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North Richland Hills, TX

#233 Dec 12, 2013
Does one have have to inspect their vehicle? Also, how do you get paid for a crew changing their drop location?
Lawrence Ronald brastoff

Hudson, OH

#234 Dec 17, 2013
The company care nothing about their drivers worse company I ever worked for. When you call dispatch because a trip is in the gps wrong which is what you get paid from. They have on more than 1 time refused to fix it in the system. when I call the higher ups to report it they don't care either. And threaten you. And try to discipline you threw intimidation tactics.

Syracuse, UT

#235 Dec 19, 2013
richard wrote:
Does one have have to inspect their vehicle? Also, how do you get paid for a crew changing their drop location?
Richard. Of course everyone has to inspect their vehicle before they take it out for the first run of their shift; even yard drivers have to inspect their vehicle. You were taught that and also, though it is a pain in the ass to do, items you note on your inspection CAN keep YOU out of trouble with damage done to the van before you got the keys. One thing you will learn with PTI, PROTECT YOUR OWN ASS because if the one before you didn't report damage, you get in the van and don't do an inspection report, and the driver who takes the van after you DOES report damage, guess who is going to get blamed and (exactly) HOW are you going to dispute it?? Use your head and do a thorough inspection before you leave your staging area.
Also, if a crew drop off point is changed from the original orders, and it is not like a mile down the track but rather in the next town, call dispatch and let them know you are making a change and make SURE they ==document== your call and the change. As much as I dislike the vast majority of the people at dispatch in Evansville, they are not mind readers and it is up to you to let them know EITHER before you take the crew to the new drop off (or pick up) point but definitely when you close out your run, call them FIRST before you END THE TRIP and once again.....make SURE they document your call and mark down the time, date, who you talked to and the authorization number of the run. Then if you don't get paid the extra mileage, you can do an inquiry and have all of the information on a run like that that changed.

East Wenatchee, WA

#236 Dec 26, 2013
Does anyone have a fax number or email for PTI's payroll or HR? I'm missing six days' pay from my last two paychecks.

Shreveport, LA

#239 Dec 29, 2013
Here in shreveport we work what is called MPV, Multi Purpose Vehicle. We work 12 hr shifts, 3 days a week. Shifts are supposed to go up for bid according to seniority, So far it is being done selectively which isn't fair, Some people are regularlly scheduled for 48 hrs. a week which isn't fair to the other employees some personnel report to work on time while some report then leave in their cars, to return when called. Does PTI have a Human Relations dept or EOT policy? Is there a labor board to contact to report inequalities of treatment?

Syracuse, UT

#240 Dec 30, 2013
First of all FTW, does your branch have a Union there? If so, you need to be filing a grievance IMMEDIATELY!! Secondly, if you don't have a Union, you need to call the PTI Corporate number which I posted above your post, but once again I will post it for you.. 800-471-2440 and ask for the HR department. I would further ask for Steve Greulick who is the Department Head, he is a nice guy but I should warn you, have your facts in line and do not meander while you are talking to him - get to the point with the facts and he will listen and work on your case if you do all of this when you call.
Also, have you talked to your branch manager about this problem? Do the people that work 48 hours get time and a half overtime? Does your State have laws about paying for overtime? If so, and the 48 hour per week workers are NOT getting paid overtime, then you need to contact your states hourly and wage board - do a google search in your state for it.
sick of pti

Newburgh, IN

#241 Jan 1, 2014
real truth...pti takes and takes. went from .18cents a mile and 35 for food. to 8an hr and food back to 30, over 75, 000 miles and no accidents, but if I had one I would be gone iln a flash...If they could get by with it they would pay min. wage...Same people make all the long runs while the rest of us wait by the phone for a call. Unless your totally desperate keep away from this scab outfit....It is a total waste of your time.

Syracuse, UT

#242 Jan 1, 2014
sick of pti wrote:
real truth...pti takes and takes. went from .18cents a mile and 35 for food. to 8an hr and food back to 30, over 75, 000 miles and no accidents, but if I had one I would be gone iln a flash...If they could get by with it they would pay min. wage...Same people make all the long runs while the rest of us wait by the phone for a call. Unless your totally desperate keep away from this scab outfit....It is a total waste of your time.
FOOD??? Who gets paid for FOOD??? If you don't like PTI, why are you still there? I am sure there must be a 7 11 looking for counter help or a Walmart looking for a greeter. What the hell is wrong with you? Get out...leave.. and mostly, if you are NOT happy, find a real job and stop bitchin'

United States

#244 Jan 5, 2014
Employee prospect wrote:
Jim...I am thinking of applying at the Walbridge PTI. Got any suggestions for a new hire? Do you get paid if you are waiting at home for a call? do you still get paid an hourly the mileage money while you are driving?
he'll no that don't pay u to sit home

Columbus, OH

#245 Jan 9, 2014
Jimim ...

... when PTI suspends a driver. Are they required to give the driver written notification and details of the suspension? I checked the driver manual and the union contract and could not find anything. I've asked the Local 1222 business agent for help but who knows when I might hear anything.

