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The truth teller

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#111 Aug 30, 2012
Is this a tale of two daddies?

Fat ass enjoys spreading dirt on other individuals forgetting his wide open closet.
He got great joy in his attempt to defame John.

For years he told tales of how when he was 29 his daddy who died in 1979 gave him an ultimatiom to get a job or get out of the house. And how his daddy took him into the insurnce industry and taught him a carreer. Oh least we forget the tale of the wrecked mustang his daddy totaled when fatass was in college. Before dropping out. Yes we have the records.

Funny after years of those stories he now has changed to his daddy died when he was in high school. Now while gary is as dumb as a brick, even he got out of high school before he turned 30.

Take these alternate stories and then pulling up daddies will and taking notice how fat ass was treated in the will compared to his brother and sisters really has heads spinninig. Just who is the real ftass father.

Have not yet found the answer but boy oh boy is there a lot of fasanating dirt on the fat ass family. This is a storied family.

So fatass do you have two daddies or is your inability to tell the truth expanded so far you are this warped
The truth teller

United States

#112 Aug 30, 2012
What silly little men you are.

Toe why do you lie? Why do you hate?

Toe has this need to stalk Greg and the Unusual Suspects in order to try and find topics to create his web of lies against them.

This morning while stalking Greg he over heard a conversation between Greg and David. In this conversation they discussed David purchasing a repeater and Greg recommended against installation of a repeater at his home and provided reasons.

At no point in time did David or Greg ever make mention of the Fat Ass Repeater.
At no point in time did David or Greg ever make mention of Fat Ass or Toe.

At no point in time did anything said by David or Greg give Toe and Fat ass reason
to be offended.

But guess what? Toe managed to alter the conversation and make claim that they said things that were never said and spent the next half hour attacking Dave and Greg.

Why Toe? Why?
The truth teller

United States

#113 Aug 30, 2012
Question of Toe and Fat Ass.

I am looking at a photograph of Fat Ass at a recent Radio Event he attended. Fat ass is extremely fat and is defines Obesity.

In fact Fat Ass has admitted that he weighs 377 pounds. His Drivers lic showed 371 pounds.

At his height and his weight his BMI is considered Morbidly Obese

Yet this extremely fat Morbidly Obese individual claims he is skinny and attacks people like Andrew Watson as Fat.

Can you say projection Mr. Fat Ass? In fact Andrew Watson who is only 1 inch shorter than Fat Ass only weighs 278 pounds. So how is it that Fat Ass can consider himself skinny and Andrew Fat.

What logic?

United States

#115 Aug 30, 2012
Nation of Imbeciles

San Antonio, TX

#124 Aug 31, 2012
I am transmitting the full contents of this forum to the Federal Communications Commission(FCC) so that they might consider launching a full blown fact-finding blue ribbon investigation.

It's over for all of these HAM losers as I have decided to take action.
ham hocks

Dallas, TX

#132 Sep 2, 2012
You need to clean up your mommas hams so you can lick them.

Since: Aug 12

San Jose, CA

#147 Sep 3, 2012
why wrote:
Tommy.. Are you not a little worried that "Geoffery" had A.D.S.???? that's what kill him ..If I was a gay man like you... You should be a little worried...?
where exactly did he have A.D.S? Was it on Craig's list or in the Sunday paper.
The judge

United States

#182 Sep 9, 2012
After they started butting into my and my children's personal business and the other day discussed my child on the air, I decided that two can tango and I want to punch Fat Ass and Toes Dance card. I will not sit idling by like other local hams have done and put up with it. I will fight fire with fire.

Every thing they want to do against others can and will be performed in spades right back at them. They want to mail out reports to individuals, they want to discuss faults of others and they wish to attack children. 

I can dance the same dance. 

I have outstanding resources and can locate and find anything within the back ground of these idiots that I want and need.

In my research on Toe, Fat Ass and Puss N Boots I learned some fascinating things.

My back ground searches not only involved criminal, Civil and public Social networks as well as Family back ground as well.

For example: 

Fat Ass not only has a criminal history with multiple arrest, but simply a fascinating family life and amazing history of lying. 

For example, not only do I have recordings of 4 separate stories as told by fat ass on his father and how he died {twice Fat Ass claimed heart attack, recently it has been Cancer and he has on multiple occasions claimed the actual correct time period that his father died, then he has him dying in  high school And no this is not misspeaking. This sad individual started in on the idea his father passed away when he was in high school after another ham he was talking to in late February was discussing his father dying at an early age. The every insecure always one up man ship fat ass had to also have a father than passed away in his youth. So he invented daddy dying in high school.

He has spoken this lie on 13 individual occasions how his father passed away in his junior or senior year. 

The strained relationship between fat ass and his father becomes extremely clear when you read his fathers will.

