mOnKeY dUsT & BaTh SaLtS in Bangor Maine

mOnKeY dUsT & BaTh SaLtS in Bangor Maine

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Greenfield, NH

#1 Oct 29, 2011
So I hear in the news that the growing problem of Bath Salts started in Bangor Maine (or at least was 1 of the first places to get hit with it). I've dumped everyone I've known that has used it because even though a lot of them with tell you that they can "handle it" that is not true. I've never seen anyone that can really handle it and non of them actually have a good time while using it. It's sort of like being on an extremely bad caffeine high (I don't mean like having 3 to 8 cups but perhaps 100+). You're paranoid to the point of psychosis and your heart is beating out of your chest as if you are going to die, and other bad effects are created. People either get very scared, nervous, or even angry on the stuff. It causes extreme sleeplessness and agitation. This stuff makes Coke look like baby aspirin. Some people appear as if they can handle it but on closer inspection they are NOT smiling and they are most certainly PARANOID! BTW, please if you are going to be stupid and take my analogy to heart about the caffeine please do NOT try it. Both are very dangerous to do and can kill you. Anyway, I have 3 questions to ask: 1. Why do you think Bangor was hit first (or at least one of the first places to get in on this crisis in Maine? 2. Why do people keep doing bath salts if it obviously creates NO pleasure and only makes them unhappy?(and I don't buy the lies that it makes them feel good). 3. What can we do to stop this growing crisis? and 4. What do you all make of this? From what I understand Bath Salts is also being called Monkey Dust or MD12. However it's not like the Monkey Dust from the old days in which Monkey Dust was actually PCP. Friends and family of mine have seen and heard so many weird things going on and have moved around the city numerous times to get away from crime, drugs, and other problems but we are running out of places to move within Bangor. In the next year or two we hope to have enough money saved to abandon Bangor. We also hope to move to some other safer city or town with a local hospital so we don't need to come back to Bangor for any reason (or perhaps move out of Maine all together). We know that there is crime everywhere but there is really not much culture or real growth up here anyway, just poverty, drugs, and alcohol, and a whole lot of sketchy people. Very few people we can trust not to back stab us in Bangor. A lot of people seem nice in Bangor but often turn out to be two faced. But back to the growing drug problem... We are seriously trying to save up money to get the heck out of here! Do you live in the Bangor area and have similar concerns?

Greenfield, NH

#2 Oct 29, 2011
PS I didn't say that Bath Salts started in Maine before spreading to the rest of the US. I meant that Bangor was said to be the first city in Maine to get hit with it by local news. Then it spread throughout the rest of Maine.

Greenfield, NH

#3 Oct 29, 2011
Babies? I can almost put money on a bet that anyone male or female that do enough of this stuff will eventually have babies that turn out to have birth defects (maybe even serious life long birth defects). What do you all think? Do you think bath salts can hurt your chances of having a healthy baby even if you haven't don bath salts for years? And if so do you think it would take a little or a lot? I somehow feel that if you do it more than once you run the risk of hurting your reproductive DNA even if you stop using it and years pass before procreation. I know that this stuff is rather new but I get the impression that it's so powerful that it's hurting people in more ways than 1 and hurting them in the long run.

Holden, ME

#4 Jul 14, 2012
i live in brewer maine, i used to live in bangor on essex street. Everyone around us ws always high of salts, they act like paranoid crackheads and look the same. I have relatives that work at emmc (the hospital in bangor) sooo many salters come in there and tell them they need help, so you know what the staff does? Hahah they just ignore them for hours maybe more until they just leave since so many of them just come there for attention or free care. And all they know so far about the birth defects are rapid gowth, it basicaly acts as a steroid for the fetus/infant. All i can say is f that sht, monkey dusters suck at life and creep everyone out, not to mention youll spend half your life in jail or the hospital just because you wanted to get high. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA AND MAYBE ALL THESE CRACKHEADS WILL CHILL THE F OUT

Bangor, ME

#5 Jul 15, 2012
illadelph wrote:
i live in brewer maine, i used to live in bangor on essex street. Everyone around us ws always high of salts, they act like paranoid crackheads and look the same.
I used to live over on Pine. Next to Essex. Our place overlooked the park on Broadway. Back 20 and 30 years ago that was such a lovely place to live but now it's all run down apartments and drug abusers. Even some of the nicer homes have been turned into apartments for welfare moochers on crack and bath salts. So many Massholes moving up here from out of state bringing trouble with them. Met this short guy named Chris and his friend Randi who lives over that way they are both players and scam artists from Mass. Used to be all that drugs and section 8 crap was down past State Street on Essex St. then it crept up Essex over the last couple decades. Now the entire area is over run with crack users, bath salts abusers, and meth heads. Lots of mysterious deaths too the the local police usually chalk up to accidents or natural causes. I think it's because the police don't care if these people die from over doses but want to keep it out of the books because it would make Maine look worse statistically so they cover up the drug related deaths. I lived here since the late 1970s but have watched Bangor fall apart for decades now. We moved across town over on Union street (not the downtown area but up past the highway). There is more traffic but it's a much nicer place. I will be up for early retirement and I'm going to take my money and move out of Bangor. Found a great place out of state that has much lower crime rates, better educated people, and all around upper class of people. You just dont find top drawer types in Bangor anymore. Can't wait to retire. If I was younger I would have moved already. If I knew back in the 80s what I know about Bangor Maine now I would have moved out before this degradation. Also I just don't like people at my local church anymore. They are all too hedonistic and back stabbing. I wonder why some of these people even attend church if they are like that? I often think some of them are also players just pretending to be Gods people while they used that as a cover for their games. Just not the class of people I want to be with anymore. I'm getting sick of all these out of staters coming up here too with their drugs and crime. Too many massholes up all night partying on our tax dollars selling prescription drugs to each other.

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