Facebook teacher won't face charges

Facebook teacher won't face charges

There are 280 comments on the WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan story from Jan 13, 2009, titled Facebook teacher won't face charges. In it, WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan reports that:

The Facebook posting that ultimately cost a Bangor music teacher her job will not result in charges, according to the Bangor police chief.

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Holland, MI

#21 Jan 13, 2009
Ok, by being a new teacher there she obviously was under stress. And how did somone find this post a month later? She was just venting. Mabye she was mistaken to say this but is it worth her job? and please take a look at her band, they love her, and they have improved alot this year.

Holland, MI

#22 Jan 13, 2009
Mark wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm pretty sure she didn't have her student on her facebook account, just her friends. Her mistake is not having her account set to private I would assume. You are taking her words way to literally. If you think this was a serious "threat" to a child you need to get a life.
It was on private, its to my understanding that someone hacked in to find it.

United States

#23 Jan 13, 2009
Firing a teacher for what amounts to little more than immaturity and an unfortunate turn of phrase seems a bit of an overreaction.

Grand Rapids, MI

#24 Jan 13, 2009
This is so stupid!!! I am honestly shocked about many of the things woodtv covers including stories like this. Granted, what she did probably was not the smartest thing to do but that should in NO way cost this teacher her job. Find some real news to cover woodtv. Hey Susan Geha, I hear they might be turning the land for the "Grand Rapids Mystery Project" into a nuclear waste site. Get right on it, would ya....

Grand Rapids, MI

#25 Jan 13, 2009
The school should have pressed charges on the student that stoled the piccolo. Instead the teacher is fired for making a silly statement on her Facebook. This is crazy.
I Confess

Mattawan, MI

#26 Jan 13, 2009
The other day I told my colleague that I would kick him out of the universe if he wouldn't help me clean up. WOW, doesn't that make me a bad boy?:-)

Come on! This lady just was pissed off, that's all. Are we going to hang people for getting pissed off now too? That pisses me off....well, not really of course. You did understand that, didn't you?:-)
Concerned Teacher

Grand Haven, MI

#27 Jan 13, 2009
SERIOUSLY?! I am a teacher who has Facebook, but honestly! What makes this ok?

Troy, MI

#28 Jan 13, 2009
kelly wrote:
This just ticks me off, I live in the Bangor community and my child is a student. How dare she even say anything like that. I am glad they fired her dumb a**. She should be charge with something as far as I am concerned. She should not be allowed to teach children.
You are just mad because you got caught and had to return the piccolo. Lighten up.

Erie, CO

#29 Jan 13, 2009
kids nowdays are rude and disrepectful. It's beyond me how so many teachers deal with this kind kids, it would drive me nuts too.
Mister Obvious

United States

#30 Jan 13, 2009
Get a clue, it was just a figure of speach, many people talk like that without thinking. She sould have been punished, loosing her job over it seems harsh to me. Again TV-8 blowing the story out of proportion
kelly wrote:
This just ticks me off, I live in the Bangor community and my child is a student. How dare she even say anything like that. I am glad they fired her dumb a**. She should be charge with something as far as I am concerned. She should not be allowed to teach children.
Just saying

United States

#31 Jan 13, 2009
I will agree that if the child stole the instrument then yes, that should be investigated but I agree with what happened to the teacher. I am not a teacher but I am a parent, a wife, an employee, and a human and I know what it's like to get upset. The difference is, I know when and where to vent not on a public site that almost anyone could see. I know teachers have bad days, but there are other ways to vent instead of commenting that you “want to kill” one of your students on your facebook page. Now granted she wouldn’t have done it but come on, she is a teacher and we expect more. If there was a problem I am sure there are authority figures in the school she could have discussed this with. Honestly, it was a young teacher who wasn't ready to be the leader of a band. It does not make her a bad person but rather somebody, who is in a authority position, a little immature and not ready for the responsibility it entails.

Traverse City, MI

#32 Jan 13, 2009
Tori wrote:
So she is not that mature...No big deal. How many of us were at that age. I think she has some growing up to do but she should not have lost her job.
She's teaching children and you think its ok that she's not mature?! "no big deal"?? I guess I expect more out of my kid's teachers than you do, no matter what their age is. I can understand how frustrated she was with this student, but my goodness, what a stupid thing for her to do. She should have "grown up" before stepping foot in a classroom to teach.
Deep Thinker

Almont, MI

#33 Jan 13, 2009

United States

#34 Jan 13, 2009
Yes, it was a stupid and unprofessional comment...But, what about the websites out there that encourage students to say really nasty and untrue things about their teachers, like ratemyteacher.com and all of the facebook groups and myspace sites that encourage kids to state their favorite and worst teachers? I wonder if these students are ever called to task, and they names?
Next time I am called a nasty name over the internet, I am going to call woodtv!
john grand rapids

Attica, OH

#35 Jan 13, 2009
A Parent wrote:
Woopsie! That was probably what she put as her "status" on Facebook. What a ditz. Especially bringing professional matters to a social networking site. This sounds very immature and unprofessional. She should have brought this up with the school higher ups and involved persona and parents, not flagging it into the wind on facebook. Duh. Well hopefully people learn from these lessons.
A parent totally agree..I thought a teacher would be much smarter than to do something so idiotic !!

“Equal Opportunity”

Since: Jul 08


#36 Jan 13, 2009
Teachers are supposed to set an example. In doing so they are also held to a standard higher than that of their students. Act like a child, get treated like a child. This was not an adult move to make.
It was not a threat

United States

#37 Jan 13, 2009
It was a status!! Some people just don't get Facebook. I am 46, and the mother of 8, and even I know she was not threatening, she was venting. That is what people do on Facebook. Absolutely ridiculous that she had to lose her job over it. I hope she tightens up her privacy settings, so she can still use Facebook without risking another job.

Middleville, MI

#38 Jan 13, 2009
kelly wrote:
This just ticks me off, I live in the Bangor community and my child is a student. How dare she even say anything like that. I am glad they fired her dumb a**. She should be charge with something as far as I am concerned. She should not be allowed to teach children.
you should be charged for being an idiot.

Allendale, MI

#39 Jan 13, 2009
Hey folks I think some of you need to read better, the article says, "...Bangor school board members said the resignation was accepted..." which means that she Chose to resign, and that she didn't lose her job. The kid should get in some serious trouble with the school though about that piccolo and people should learn not to blow a small little comment like that into a huge public embarrasment of that teacher. Now thanks to this she probably won't get a job anywhere because people took something she said and interpreted it as something it obviously wasn't. It probably was a good Idea for her to resign because she doesn't want to deal with parents who may be afraid to put their kids in her classes. People need to just chill out and not always take statements at face value.

Grand Rapids, MI

#40 Jan 13, 2009
Watermelon Head wrote:
<quoted text>
It's because of bleeding hearts like you that a teachers words have such a profound affect on kids. Kids need to toughen up. Words shouldn't "affect them greatly", but in this society of soft kids, people that speak the truth to our youth are condemned for being cruel.
How many people have said something like that. Give me a break! Yes she was stupid for posting it on Facebook, but come on.. Kids now a days are pampered little bast*** and are loving that something so stupid as this has affected a persons life. The kids have learned they are in control and have no rules, boundaries, or concequences for their actions.. What happened to the thief???

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