I will be sending out and sharing the real Pinnochio brief containing some very interesting Fat Ass, Puss N Boots and Toe information.

I will not wait around for them to further attack me. i will be hitting them hard, fast and direct.

When they focused attention upon me and my family they screwed up royal.
The judge

United States

#183 Sep 9, 2012
Since ypu thought my children were a concern to yoy. Allow me to make youre children a concern of mine.

Your children are interesting as well. Specially that young lady, actually referring to her as a lady based on photos of her tht she has posted online of herself would be a false description. So young lady is false. Young female more

Ill be sharing photos and text they themselves have posted. It is clear she is taking after mommy and daddy with some activities.
The judge

United States

#184 Sep 9, 2012
My Packet will contain the following:

On Fat Ass:

Criminal History {Multiple arrest and accepting a plea on drug charges}

His fathers actual death certificate and burial Information at Ft Sam

His Fathers Will {This tells all about his relationship with Fat Ass}

Public Statements about Fat ass on social network from his brother {wow}

13 Audio Records with 4 stories of how his father died and when that are
all 180 degrees out of sync with each other. Fat ass is a professional liar.

Complaints and interviewed statements from his neighbors. This guy is not 
liked at all by his neighbors. Again WOW.

And I found an extraordinary amount of family squabbles by both his family and

And for the folks he claims to have spent up to $10,000 a year maintaining 
his repeater we have 3 audio recordings of this claim. Smells like possible 
tax fraud or maybe donation extortion for his repeater? I will dig into this more
to see why he makes such an outlandish claim. 

It could simply be he thinks others are so stupid to believe and he is just
blowing his own horn again.

On Puss n Boots:

Can you say SHOP AND DASH. On a entire new take on the Dine and
Dash it appears that some individuals like to shop and dash. Run up 17 
individual Credit Cards, Store Credits and Open Bank accounts and then with
no change to your income, suddenly declare you can not pay it and file bankruptcy.

Interesting enough it does not appear that his little conflict with Mike Falcon in Nagels was his, first Anger Management issue, there are some interesting tidbits of anger control issues before ham radio.

Also some interesting family history and least we forget a divorce in there as well.

And let us not forget Toe. This man is fascinating with his history, but I am still digging up much more on his. Found some fun things out in California. Can’t wait to share.


The judge

United States

#185 Sep 9, 2012
Just a few lies that Fat Ass touched on that will be revealed.

His out right lies to Lee, Mike, Russ and Len, regarding his criminal history.

He claims to have never purchased a car on credit. That not true, I found 3 auto loans
so far, including the one on his “new truck”. Why such high interest rates I wonder?

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY. Look at employment history and it becomes very clear why this man is not eligible for Social Security. what kind of self made man has to collect social security off his wife.

Again ill ask. Why does a man who alwys pay his bills and who is so well off and so blessed get 18% interest rates?

You are right fat ass this is fun. See how fun it is as it turn about is fair play. Remember you and toe and puss are incapable of leaving others alone. Ill play by your rules.

Fat ass you and your family are my special project. The world will all know the total truth on you, your wife and family history.

The judge

United States

#190 Sep 11, 2012
Doug wrote:
Toe and Fatass while i can understand your behavior, based on your lschool boy maturity, whwt i do not understand is your hate.
I can not understand it at all. If at 60 years of age they are incapable of understanding right from wrong they should be locked up some place. Normal adults do not gather a little information on some one, generate assumptions based on half the infornation and then bad mouth and spread a fabricated web of lies like they do.

Wht they do is not normal. The day they stop is the day amatuer radio returns to conflict free.

Listen to the tales they tell bout themselves.

Be it high school
Cb radio
Ham radio
Or work

Every single story involves some form of conflict with the only common denominator being those two idiots.

Really lee, david, mike, len, mark and ed is it really everyones elses fault. Are you 6 individuals truly that stupid?

You hear gary lie constantly. You hear his technical skills daily. Unless ypu are as stupid as gary how can you sit back and listen to his stupid shit.

I mean when a man gets on and ask if a light bulb can be run off of dc and how to wire them up to a power supply do you really believe he is an extra and holds a first class radio license? You all support his lies.

But when I see some of the stations that you have put up, maybe you are stupid enough to believe that crap.

I mean who mounts a stack set of beams and places verticals between them and then can not understand why when he sits on top of a major hill he still has a station so lame and deaf.

Listenimg to the repeater experts who never have a repeater operating trouble free has resulted in a piece of shit repeater that has no coverage and screws with his own station. Really Dave? When will you stop listening to the experts?

Lee you know the truth, yet you support gary in his lies by accepting them. He has personally told you 3 different stories of when and how his father died.

Maybe we should start running full back grounds on the posse of gary, and make life public and see what they think. Course we would need to sink tomthe same level as these clowns and not only pull up information on divorces, deaths, dwi history, etc and then embellish it and talk for hundreds of hours on the air about it.

