Why do people still think it's cool t...
Seattle beans

Port Orchard, WA

#96 Feb 24, 2013
calimexikano wrote:
Its a way of life ese......it ain't bout being cool, its bout pride and love for your heritage.......
This ain't the 70's or 80's or 90's. Cholos nowadays (at least in my area) are a bunch of middle and high schoolers, with your occasional high-school drop out. I don't want those type of people (I mean losers like high school dropouts and such, not cholos specifically but people like high school dropouts) representing the Mexican race. Plus, cholos tend towards Azteca stuff and not every mexican has Aztecan blood in them so it really doesn't tie in with everybodys point of view. But I totally get you on what you mean by pride and heritage, I just think there's other way to show Mexican pride and heritage (and even heritage to those races that are native to the mexican land, becuase that's what we all are, even our guatemalan neighbors, they root from the similar mexican-tribes too.)
Sexii Tatted up hyna

Houston, TX

#97 Mar 12, 2013
Dauuummm I want me a bald headed Mexican frm San anto get at me all u single men lol :) ill give u my digits ese only if u send a picture so I kno u ain't lying bout being a cholo :)
johnny boy

Houston, TX

#98 Mar 12, 2013
Isn't it weird that all these Mexican males have their heads shaved. If they only knew how stupid they look and could see everyone making fun of them.

United States

#99 Mar 14, 2013
Looney wrote:
U kno thats old skewl shit, now & days gangters from both from sur & norte dropped the "cholo look" which is long socks, dickies, cortez. The new generation dropped tht shit & the only ones tht still wear it is wannnabes or ppl tht aint from cali. LA will prolly have em but most cholos dropped the look & they wear it with style now. They still wear baggy clothes so the gangster look wont fade but u dont have to be all super cholo 2 be a gangster as long as ur from a real varrio & u throw it up & act like a gee. they wear more expensive brands now that have names & alot of gurls dig the new way becuz the old way is playd out, besides theres a reason why we are called the newer generation. BTW im a sureno & i kno cuz i have experience, Big Bad 13 bby, dont put eses down, Luv for my Surenos
I want to join a gang and be in surenos I want to be a gangster

United States

#100 Mar 14, 2013
I have brown pride
gray ghost

Denver, CO

#101 Mar 15, 2013
Wow! What a goal to aspire to! Being a gang member! Why don't you try and get an education and be a productive member of society instead of wanting to be a loser?

Coraopolis, PA

#102 Mar 18, 2013
The way I see it, it's a state of mind.I've got nothing against cholos. Hell, some of them are pretty cool and intelligent when you get to know them. It all boils down to this, it's all in the upbringing. It's their choice. It's not dissing our heritage, primos. You want to run around cause trouble, jail or just hang around; that's all on you. But if you want to make something better, you've got to do it yourself.

Coraopolis, PA

#103 Mar 18, 2013
On another note, don't be a little bitch carrying a gun or snitch that you got your ass handed to you. Take it like a man. Win some and lose some. More honor fighting hand to hand than have your buddies jump the guy that gave you a beatdown.
Hispanic Here

Austin, TX

#104 Mar 18, 2013
You all little cholo punks are stupid, I am hispanic myself and yes you all are plain dumbasses, get an education fix up your chicken shack you all call houses and paint the walls rather than using sharpies, and left over spray cans, and trying wearing a decent outfit that fits and looks from this century. Pride, pride in what, look at the damm neighborhoods you all live in, yes I still live in westside but I got an education fixed up my house and cleaned up my part of the neighborhood but driving around here people need to change with the times. Damm even the black people in the east side cleaned up there shit..that's why they call us and yes I am included dirty fucken mexicans...
Rolando Mota

Gardena, CA

#105 Mar 22, 2013
Rey S wrote:
<quoted text>
Nah man I'm not dissing my heritage at all. I'm trying to make us all look good by getting a college education, a good job, a nice house, and by representing all latinos in a good way. So people will know that we aren't all thugs and troublemakers. Like I said I grew up on the southside so I know what it's all about. I know I want my kids to have it better than I did not be stuck in the same place as I was.
. That dude was trying to be funny see! What a lame!

