Bangor adds five buses, one route

Bangor adds five buses, one route

There are 6 comments on the Bangor Daily News story from Feb 15, 2012, titled Bangor adds five buses, one route. In it, Bangor Daily News reports that:

BANGOR, Maine - Bangor's Community Connector bus service will be expanding - and not just with the acquisition of five buses.

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Bath, ME

#1 Feb 16, 2012
Why don't they try cleaning their smelly buses and the crap off the seats? Why don't they speak to the rude patrons on the bus to turn down their rap music mp3 and stop talking so loud. Maybe if they turned down their music they wouldn't have to shout. Also why are so many people on the bus these days picking their noses and ears like dirty pigs? In the last year the bus has really gone down hill. People throwing trash on the floor putting dirty feet up on the seats so there is mud left on the seat, gum wrappers thrown behind seats, and when you are trying to get off the bus there are people that won't move. This one guy today had his legs crossed so we had to brush past his mud covered boot to get buy.. And what is up with all the drunks on the bus, I've never smelled so much beer breath in all my life. Also the other day this one girl was swearing up a storm on her cell phone. F this and F that and there were children on the bus. Lucky that time the bus driver did stop and tell the girl there was no swearing on the bus. I know most these problems are the trash that ride the bus but sometimes the bus drivers are rude too. There was this one fat bus driver today and he would slam on the gas just after someone gets on the bus not giving them time to sit down. It's like he wanted to make someone fall. Also a few times this bald bus driver would stop the bus to let someone off and them when we stand up he steps on the gas and/or lets go of the break and the bus jerks. On some occasions I've seen people fall down and the bald jerk pretends it was an accident or that he was trying to park the bus better. Everyone knows he did it on purpose. Today I had this one woman next to me shouting at a guy on the other side of me, i asked the guy if he wanted to switch places with me but he said "no" so I had to sit between them yelling while the woman picked her nose and ears and waved her gross fingers in front of my face. Eventually a space opened up and I moved. Oh and don't get me started on the loud mouths from Mass that come up here riding the city bus. Wow, they will talk incessantly and so loudly that your ears literally ring. The seem to want attention 24/7. I used to take some of my groceries home on the bus but that bus is so smelly, gross, discusting, and has so many dirty people doing filthy habits that I no longer trust to bring a bag of groceries on the bus with me. Id rather pay the outragious taxi fairs than take the bus anymore. I'll still ride the bus if I have an appointment but I'm not bringing purchases on the bus with me so that smelly dirty gross people can brush up against it. Anyway it bares repeating that they need to wash the inside of those smelly germ infested buses. That BAT buss is driving us batty!
La Taj Mahall

Portland, ME

#2 Feb 18, 2012
Everything you talk about has to do with the Maine attitude. People in Maine think they are special, but it is a state full of bumpkins and white trash, with an unbelievably high wigger quotient.

Maine is, and always has been, a dour state of incompetent, lazy, and stupid people, for the most part.
bus is sketchy

Bath, ME

#3 Feb 21, 2012
That BAT bus in bangor is loaded with sketchy people. For example today this young man with a white ball cap (had blue and pink lines) he was looking around all paranoid and he kept swiveling his head to look at me as if he was paranoid. Then this older guy in his 40s in a faded read ball cap and green fleece kept muttering something about putting a bullet in the back of someones head. Im almost guessing he was talking about the kid that was tweeking out in front of me. Both of them acted wound up like they were on crack or bath salts. The older fella with the faded read hat had a gross scraggly gotee and was tweeking out about wanting to shoot someone with a gun. He kept using the "F" word. I reported it to the bus driver but she didn't seem to care, she told me to go tell security. I didn't have time so I called dispatch when I got home. Dispatch didn't seem to care what so ever. When I reported it the woman at dispatch said "I'll take care of it" but she neglected to ask me for the men's descriptions or anything. So, I'm not sure how she can "take care of it" when she has no info to go by. It was like she didn't care and wanted me off the phone. When I did give her a description I said the two men where on the "Capehart" but but when she repeated it back to me she said "So this all just happened on the Hammond St bus". I'm thinking Gee she's not even listening to me nor get tying anything right. She kept saying over and over in a hurried voice "I'll take care of it". But I seriously doubt she did. I should have called the Bangor PD but that guy could be long gone by now. I was thinking that some of the buses have cameras on them and they might have got images of these sketchy fellas. One of which got off on Ohio St. A street notorious for sketched out people on drugs. I feared for my life riding that bus with that older dude making threats about a gun and that 20 something year old guy that kept looking around like he was all paranoid. He kept wipping his head around and looking at me. I kept looking off in another direction and tried not to look at him but out of the corner of my eye I could see him looking around like he was tweaking out on bath salts. I'm on a fixed income so I take the BAT bus (BATTY Bus) but I think I'm going to shell out that extra money for more taxi rides and keep safe. That Bangor Community connector aka BAT is crazy and full of dirty crazy people and staff who don't care. Just last year some punk shot a gun off on the Old Town run up on State Street. It was in the news. Blew a hole right in the side of the bus. I agree with La Taj that these people are just bumpkins but they are buskins high on drugs and sketched out dangerous. Why put my life in danger crossing dangerous areas of town like Ohio St or Essex St. when I can take a cab? Besides It takes 1/2 and hour to go anywhere and that doesn't include waiting for the bus or walking to where the bus can pick you up, and also walking home from as close as the bus can drop you off. About 45 min to an hour of your life spent revolving your life around the bus. When a taxi will get you there in 5 to 8 minutes. Also I agree with fedup I can smell beer breath all the time. Not only are people on the bus sketched out on drugs but they are drunk too. I do not want to be on the city bus (aka Welfare Wagon) with paranoid punks with guns. I was worried that paranoid kid in front of me might swing at me with a knife. When he got off on Ohio St. it pretty much clenched that he was on drugs.
bus is sketchy

Bath, ME

#4 Feb 21, 2012
PS Sorry I meant to say "RED ball cap" not "READ". I'm still scared and nervous after riding that stupid welfare wagon and am making spelling errors.
Mee Ling Page

Sedgwick, ME

#5 Mar 31, 2012
The Bangor bus should be used as a torture device for Terrorists. Force them to ride in circles for an hour just to move 10 feet and be forced to listen to country music being blasted in their ears. Sitting next to smelly dirty people and hurry up and wait wait wait for the next bus to arrive. Not to mention needing to put up with loud mouths that talk incessantly. You know those people who think that everything they say is very important and that they need to talk extremely loud so that everyone can learn from their pearls of wisdom. And I agree with the other person about the bus drivers pretending to stop and then when you stand up they step off the break and hit the gas a little and try and make you fall down. Or how about when they swing the bus into a stop extremely close to the people waiting almost hitting them? Like I say. City bus should be used as a means of torture for terrorists or people convicted of crime. I usually pay for taxi but often taxi driver very annoying but at least taxi is less stress. less torture.

Sedgwick, ME

#6 Mar 31, 2012
I totally agree with you. Mainers have a rotten attitude. They think they are good people but they are not. They are very negative people too. They want a better economy but they don't want growth. They want to be the #1 state but don't work for it. They want to be thought of as good people but do nothing to earn respect. They live their lives via oxymorons. They want innovative fresh new ideas and yet they love to say NO NO NO to everything that has to do with real change.

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