Texas auto liquidators/ rent to own

Denver, CO

#75 Jun 4, 2012
It is time to file a formal complaint with the Attorney General in Texas. They must prosecute crooks like Michael. I think they will have fun doing their job.
Robin Hood

San Antonio, TX

#76 Aug 5, 2012
Under this company's "rent to own" program, you are RENTING the car the entire time you are making your payments.

If your car mechanically survives to the end of your payments (and you haven't had it repo'd for being a day late) YOU STILL DON'T OWN THE CAR. After years of paying, you've merely earned the right to BUY the car, for a substantial lump-sum cash payment.

If your car is totaled while you are still making payments, not only does Texas Auto Liquidators seize ALL of the insurance proceeds (and leave you with no car, no money - absolutely nothing), but
you are obligated to pay the insurance deductible out of your pocket. I know this is truly hard to believe, but it's right there in their contract.

From what I can tell, nothing this company does is illegal:

1. They can legally sell cars for incredibly inflated prices, as long as you're willing to pay such prices.

2. After making all your payments, they can demand a substantial lump-sum payment in order for you to actually own your car (that's why it's called "rent-to-own").

3. Cars can be legally repo'd in Texas after payment is 1 date late.

4. The company can seize all of the insurance proceeds (and make you pay the deductible,) as it's in their contract.

Despite being perfectly legal, why would ANYONE buy ... err ... "rent" a car from this company, when there's hundreds of used car dealers in San Antonio willing to sell cars to people with lousy credit for $500 down?
brady wagoner

Houston, TX

#77 Sep 3, 2012
the bbb willput a back mark on the record of the company. i went to them bout a bdjob done by budget auto repair onquitania un by frankpena ad gt a bad mark onhis bbb rport. he police won' helpi have twochecks made out to me and him and i never signd them. the plice told me it was legal.

San Antonio, TX

#78 Oct 21, 2012
roc wrote:
<quoted text> can you please get in contact with me i also bought a car threw them and i have had problems with it my email address is [email protected] and we can go from there ok thank you
can u email me too I bought a car month ago and now broke down
My email is [email protected]
I bought my car from rent to own in new branfuls

San Antonio, TX

#79 Oct 24, 2012
They are nothing but crooks!

United States

#80 Mar 7, 2013
I have been riped off and lied to by this company they are missleading and will not work with you I need a lawer to help me out they need to be shut down before they have any more victims if you have won a law case against them an there froud I would like to know asap please email me at [email protected]

Dallas, TX

#81 Mar 21, 2013
Its true. They are not here to help us. The owners son is the general manager and his baby brother is driving a lexus without a job. We are truly paying for all of that. They are getting over on consumers but surely they will fall. What does it profit a man. To gain the whole world and lose his soul. Nothing!!! Their day will come. Don't be mad at them. Give it to the Almighty.hire an attorney.

Dallas, TX

#82 Mar 21, 2013
There is no way they can ask for a lump sum after the car is paid off. Please get an attorney. These people have issues. They are there to depress and oppress us. I will return the vehicle. If the car breaks down stop paying. Leggaly they are the owners and they are the ownwers and they should be paying for breakdowns.the renters shouldn't have no responsibilities. They got me too. But am going to sue the for the amount of the vehicle as to what they charged.

San Antonio, TX

#83 May 19, 2013
Rent to Own HQ repoed my car after i agreed to pay the correct amount that day. Twenty minutes after i got off the phone with my account manager they came and got my car with no shame, left me walking. I contacted the office and was laughed at and hung up on several times. I called anoher location and got somewhat of an answer, A manager named Manny stated that they have two people take everything out the car so there is not chance of things being stolen or come up missing! NOT TRUE! He also stated that all i had to pay was $700 to get my car back and when i bought them $700 to the location they stated that they can only hold the car and they need $3221 to release my car. My paycheck was only $717! I did not give them my $700 paycheck i paid $50 to get my property released! When i got home i noticed i was missing alot of items from my car. When i was at the location i could not see in the bags since they were pitch black tall trash bags. I contacted the company in regards to my missing bag and it took them over 4 hours to tell me that they did not have my bag and oh well. I know for a fact im missing a bag because i have several pairs of shoes that are missing and some dont have matched which they did before they went through my stuff. I am also missing important papers with mine and my kids information on them and im missing clothes. All im needing is my stuff back or something else needs to be done! The customer service there is horrible I put $4000 down for a pontiac G6 and my payments were $700 a month. I basically lost out on $4000 dollars and the money i had already paid since i got the car in Jan.

