Professional Transportation, Inc.

Monroe, MI

#166 Jun 17, 2013
Disgusted Teacher: I have to tell you that I have never had a problem with getting my check or even for the right amount in all the time I have worked for PTI. Understand that the VAST MAJORITY of the disgruntled people in this forum are from a company that went bankrupt and have not accepted this change-over very well. Also, the company they worked for did things 100% different than PTI in not only the way they allow vans to be taken home (not allowed with PTI), the hours they can work (12 hours of ACTUAL driving with PTI, then a 30 minute DOCUMENTED break and then another maximum of three and a half hours more and then out of service), how driving miles are paid (PTI uses a "code set" which was decided and agreed upon by PTI and the railroads - "we pay X amount of miles to Y location no matter how far you drive out of the way")... but if you follow the rules, do as you are taught (by PTI) then you can make some good money with not a lot of work.
You might at least want to go and try it for yourself before you make any decision. If you are a teacher, you have the summer off, so why not give it 60 days and see what you think - if you don't like it, you can always go back to teaching.
However, with your teaching retirement, and Social Security (if you qualify for it yet) and driving for PTI, you can make a nice monthly income.
wolfenstein man 119

Stuarts Draft, VA

#167 Jun 19, 2013
i worked for pti for 5 or 6 months i was getting 0.22 cents a mile working every night 15 hours hardly any days off i was close losing my wife she was going to leave me because i had no spear time i think for waiting time i got paid $7.25 i drove out of williamson west virgina my boss told me to drive to porthsmouth ohio and back in 3 hrs and 15 mins i think it was a 300 mile round trip the speed limit was 55 most of the way and some small towns was 25 and the thanksgiving and christmas bounes i was paid nothing i was forced to let them hold out almost 70 dallors from both checks i would love to sue the shit out of them

Monroe, MI

#168 Jun 19, 2013
Wolf - A). each state has a minimum wage that new drivers get paid. As you have a yearly anniversary, IF YOU ARE IN THE UNION AS THE CONTRACT ALLOWS FOR RAISES, your hourly wait time goes up. B). A Branch Manager can NOT tell you or give you some unrealistic time to drive X amount of miles. It is what it is and you can't drive any faster safely, so you should have told him/her to blow it out their ass. I am pretty sure on this, if you work the day of a recognized holiday and either the day before or the day after, you get time and a half. If you do NOT work before or after, then you do not get any holiday bonus.
C). WHY <-- see CAPS, were they holding money out of your checks???(other than taxes)
You need to call Evansville and ask for Steve Grolick who is the head of the HR department and have him look into all of this for you. I understand from your letter that you no longer work for PTI, but trust me, Steve is a GOOD guy and will look into it and get back to you with an answer and hopefully, a check for whatever they withheld out of your check that was NOT supposed to be withheld.(Google Professional Transportation Inc. and the corporate number will be there. Going through the press one for this and two for that, press Employee/Driver and that should connect you to the operator, ask for Steve Grolick and leave a message if you have to so he can call you back. If you don't hear from him in 3 days, call back.
Also, maybe you should contact your State Hourly and Wage Department and make a complaint and it does not cost you ANYTHING to do it.(seriously!!)
Good luck
this has got too be a jok

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

#169 Jun 23, 2013
"]as i read throw your quotes i had to ask myself .how can anyone live on these wages?.i guess what really got me is this p t i .is such a big outfit but yet they can't pay you mim wage @13 cent a mile.pluse use your on cell phone.what has this country come too?who is helping who?.i pray everyone will do a research on p t i before giving any of their information out.

Monroe, MI

#170 Jun 23, 2013
this - Just so you know, PTI DOES pay minimum wage and a per mile amount as well. This is true in every state. In some states they pay better than others because of two factors:
1. there is a union present (which the vast majority have) or
2. your time on the job
So don't just read one or two of the posts and think you have the whole story. I am NOT saying PTI is "over" paying anyone, but there are THOUSANDS of people that work for PTI and depending on their lifestyle, needs, wants etc. etc., some have other jobs on the side or their partner works as well But, that is how it is for everyone in this country. If you want to drive a Porsche but you work at McDonalds, then you better figure out a way to pay for it and more than likely, one job, one paycheck, won't do it.

