Professional Transportation, Inc.

Syracuse, UT

#257 Jan 15, 2014
sorry my friend, the office I call home is Walbridge Ohio ... DYV, Union Steward and been on the job for some time that I get my yearly Union negotiated raises.
Pti stinks pays poorly

New Orleans, LA

#258 Jan 16, 2014
Did all the work and got paid a minimum on a 600mi trip with a crew going xnd coming. And branch manager ain't helping so PTI beans and burritos hot dogs and tacos adios ostalaquigo deuces peace bye areavaducky good bye you no good pay check stealing money grubbing task master for the sake of you own company wake up and see the turn over rate is beyond stupid it's just imbarrising for a nation wide company how have you lasted so long and by the way if you steal a $1 from every 70,000 employees every week how muck do you have? See Jane run!!!!

Charlestown, IN

#259 Jan 16, 2014
Turnover: 100%. They give no shits.

Tacoma, WA

#260 Jan 17, 2014
Hey, I somehow got to this page trying to go the paystub. Landed on your page 8. I wanted to say alot TO Jimim523. But would take to much time.
I am a ex coach.... I didn't like giving my van up. I did and others have ruined it. I am never late for runs. I had a open mind when PTI came. But they do not paid fairly. Will not tell us the routes we should take that we will get paid for.....Upper mangement harass the handicap.... Management does not talk to you they talk down to you , belittle you, yell. They act like bullies. Here on the west coast, It just takes talking and explaining what you want. There is not may of us left.
Pti keeps firing BM. They change things and dont feel that we should know. I for one like to know how things are to be done.
Sorry didn't mean to start saying things. I will never find this page again. I am a union steward, OTR and DYV. The union needs to step up and quit being in the pocket of PTI and step out and stand up for us even the little stuff. that is not in the agreement they have.
peter bilt

Schertz, TX

#261 Jan 17, 2014
Teamster wrote:
Come join the brotherhood
Your pal Jimmy Hoffa "joined the brotherhood" and look what happened to him.

New York, NY

#264 Jan 24, 2014
jimim523 wrote:
<quoted text>
FOOD??? Who gets paid for FOOD??? If you don't like PTI, why are you still there? I am sure there must be a 7 11 looking for counter help or a Walmart looking for a greeter. What the hell is wrong with you? Get out...leave.. and mostly, if you are NOT happy, find a real job and stop bitchin'
U kno dude. i read ur posts and while u try to be "one of the grunts" of the company you show your true colors in the way you talk and respond to other comments. For the record the merc's (sorry contingency drivers) in the bakken project get $40 per day for FOOD and they get a guarentee of $60 a day.

Bacau, Romania

#266 Jan 31, 2014
$18.00 per hour we are paid flat rate... not by mile and wait


Detroit Lakes, MN

#267 Jan 31, 2014
tyla wrote:
$18.00 per hour we are paid flat rate... not by mile and wait
Yeah double what we in Dilworth are paid. We brought it up in a Manager "meeting" and they didnt give a damn about it. We do double the runs you do. Alot of which we bring your guys to minot. We need around 50 to 75 drivers and dont even have half those because PTI does not give a crap. We have a new district manager that hangs up on drivers. Gives the choice runs to the Mercenary drivers. Sticks the local guys with crap runs and DYV. We have no shop Steward and a useless union UPSEU. Tried contacting them but its like trying to talk to the flying spaghetti monster. I thought a union is suppose to protect the employees. Minot is getting 18 so eveyone should get 18.

Columbus, OH

#268 Feb 2, 2014
My check stub says "hrs" worked..I made $597 gross..and it says 1850 hrs. Not miles or minutes...what does this mean? I work out of Parsons yard in Columbus. I've been with the company a few weeks.
ex coach midwest

Chicago, IL

#269 Feb 2, 2014
I am an ex coach employee, and as far as jim goes, i will be printing copies of his posts and forwarding them to both evansville HR and the union headquarters for harassment and possibly defamation of character since he is on her giving the appearance of speaking in the capacity of a union steward and driver. Youve given us your branch location and the fact that you are the union steward, and your name is jim. I encourage the other ex coach drivers to file similar harassment complaints against this individual and see him dig himself out from under that landslide.

