Why are white people so stupid?
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Paul H

San Antonio, TX

#1980 Jun 26, 2014
How many white men have screwed my mama? I lost count....

United States

#1981 Aug 11, 2014
It's all in the family genetics, socially back ground, And if they are raised with or without class.. And with or without self respect... And sad to say im ashamed of the behavior and IQ of lower class whites.. But they do not represent me or my family as I'm not related to them any more than non white people....

Out breeding not in breeding ... Makes blacks smarter...
African Americans all have a touch of Caucasian in them as they interbreed with the 40% of white slaves and slave owners at the beginning of slavery. Also they were also out bred over a 1000 years prior as slaves in Africa and Egypt... Out breeding generally produces smarter higher IQ off spring. This is why so many blacks have incredibly high IQs and are better at sports. Out breeding also occurred as the first humans migrated back to Africa after evolving from Homo sapiens ... This out breeding occurred 10k years ago to create modern Africans....
One serious flaw is they are also prone to be an emotional roller coaster... And many come from very low class up bringing. Combined with stupid brainwashing wrap music. And a low life negro culture exploited to younger generations are the chief causes of a failed African American society. They also are more prone to a life in prison do to outrageous behavioral issues. Most of which is a genetic trait.

Sorry if this offends anyone ... But these are the facts ... And yes .. I've noticed it too.. A lot of white people are weird/ dumb / ignorant/ low class ... And I'm glad to not be related to any of them.

Westport, CT

#1982 Aug 11, 2014
itsme46 wrote:
Don't call us stupid when we work and can speak the right english! I work in a grocery store mexican and indians are all on food stamps,wic and whatever else is free very few whites are its sad when they teach their kids 5 and up how to use the food stamp card lets teach them how to be drunk lazy ass people that we have to support! Your so proud to live in the us get off your lazy asses and work,then you can be proud!
shut the hell up,i dont think you can speack any indian or other language "right"... can you? and you obvipusly arent well off either if you work in a groccery store..areyou!
40 cal chimp tamer

San Antonio, TX

#1983 Sep 5, 2014
Another chimp chimping out ha ha ..its so cute like going to the zoo n watching the monkies fight oooiii oooii lol..hands up dont shoot .

Parlin, NJ

#1985 Dec 23, 2014
We need another holocust but with black people in order to cleanse this world
i is a white man

Rutledge, TN

#1986 Feb 4, 2015
Rey S wrote:
White people make me laugh. They bitch about black people all the time, and it was them that brought black people here in the first place. That's gotta sting for a black guy to be pounding your little white daughters. Haha
i need to rebuild my Portuguese man o war ship before i can deliver any black slaves to america. the african village chief now wants american dollars instead of guns and beads. i really feel bad about bringing all you africans to america to live on easy street. low income housing, food cards, clothing vouchers, energy assistance, college loans, affirmative action, 10 points on any test so you can pass the test, must i go on and on? and most important if you would think with your head instead of your penis, you would still be in africa where you could find a cure for ebola, or save africa from the killing that goes on daily between the villages. Mohammed ali said, "thank god my ancestors were on that ship!!! alex haley settled out of court (10 million dollars) for stealing the story Roots. always stealing and killing. sound fimiliar? i is sorry fo bringing you here!!!!!!
white boy

Saint Paul, MN

#1987 Feb 12, 2015

Mountain View, CA

#1988 Jul 29, 2015
They say that they are superior to all the other races, but admit that they slaves to jews, LOL. : )
American Made

San Antonio, TX

#1989 Jul 31, 2015
Give me a couple of years and I should be able to tell you why we're dumb. Uh, uh, uh.... What was the question again?

Buffalo, NY

#1990 Sep 10, 2015
White are ridiculous i droped my 5 year old son off at school today my son has long hair braided boy clothes spiderman bookbag and there like aww she so pretty at least 6 ppl im like no he is a boy y would any one dress there daughter up in boy clothes and spider man 😵

Carrollton, GA

#1993 Oct 29, 2015
My onlybquestion about white people is why do they insist that they're saving everyone and everything when everything and everyone around them and their creations die in the process. Seriously, there's a trail of death everywhere the white man touches.

Washington, DC

#1994 Nov 8, 2015
Hah wrote:
Well, let's see, white people invented the following:
The technology to harness, store, transfer and convert electricity to a usable power source.
I named these, as these are things you're using right now. White people also created planes, cars, industrial agriculture, factories, factory lines, robots, nano-technology, cloning, they make practically every medical and scientific discovery etc. They also made the language you speak, the civilization you're a part of, and the architecture you live in. They also created highways. Speaking of our civilization, that includes: the most advanced school systems to day, the most advanced medical systems to date etc. Your life was made possible by white people. Shall I go on?
White people have done more to progress humanity than any other group combined on this planet. White people are the only people to successfully leave this planet, as well as land on the moon. How in the world can such a stupid people do all these amazing things? I sense a massive inferiority complex towards white people, from you Hispanic mutts...
Remember, if we were so stupid, and you were so outstandingly brilliant, we wouldn't be on the top, and you wouldn't be on the bottom...
No one landed on the moon you dumbass. Research something called Van Allen Radiation Belts. The moon landing was a hoax.

Also, I am not about to sit here and cherry pick the originators of historical achievements, but, the Phoenician Alphabet was not invented by Caucasians. Furthermore, there are many important scientific discoveries attributable to non white people. You sound very ignorant.

Arlington, TX

#1996 Nov 28, 2015
ItPrefersFiction wrote:
<quoted text>
No one landed on the moon you dumbass. Research something called Van Allen Radiation Belts. The moon landing was a hoax.
Also, I am not about to sit here and cherry pick the originators of historical achievements, but, the Phoenician Alphabet was not invented by Caucasians. Furthermore, there are many important scientific discoveries attributable to non white people. You sound very ignorant.
That is some conspiracy theory crap about the moon landing.

Buda, TX

#1998 Apr 14, 2016
I agree with this person see white people wants to talk about ### offenders and how they're monsters when the uncles are having sex with the nieces and nephews. There's your monster right there and white people are so stupid that they have so called "Christians" that there are ### offenders in the damn church.

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