I have seen actual footage taken in very hot weather of Tony's 'Pool' being empty of water & a member of the Sandlin family walk straight past it and not bother to fill the pool even though a hose is a few metres away.

Why is no bedding, straw etc. ever provided for Tony to make the Concrete a bit more comfortable for him to lie on. Is it because the Sandlin family 'can't be bothered'.

Do these actions sound like those of people who really care. This animal is treated just as an object. No thought is every given to if Tony is happy or if Tony has anything to do. This is of no interest to the Sandlin family at all.

Tony is left languishing in a cage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with nothing but the same wire cage to look at & the noise of trucks and cars coming and going, the Sandlin family go home at the end of their shift, but leave Tony there to rot.