Band Leader Ignored Teen's Assault: Cops

Band Leader Ignored Teen's Assault: Cops

There are 34 comments on the MyFoxDFW story from May 6, 2010, titled Band Leader Ignored Teen's Assault: Cops. In it, MyFoxDFW reports that:

Dr. Ross Grant failed to report the alleged sexual assault of a 14-year-old who plays in the school band he directs, police said.

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Marsha Adams

Lawton, OK

#1 May 7, 2010
This is unbelievable that he was arrested, his name and picture plastered all over the news, and his family put through this!! Dr. Grant hasn't one flaw on his record as a teacher, husband, father, or son. Totally unbelievable!!

Fort Worth, TX

#2 May 7, 2010
Marsha Adams; From the tone of your comments I can only assume that you are a very strong supporter of Dr. Grant and that is fine. You must keep one thing in perspective when you see such a story coming out of Azle, TX.
Number one, we have a police department that is one of the most inept in Tarrant county. A few weeks back, they had 8 out of ten cases refused by the DA's office due to incompetence in the preparation of the case. These were cases in which people had been arrested!

In reading the whole story,(on the original article) there are so many unanswered questions and poor reporting, by the paper, the PD, the AISD, that the only thing,(at this point in time) that can actually be proven, is the Dr.s reputation has been destroyed.

Maybe he did what is alleged and maybe he didn't!

There have been and will continue to be coverups of incidents of this nature in the AISD and the PD. This is why these types of stories are so newsworthy, of course you will notice that the story was not published by the Azle News.

A Short time back there was a story published regarding an individual that had run for the school board twice, being found in possession of "child porn". There has been nothing since. The AISD has a very poor record regarding incidents of a sexual nature.

I myself was threatened with a lawsuit for questioning why suspected "deviants" were allowed to associate with and indoctrinate our school children. This was by a very close associate of a school board member!

I am just saying to you, anything you see of this nature, take it with a grain of salt as there is ALWAYS three sides to every story. Your side, my side and the actual truth. Of course in Azle there is the addition of the fourth side,(that would be the ones doing the covering up to begin with!)

Sad, but true!
American Mutt

Colorado Springs, CO

#3 May 7, 2010
Scotty well put!! I applaud your comment. I only wish you would send your post to all local news agencies so maybe some Azle reform might have a chance.

The AISD and Azle PD are deviant and injudicious. They few that have any brain are out numbered. Just my thoughts.

Fort Worth, TX

#4 May 10, 2010
Dr.Grant does not deserve at all what he is getting because he is not only such an amazing band director, but just person in general. I think he needs to have all this dropped and needs to be back with the band kids who care about him and respect him. And to all of the people who say bad things about him because they do not have the whole story need to be quite untill they do know the whole and correct story. It gets really tiresome listening to people who do not even begin to know what they are talking about.

Lancaster, TX

#5 May 10, 2010
Dr.Grant was my band directoor way back when I was in high school. I remember him being no less than stellar and above-average in pretty much everything he did. I'm certain that when the whole story gets out, Dr. Grant will be back with his band kids where he belongs.I'm sure they miss him like he misses them. He and his family are in our prayers.

Fort Worth, TX

#6 May 11, 2010
I will be interesting to see what kind of a spin is put on this story by the Azle News.
What about the girl

Fort Worth, TX

#7 May 12, 2010
None of you seem to even care about the poor girl involved in this situation. She was assaulted and he did nothing about it. For that, he deserves whatever punishment he has coming. I will not have my child involved in the Azle band program as long as Dr. Grant is a part of it. Y'all should be ashamed of yourselves for not thinking of the child and throwing all this support behind a man who doesn't deserve it.
What about the girl

Fort Worth, TX

#8 May 12, 2010
Marsha Adams wrote:
This is unbelievable that he was arrested, his name and picture plastered all over the news, and his family put through this!! Dr. Grant hasn't one flaw on his record as a teacher, husband, father, or son. Totally unbelievable!!
You are wrong - he does have a flaw and that is the fact that he didn't report the incident as he should have. That is HUGE when we trust him with our children. He should not be allowed to work with kids ever again...
Questions for you

Abilene, TX

#9 May 17, 2010
What happened in the intervening 18 months? How was this report of abuse done from the girl? Was it just an offhand comment from the girl on the practice field or was it a formal complaint in the
office? In other words, what context was the report made in? This "Witness" to the complaint, where has this person been for 18 months? It is important that the truth be told- "all of the truth". There are lots of times a fourteen year old girl may say something to get back at someone and not care what the consequences are to that person. Why were her parents told a year and a half later? Is this a legitimate complaint about abuse or a witch hunt on a stellar teacher? I had a good friend go through the same mess for a year on a manufactured complaint in a school system. He was eventually exonerated and his wife stuck by him. I think there will come a time when we all have to wear a headset that will record everything we see or hear and download it at the end of the day. If the girl actually made the report to Dr. Grant, then action should be taken. Otherwise, the reputation of a very good teacher has been sullied.
Reporting of Abuse

