Bangor Maine has a huge problem as it is with people partying and drinking all night long. Doing drugs and being obnoxious. Extended outdoor drinking hours is the last thing Bangor needs. I twill just encourage more bad behavior. I used to live near Pearl St. on Mt. Hope ave and a lot of people were extremely obnoxious with their partying and drug use. I remember back around 2006 this one party house on the corner of Pearl St. & Mt. Hope Ave. It was a large house but they rented out rooms like a rooming house I guess. They were always out at night burning rubber with their car tires and drinking on the deck and yelling "Whoooo Hoooo" all night long. The last thing this town needs is for the city counsel itself to encourage more bad behavior. I now live down near Pine St. and people over their party 24/7. I call the cops but the cops only slap them on the wrist and take off on us. I'm actually thinking about moving out of Bangor. If the cops aren't willing to stop drug noisy people and either tell them to go home or arrest them for their constant drunk driving, and if our land lords always turn a blind eye, and I'm constantly kept sleep deprived then Bangor is not a good place for me. Specially when city counsel is thinking about extending outdoor drinking hours.