United States

#106 Mar 29, 2013
Simon....much love to my cholos y cholas up on here...ignorance smh pues si que no! Judgamentle assholes dont know was up! Pa la rucka que dice were mugrosas....tu pinche abuela mija y tu culo tambien ahaa morita no saves ni que pedo so mejor shut it up!!... got mines in order baby y estoy bien feliz!...Alrato
Incinal leal

San Antonio, TX

#107 Mar 29, 2013
Hey shorty, STFU! You're nothing but a loooossseeeerrr!!!!!

Saint Hedwig, TX

#108 Apr 5, 2013
210 Mexican wrote:
You said my ignorant ass has got to go,
I say sit back and I'll give you a blow!
I'm the best when it comes to stroking that d!ck
so ram that piece down my throat and make it quick!
Come on ese, and blow that load
can't stop me when I'm in my sucking mode
I'm a cholo and this is what we do
Do it baby boy and shoot that sticky goo!
Now that is a great example of cool,, Yep,, keep it down and dirty,, never let your kids grow above the gutter,, glad I let mine grow
Hispanic Chick

United States

#109 Apr 6, 2013
Im a Mexican and i've some of my cousins go into that "cholo" life. I personally think their stupid for doing that. I mean their parents came here for them to have a good life. Yet they fuck it up because they think their representing hispanics or latinos. I seriously think their making Mexicans look bad and uneducated. I didnt fall into that path because I realized early enough that I wasn't just going to mess up my life, but my parents life too. I firmly believe that theres much better ways to represent the Mexican culture.

United States

#110 Apr 10, 2013
Mr. Educated,

FYI... lowrider, dickies, stacies, and nike cortez are NOT part of any MEXICAN culture in fact "cholo" "pachuco" are just some stupid names that dumb mexicans... im sorry "educated" Mexicans like yourself came up with. to finalized this... the only fake and uneducated "mexican" that has not ROOTS or any idea of what roots acuatlly means is you and the rest of idiots like you. So dont try to come in here acting like you know anything about culture "ese", because you look like an idiot Mr. I make 60,000 a year.
Sabes que not all cholos are low life im educated have a degree dress in dickies kreased out stacies lowrider hats but being dissed from another mexican that doesnt appreciate his roots or his culture hes the one thats fake trying to act like hes never been to the barrio even if he hasnt hes a careless fool that judges people by the way they dress im a proud hard working chicano man i make 60,000 year im not a ignorant man im just a man that appreciates and respects his cultura and i understand the chicano movement and where my ancestors came from and what they went thru to make this country of what it is today to that lame ass ignorant fool dissing chicano cholos get a life milkweed ur a disgrace to the raza its because of people like you that theres corruption in this world all i have to say is chicanos unidos cholo por vida carnal who ever doesnt like it tell it to my face ese trust me u wont be standing homie orale stay up chicanismo por vida

United States

#111 Apr 10, 2013
where im from that is called IDIOTISM to the max!!!
calimexikano wrote:
Its a way of life ese......it ain't bout being cool, its bout pride and love for your heritage.......

United States

#112 Apr 10, 2013
Office Max has all the Sharpies on special buy one get a whole box free! lol
Simon....much love to my cholos y cholas up on here...ignorance smh pues si que no! Judgamentle assholes dont know was up! Pa la rucka que dice were mugrosas....tu pinche abuela mija y tu culo tambien ahaa morita no saves ni que pedo so mejor shut it up!!... got mines in order baby y estoy bien feliz!...Alrato

United States

#113 Apr 18, 2013
puro vayuco TX putos :)
Ignorant Mexicans

San Antonio, TX

#114 Apr 18, 2013
Their called "charpies" vato!

Gustine, CA

#115 Apr 23, 2013
cholos think there tough with there xxxl shirts when they only way 125 pounds. hahaha. i beat a couple of cholos asses before. he showed up to the wrong party acting hard. little did he know i'm a wrestler and slammed him head first. no guns= little punks. i will continue to best cholos asses any chance i get. they think buy dressing stupid that they automatically know how to fight. hahaha.

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