You should never hold someone's past against them. However this Parks fellow is a problem and in no way should be allowed to remain in society. Minor destruction and vandalism is one thing (however still not OK). Drinking and driving is worse than that (but many other people make this unfortunate mistake too). It's his other actions that are unacceptable. The line was more than crossed when he threw a vise at oncoming traffic on Normandale Blvd, splitting the jaw and knocking out 7 teeth of an Iraqi war veteran. He is 39 years old, there is absolutely NO excuse for such behavior. It's quite frightening to think a menace who carelessly injured another man that had the courage to put his life on the line for our country is living so close. I took the bus to school everyday on Normandale growing up. Not only could he have killed John Stacke, he could have hit a carload of kids on the way to school. Prayers go out to the Stacke family. Stay strong! Let's keep Bloomington safe!!