The Bangor Daily News Sucks!

The Bangor Daily News Sucks!

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Brooksville, ME

#1 Jun 23, 2012
Bad article writing, typos, wrong information, fact fudging, and their repeated attempts at blocking posters that post anything more than the BDN's bias opinions. The freedom of speech doesn't exist on their website if you are a reader and want to post something even if it is the truth. If it doesn't match up to what the biased and bigoted paper wants you to post they will block you.

Frankfort, ME

#2 Jul 31, 2012
I agree. I usually find a lot of errors in their reporting and instead of just stating the facts they seem to bend them to certain biases. Though I still read the BDN to know what's going on. Though I ignore the details. All I know for certain from the Bangor Daily News is that something happen to someone and the names involved. But the actual data they present I take with skepticism. The BDN tends to habitually lie like some sociopath that doesn't see reality.

Francestown, NH

#3 Jul 8, 2013
Besides constant lying the BDN does or as they put it sometimes "mistakes" or "their take". I hate their website because it loads slow and funny even on a high speed internet connection on a newer computer.
Wewon Thisone

Islesboro, ME

#4 Dec 29, 2013
How about how they ban anyone for ANY non-liberal post, no matter how mild, bu the sick, repulsive, vulgar libtards get to post anything they want, no matter how vile!
Face it, they are a POS rag that only panders to the lowest of the low - Libtards!
Even the puppy was offended by having to piss and crap on the BDN!
Wewon Thisone

Bar Harbor, ME

#5 Jan 2, 2014
BDN fires 11 more of it's incompetent employees! They must be down to only a handful left - all libtards!
Wewon Thisone

Bar Harbor, ME

#6 Jan 2, 2014
Okay, so I went over tot he BDN site to wee how they are bashing Conservatives today.(I know, so what else is new.)

I have to admit, I thought I had seen it all, that they had stooped about as low as any slime-ball obamagaggers could go, but I was wrong.

Just when they can't sink any lower, they do!
Wewon Thisone

Bangor, ME

#7 Jan 5, 2014
What happened to my posts? Has the BDN Censorship Nazis taken control on here too?

Troy, ME

#8 Oct 1, 2014
Wewon Thisone wrote:
What happened to my posts? Has the BDN Censorship Nazis taken control on here too?
It's incredible how this rag can lie, dictate and trample on the rights of others. They have to much power.
Brian N

Guilford, ME

#9 Oct 17, 2014
Funny how they can't print fibs, lies, and misquotes but feel free to get moderators to delete unwanted posts by readers. Nor will they print retractions when they can be called out. Same for TV news in Maine. Even if you hire lawyers they will side with the lying news reports just to cover up and save face... For example a friend of mine back in the early 2000's was accused of having illegal porn on his computers by the local news both TV and Newspaper BUT it was 9 months BEFORE the computer hard drive was scanned by authorities and showed absolutely NO illegal porn was found on his computer. NO retraction, NO apologies, but I guess they got their juicy gossip story. Im more apt to believe some random strangers blog or post than anything written from a Maine news paper or tv report. Bunch of gossipers.

Bangor, ME

#10 Jul 6, 2015
BDN SUCKS LIBERAL MONKEY MEAT! It;'s too bad someone hasn't driven them into the ground long ago! They need to be destroyed! All they are is an outlet for every stupid illiterate Liberal douche in Bangor. They protect their own liberal aholes, and ban anyone with a view other than the far left Liberal ahole view they have. Die a painful death BDN!
Sue the BDN

