Only on 12: Frustrated Ehrhardt Eleme...

Only on 12: Frustrated Ehrhardt Elementary parents trek to Columbia

There are 12 comments on the WRDW-TV Augusta story from May 14, 2008, titled Only on 12: Frustrated Ehrhardt Elementary parents trek to Columbia. In it, WRDW-TV Augusta reports that:

“I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting when I came home”

Parents of closing Ehrhardt Elementary School in Ehrhardt trekked to Columbia Tuesday to talk with lawmakers and get their message across. via WRDW-TV Augusta

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#1 May 15, 2008
My Girls are so upset about the idea of having to change schools. One of them told me, " I'm not going to Bamberg School." Here the board is trying to force into doing this because last year, they wanted us, in Ehrhardt, to agree to this and WE didn't!! The teachers, principals and bus drivers are so caring towards all the kids and the children LOVE them. Mrs. Brenda tells US, "you know I'm going to watch MY KID'S." Doing this is going to hurt our children, this is like taking them away from their own HOME!!! Not to mention how much it will cost the state in the long run. How you might ask? The school in Bamberg is 16 miles from Ehrhardt, that's 4 trips (least miles is 64) a day and with the price of fuel!! Please tell us what sense this makes. What happened to freedom? This is almost like being in prison and have no rights what-so-ever.
Thanks for letting me vent.

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#2 May 15, 2008
Besides all that they are taking our children out of a healthy school and putting them in a mold infested school. What do we think will happen there? Kids will be out of school more than in, because that mold is going to make them sick. I know kids that go to Bamberg school and have been sick alot more this year than they have ever been, could this molded school have been to blame? Who knows. I have older children who went to Bamberg School (K-4 thru 5th grade), but Ehrhardt Elem shows the kids more Love and affection then I have ever seen in any school setting.


#3 May 16, 2008
I to am very upset about the closing of Ehrhardt school! I can't beleive that this is in the best interest of our children! I have heard many people say this is a Ehrhardt problem. WAKE_UP BamBerg citizens! What do you think is going to happen! Let's see classrooms already overcrowded adding another 92 or more students! Pact tests score not meeting the standards! Um!I think maybe there'll soon be a new refremandam for a new school because they'll have cause! They've already stated that Richard Carroll has a history of troubles! You see it isn't just Ehrhardt that will suffer with this closing. I beleive that we all should look to where this seems to be leading. The statement that got me was (We will all have to deal with this situation until they the voters step up to the plateand vote for a refrendam for a new school .) That sounds like there is a hidden agenda but thats just my feelings on the issue. Thank-you for letting me express my feelings.
Bear Bamberg Citizen


#4 May 16, 2008
To the citizens of Bamberg and school district 1; concerning the closing of the Ehrhardt Elementary school. The given reason is that the closing is for purely finance reasons. This raises the question of how the closing of Ehrhardt school will save the district money. One the Richard Carroll Elementary school is already overcrowded. Mrs.Swarting says that more temporary buildings will be put up to accommodate the additional students. HOW MUCH DO THESE BUILDINGS COST and how about the ADDITIONAL MAINTENCE AND HEATING & COOLING COST FOR THEM? If that isn't enough cost concerns we must next look at the bus issue. THEIR WILL BE A REQURMENT FOR ADDITIONAL BUSES TO TRASPORT THE STUDENTS, THE NUMBER THREE HAS BEEN TOSSED AROUND THAT IS THREE MORE BUSES WITH FUEL EXPENSES.. Now we have more building expenses and more bus expenses with not only more fuel but they will need drivers plus maintenance added to all these other costs.The staff will be brought from Ehrhardt and put into Richard Carroll. So I'm assuming the staff includes the principal. Well to me the staff expense to include another principal to Richard Carroll and more teachers doesn't sound like a drop in expenses!!! Why will Richard Carroll need two principals; one at campus A and one at Campus B.? I don't understand this if they only hold two or three grades per campus! Anyway the question still remains; Where is the closing of Ehrhardt school going to save that much money? Maybe a SALARY CUT FOR THE DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT AND SOME OF HER STAFF would benefit the community more than closing A good school in our district or having a tax increase for a new school to accommodate students. ON Mrs.Swarting's part and it is just my opinion. I see this closing as a means to force the voters to vote for a new school. After all what logical reason is there for making a bad situation worse! Not just for the children from Ehrhardt but our Bamberg children also. Children from both communities are affected with this decision.The only saving I can see is the cost of running the building and having to use temporary buildings that are not set up for such use will still cost more; I'm sure than running the Ehrhardt school. Just call me a concerned member of Bamberg county!!
Bonnie Burgess


