Speak English, Your In America Now
all lies

San Antonio, TX

#2231 Dec 16, 2012
key word: WAS a part of Mexico. NOT a part of that cesspool mexico now you stupid moron!
Cletus Kettle

San Antonio, TX

#2233 Dec 16, 2012
ja ja ja wrote:
The only thing that belongs to you is your stupidity! You will never amount to anything on your own. You have to have affirmative action and extra points given to you when you apply for a job because of your lack of intelligence!
"You have to have"? Dat be sum kind of Kracker smack? How yer doing at Walmart?

Houston, TX

#2234 Dec 16, 2012
Would you rather have Hispanics working hard or Guidos partying on reality TV and making money from that lol
tonka truck

San Antonio, TX

#2235 Dec 17, 2012
It's true. Mexicans can't get a job on their own merits. Because of their lack of intelligence they have to have affirmative action, and given extra points when they apply for a job. They are poster children for Jerry's kids. So sad.
manuellealvizcay [email protected]

San Antonio, TX

#2238 Mar 2, 2013
DEJ wrote:
<quoted text>you have to read mexican to buy ceral now days
BS! I can speak English, Spanish, French, and Basque! Spanish was the original language in most of Texas! I will not be told what language I can speak by an ignoramus that only knows English and only incorrect English!
manuellealvizcay [email protected]

San Antonio, TX

#2239 Mar 2, 2013
DEJ wrote:
<quoted text>you have to read mexican to buy ceral now days
Since when is English our native language? Ignorane is native to dej!
manuellealvizcay [email protected]

San Antonio, TX

#2240 Mar 2, 2013
DEJ wrote:
<quoted text>you have to read mexican to buy ceral now days
There is no Mexican language ignorant DEJ! It is called Spanish and comes from Spain ignoramus!
manuellealvizcay [email protected]

San Antonio, TX

#2241 Mar 2, 2013
DEJ wrote:
<quoted text>you have to read mexican to buy ceral now days
There is no Mexican language Mr Ignoramus DEJ!
manuellealvizcay [email protected]

San Antonio, TX

#2242 Mar 2, 2013
DEJ wrote:
<quoted text>you have to read mexican to buy ceral now days
I am Basque! DEJ is ignorant!
manuellealvizcay [email protected]

San Antonio, TX

#2243 Mar 2, 2013
jedimasterwendy wrote:
We, the Legal American workers of the USA, need to stand together NOW, to keep English as our only native language.

Foreigners are saturating the USA & are slowly trying to modify our national language to include Spanish, so it will be easier for them to live & work in this country.

Qualified US citizens who need to support their families are being refused employment in their own country because they don't speak Spanish. This is happening on a daily basis. The unemployment rate is up and the government offices are making suggestions that we learn Spanish so we can get jobs.

This is wrong & something needs to be done. If we do nothing, in 10 years we will all need to know Spanish and have to push 2 to hear it in English! Please help stop the madness before it goes any farther.

We can not allow any modification of our national language.

We need stronger laws which require resident & citizen applicants to learn English in order to live & work in the USA. If not, than these companies that deal with non speaking English patrons, need to hire an interpreter and pay them what the average interpreter makes. To force the “legal” US citizen to speak a new language is Discrimination based on language.

We need new laws created to protect the English speaking citizens of the USA from any discrimination (like employment, housing, etc.)
Amnesty should only be given if the parties are willing to learn English and help change their family members coming over or who are already here.
Petition to NOT modify our native language to include any foreign language
Petition for stronger laws requiring all residents & citizens to learn & speak English in order to live & work in the USA.
Petition for new laws protecting US citizens who are refused employment in the USA simply because they do not speak a foreign language.
Petition for new laws protecting the English speaking citizens of the USA from any form of discrimination (employment, housing, etc.).
We would like to thank Verizon Wireless for taking the first steps in realizing that we shouldn’t have to push one for English, it should be a given.

If you agree, take a stand & sign the petition.
I can speak four languages fluently! I know your attitude is ignorance! Too bad for this my country!!
Donkey dong

San Antonio, TX

#2244 Mar 3, 2013
The Mexican language is a variation of Spanish. It is not exactly the same, just like the form of English we speak here is not the same that they speak in Great Britain. If you went to Spain and would speak the Spanish that's spoken here in Texas those people would be offended.

