows. He battled a thing in the pool and took my pain and hysteria and everyone jumped out the pool as the water went in ballistics, as he battled a bassilic. I left the room as I knew both as friend.

That year I wanted to be a Gypsy Princess so bad, and mom dressed me Mentally appropriate a walking talking ghost, hahaha I put on layers under the sheet and went as a gypsy princess underneath,

Witches moon rose high that year on all Hallows Eves, But a rock and gem jeweler helped with shear veils, Incense to storng for my child hoard, the half human half spider I kept in my braid, Demi-god I met 3 Witches that year and Ms Mary Bell, and her boys, I was entranced by the linen throw and the women were patting out the cotton wood, The bell boys were not happy that Ms Mary Bell was feeding the white gal green kollaide with 3 white witches up the street, her younger boy laughed on the porch as I was doing buckwheat dreads in his hair with white cloth strips, we laughed on her porch, but The boys learned new dance steps as the little half dead white girl did a linen dance, and Ms Mary Bells round bottom dance hanging laudry that day. She exchanged words with my father about the war, A Balck man saved his life on board the US TICONDEROGA and he had cousins that needed some insight of tolenernce of their veterans, Micor-organisms hysteria was what Military was termpormenting not the human service man, Earth air fire water and those that dwell within hysteria was tempormenting weather and things, so they were subduing insects and molecules and smaller animals not the HUMAN.

But The town was trying to get to Zombie speeds for the ghost moon, The veils on the lights, of blues and silvers gave the phantom illusion of that to come after our death ont he next moon shine for the decendents, "MOONSHINE" is a key word for that night, So witches brew has to do with elixers too for their speed of mind temporment.

We were having a coming out party for me, I was being introduced to the chimney sweep orphen kids on WIlly street for matrimony, I was very young. I met a group of garage band players, the bongo drums were something else, I saw the boy hypnotic and did his off beat to do a spirit retrieval for him, but I run fast so the relapse of mental comprehension does not BACK HAND so I learned to duck when trying to get their spirits back. Mean boys lost in reverie. Sorry is never enough when out of body had struck and all they say "It wasn't me please Miss let me explain"

A goblet has lost a jewel they forever look for the real, but use others to temporment.

But Jack Nicolson had me look, I took his traqulizer and a light drink and put it in his cracks to drip the corners shadows drowsy, but ina stand had a gem and a female red appeared lovely spider there so within, she was reflection out of the prisms into the home she would roam, he asked of coupling, I sia dit is true it can be done, but fluid drain and eyes rolling in the head and premature greying to death drain" I would not be the first to volunteer cousin" It is a sad lonely place to be in zombie liquad goddess pee.

Happy Halloween lovers Mom is still forever a friend, that is why I said "I think Not" to seance's. BUT a good costume for Halloween is a Mafia Debt colelctor for all that raoped a half dead girl lost in her own inbetween, collect the money and see what Iv'e got to make you some glamorous townhouses.

Love you Sugar bee/Hey Luv and Thumper/ Alley Cat, Mom

Madison, WI

#6949 Oct 29, 2013
Ps never forget Grandpa Arnie's fight on PArk Street with his cousin. The Money that paid for the PERKINS OIL CO. Was Grandpa Arnold Allen PErkins; His cousin used it to by the oil firm. STOLE IT.

The SHoe Tailor acorss form the Olds Rick BEnnetts on the PArk arranged their introduction, Grandpa grabbed a widdle knife and the 2 cousins began a tug a war fist fight, but the cousin was not accustomed to fighting with weapons and asked the men to help, they sat on the side I could nto control grandpa and asked for them to assist they finally seperated the 2 men, The cousin said ASK PLEASE and I'll arrange to buy you and yoru wife anything you need but if yoru stupid enough to let yoru money and land out of your sights, I guess I did something right>>>>> DIE DUDE

Iowa Park, TX

#6950 Oct 29, 2013
should of recalled the dumb ass

Madison, WI

#6951 Oct 29, 2013
Dear Girls,

The hospital had a scam, the pictures of Christ and the giant serpant fight in the therapy pool, That went to a production studio.

