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Legal Ethics According to James Ehler and Marie Haspil (Lesson No. 1)

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#1 Mar 7, 2013
Highly ethical lawyers can be used as examples for legal ethics.

If your client's child reports that opposing counsel are asking him to lie that his mother "touched" him, ignore the child.

This is true even if the child gives numerous details that check out from independent sources. This is true even if a child psychologist interviews the child and finds him credible. This is true even if all who know the child describe him as intelligent and honest. This is true even if the child knows things he could not otherwise know (he knows about other lies being told). Remember, Legal ethics is not about truth rather concealment of truth.

Do not be concerned that your client might go to prison if you do nothing. Legal ethics has nothing to do with clients. It has to do with corruption and lying. Clients just pay the bills.

It is entirely irrelevant that the child will likely be believed if he lies as requested. Again, clients are of no proper concern. The concern should be with protecting the reputations of the lawyers who asked the child to lie (according to the child).

It is a completely legitimate tactic to ask a child to lie to set up a litigation opponent for prison. It is always OK to lie about sex. One particularly good tactic is to lie about the law. It is very ethical to make up a legal principle out of thin air and then lie about it. It is also cool to not disclose conflicts of interest (e.g. you are working with the judge on his personal custody case).

It doesn't matter if the Court confirms what happened in the jury room in front of the Judge. The child should be ignored. We must remember at all time to not embarrass corrupt and criminal lawyers (it is of course a crime to solicit perjury or tamper with a witness). The bottom line according to the highly ethical Marie Haspil is to lie, lie, lie regardless of its consequences to innocent people. Lying is ethical. James Ehler agrees.

Next, we will learn how it is ethical to lie about the condition of a child care provider. On a related point, not only should a lawyer never believe a child (unless of course he is a prosecutor or represents CPS or is accusing a parent falsely of child sexual abuse), the lawyer should never believe his own client.

One has to wonder what good a lawyer is to a client if the lawyer ignores the client? The answer to this question we must leave to great ethical minds like Marie Haspil and James Ehler.

It is sometimes easier to express ethical rules in terms of a bottom line rather than logical principles because the rules simply don't make sense logically. The bottom line according to Marie Haspil and James Ehler is that some cases are just "fixed" and the lawyer should accept this fact. Corruption should be ignored, and the client's interests have no pertinence.

These of course are horribly immoral ethical rules. But, it is a good thing to at least get the horrible truth out in the open. Once it is realized that the legal system is corrupt, then people can order their lives accordingly.

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#2 Mar 7, 2013
Correction: It doesn't matter if the CHILD confirms what happened in the jury room in front of the Judge.

The child was not allowed to testify on his wishes (of course, the ethical lying lawyer Joubert lied about the child's wishes in closing argument after asking that the jury not hear his true wishes -- remember according to Marie Haspil and James Ehler both highly ethical lawyers lying is ethical).

However, the child was asked about the meeting where he was asked (or told) to lie. Lanette Joubert towering of the child asks in a stern voice: "I wasn't there was I." The child responded, "yes, you were."

These words by the child in the jury room were entirely irrelevant because remember the truth doesn't matter in Haspil / Ehler ethical land.

There was never any question raised that the child said these things. The child then confirmed his statements in front of the judge. However, again, the truth matters nothing in legal ethics as per the highly ethical James Ehler and Marie Haspil.

The fact is that certain lawyers have ethical license to lie and falsely accuse people of sexual abuse of children (Lanette Joubert and William Dudley have done that more than once and this is known to James Ehler and Marie Haspil). The fact is that Lanette Joubert and William Dudley both believe children when making their false allegations. The rule is one thing for them and another for others? Yes, that is exactly the truth.

Rules of law mean nothing under the ethical regime of the highly ethical Marie Haspil, James Ehler, and Judge William Adams.

Marc Rosenthal paied a witness $10,000 to testify about a railroad accident that he didn't see (according to a recent federal jury verdict). He also bribed the judge among others.

It is a shame that the U.S. Attorneys didn't ever learn James Ehler / Marie Haspil rules of ethics. Some cases are fixed and the outcome of fixed cases should not be interrupted.

Actually, under James Ehler / Marie Haspil ethics, Marc Rosenthal was ethical and the U.S. Attorney unethical. Marie Haspil has stated very clearly that it is unethical to believe anyone other than another lawyer. The U.S. Attorney should have just believed Marc Rosenthal when he denied wrongdoing.

We have entered Alice in Wonderland. Actually, we just have highly unethical people working at the bar. By the way, the letterhead used by Marie Haspil says "State Bar of Texas" on the top. Yet, she argued to a judge that she was not part of the "Bar" (also, everybody calls her organization "the Bar"). Actually, her office is some type of sub-component of the bar (whatever you want to call that sub-component). She denied she worked for the bar while obstructing discovery. That is ethical also. Lie, Lie, Lie to avoid discovery. The truth is something to be concealed not revealed.

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