Goldendale, WA

#171 Jun 26, 2013
jim- your post are most helpful and I agree with most of what you say. Our problem out here is most of PTI managment came rom coach. And whith them a lot of CA rules. We are a union hub. Small with only 14 or so driver, otr, and 5 yard. When PTI took over last year, they tried to pay us RR miles, which was alot less than actual miles driven. At that time we had phone numbers to payroll and the lines were tied up every payday. They got the message, and we are paid off the miles driven (on GPS). They will take advantage of your pay, but if youare on top of what you have coming, and can document it every time , you will get the difference. I have been at them so many times that know me by heart. Any way, you seem like a good source of information and it seems to right-on for yor area

Jersey City, NJ

#172 Jun 27, 2013
A lot of these points were extremely valid. 1) I do know this company falsely advertised the starting wage via internet add. Due to plumenting jobs in the market. Many were forced to to take their positions because of financial dispair. As a shop steward professionalism should be the key. It is down right insulting to read all the idiotic comments and banter exchanged between you and those who have had a difference in opinion. I know. Most certainly that I would be ashamed to have you represent me as a steward. Your job is to provide answers and solutions to problems that one may have encountered while employed with pti, instead you reiterate the same info twice over. Leaders lead by example. The goal is to win the war with out fighting instead these people have to fight the higher ups and "steward" if they disagree. Sad you're not fighting the cause of informative action. You come off ass if pti is a major outfit in your back pocket.
Be good and be blessed

Monroe, MI

#173 Jun 27, 2013
Flabber - give me a break. The idiots that have been bitching here for the most part, are EX Coach America drivers who do not know their ass from a hole in the ground. They got to keep their vans and take them home to use as a "personal vehicle", worked when and if they wanted and cried when a real company came in and took them over and MADE them work AND took away their "personal vehicle". Some of these drivers had no other vehicle and could not get to work so they cried and cried and said over the last 160 some odd posts about how they were being mistreated and how PTI sucks but yet, they didn't quit. Quite surprising to me actually. But what really Really REALLY gets me is they did NOT read the posts from the beginning and if they had legitimate questions, they got answered but then some asshole stuck his nose into it and started bitching and going on and on about how they couldn't get things done (the way I explained to them numerous times) and all they did was cause problems on this forum.
As for you, see, I am an employee just like you are (or I am assuming anyway) but out of 160 drivers, I was ELECTED to my post of Union Steward which gets NO money AT ALL and spend my days when not working in the yard (DYV) and even sometimes on the job, but have to take their calls, drive 25 minutes down expressways, not across city streets to get to the office and help them out or defend them against PTI for their job, not to get time off or to be paid the correct amount of pay. But yet, I get NO compensation for what I do. I knew this going in, so it was no surprise and I do it for my fellow drivers.
But let me tell you something. You come in here at 160+ posts and start running your mouth about something you have NO CLUE about. How about going back to post 1 and reading ALL of the posts and see what you think of my responses. Think about how YOU would have handled those posts. A Union Steward is NOT a saint; NOT a God like figure.. just someone that helps employees through the Union contract against the likes of the robber barrens of PTI management.(IF) you had a legitimate question, I would help you but let me tell you, I don't know you, I don't OWE you anything and by me trying to help those on this site that really need help, and them telling me I am not what (you) envision as the role model, in your mind, that I am supposed to be. Do you think Jimmy Hoffa was a "nice and caring man" when he was a Steward to all those other employees before he became the boss? Trust me pal, if you were in trouble, you would WANT and BEG me to be on your side to help you out!!!!
I don't have anything in my back pocket. I have worked here a long time and I have seen it change and evolve as the upper management comes up with their "bright" ideas and after screwing over the drivers, the drivers fought back and sued their ass and won, and on the verge of winning yet another major lawsuit. So management comes up with ways to get back at us and we (the Union Stewards) have to keep filing grievances to keep them in check.(IF) you are a driver for PTI, you would know all of this unless you are a former Coach America driver and then you would not have a clue. But the bottom line me a professional person that does not lose their temper at idiots and I will show you a person that could CARE LESS about anyone but themselves.