I snuck out of the Hospital that day for a walk, I was blind from my injury a man hit me and I fell hard, blinded for some itme that day, and seen in differnt colors, but I was crippled to infancy. State of mind and abilities.

Primary injury outside of drowning, or suffication.

I pooped and my mother was sickened by me so went to my grandmas for her to change me, she placed me on her bed to nap and left to the library, I crawled to the edge of the bed and fell off, and crawled out the room, Grandma rocked on my neck, I couldnt breath Grandpa thought I was a haunted doll and smashed the chair on me and then they looked it was me. Spiders created a magic web in my neck to attmpt to heal it, the web showed up on the x-ray. It was a accident though.

Me and a man in a wheelchair ran out to the cigarrette smoking area, and I wheeled him and both our IVs to Brittingham PArk so he can recall his will and redraft it, I taught him to walk and talk again as I did myself.

That year at the WIlly Street HAlloween fair I wa trying to create a craft to sell for when I was a adult, Witches broom with a tumble stone, bigger then the precious stones set in rings, but it is a precious stone just not crafted yet. A met the orphan chimney sweep kid there and he had a real diamond ring and proposed, the banks give them dead peoples homes, but they track their primary parents to the families lost land accoutns and killers to set up the lad when he gets older. Madison scams.

I figued I would be like the 3 sisters on Willy street, no husband, they all married girls that sat around sniffing the wind and diaper changing duty, staring at baby crotch and telling boys what it looked like and smelled like, THEY thought that was female nurturing and wed them, so I was going to be a hermit witch, and wine and dine the airport strip as the wealthy social lightes come in instead of matrimony.

Most people lost their teeth by 28 years, all pocelin venures or dentures, the polident that gums to set in goes into the skin in the mouth and causes brian death and bad breath, never be a poor natured person, they went in sane with pain, the gums grew over stubbed teeth and caused gang green in the brian, people laughed and I refused to marry CRACK HEADED IGNORENCE as that.

I love you girls, Mommy
Lyin like zipptard

Rio, WI

#6952 Oct 29, 2013
lyin to all wrote:
<quoted text>
Doylstown Wi the center of the Tea baggin universe. If I were not so ignorant I would be funny, instead of just laughable.
But then, being the paint can bagger that I am, I don't comprehend much of anything. If you don't like the government, move to Somalia, with the rest of the free thinkers of the world. I have smegma breath and like it just fine.
How is that no job thing workin' for me?????? Well I've never had a job so I don't miss it.
That is really a worthless post,tardster.

Madison, WI

#6953 Oct 29, 2013
Careful about Life insurence policy scams, Hospital Medical books, has a code for each person, they helped your family more then you, so insurence never pays for family Hospital and banks get it not you.

The whole family sits in court and has to recite injury and illness and proof of purchase as to what you contributed in your family life thru time effort or finance to gain access to even 25% of your policy.

Where is the Chimney sweep hoards, in a tunnel under peoples houses when they used to let the orphans sleep under their porch.

Each year people investigate old finds, WHY SO they can host the museum to display and make sales off post cards and soda stands. They move the museum finds to closest blood lihne link to treasure or object. My DNA proved much so wisconsin has it moved to Vatican Proerty out of MAdison to be near me, but I still make -$0... People think I capitolize off it, NO family pretend to be active parts of my life and said I am retarded and need protective payee and stole it for crack hore male cousins drug supply runs out of town in Mazomanie and Pine Bluff.

PEOPLE asked about Wisconsin History I thought I'd share.

BY THE NIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON< I swear little girls Ill take your pain from you. By that light I belong to a Elfling. My crown is like a ring that goes down my nose to protect me from psychic invasion, but a troll stole it for his female as a ring.

