Curious if anyone has wondered about this like I have?
Recently had the chance to have someone show me around what used to be Brooks and Kelly AFB in San Antonio.
This is what I think is going on but could be wrong but very curious what you think.

Several years ago the US Govt signs over Brooks and Kelly AFB to the City of San Antonio to do whatever they wanted to do with them.
For an area the City establishes the Port Authority to bring in businesses ect. which really sounds like an awesome idea. The city can lease the facilities to growing companies and make a profit from it.

More to my point. After turning over the bases the US Govt. realizes that there is a shortfall in office space. The buildings on Brooks and Kelly are still vacant so it leases the same buildings back from the city. Canít imaging that these leases are very cheap. Key, these are the same facilities that it turned over to the city.
Troubling is that on top of paying for the lease the US Govt is now responsible for maintaining the facilities! If there is a loss of power, a door wonít open ect. federal employees respond and execute repairs.

I donít have all of the details but normally if a facility is leased from someone isnít the agent that owns the facility responsible for ensuring that it is maintained?
In this time of financial challenges this sure appears to be something that someone should take a hard look.