Peoria, AZ

#84 May 19, 2013
angry wife wrote:
If anyone out here is interested in getting a vehicle from a RENT TO OWN place, dont do it!! My husband did it and he's regretting it 6 months later.

Peoria, AZ

#85 May 19, 2013
Go to rip off report and look up report number 1052084

I would never trust these circus clowns.

Peoria, AZ

#86 May 19, 2013
If you've been ripped off you want to go to ripoff report and post ripoff report about the dealer. You can also go to rip off report and do a search on report number 1052084. Once you find the report go ahead and post your comments on that report that way search engine will pick it up and be exposed even FASTER. LOL
Thank God for the Internet.
Think about it it's a free way to get even.. Once they find out they are on the ripoff report they'll squeal like a stuck pig. The more people that go to rip off report and look up that report number and post a comment. It will soon land on the first page of Google when somebody googles that company name. Tell your friends to go to that report number and post away

Peoria, AZ

#87 May 19, 2013
I mean think about it when you go to their website that should be a huge one to stay away from them. They are willing to Invest more money in a pack of cigarettes and a six pack of beer they have done with their website. LOL

A two-year-old kid could build a better website and what they have.

United States

#88 Oct 30, 2013
I got a car from them n it has a tracking device on it. I ask them if I can bring in my payment the next day cuzvi wouldn't get off in time to pay it. They sure. But when I got outside to get my purse out it would not start. I called them and they act like I didn't know what I was saying. So I went back in to work. Got off and my car was gone. They shut the system off so I couldn't move and picked it up. When I called the girl say its because I didn't make my payment today. Are you serious? She I had to pay my payment and pay for towing and then she I owed 400 becuz I went over 1200 miles. I've only had the car for a week. They reset the miles on my car. I paid them over 2000 dollars n when I went to get my stuff out the car they put it in trashs bags and threw it to the side. They stole a lot ofy stuff. They even did my sister the same way

United States

#89 Oct 30, 2013
Shut the hell up. You work for them. They are a fraud.
RTO HQ are Crooks

San Antonio, TX

#90 Jan 12, 2014
Tell me how can you legitimately sell a car to someone who has no license????? These people aren't out to help people just rip them off. They want you to pay $50.00 to get your stuff back, please, that's your belongings! Luckily, the people in the back was nice enough to let us get what we needed to. Then they had the audacity to call later that night, for what to say we had no right to get what was ours. If we didn't, reading previous posts we wouldn't have gotten everything back!!!! I do not see how these people are still in business.
I have read a lot of people saying they ate going to take them to small claims court, if you did, what was the outcome??? They will soon be heading from our lawyer so we can at least get our down payment back!!!! I will tell everyone I know what they did so the word well get around on how they are only in the business to rip purple off!!!!!
puerto rican

United States

#91 Jan 26, 2014
Thanck you for you advice the cars they sale are a peace ashit true

Hondo, TX

#92 Feb 6, 2014
if it makes you guys feel better! I purchased a hummer from them and I am one highly satisfied customer! Thanks Rent to own Hq 35

Houston, TX

#93 Mar 17, 2014
This place is out to rip ppl off..they say we wil with with you what can you put down...and take your money..then have u sign a contact once they rage ur money and dont explain crap to you...i put 1000 down in reality they wanted 3800 down. my payments were 265. Wrk they failed to mention the extra 280 I would have to pay. They charge you the difference from what they want down frm what u can put down. That being said I would have to pay almost 1000 a month. Then I made arrangments to pay on the 15th and they shrill requires my car. And didn't wna give me my belongings until I paid $50. Are they for real. The employes are rude and they are out to scam everyone. This place should be shut down. Brandon the seld guy on military location nd everyone there dont know anything and they ask tel u a different answer. Please DONT GO HERE...THE CARS AREN'T ANY GOOD AND YOU WIL LOUDER YOUR MONEY.
Owner of Vehicle

Odessa, TX

#95 Apr 21, 2014
I personally wouldn't deal with them again. There were ups and downs in this business relationship. After balancing the scales, there were more issues that weighed this business down. There is staff that is/was both helpful and hurtful. Usually you walk into a place and you either trust them or you don't. They've had or have their fair share of snakes in the pit. Now who's working behind the scenes on this team's success may need to work much harder or they may be going out of business soon.

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