#5 May 16, 2008
I feel that putting kids in a school that is overcrowded and full of health issues is way out of the rights of the school BOAD of EDC. If that was something that we as parents would do we would have our kids taken away from us. So why is it that they have more rights then we do? I fell that we are being put in a jail and told you will do this and that is it. As for the budget being the issue wake up people this is for a new school. IF YOU DON'T WANGT TAXES TO GO UP THEN YOU NEED TO STOP HER AND THE BOARD NOW!!!!!! If you don't you will being paying more taxes before you know it. I also feel that if you a crazy enough to put your kids in this unsafe place knowing that it is unsafe then you need to look at what would happen if this was your home and what DSS would do then. If we all work together to make a safer place for the kids then we are right. THE KIDS IS WAHT SHOULD BE THE MOST IMPRENT RIGHT NOW!!!!!
Bonnie Burgess


#6 May 16, 2008
sorry about the spelling error's but this subject is close to my heart!!!!! I love all of these kids at EHRHARDT I work with them at the school on a one on one bases and love them all as if they were my own!!!! If I could work it out I would have all Ehrhardt kids at this school so they would have a better chance at a great future. A much better one than she is willing to give them by putting them and us in a jail like sitution!!!!
Bonnie and Vanda


#7 May 16, 2008
I wish that the kids could put there feelings up here. They are all upset and scared. They don't want to leave there school and there teachers. They have all been writing and talking about how they are mad, scared and hurt that they don't have a say in this at all!!!! They have even gone so far as to write letters to THE BOARD to get there feelings heard!!!!!
Vanda Covell


#8 May 18, 2008
I would like to make a comment to all Bamberg county citizens! We all have our feelings on this issue! I would just like to have ya all think about this quote from Mrs.Schwarting herself:(While that's their anticipation right now, Schwarting says things could change, but not until the voters decide to, "step up to the plate with a referendum to build a new K-4 school.(Until then) we are going to have to make the best," says Schwarting.) This is a statement she made to channel 12 news! If you want to check it out for yourself go read all the articles on this subject. Just go to WRDWchannel 12 news and put in Ehrhardt School in the search and then read all her comments to Channel 12!! I'm sure you'll be enlightened. You might be surprised. We can fight among ourselves or we can all realise this is her way of getting us to be forced into giving her a new school. Let's all realise that we will have to pay higher taxes. I can't afford them can you? This is fact for her to tell voters you and me to step-up to the plate then I say she has a hidden agenda here! We all need to get all the facts and find the honest answer to this sitution! Yes, I'm A Ehrhardt resident but this isn't about us this is about Bamberg County citizens! I know we all have diffrent idea's some are for a new school,others are not but is this the way you want it to come about. It takes our right of choice from us! Is it right to give a few people (the board members)power to force their agenda on us and choose how a new school will come about! I'm stating facts here; written facts don't lie she made this statement herself to the new about getting a new school! Can her agenda be any CLEARER!! We need to wake-up! She says it isn't political just financial but how could we afford a new school if things are so bad financially!!! OH, yes Thats right the taxpayers will be the ones to suffer!!!!! I'm just trying to state the facts as I see them!
Just Wondering Ehrhardt