BTW, was at Toledo hotel last night, roads were still a mess!!! Have fun driving up there.

East Wenatchee, WA

#246 Jan 9, 2014
I guess I may be suspended, but I don't know. Manager does not answer phone, does not answer texts, ditto Regional Manager. All I get is "your status is Code 4, you are unable to change your status, contact your Manager" - no way to get a response. Plus I'm still missing five days' pay.

Syracuse, UT

#247 Jan 10, 2014
Hetron and Marja - When a driver is suspended, they MUST be made aware of why they are being suspended. Also, unless this is a verbal warning (the first time) you do not have to sign anything but you are told about it and why. Second time, yes, you get a written explanation which you have to sing (or not, take it to your Union Rep or have him/her there when you are supposed to sign the paper.
If you are not getting any help from your branch manager or the regional manager, then call Evansville and talk to HR Department.. specifically, Steve Greulick (he is the head of the department). I would not wait thinking you are going to get an answer to your questions, call Steve tomorrow (Friday!!!)

just a fyi type of thing ... the roads are a mess EVERYWHERE up this way. Gonna get worse, though the temperatures are going to finally go up, they are calling for freezing rain with some snow too. Oh boy, gotta love Winter!!

Janesville, WI

#248 Jan 10, 2014
jimim523 wrote:
<quoted text>
FOOD??? Who gets paid for FOOD??? If you don't like PTI, why are you still there? I am sure there must be a 7 11 looking for counter help or a Walmart looking for a greeter. What the hell is wrong with you? Get out...leave.. and mostly, if you are NOT happy, find a real job and stop bitchin'
Contingency drivers that are ent to assist in a different location get $35 per diem and a minimum guarantee. Since the local drivers are rquired (by contract) to get tips first, the contingency drivers may sometimes sit while the regular local drivers do get more trips. If you want to know what the pay will be when asked to take a contingency job, ask about the pay rate for that branch ahead of time.

Jim's answer is a little rude, but the truth is quite honestly that if you are not happy, t would be better to go look for a different job. No one should be miserable in their work.

Syracuse, UT

#249 Jan 10, 2014
The person that was complaining about the "food" was NOT a contingency driver. Obviously, misinformed about how PTI pays their drivers (miles by rail-code book, wait time, etc.) but contingency drivers is a whole different ballgame. For the last 1 1/2 years, Toledo has had as many as 17 drivers doing contingency work on the take over of coach America and trust me, I do know how they got paid, when they drove and when they sat back and allowed the "new" PTI drivers to do their runs first.
If you are indeed a PTI Branch Manager, then you can feel my frustration for the last 233 posts I have had with a lot of these drivers. The Branch Managers it seems, do not take the time to teach their drivers how to do (and why they need to do) a van inspection, how they get paid, when they get paid, what to do if they do not get paid what they are supposed to be paid. When there is a problem, these drivers come on here and bitch (rightfully so in the beginning anyway) that they are getting no answers and they have no clue where to go (Evansville - Steve Greulick in HR or **IF** they are a part of the Union and who to talk to about filing a grievance if they can even figure out IF they have a Union and WHO their Union Steward is. In Toledo, we made a board for JUST the Union information including all of our names, phone numbers, shifts we work, days off etc. Out of our 65 drivers, EVERYONE knows how to read a Steward if the Branch Manager is not helping.
As for me being rude .... yes, I tend to get that way after over a year of this forum and the people that come on here and bitch about pay, bitch about hours, bitch about runs and then bitch about how bad the company is - I agree, this is a POORLY run company and the upper management are greedy son-of-a-bitches that do not care if Joe Blow, how has been with the company for 10 years does one thing wrong and they fire him or her. They don't pay well, especially for a person with a family to feed, but mostly, I find, it is retired people working for PTI or women looking for a job while her significant other is working and she needs to be out of the house. MOST single men or women with no other source of income rarely makes it to their one year anniversary. But the main thing is this: no matter if you drive for PTI or work at Walmart as a greeter or flip burgers at the golden arches, if you are NOT happy with your pay, your co-workers, your boss or your job as a whole, LEAVE...don't bitch, it isn't going to get better because you bitch, so just walk into your managers office and say, I quit. Find another job you can be happy with without all the things that "you think" makes PTI a bad place to work. NO ONE is holding you back or begging you NOT to leave. Go find work you can be happy with and make everyone, including your family that I am sure is tired of hearing you bitch about work all of the time, happy and quit. What I have found is that if people are unhappy with PTI, they are not only bitching to their families but to other drivers (bad for morale by the way) but also bitching to the railroaders. They DO NOT want to hear how unhappy their driver is, they just want to get home or to their train or to their hotel in one piece without hearing dirty laundry the whole trip.
Just saying.......... if the shoe fits, wear it.

Maple Grove, MN

#250 Jan 12, 2014
Let me just say this. This forum will not let me post the truth about PTI management. Also, I would look elsewhere for a job if I were you. 2013.