Allston, MA

#12 Nov 25, 2015
Our papers in Mass have problems too but I have noticed that up in Maine you people allow this to happen and don't fight it. You have allowed the Bangor Daily News to fib, lie, twist facts, and print half truths for decades without very much argument. For example a few articles when investigated came out months before the police, DA, course, lawyers, or even investigators had any presentable data. But the BDN continually jumps the gun to get out their reports and making fake statements. For example lets say someone was suspected of a computer crime or money theft but the police nor any official agency has only begone data collection but has not stated that anyone was guilty yet. The Bangor Daily and even some of the local Maine TV news stations will blatantly LIE and say something like "So-In-So had such-in-such on his/her computer and is being charged with blank-blank" When in REALITY no charges were made yet and the Police never made such a statement. Or what ever. This is just a random example but you know what I mean. Then people are too scared to SUE the hell out of the BDN like they should. Most the time the lies are small and they can chalk it up to "misinformation" by the source or what ever rationalization they have. But its all been adding up against the BDN for decades. At least down in Massachusetts we will fight, sue, and spread the word and don't coward down with some local Law Office sends out a Stop order for "Slander". You have a 1st Amendment right to your freedom of speech, you have a right to voice your opinion even if that opinion is negative (So Long As You Are Telling The Truth). So if you are telling the truth you shouldn't have anything to fear from some crooked local Law Office that is using your ignorance of the law against you. Speak your mind and stand up against the BDN. Start calling lawyers. Mostly call OUT OF STATE lawyers that aren't going to protect the corrupted Maine system. Stop the BDN LIES and sue their A$$! And don't just sue for money, people should sue to have certain people ARRESTED, Fired, and maybe even get the BDN shut down and replaced all together.
Sue the BDN

Allston, MA

#13 Nov 25, 2015
Wewon Thisone wrote:
BDN fires 11 more of it's incompetent employees! They must be down to only a handful left - all libtards!
It reminds me of the Psychological Warfare at the University of Maine Orono. Since about the late 1990s through the 2000's the Liberal professors, instructors, office workers, etc have deliberately and intentionally made life miserable for past employees, instructors, and professors that were Republican or at least the ones that were in between being a Democrat vs Republican. Even students were bullied on First Class and lied about constantly. Now the place is too lop sided with only a singular Liberal BIAS. But if you look at it now you can clearly see that that UMaine gets a poor ranking across the board for terrible academic standards. That's because most liberals don't study Science, Math, Engineering.. they are too busy with politicizing their Social Work and Psychology Departments with Liberal EXTREMIST hate speech. If you are a woman you are taught to act like a constant "victim" and if you are a man you are taught to feel shame 24/7 because of Reverse Discrimination which is part of the Liberal Hypocrisy. What the Lib-Tards don't realize is that they too are just as racist, biased, sexist, and hateful as the Conservatives they despise so much. Personally I consider myself "Non Party" but over a long period of time I too was attacked unfairly when I wouldn't just on their which hunting band wagon. Sure more Liberals get a Degree than Conservatives but most the degrees they get are in FLIM FLAM and learning how to LIE LIE LIE. They do not want equality because they capitalize off it. That is why Democrats never really want to end racism is because they make money off peoples misery. Its kind of like if a Doctor cures a patient he will lose money so he keeps people sick while pretending to help.- Anyway, slowly over a long period of time the Liberals waged psychological Warfare and ousted anyone that they didin't like while pretending to be peace and fun loving. Now the Campus is an empty shell full of Liberal ZOMBIE hedonists.

United States

#14 May 15, 2016
Bangor daily, are nothing short of a bunch of moon bats, and like always if you
Bitch about it your the bad guy.this world is getting bad. You can't trust the government or the cops, bullies with badges, you need to protect yourself
And watch your back!

United States

#15 Jul 28, 2016
Bangor daily web site sucks !!!
Hillary Clinton is a lying bitch !!!
Ellsworth is a shit hole

Belfast, ME

#16 Jan 27, 2017
Maine immigrant community fears Trump is the headline for todays State section but what it should say is Maine immigrant community gets free housing, free food and free health care on the backs ofthe working class. Why would Nyamuon Nguany-Machar's father travel outside the U.S. without his citizen documents so he could get back to his daughter in the U.S.?? And what do the tax payers of Maine get for paying for these immigrants year after year....we get nothing! I say working Mainers FIRST!!!!

Belfast, ME

#17 Jan 27, 2017
Bangor Daily News is a liberally biased paper theres no doubt about that!! News outlets should report the news without bias and let the people decide. Every journalist at bdn took an oath to deliver honest and unbiased reporting but that oath goes out the window when they get a chance to besmirch a republican or falsely report about President Trump. No such false reporting about their God....Barack HUSSEIN Obama. The way they mislead the people on the subject of our Governor is absolutely appallingbut they have no shame at the bdn...typical liberal media!! I pray most people can see through all of that though. Uh oh I just used the word "pray", we all know liberals dont believe in God....only obama!! Good night my fellow moral Maine brethren and sisters.

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