Jesus Christ, had smelled threw towns and dust, picked his nose of hardened crust and sold it like frankensience and myrh and watched people burn it like incense and see his travels, HOW their drugged mind transplated he said he held himself harmless and laughed..... SNOT DROP

Madison, WI

#6954 Oct 30, 2013
Hello Sugar bee and Thumper,

Say hey alley cat, I found the lady bug you were talking of, and you are right I saw the spider, and put you on the ground, their is a catch lip, hole under the door, to the right is a hole that a mouse and shru frequant too, it is warm, but a spider with a smile ont he back is pretty active, and panty goo, meaning you have a "sibling" (half human half insect) of insect insemination by the furnace in the bathroom or bedroom vent. I have not done my dollhouse garden yet for my ovulation period. So no telling what my children look like, what do yours girls,, spider humanoids????

I said finding a crystal stone for it to go into maybe????? But would hate to make any child of mine prove power to me. Im proud they are alive period.

Military papers and contact numbers, Rmemeber Middleton WIsc when The K9s found the boy with the head injury I reported, and Dad corrupted cirme scene not knowing the yellow tape was a investigation I embarked on with the blood on the stone, and the K9 barking scared me, and I froze in the middle of the scene as they were roping, and a man was trying to carry me and Dad freaked out. The boy was found half dead in a couples home, "You know the rules, if it's on our proerty it belongs to us" and guns started firing, but they finally got the boy out to the hospital... Men dressed like those Mayor and Police Chief men from Moms work: Glorified Receptionist for Judicial and Federal committee. They came to Middleton and demanded the numbers for contact assistence of my parents, they wanted a copy and stole it and threw me ont he ground, MAyor and police SHOT at them.

Remember a POLICE REPORT is a fine with a court date on it given by a police officer NOT a civilian police report, Mispelled words create time breech that leads into 250 years whenever they can get a officer to you to get correct spelling of words to place on the fine book for a court date.

YOu are obligated by law to know law from your brith year to current and some back law by the time you are 18. Staying at home learnign law and going to Law libriares is always a legally fun past time.$ comes your way for gift certificates and free lunch date with US Supreme COurt Attorneys TOP COPS acrreditied to prosecute any level of law, highest police officer in disguise of a name "Attorney" Witness protection programs in MAdison Wisc for the next Capitol of USA They hang at wine and cheese tasting events, antique and judicial auctions(evidence collecting) and the IRish Pub aroudn the Capitol, homes are Glassified condo settings. Ran here to escape Bomb threats in California and Washingotn DC.

Moms lawsuit and accountability suit is authorized now, YOur lawsuit for State and family abuse and negligence happens IF I chose to give you a copy of my acocutnability settlement Your attorneys can assist you 18-30 years of age. Funny when I sue no daddys have accounts or spouse or $.. Then what happens Little MS greedies come home??? God my emotions are going to be so excited. Have to come home, only aliby to get off your matricide charges State imposed, Im now your aliby SICK huh kids. Be good girls stay safe sex and drug and disease free until mom gets things going or come home sooner for the COurt date and order of restraint.

I GAVE some lots of the property to Vatican groups around Middleton Wisc areas. High bred ops and freak of nature homesteaders in on and above ground. Russian G man was so charming serious and professional, French Ambassiders kid in Gmen trianing for Vatican was oozing with vicitmization WATCH desire patrol, BOO Rotten tomatoes to you. Sex fetish with kid rape and rescue. sick twisted he needs a audit that is for sure.

Love you girls much, I know your fathers indicate yoru theirs, I'm Not talking to their kids, I'm talking to mine.

Madison, WI

#6955 Oct 30, 2013
John Bruno and my daughters,

K9 had a parade to honor him for finding the Boy with the head injury, The horse cop reered up and kicked a pedestrian into the wall in Middleton Wisconsin, during the parade for slandering the short fat Kid Jaimie Drews speical mention certificate for gathering a posse with report.

A buck reered up, he wanted to know of a doe I met off Cty M in My field, I followed her trial as if in her spirit, she battled a snake in the rain and grabbed a branch and threw him, and crossed to the water, the bucks were huge that year and it was her first mating year and she hid, what she thought a giant troll Buck reered up to battle her alone, in the creek, she picked up a stick and held it up pretending a big rack and buck herself and battled in the water, she twisted her ankle and played dead inthe mud,

my dad and cousins were driving clocking me 45 mph 65 Mph police began coming and the boys displayed guns.