Maple Grove, MN

#251 Jan 12, 2014
2013 Heres thing. If you are a heavy alcohol drinker, cusser or someone who doesnT care, youll fit right in. You will be asked to look the other way about drug along RR.
THEN expect the normal job BS like, manager favorits, losing you seniority to any 22 yr old bimbo the RR likes more than you.
Dont expext to be paid the same, others will get runs while you sit and wait or get repeated busted runs which get reassigned hense you dont get paid!
The payrill is always WRONG!
By UPSEU1222 UNION you should be protected, YOU ARE NOT.

Syracuse, UT

#253 Jan 12, 2014
WOW. I am amazed by the last 3 posts. Two people must have written them and neither one knows anything about anything.
(1.) Look at the first post. The punctuation is correct, the sentence structure is correct and when reading it, it seems like a "normal" person wrote it.
(2.) However, that first post, is wrong. In this forum, you can say anything you want (read back to the very first post 240 odd posts ago). So if you have some "truths" you would like to share, you are more than welcome. BUT with that said, don't say things you can't back up with *truth* because it is funny how these things come back to bite you in the ass. But in your case, you hide behind the anonymity of a user name so vague it isn't funny ("PTI EMPLOYED" and where you are out of - branch - United States .. really???
(3.) Whoever wrote the second and third posts doesn't have a High School education. Sentence structure totally different, misspelled words. I would say that this person has NOT been with the company long, probably a dissatisfied old and bankrupt coach America driver. This person needs to A. get a GED and B. go to Anger Management classes and C. stop spreading lies and mistruths. It is true that people that work with the public in any capacity, sometimes do bring their ill feelings, depression, martial problems, financial problems etc. to work with them, which they SHOULD NOT DO, but it happens. If you are so thin skinned and somebody swearing in front of you, or isn't happy to be at work in -32 degrees or is just having a bad day, then this job is NOT for you, well, actually, it sounds like NO job is for you.
But enough of your good points. I agree the Union is not what we (the members) might want out of a Union, and serving as a Union Steward I can tell you this is true, but, the old story everyone spreads around from Garrett to Detroit to points West, North, South and East is that UPSEU was bought and paid for by PTI. I have written grievances that once written and sent to the Union, PTI backed down and re-hired or took off of suspension but for those who were caught talking on their cell phone (oh it was an emergency see my kid....whatever) and lose their job, tough shit - you were warned before you hired in, or you didn't get out and you backed over railroad tracks and got stuck...sorry, once again, the Union can't fight for you.
I have stated from the very first post here a year or more ago, PTI SUCKS but, if you choose to stay employed here, expect some out of the normal rules, glitches and seemingly unfair practices but really, don't you hear that from every person working today? It is just ironic that PTI gets a forum to do their bitching in whereas I don't know if Wal-Mart or McDonalds or Uniroyal or GM employees have a forum they can go bitch in, but this one is ours One other thing about this job is that the work is EASY and no, when I was over the road, I HATED sitting and waiting for dispatch to call, but it is part of the job (knew it from the first day) and to sit on your ass and drive railroaders around the country or in the yards, I can put up with one or two surly people because the other 98 or 99 railroaders are just normal people.
As everyone on here knows, I have said it and looks like I will have to continue saying it to people like you - If this job is so bad, the work so beneath you and the people so rude and nasty and you don't get paid correctly blah blah blah... WHY ARE YOU STILL WORKING FOR PTI?? QUIT - GET OUT - LEAVE - Get a job that you are better suited for like stripping houses for copper to sell or bottles and cans to return or just get on disability so you can sit around and watch Jerry Springer all day and night and know that you are one beer away from being on that show.

United States

#254 Jan 12, 2014
Wow, that last post said nothing worth reading. There is no edit feature here. May be the previous poster has a hard time typing or seeing small letters. How rude. People need to be able to express them concerns without being criticized. Wow.

United States

#255 Jan 12, 2014
Mary, I agree with you. Jimim523 should step back. PTI job is great. Its people like jimim523 who make bad. He hates. Try letting people express their concerns without attacking them.

Noblesville, IN

#256 Jan 15, 2014
Yes, from a PTI insider, the management truly does not care about a single employee. I have given a long run, dedicated to helping inside and out, and still get sh*t on.
I will say this though: they will stiff you as much as possible if you don't use crew mobile, so press the d*mn buttons for Pete's sake!! If the junk doesn't work or you assume it isn't working properly, call dispatch and document your every move - cover your self!! And yes, you get paid for training when the BM's actually submit your training. The main office has no control over the organizational skills of the branches. It is naturally assumed that grown folk are capable of faxing in paperwork as expected...(imagine that...). And yes, you do get paid min wage; that part on your check that says ADJ does just that. And yes, the bajillion prompts for their helpline is a joke to get to the same guy every time, but what you don't realize is the company compiles reports from those to figure where the major problems are. Quite frankly it would be a great company to work for if management valued their employees and paid wages worth working for... but they are far from it. So of you're bitching about the company yet still work for them, that is your personal problem. And I'm pretty sure jimim works for PTI's main office.....

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