Brian D. Cole, 47, Cited For Furnishi...

Vancouver, WA

#21 Feb 20, 2010
Hey Jill,

Your boy Brian is a pervert -- deal with it. Admit he's sick and needs help, if not INCARCERATION. And yes, God WILL judge him -- we just need to keep him away from young girls HERE ON EARTH.

"According to the Dept of Justice there are NO OTHER CHARGES other than the furnishing alcohol. That they were LESS than 2 miles from his house on a night when people were driving their kids all over to go trick-or-treating is a FACT and someone could, and did, drive by at any time. EVERYTHING outside of Baker City limits is secluded. Funny that those who don't know him are eager to assume all kinds of sordid stuff (you have SICK minds). And whatever happened to INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. You people are really pathetic."

Sparks, NV

#22 Feb 21, 2010
So, Scrutiny,
Explain what he was doing "less than 2 miles from his house" giving alcohol to a minor female? He must have thought she was stressed and just needed to wind down with some white wine? Get real. This isn't the first time he DID anything. This is just the first time he got CAUGHT. His buddy Dean Barnes is serving time for perving a few minor females, so what is it they say, "birds of a feather..."? And unfortunately it doesn't stop with him. Ask if anyone has heard about Oregon State Trooper Eddie Mercado and the trio of young girls he tried to perv from Main Street gym.

Sparks, NV

#23 Feb 21, 2010
Check this out --

The state has just filed new charges against him of SEX ABUSE (4 COUNTS). I guess we were correct. Gee, if it quacks like a duck, and if it swims like a duck,...?????

Almost makes you want to know the REAL reason why Judge Baxter and DA Matt Shirtcliff recused themselves from the case. Could it be that they are next in line to get burned for the same thing? Someone might want to talk to retired Lt. Reg Madsen in LaGrande. Seems he was busted from being an OSP captain for similar instances in both Florence and Salem. His only punishment was a reduction to Lieutenant and a transfer to Baker/LaGrande. I guess he felt right at home in the company of folks like Brian Cole.
Psalm 51

Oregon City, OR

#24 Feb 24, 2010
Judge Baxter and DA Matt Shirtcliff would put their own mothers in jail, my mother in jail and the mother of 'used-to-know-him' in jail as well anyone who abuses a child. Our world would be a better place if every county in the world had men of integrity and leadership.

Truthfully, those who know Mr. Cole are in all likelihood to much less objective because they expect much more of him and would be likely to be punitive beyond the measure of the law. To insinuate that they are 'next in line to get burned for the same thing' is not worthy of comment, egregious, slanderous, malicious.

Sexual addiction and sexual abuse uses the building block of pornography, masturbation and fantasy. Read Sexual Addiction by Gary Carnes, P.H.D. and inform yourself and your children. Or read "Every Man's Battle" by Arterburn. Or go to "Celebrate Recovery" and exit your sexual addiction. Or at least have the knowledge to help someone.

Those without sin cast the first stone.....

Portland, OR

#25 Feb 27, 2010
Pretrial hearing will be at 1:45 p.m. on March 8 at Baker County Circuit Court. Be there.

Baker City, OR

#26 Mar 1, 2010
Bad news- God isn't real.The religious and moralistic are hypocrites. Brian is just the most recent example of that. Dean Barnes is the inevitable consequence of putting a 30 odd year old man with minors and giving him the authority of god. Baker is a town of hypocrites and cowards, and we can see that from these comments. Condemn Brian in an open forum on the internet, good work. Nobody in Baker wants to address this in public. I trusted and liked Brian, but people are essentially evil, and I forgot that he was no different. The girl involved is a hypocritical whore as well, I know for a fact who it was and I know that she was involved with Dean Barnes as well. Talk about 'God have mercy' and 'only god can judge' all you want, but if there's any better evidence of the essential hypocrisy of that statement than this case, I have yet to find it.

Baker City, OR

#27 Mar 1, 2010
God will judge noone- we will. Or at lest, we will on the internet. never in public.
Psalm 51

Oregon City, OR

#28 Mar 2, 2010
Hey there anon......calling a child a name like that gives me a gutache.

I should call her Dad and tell him to read what you wrote.

Why not hold adults responsible so we can protect children? Why not get off the religion issue and get back to the real issue: kids are kids and that's the law. They cannot give 'consent'.

I am proud of the legal justice system. Truth brings freedom. Those who lie lose their freedom.

If repentance was spoken, courts would be empty and lawyers would be bagging groceries.

Portland, OR

#29 Mar 3, 2010
The only issue is your ignorance about human nature. Life is rough and people are good only when someone is watching. You're no different, and if you think you are, you're lying to yourself. Your whole community is responsible, because you're ignorant morons. As for truth? What is truth? Brian hasn't even had a trial yet, but there's already a cityful of bored, self righteous hicks ready to gawk and condemn. Truth is perception. The only thing that damned Brian and his girlfriend was that they got caught. What a joke.
Psalm 51

Oregon City, OR

#30 Mar 3, 2010
I live in Baker City so I guess I am a crazy person who actually believes that truth is more than perception, yours or mine.