I foudn her in the side of the creek and pulled her out she was pretending to be dead, the bullmoose came charging out at her, a herd of bucks and odes came out the woods and they all began to war the water trumpeting back and forth, I seen the baby moose and went to assist it know the water is safe to drink, The Bull MOose charged me, I convulsed and fell down fainted, and appeared after a walk with God by my fahters side where it was safe, he Cried GOD DAMN YOU JAME I just met you to love you now your dead, I couldnt figure out how I am watching me down but standing by dad, he heard me and looked down GOD DAMN YOU JAME get back inside yoruself would you, I didnt want to go by the moose he was to big and only inches from me trying to reer up to smash me, the Bucks and does began charging and I finally ran back inside myself and woke with a frieght again, and the guns went off and darts flew everywhere trying not to hit the kid, moose fell partially on me. They took a picture. All happened to the Prince Ali Music in my head
Toot My Loo

Eau Claire, WI

#6956 Oct 30, 2013
I love my tea Party,cause they don't believe in none of that science junk. We don't need no govurnment, we have guns. You shut up or I'll stand my ground,and have to shoot you.Is John Birch still alive?
Business don't need no regalation. Look at Texas their workplaces only blowup once in a while,you pussies. Losing your life at work,is an honor.
The Koch brothers could throw on some sandwiches at the bowling alley for your wake.
Boy do I love Ted Cruz. He can shut down the government any time he wants to. Of course we don't have a clue what to do next,but we'll wing it. That always worked for old "W".
Well I have to go,but I'll keep all you bangin' tea baggers up to date on what happens next.
Can I get a rebel yell!
Toot My Loo

Eau Claire, WI

#6957 Oct 30, 2013
DSH wrote:
should of recalled the dumb ass
What he is going to be the next Tea Bagger Prez.
Scott Walker Fan

Rio, WI

#6958 Oct 30, 2013
Toot My Loo wrote:
<quoted text>
What he is going to be the next Tea Bagger Prez.
This thread is about the great job Scott Walker is doing. This thread is not a place for your sissy military flirting. Toot your lou,,,,,,whoa!!!!!!!,,,limp wrist boy.

Madison, WI

#6959 Oct 31, 2013
Dear girls,

So In California on the last night in Disney, I got to meet, Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, and Brad wade. I HAD to see the orchestra play, They did the Soundtracks for the disney cartoons that day for DVD Productions. Robin WIlliams was helping with a Gypsy, I was sitting in the crowd with a Actors sons, his step mom had artifical boobs, and music played to Beauty and the Beast when Mom and her were in a snide put down contest. Robin WIlliams with Gypsy magic popped her boob open right infront of media. Fluid all over the place. I got a locket from the Actors boy that day and decline, it and gave it to my sister for him to retireve and meet her.

I liked being alone battleing my truama 2 weeks before Disney adventure was my good samaritan award for finding the lost and stolen head injury boy in Middleton Wisc. USA, I got to go onstage and talk to Robin and we talked of my Genie friend "Dungeon" The whole sky showed my trauma of the battle of the giant moose and the deer and the guns blazing all over the place and that GOD DMAN DART that went into my hindend on my thigh by my reart since I was panicing and they had to dart me to get me to play dead, I went in my goddess, and she (I grabbed the Moose off the gorund, he could nto see me and his rack tipped him as darts went all threw him too, I was lost under the moose, and My Goddess (me) cast a spell until I live nobody moves again, a spider came down from the tree and countered my spell and made me cry, He killed my goddess to restore all life with the mineral and tear flow to heal everyone, I wound up back within me, but UDngeon and the Troll humanoids entraced Robin WIlliams as he was viewing my life in the trees I was seeing the sky displays and began to walk in the air he grabbed me and we talked of genies and gypsys he was a Gypsy Prince in rela life and used the magic TAFFY pulls and everything.