#9 May 18, 2008
I was just wondering if the other Bamberg District 1 School board members, could tell us why they thought that closing Ehrhardt School was the only answer to the budget problem?
We have all ready heard the superintdent's reasons. Not a very good one since she can't keep her story straight but what of the other board members! I'd like them to answer why, they felt that the only solution was closing Ehrhardt school? For them to say it was the only solution than others would have to be discussed. It is being projected that other solutions were discussed before voting to close Ehrhardt! If it was in fact a budget issue than other budget cuts would have been discussed!!! Just wondering if this was the case or was it we'll close Ehrhardt school and the budget will be taken care of ? I feel we the public have the right to know! I also wonder why none of the other board members have seen fit to defend their votes!!!! In all this uproar not once have we heard from them!! Are they to afraid to defend their decisions? These are things I was just wondering about! It would be nice to get some answers!

United States

#10 May 21, 2008
I totally agree with what you are saying and yes that is exactly what's going on. I was talking to a lady in Bamberg about this yesterday, she informed me that her child goes to Bamberg school because they told her a bus from Ehrhardt doesn't go down 362 that in order for her child to ride the bus she would have to go to Bamberg or she would have to take her.- in which I know is NOT TRUE. I told her I know for a FACT that one of the buses goes down to B & D Barbeque. She said she only lives a mile from there. That's why Ehrhardt school does not have more students.
I WONDER how long that has been going on? If there is one child they have done like this I'm sure there are more.
As for the next meeting it is at Bamberg Campus A on Monday, June 2nd at 7:30. Please come one and all, we can't fight this without a joint effort. What the shame is, Is we aren't ONLY fighting to save our kids school, but also our future. I think, as of now, our TAXES are HIGH enough! If all Bamberg County realized what we see happening now, I believe they would JOIN OUR FIGHT.
May GOD be with us and our children now and always. God Bless each of you.
Ehrhardt Proud


#11 May 28, 2008
Posted by: Ehrhardt Proud Location: Ehrhardt on May 27, 2008 at 11:24 AM
I'm a very upset parent!! I didn't think anyone could be so cruel! The last move made by Mrs.Swarting! I would just like to say, Mrs. swarting states she cares about our students at Ehrhardt and all the children; if that is the case why is she subjecting them to watch the school being cleared out while still in session! Our children are asking why are they taking our stuff and why are they bringing in boxes. How HEARTLESS A WOMAN she is!!!! Could not she have waited a couple more days!! School closes in 2 days!! Then she had the nerve to hire high school students to clear the school. She couldn't even come herself! Too ashamed of herself ,I guess! Just my opinion!! We will need to tell our children if the time comes and we will in our own way but is this her way of forcing our hand? We should have had the summer to explain it all to them. If that is her agenda it only makes us want to fight harder. I wonder what other parents think of the way this was handleed? May God forgive her for hurting these little ones!!! We will all be praying for her!!!
Mold Survivor

Minneapolis, MN

#12 Jun 2, 2008
I encourage each of you, please do not send your children to a school with toxic mold problems. saying the indoor air is better than the outdoor proves nothing. My husband and I were poisoned by trichothecene, and dangerous toxins produced by mold and we never saw any visible mold.

I now devote what's left of my life to work with others, many being parents across the nation who have little children ssuffering or dying from systemic mold infections which tear down the immune system. You need to ask for a copy of the complete breakdown of the molds..the individual species and a comparison of each indoor mold as compared to outdoor..just taking a total out door count as compared to indoor doesn't tell you it is safe. If you want to see what hidden mold and their poisonous vapors can do go to my website.. it is

I know a very good independent guy that does mold testing and speaks across the US, was recently at Furman, etc... he deeply cares about those affected, especially children and will give a totally unbiased report and look for problems in places many would not think to test.. I'm not putting down those who tested, as I don't even know who they were.. but parents need to request the entire report, not just some summary.. many molds produce mycotoxins which are often invisible, but deadly...

Feel free to contact me at Please don't take a chance on your children going into an unsafe building. We are fighting for our lives and I know a little girl who is only 7 that is in so much pain from mold..yet the list is endless. I hope you get to keep your children in a safe school. Iris

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