Maybe dave, lee, mark, mike you all should be happy we are not the pieces of crap you hanf out with.

Or just maybe we are fed up and now playing by the same rules.

Couple of you have some fasanatimg history. Maybe that is why you refuse to speak up and why you suck up to the two radio bullies. You are afraid and know they will do to you what they have done to so many others.

The judge

United States

#191 Sep 11, 2012
Gary i wonder if what the humane society and the game warden will have to say about your sons stupid and inhumane method of hunting.

And all with out a huntimg license.

Maybe ill give him a call and ask.

I know for a fact your son has no valid hunting license and never completed the hunters safey course. I have audio of you discussing multiple times his hunting over past 3 years and no hunting lic pulled and no hunters safety course taken.

All illegal
The judge

United States

#192 Sep 11, 2012
Just maybe i am not the inhumane animals you all are.

Stop today instantly your attacks on and off the air of others 100% and nevr start again and the 137 pages of gary information i have on criminal charges, neighbors complaints, financial records, automobile finance records, daddy's will, public sttements from your own family about you. Your employment history and hours of record

The divorce, employment, and Bankruptcy info on puss

The interesting stuff ive found on a few of your radio buddies will all remain sealed.

I wonder what your sister and brother would think of some of the recordings, lies and comments you have made about them publically. While they would not be shocked you are lying, ill bet they will not be pleased it is on the radio.

You attacked me and my son and dozens upon dozens of others.

It ends today.

You terminate all public and non public actions and attack against others and our fued ends now.

Just one single sample of an on or off the air attack upon anyone from this minute forward and i start playing your game with you and all of your support friends.


San Antonio, TX

#193 Sep 11, 2012
thomas o caldwell wrote:
<quoted text>
i do not need the Lord. I do not ask for redemption or forgivness. I am proud of what I have acomplished in life, and when I die my body will be an empty shell. The soul only exist in the minds of the weak.
So then you are saying your father was a weak man? Was he not a minister of the Lord?

He must have been so ashamed of his accomplishments in you.
Long lost love

San Antonio, TX

#201 Sep 11, 2012
Damn, Toe, give it up already, you're so weak and pathetic.
The judge

United States

#203 Sep 12, 2012

I wonder if a party in the mid 1980’s with a local ham, his wife a hot tub and a hand full of other individuals sharing more than warm water and fine wine rings any bells to someone?
I guess he is a true friend and shares every thing he has.
The judge

United States

#204 Sep 12, 2012
thomas o caldwell wrote:
<quoted text>
you do not need a license to hunt ferrell game
Oh you silly little toe you are wrong again.

To hunt pigs in the state of Texas requires a hunting license.

Oh how we laughed and laughed last night as fat ass again had to do damage control when caught in yet another lie.

The first 3 story telling tales Mr. Fat Ass told had Andrew seeing a group of small pigs and gunning the 4x4 and running them down in a deliberate act. Oh fat ass bragged this to Lee, To Len, To you, To anyone that would listen. He was proud of the inhumane way in which Andrew ran down the pigs.

Now it was just an accident poor Andrew just driving down the road minding his own business and these mean hogs jump in front of him.

This is the tale of two daddies all over again. Were fat ass got caught lying and is now doing damage control from his lies.

Fat Ass you need to remember that recordings do not go away. When you tell stories and get called on it, you can not change it later. Your words will not go away.
The judge

United States

#205 Sep 12, 2012
Tommy has no math skills. He claimed 25,000 hours of community service. This little short man who plays santa a few times a year
expects us to believe he has spent over 3,000 days in the past 15 years for community service? 

Then you have fat ass claiming big rodeo hero and silver buckle as a reward for being number one in rodeo tickets. Funny in the 
ticket team group photos and photo with his son he  has a paper written name tag but everyone else has a printed name tag. Also
funny is they do not know what he is talking about with regards to his silver belt buckle. 

But when they sit back and produce an average of 1040 hours a year of recordings with personal attacks on other people with out
provocation and then declare themselves victims? It is sad enough they believe they are victims.

But that Lee, Dave, Mike, Mark and Danny believe they are victims is pathetic. 

Under the dumb ass rules if you are attacked day in and day out and your family is attacked and you respond to those attacks at all
you are now at fault and started it.

The judge

United States

#206 Sep 12, 2012
thomas o caldwell wrote:
<quoted text>
YOU SIR ARE A LIAR. This is the published response to Rilly Hollinsworth in response to the letter of enforcement action from the FCC to you, Sherry, and fat ass.

We understand that while you are deeply ashamed of this 10 year old rambling mess and it is a great embarrassment to the McArthur educational system does not change the facts.

You may be in denial, but that is your own short coming than mine.

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