Let the truth be told in a court duly appointed. Let the facts be stated. And let justice be served for the good of all involved. I will gladly accept the judgment of the court.

The real joke is on anyone who does not think this happens everywhere and that humanity is hopelessly lost. Anon has one thing right: how one defines truth has a lot to do with the right/wrong of this story. If there is no truth but what is perceived, then our perception of a 47 year old and a 17 year old have a sexual relationship is due to community of morons.

Thankfully, someone was watching what happened in our town and did something about it.

Hope they do the same in your community, with your children. with your grandchildren and mine.

The real joke is that a lot of other issues cloud clear thinking: did an adult abuse a minor? Let the court decide. Be there

Vancouver, WA

#31 Mar 4, 2010
Blame the victim -- it's easier to swallow the whole thing that way:
Thank you Psalm.

Tualatin, OR

#32 Mar 6, 2010
people read the record courier there are more things going on with him. add a few more charges to the list and then what do you think of him?

Portland, OR

#33 Mar 9, 2010
So, Baxter took the lawyers into chambers for the conference. How convenient. Baxter recused himself from the case, so why is he still hearing motions and holding conferences for Cole's case?

Are Baxter and Cole acquainted? Friends, maybe? Is this just more preferential treatment for Cole? Do all defendants get the same treatment in Baxter's court?

Think about it. Is Justice blind in Baker County? Apparently not.

Portland, OR

#34 Mar 10, 2010
The trial date has been set for March 17. Here's a link to Baker County Blog:

Salem, OR

#35 Mar 10, 2010
It seems the original information in the Baker County Blog has been corrected. The trial won't begin on March 17, rather motions will be heard.

Baker City, OR

#36 Mar 17, 2010
Bahahahaa- Psalm: Take a look at the posts below yours. Who is "nobull"? Just another gawking, bored hillbilly, inventing conspiracy theories to pass the mind deadening time.

Again - truth is perception. If Brian had never been caught, he would have lived out his life as a community leader and a role model. Indeed, as I understand it, some have blamed the deputy who caught him for doing his job! How dare anybody interrupt the perceived truth of Baker City Oregon as a perfect, crime free, peaceful town.

You're not really any different from Brian in a sense, and I mean ALL OF YOU. We're all bad people, we all have our own dark secrets, and if you deny that, you're kidding yourself and everyone else. There are no good people and bad people, there are just people.

So keep on judging Brian. Keep on judging the girl. Keep on judging the lawyers and the prosecutors and the judges. And keep telling yourselves you're better than he is.

"You sound bitter"
"Bitter? Fuck no. I think it's hilarious."
Psalm 51

Boise, ID

#37 Mar 17, 2010
anon....truth is not your perception or mine. And getting caught is not the problem.....preying on a child is......

It's people who are amoral, like you, who make our world weak, spineless and purposeless.

Brian's actions judge Brian. As will mine. As will yours. The God I serve gives freedom and a choice, including my repulsion at your idolatrous mockery of God's gift of sex in your speech.

Sexual crimes are not committed in a day or in a moment. Small choices are made, small compromises, small decisions that somehow make it seem justified. And those trapped in those sick relationships must take many small steps to heal.

Can we clean up this blog site? Someone needs to the trash out.

Vancouver, WA

#38 Mar 18, 2010
I see Anon all over this town. In city hall, in the churches, in the schools, in the courts....

Why was the hearing yesterday continued? What deals are being made? Brian Cole is a predator, and with friends like Anon, he's trying to blame the victim and innocent citizens of Baker City.

"Truth is perception" -- the predator's (and his like-minded friends') mantra.

Baker City, OR

#39 Mar 18, 2010
Hilarious, I'm being accused of supporting pedophilia. Just to be clear, I hate Brian. He's a sick fuck. But I hate all of you as well, for you pretentiousness, your hypocrisy, your gawking nosiness.

Gawking nosiness: "Why was the hearing yesterday continued? What deals are being made?"

And I may be amoral, but I can at least say
that I am no hypocrite. Brian was an
upstanding, conservative male. He was all
about Jesus this and Jesus that. So was
Dean Barnes. Probably not unlike yourself,
Psalm. They are the true face of this
community. Morality is a sick joke, pushed by the pretentious and manipulative
upon the weak minded. The only rule to follow is to do no harm to others. Your biblical condemnation means nothing to me, because the Bible means nothing to me.
Psalm 51

Huntsville, AL

#40 Mar 18, 2010
John 3:16 is all I have to say

Last post from me....

Bless you anon and your life and future

And may God help Baker City and every city where our kids, yours and mine, are at increasing risk.


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