Brooksville, FL

#2247 Jun 2, 2013
Is our president fluent in Spanish? What about the members of all of our governmental institutions both federal and state? I can guarantee very few could carry on a simple conversation in Spanish. I happen to love language and excelled in Spanish in high school and college. The ability to communicate in Spanish will enhance any resume giving the applicant a cutting edge. what I do not appreciate is when it becomes mandatory for an American born citizen to have to speak Spanish
in order to qualify for any position in the country of their birth. I find it interesting that the eastern Indian children win at least 90% of all American spelling bees. They not only learn English they excel in it. They now make up a significant number of physicians, engineers researchers and the like in our country. My hat goes of to these industrious people. Someone wrote earlier that soon there will be more Spanish speaking people than any other group residing in the U.S. I suppose this means that the lack of birth control translates into " hola Maria"
Uh huh

San Antonio, TX

#2248 Jun 2, 2013
Tricia, perhaps you should look back on your history. We did not capture slaves, Africa sold their own people to buyers/traders who shipped them to various countries such as England, Spain, Cuba, and the Caribbean. To bring up the issue of slavery is one that we could discuss for hours, I appall it. You are talking about something dating prior to the Civil War. The Mexican people are a product of the Spanish and indigenous Native Americans. No one is Native to this land except the original inhabitants. Nations have been conquered and changed since the beginning of time. The language of the land in which we live is English. Spanish is a secondary language, not a primary, although I speak fluently. Not all of who you believe came to this country came here on that boat from England, which I believe you are referring to as the Mayflower. Immigrants poured to this country from Ireland, England, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Europe and others. We are a veritable melting pot, full of culture and many languages but our primary language is English. If we are to cater to one language, Spanish, then we must also cater to other languages such as Vietnamese and Cuban. If you go to Europe to live, you must learn the language, there is no exception.

San Antonio, TX

#2249 Jun 2, 2013
For this country to survive we need one predominant language and English is the language. Having too many cultures and subcultures as well as languages will spell doom like the tower of Babel in the Bible.
Uh huh

San Antonio, TX

#2250 Jun 2, 2013
Speakyenglish you make sense. We have products in the grocery stores only marked in English and Spanish, should we also cater to all other languages? We do have high immigration of Muslim people and Hindu, meaning we should also label things in Indian and in Arabic. I am just trying to make sense of it all, after all, if we should label in Spanish we best well start labeling in Arabic and quickly! I believe if you are to cater you should cater to all or you need to choose a primary language for this country. Our forefathers spoke in English, our forefathers escaped religious persecution, met Indians of the land and yet, even after the revolutionary war, chose to keep English as their language of the land. BTW, I am an an American Indian by descent and want nothing more than this country to move forward without discord.
Uh huh

San Antonio, TX

#2251 Jun 2, 2013
I can say, however; the very thought of someone not obtaining a job because they cannot speak Spanish fluently or to even some extent appalls me. I believe it is unjust. I speak fluently but I still feel it it unfair as I see my friends not being able to obtain employment for this very reason.

San Antonio, TX

#2254 Jun 3, 2013
I would like you to try and learn Cantonese Chinese greaser. You frijoles learn Mexican before you learn English. And don't try to tell me that jibberish you frijoles speak here in Texas is Spanish, all your ignorant people did is trash a legitimate language like a bunch of animals! You brown TRASH!
Americano Forever

Bryan, TX

#2258 Jun 9, 2013
Federale wrote:
<quoted text>
Very true.
Listen here federale, I'll speak Spanish anywhere, anytime...
Why? Because it is my right as an American...yes, I'm well educated to know better and my rights will not be violated by some numbskull neanderthal such as yourself.

If you don't like the fact that Hispanics are twice as smart because we can make sense of the simplest rhetoric because we can process information in two languages, then go back to your home country, across the ocean, and stay there you imbesil.

Vete a la verga buey!
Jacob S

San Antonio, TX

#2259 Jun 10, 2013
That's coming to an end Americano Forever! Why do you call yourself an American when you obviously think more of your Mexican roots than being an American. Sounds to me lie you should go live in Mexico with all your screwed up people.
Devil Anse

San Antonio, TX

#2260 Jun 10, 2013
Mexico and its people SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

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