Minneapolis, MN

#270 Feb 2, 2014
There is no seniority by department at the branch office but is at my remote location. Does anyone know what that upseu agreement says about seniority after a layoff? Thank

United States

#271 Feb 4, 2014
The UPSEU stewart said, 1) you can only file a verbal greevance. HMM? 2) If you lost your seniority because of a good reason than thats the end of it. 3) seriority is by DATE OF HIRE, not by department, even after a layoff. 4) He refused to give me an email address to hear my side. 5) He failed to return my calls for over a week. 6) I see no time. For my issue while he has. 1000S of email from others.

United States

#272 Feb 4, 2014
I've been texting, emailing and calling the upseu union for months without any union support. I pay MONEY into that union. HOW IS THAT NOT FRAUD?

(Ps my cell keeps messing up my sentences etc.)

Syracuse, UT

#273 Feb 4, 2014
Runningonfumes - There is a difference between Minot and Williston and Fargo. The cost of living is MUCH higher in Minot than it is in the vast majority of the branches.$18.00 an hour sounds like a lot, but when a (ONE) bedroom apartment is $1200.00 a month and food is MUCH more expensive there, and utilities and even gas for your car/van, iti is not that much really. Want a job there, here are a few with pay figures for you: the counter kids at McDonlds get $12.00 an hour or the oil field van drivers get $25.00. So yes, we should be paid more money. We have in our vans crews that make double or triple our salaries and what if we all (every driver, every branch) had an accident and killed the engineer and conductor because we were tired or could only get people to drive for $9.00 an hour, how do you think the railroad would feel about that? I am not saying that Minot drivers are better than anywhere else, just their cost of living is higher. So don't expect PTI to be paying out larger payroll checks anytime soon for the rest of us.
ex coach midwest - tell you what pal .. you do that but the one real question I have for you, since you are obviously an "educated man", where did you go to law school. The last time I looked, defamation of character has to be aimed at someone specifically AND slander, also has to cause "you" harm and from where I am sitting, you don't have either. So good luck getting a (REAL) Attorney to listen to you. I also don't think you have the money to try and win a suit, but by all means, I am waiting to hear from your ambulance chaser.
Anonymous - since you are paying dues, you must have a Union Steward there at your branch. Why have you been trying to do this on your own? The other thing is, you need to FILE a grievance with the Union before they will talk to you. Ask for a grievance form to be mailed to you, fill it out and mail or fax it back to them. At that point, if you have no Steward, they will then talk to you. Mostly, they don't just take phone calls without the paperwork. Also, seniority does go by your hire date according to the contract, not the yard you work in or if you are over the road. Your hire date is the basis for everything. As for the layoff, if the company laid you off but did not fire you, then your seniority is still in affect. If you were let go and came back, then you pretty much are starting over. Good luck. Also, one quick thing, if you have a Union Steward that told you that they only accept VERBAL grievances, that is WRONG. There is a grievance form. If you can't get one, let me know and I will scan and E-Mail one to you with your E-Mail address.

Minneapolis, MN

#274 Feb 5, 2014
I went to their job fair in Minneapolis yesterday. Very unorganized. From what I saw they hired everyone that showed up. They did the drug test in the hotel bathroom.(the tester dropped my first sample in the sink good thing I drank enough coffee to give them another sample) Took a driving test with the safety coordinator. Look out for this guy sounds like he likes to sit and watch you on camera while you drive!!?? I was hired and asked to return today to the hotel for training. they said it would take 6-8 hours!! Today I will bring up the negativity that I have read on this forum, I may not make it thru the whole 6-8 hours!!

East Wenatchee, WA

#275 Feb 5, 2014
Just received a letter from UPSEU Local 1222 requiring me to sign up and pay dues from the beginning of my employment - or lose my job. how much are dues? The letter does not say. Can a union that does nothing, and has no benefits in Washington State, require membership as a condition of employment?

