The news of 2 plans for water to Ballston isn't really new, it's just finally being reported. Concerned Citizens have been talking for years about issues with open Government in Ballston. There is no discussion about issues at meetings, my only conclusion is that they are discussed outside of public meeting law or they just make their decisions based on their political affiliation based on the Republican Committees decision.
Water from the County Plan and Water from Glenville. Ballston Doubles up on Water -
"Under no circumstances would we consider letting Ballston out of its contract," said Supervisor John Lawler, R-Waterford, water authority chairman.

Glenville says the same thing, you're in till 2022. Our Current Town Board minus MBH have been in office for over 20 years so there is no one to blame but themselves. They were asked to Table the vote to talk to Glenville 1st but they refused and with little discussion other than it will save us money (Guess Not) and I have to replace my coffee pot. It was unanimous - 5 Votes got us into this mess. Now your vote in Ballston can help end this stupidity and maybe form a relationship with Glenville that can resolve this issue. Vote Patti Southworth for supervisor on November 6th 2007... Townley has had 28 years to make a difference.. 2 Water Plans and downtown Burnt Hills needing an extreme make over will be his and this Town Boards Legacy.
Please share your comments... But more importantly Go out and Vote Tuesday...