I got to put stage makeup on Brad Wade and tossil his hair, He called me in Middleton with his friends weeks later to see if I made it home, More supernatural was going on and Bishops were fihgitng with Vatican nature and things were in a uproar and aliens and demons stepped in. I lipsinked the words to A Whole New World and the female actress got jealous, He likes his eye brows a bit combed up for fuller feature, and I showed him how to fullen his lips to the base lip line and he did his liner himself. Brad pitt and I fought on stage infornt of the orchestra, and I danced to the music and let the wind take me on trips of rememberence of injury.

We went to the zoo and I left body and had experinced death of the lion, And Sea world where "little Fart" was lost in a wake coma and I did the Spock move and flicked a tear in its eye so he could find me in conscious relaity I got lost in his reverie as well.

10 bounty hunters were paid that day and MOCK drews families came in to be photod with the whale $10,000 to each bounty hunter and not one knew where we were ON THE ROAD going home, saw the aides death on Tv News a last warrior battle Little fart on a differnt perceptual feed was talking" YOu'll do what to the retarded girl,? This or how about this or maybe this?" He wound up swimming into his belly just so he puked and killed him slowly.

I gave my autogrpah that day to manty kids for strength and endurence survivla of injury, My thumb print with google eyes and waves for disarry over my head and a tornado off the side to secure me back in.

So gentlemen exploit kids injuries much? I got paid $0 in my life form all of you and still need surgery

Now water and swelling on the brain but have layorial skull, several broken necks, broken clavical, spinal problems, and was birthed with AS LIKE spinal abifida My skull and spine was still forming in Kindergarten brain to too many blows.

NO SURGERY some leaking dick is indicating WISCONSIN is all about PSYCHIC HEALING I got no money no meds no pain relief and no surgery to my cares

Madison, WI

#6960 Oct 31, 2013
Vince Neil,

So did you find all the seman yet to see the babies mama? Mayor group affilaites trained those girls to do it. Happy choraling in Wisconsin

IM on SSI for the brain injury neck spine and displacment.

Remember, so far so good still laive and people are being fined and jailed all the time. Otto, Backlund,Ballweg, Brinkman attempted murder of yoru socialite gal pal Jaimie Drews COncourse Hotel Girls dads are my 9th and 10th cousins family hate cirme to Life insurence scam now kids are up on MAtricide before they were 14 years old, They are older now, State has it in theri DA file waiting for prosecutions, Aszhole cousins linked the kids up on a financial brain washing the are both TBI from birth toxic poisening late and strangulization depletion of oxygen to the brain head injuries too.

Catsass CW Express and Yesturdays Bar had the whole thing video'd and turned it into Vatican and Park BAnk and DA files.

Im still alive love, droopy undie man. Turtle neck and sportscoat are sexy too, step up fomr the shirt and balck pants look by several thousand $ to rich man socialite position. You looked great, sorry I could not make the after set, I never went partying at GOV CLUB I had 2 daughters to raise and went home to ornery fighting family instead Always sickly in the head I got tired out.

Family of my grandma and Grandpa had a plot to kill them naturally by blowing ear drums with fighting and hearing aide. Then they say they are possessed and dont know what got into them sorry is all I hear.

I sung 1 time in the piano Br on the 1st floor, it felt nice kindof 40-70 backlash comedy drowsy dreamy feel to fun didies. Calier wa going to purchase gowns at New York wnew york for me to do piano bar singing with the player, ah the lounge hore on top of the piano even better short chubby gal HUMMM real funny not so cute exploitations again

Denny Dean and the Rippers have a song of truth of the preganant gal versus Red

Madison, WI

#6962 Nov 1, 2013
1st girls remember; I have you listed abducted missing persons list.

State has you beligerrant runaways

State has you on Matrcide charges= attempting to kill conspire to kill commit or incarcerate ones own mother off false pretense for a fiancial lubricant; aka life insurence policy payoff prematurely


your fathers whole family STILL MINE we never talk they are fugative felons murders and body hoard for California and other states missing children Geneology UW scam with BAnk and VFW and other groups FOTRA

YOur dads families have policie son you that pays when you go to prison for matricide. Then you ar ein jail and they will plead NON ASSOCIATION for guilt by such clause and you get paid nothing in prison by yourself.