Syracuse, UT

#276 Feb 5, 2014
vrexx1 - for the most part, anyone over 18 with a good driving record for the last hmm...3 or 5 years (not sure, sorry) will be hired IF they pass the drug test and background check. Can't tell you why they were so inept at the job fair other than (maybe) they were tired going through all of the people coming through. NOT an excuse, just saying...
Marja - you do NOT have to sign up to belong to the Union. However, if you do not join, then you still have to pay dues because it is a Union Branch, but you will have not benefits of the union behind you. The dues are around $6.92 each pay day. The union contract DOES protect you more than being on your own. Also, the contract spells out what PTI has agreed to in writing and cannot go back on what is in the contract. My suggestion is to go ahead and join the union and when and if you need them, you now have rights and there should be a Union Steward at your location, look him/her up and talk to them.
Vrexx1 and Marja, good luck

Harvey, ND

#277 Feb 6, 2014
I also wanted to ask, after I complained, and at the reprimand, isn't a upseu union rep suppose to be there?
I was told by management, "You can't talk at work any more." I'm pretty sure thats a union violation issue. And I was told, "If there are any more complaints, you are fired.
I'm assuming I was laid off with the others. BM told me and my male roomy would also be left go because he know me. I KNOW THATS WRONG. BM told him the same thing.
BM/HR will not say about my layoff/fired or rehired. Can management reprimand an employee with a layoff/fire after an age discrimination complaint? TIA

Harvey, ND

#278 Feb 6, 2014
Jim, Thanks for all your valued time. Im doing this on my own because I CANT GET THE UPSEU LOCAL OR CORP STEWARTS TO POT THE GRIEVANCE IN WRITING! UPSEU Corp said, "GRIEVANCES ARE DONE VERBALLY, NO FORMS." ( Oops caps is on again. Sorry its hard to type on the cell.)
I will call the UPSEU office to see if they will sent me a g-form. I'm getting the run around.
Is the UPSEU contract with PTI the same as a collective barganing agreement?
Do you know how I can get my HR file? I asked HR. PTI-HR replied, "Not without a court order."
I was just passed up on two posted bids for MPV,$180/12shift, by manager for male drivers with less seniority.
I was told, "You can't bid on any jobs ever again.
Im not being treated equally after I complained about a 22 year old who took my job as yard cab while I was there and available. I was trained OTR is not allowed to do my job without a authorisation number, but she did.
That compaint got 5 over 40 yr olds laid off, all the older drivers.
My seniority has not been respected since.
No UPSEU rep at that layoff.
I was forced to take an on-call OTR job with lesser pay.
I feel discriminated against and retaliated on for that complaint.
I've been denied a relief driver by management which violated my HOS, less pay than my male room male, not paid equally for busted runs, my payroll is missing REPEATEDLY, and now wrong, plus etc.
I'll call to see if I was accually layoff or what.
Just to say, those other laid off male employees seniority is in tact.

And a male with less seniority who has a DUI and who has less job experiance than my on the job for 6 months, even after my laid off, is given a job without any open bid, before me. He at hire was given a class 2 employee status which gives him a high wait time pay and a hire annual raise. He had no driving experience but his age.

Fringe benefits are 1) gas cards for bring on new hires, 2) pharmacy discount cards, 3) local restaurant all you can eat cards, 4) cell phone discounts. WHAT IS ANYONE ELSE GETTING?

I spoke to EEOC who sent me a form but I think I have to go through UPSEU first.
I've also spoken to LB and the reps.

Thanks again for all your help.

East Wenatchee, WA

#279 Feb 6, 2014
Wow, if union dues are $6.92 each pay day, and some of my pay days are only $18 (minimum for short dog-catch), or $57 (driving 6 1/2 hours over two mountain ranges and back), that's over 1/3 or 1/10 of my daily wages. How do people afford union dues?

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