Monroe, MI

#174 Jun 27, 2013
PTI Northwest - good for you and congratulations on winning the Code Set miles issue!!!! I tell people all the time that PTI needs to be taken into account for their actions but few branches do it, all talk, all bitchin' and no action. If your Branch Manager or Union Steward can't help, then like you, drivers need to take it to the management and not quit until things get resolved. When PTI loses this current lawsuit we have against them, not just in Toledo, but nationwide (and no, it is too late to join the class action lawsuit before you ask) it is my opinion and those of others as well, that PTI will file for bankruptcy and then come back as a new company with a new name but same old assholes in the top positions. Each driver will come out with a nice chunk of change from it, but it is going to be so much money and with the National Organizations watching PTI under a HUGE microscope, that when they start over, things will be A LOT different and not for the better. I don't think the lawsuit will break PTI, but the drivers will all feel the "wrath" of upper Management and Owners.
So, all in all, again I say, good for you to fight for your money and do not let them screw you over - we do our work, PTI gets paid by ALL the Class A railroads (and maybe other classes too, not sure) and yet they continually try to "nickel dime" the drivers who made them the money in the first place. Keep being safe, keep being on time but never EVER let them take your money that you worked for on a daily basis.
Have a great day

Jersey City, NJ

#175 Jun 28, 2013
So sad sir I've read each post from 1 to 69 and all I can say is that ignorance is sheer bliss. Have a good be blessed and well. To all you other bloggers if you need definitive answers do your own research also because when you don't not know any better...things will never get any better. Wish you all high regards in resolving whatever issues or concerns you may have

Brooklyn, NY

#176 Jul 1, 2013
Hey jimim523 I'm currently a driver out of the Albany division I've been working. For almost a 3 of my fellow coworkers were fired due to the drive can point system can you give me a lil enlightenment on this system

Teaneck, NJ

#178 Jul 4, 2013
I worked for Pti I had one accident and was fired when you are driving 2000 miles in a pay period accidents may happen it is part of the job no one is perfect. If you are out driving that many miles it is bound to happen but pti just fired me with no concern for my well being if i can pay my bells support myself or anything

Teaneck, NJ

#179 Jul 4, 2013
jimim523 pti does allow vans to be taken home were the hell are you

Teaneck, NJ

#180 Jul 4, 2013
Hey clueless30 everytime you cause the cam to go off in your van by braking too hard or swerving the film is viewed and assinged so any points for each infraction once you reach a certain number of points you are fired not coached or counseled or anything you are gone

Goldendale, WA

#181 Jul 4, 2013
jim for tose of you that ae new o the dive-cam, BEWARE. thisis handy tool for PTI to use as "proof" thatyou were in the wrong. coach installed the cams out here a couple of years ago, and we know how they can be used. do not eve answer you phone while driving. we lost a driver becaus he was set up. the camera was turned on (do not believe themabout it's limits)and dispatch was tod to call the driver with updates. he wascaught on the cam while talking to dispatch, and fired. also, since everybody in managment out here is former coach people (never a union) it i insinuated that the union contract doesnot apply to us because it was ratified with PTI long before the take over. part of their support for that opinion is that nne of us have ever seen or heard from a union rep.
Sledge Hammer

Chicago, IL

#183 Jul 11, 2013
"Paid Via Card... Workers Feel Sting of Fees" (Written by: Stephanie Clifford ...New York Times) this recently published article can be searched on-line and is quite interesting because it provides readers with an unbiased view of a disturbing business trend. The use of "debit" or "bank" cards to compensate employees is more common among companies which are primarily comprised of low-wage workers. In most cases, in addition to being grossly underpaid, these disposable workers receive few (if any) health care benefits. Please read the entire story for more details and then form your own opinions.
Sledge Hammer