COME HOME I have medical and legal records and State account you need NOW aliby to all false testimony of killers in your dads family THAT IS MINE TOO distant illegal to speak with by DA FILES

Brad Pitt; Hey puke. The single mom and child gig man, if the mom is old leaky and sloppy the little girl will come in age soon. YOUR SICK Me and BRad Wade and Raobin Williams laughed so hard on that stage

"PRESENTING "ME" hahahaha All NAvy security and FBI were armed guard for Mr HArold Drews Jr and his wife and children. I loved that orchestra so much DId you see the work stations they had, Articulate in so many tools not 1 instrument Incredible.

Robin WIlliams got to see the ghost of my tzar grandfather and me in my real gown feeding and playing in the back of the line with my Moms family too.

I have not walked to Middleton to see if any firneds were still left alive, the Golf course by SHopko is responding little by little and starkwater creek life forms. Roots erect to expose all that Knows, I have been displaced on the spell I once used to pray in Middleton so it is not working well, I need Grandpa Arnold Allen Perkins Potato wine for them If I cant replicate or get Capones family to return it, The trolls and things refuse to assist on anything. AL Capone bought it for $250 and paid extended rates on the house at Burr Oak LAne and the bank cut a annonymous deal. Ontop of Ali Babba Atlantis vaults the Aztecs secured and protected until return. Roots active. Plum Wine, Cherry, Grape, Oak and Dutch apple Orchard in residential zones.

The Potato wine they bought had a cure for old hand foot mouth disease.

Family was so scared when the potatos popped sounded like a granade they swore the witch doctor Arn was trying to kill them, THey lofted out of body he pryaed and tried so hard to retrieve their spirits back to nmormal, They cant stay within self.

RObin remember you trying to ground me on stage. You silly its just my shadow I think remember? 44 now that was when I was 6 or7 years old. Big bruise on the back of my leg with the dart hole. When we returned they dredged the site and put dirt on it, so nobody can fish or swim there again.
too my skinflute

Eau Claire, WI

#6963 Nov 1, 2013
Scott Walker Fan wrote:
<quoted text>This thread is about the great job Scott Walker is doing. This thread is not a place for your sissy military flirting. Toot your lou,,,,,,whoa!!!!!!!,,,limp wrist boy.
What the hell would you know about the military?
Your like your sissy governor,too much of a coward.
Jammmie the reject

Oconto Falls, WI

#6964 Nov 1, 2013
Jaimie wrote:
I'm Jammmie and I'm a retarded throwback.
You got that right.
Jammmie the reject

Oconto Falls, WI

#6965 Nov 1, 2013
too my skinflute wrote:
<quoted text>
What the hell would you know about the military?
Your like your sissy governor,too much of a coward.
There is no doubt many a hero in our U.S. military. Most of those heros don't want anything to do with your crew of Obama type military personel. Go to a Q----r bar to find some more of your type, "Mr. Toot my skin flute" Baaaahahahahahahahah!!!!!
The Oz Walker

Eau Claire, WI

#6966 Nov 2, 2013
Jammmie the reject wrote:
<quoted text>There is no doubt many a hero in our U.S. military. Most of those heros don't want anything to do with your crew of Obama type military personel. Go to a Q----r bar to find some more of your type, "Mr. Toot my skin flute" Baaaahahahahahahahah!!!!!
Your funny,retarded but funny?
The only thing you know about bravery or the military,is what you have read.
The Oz Walker

Eau Claire, WI

#6967 Nov 2, 2013
Jammmie the reject wrote:
<quoted text>There is no doubt many a hero in our U.S. military. Most of those heros don't want anything to do with your crew of Obama type military personel. Go to a Q----r bar to find some more of your type, "Mr. Toot my skin flute" Baaaahahahahahahahah!!!!!
Force was right. The population of stupid and useless has grown,and now people like you are a problem at a national level. One level I might say is way beyond your realm of reality and usefullness.

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