Chicago, IL

#184 Jul 11, 2013
The bottom line here is really simple to understand. Some employers,(fill in the blank) have been intentionally engaging in practices which allow them to avoid paying their employees fairly! These unethical employers use many tricks to cheat employees out of their hard earned wages. They are crooked “shysters” who often make it very difficult for employees to access their personal payroll records and subject them to long, inconvenient administrative procedures when making inquiries related to payroll inaccuracies. The strategy for these slick employers is to deliberately create confusion and frustration among those who are seeking to correct repeated payroll errors. Many times employees who are not fully or accurately compensated for their services are made to feel as if somehow they are at fault for the frequent accounting mistakes made by their employer. That said, please do not be fooled by these supposed “mistakes” and try to understand that this is just another scheme used to steal your hard earned money and or keep you from collecting it for as long as possible. In all too many cases, the disputed payroll shortages are never paid in full because employees are not being provided with paycheck stubs and cannot easily access needed records to effectively pursue their legitimate claims. And yes, this situation was created by design. It should serve as a vital warning to those seeking employment in certain industries. When the cost of having a job outweighs your compensation, something is definitely wrong. If you’re tired of this worn out shell game, then stand-up and take action now to prevent your employer from behaving in an unscrupulous manner. Don’t be a victim of constant deceit and never settle for less than what you've already worked for. Each of you deserves to be treated fairly and should always expect complete honesty from your company officials and supervisors. Anything less is just a low budget magic act with plenty of smoke and mirrors. Unfortunately right now for many low-wage workers, especially those who work for railroad crew hauling contractors, the culture of deception and general hostility toward workers is firmly established. For those posting messages on this website, Remember that you have a responsibility to yourself, each other and your families. When companies are permitted to routinely violate the employment rights of their workers…all will eventually be affected. Fighting against, or arguing with your coworkers is not the answer.

Clifton, NJ

#190 Jul 17, 2013
I've never had a problem or a fee with the visa card
Sledge Hammer

Chicago, IL

#191 Jul 24, 2013
Posted in response to “Dlc” on Topix Ashland-KY forum:
Dear Dlc, your logic is part of the problem. You're missing the point of this discussion. We should not be settling for less just because another company's behavior is said to be worse than PTI's.(Although that does seem hard to imagine) But since you mentioned it.., be aware that Renzenberger’s operation is now in the complete control of another company by the name of Hallcon.(See Docket number MCF 210520 on the “Surface Transportation Board” website) This can be good news for drivers working in the industry because eventually it will create the need for tighter regulatory controls of crew hauling contractors and shine a brighter light on the abusive and unsafe environments that many drivers are now experiencing. Of course this will not change any of the facts as we presently know them. Being coerced into operating unsafe equipment or having our collective employment rights violated on an almost daily basis is not something that any of us should perceive as normal or acceptable. Maybe somewhere deep in the dark forests of Siberia, this would probably be ok with the local population. But in a great country such as ours, with a government that proclaims an impenetrable allegiance to the rule of law... there is very little that anyone can say to defend the actions of a business owner who regards his employees as a liability and treats them with an even greater level of contempt. I'd say it's high time for us to wake up and stop pretending that somehow our situation will get better on its own. Instead, those who work for companies like Professional Transportation Incorporated should be contacting "The Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure" in Washington D.C. to tell them about our safety concerns and to personally reveal the truth about the general lack of safety in the crew hauling industry. Let your state legislators hear about these concerns also. Because when they realize that you're politically involved, it changes their perspectives. Otherwise, these lawmakers are only getting a limited view. In some cases,(like with PTI) those views or lopsided opinions do not reflect reality and that’s why PTI has contributed so much money to lobbyists and other political figures. Reading this you might be tempted to think there is no way you can compete with underhanded businessmen or crooked politicians. The truth is that you have something far more valuable than all of the dirty money some business owners have used in an effort to restrict your rights. That "THING" is called a vote. Exercise your voting rights wisely to help yourself and others. Communicate with your elected officials on a regular basis. Another simple, cost free action we can all take is to keep this conversation alive. By posting your comments and experiences online in forums such as this (or others) you are drawing back the curtain and setting the stage for a much broader audience. Maybe when enough high ranking people are exposed for their complete lack of honesty or integrity, we will begin to see positive changes in the crew hauling industry. Unfortunately at this moment in time it appears to be cloaked in layers of uninhibited greed and carefully crafted deception. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who once said that “Anything worth having is worth fighting for”. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t having a (good) job something that we should all be fighting for? If we are not willing to take action then perhaps we should just be happy with the peanuts thrown at our feet. Might as well be… we’re already treated like animals.

Wheeling, IL

#192 Jul 26, 2013
Rumor is in Illinois PTI lost UPRR contract to Rez and are out Aug 5th. Is that true??!!??!!

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