Falfurrias, TX

#10 May 18, 2010
I am a school band director since 1981. i can anly speak for my current situation. Our district insists (rightfully so) the we report ANY SUSPECTED incident involving child abuse of any kind. Even if this were not reported directly, or even communicated as an unsubstantiated rumor IT MUST BE REPORTED to the proper authorities. Then it is up to the authorities to investigate fully. Failure to report any suspicion of abuse within 48 hours leaves the educator both civially and criminally liable. If Dr. Grant had ANY IDEA that this incident took place he owed it to his entire band, the parents and community to report it immediately. Failure to do so undermines the idea that he is there to protect as well as teach the kids. Judging from the comments I've read, Dr. Grant is an amazing educator who has achieve superior results with his group. I hope he had no idea this incident took place, but if he did then no matter how great a person he is he is none the less guilty of a crime. I guess the question is what Dr. Grant was told if anything at all.

Fort Worth, TX

#11 May 20, 2010
In reading through the comments and the article in last weeks paper and this weeks paper, he has admitted that he failed to do his job.

What more do people need to know? What he was told or not told or when is absolutely immaterial as he has admitted he didn't do his job.

When are people gong to learn to read, comprehend and accept the facts as they stand.

Any one that works in any capacity for any entity knows that you will get fired if you fail to do your job. Evidently, here in Azle, you don't have to do your job, just make certain people happy and you can get away with anything!
Former Band Mom in Azle

Fort Worth, TX

#12 May 28, 2010
I think those of you who do not Dr Grant or have not been involved with the program and have negative comments should keep it to yourself! I was a band mom - on the board, and HIGHLY involved with the band when this supposed event took place. There are some dates and information that don't fit with anything the girl is saying. This is some trumped up non sense and for that Azle has lost the best band director it ever had. I am sad that a man of such character went out a note like this and THE GIRL should be ashamed of herself for making up a story like this!

Fort Worth, TX

#13 May 29, 2010
Former Band Mom; In other words, you are the only one that has the valid information that is so necessary to determine the facts of the case.
You are no better than anyone else that has posted here. If you were a band Mom, on the board during the time frame involved, and you have evidence that this is trumped up, then you should take that information to the investigators in charge instead of spouting non sense on this forum. If you are so sure that you have some valid information, then why did the good Doctor admit that he failed in his performance?

Arkadelphia, AR

#14 May 29, 2010
Scotty: I think I've read everything printed about this and can't find your proported "fact" that Grant "admitted that he failed to do his job." He is not quoted in any article, so where are you getting that? He failed to sign next year's contact on time (along with a number of other teachers) but that has no bearing on the charge of failure to report. He has been CHARGED but has not been found guilty or innocent. I recommend you read a recent opinion piece in the Azle online news. It gives an valid re-cap of Grant's legal issues and addresses why the way he is being "thrown under the bus" before he's had his day in court should concern other Azle ISD teachers.

Fort Worth, TX

#15 May 30, 2010

You may want to pay particular attention to Mr. Buckles "opinion" piece, as that is all it is, his opinion.

His opinion pieces in the past have had about the same degree of factual information as this one does!

The newspaper from the week before stated that Dr. Grant had admitted he failed to report the incident.

This whole fiasco has been mishandled by all of the so-called professionals involved and, more than likely will continue to be.

Years from now, the only thing that will be remembered is, Dr. Grant and a sexual incident. Such a shame. This is the end result of having non professionals handling what should be a very professional investigation!

You may want to remember one thing about the AISD and the PD of Azle Texas, "if it can be screwed up, they will do it".

United States

#16 Jun 1, 2010
Scotty said: "The newspaper from the week before stated that Dr. Grant had admitted he failed to report the incident."
I've reread all the articles and can't find a quote from Grant where he "admitted he failed to report" or "admitted he failed to do his job." Please cite the newspaper, date, and paste the quote to which you are referring. Maybe I'm missing something, but it appears to me that others are quoted but not Grant.

Fort Worth, TX

#17 Jun 3, 2010
Justwondering; I must sincerely apologize for misspeaking. I either misread or misunderstood something that I had read in the various articles, not necessarily in the paper.

I am wrong!

In reading through today's paper it seems that there is much more secrecy surrounding this incident then one would think. Even though I misspoke, I feel that this whole incident has not been handled in a professional manner.

Thank you for pointing out my mistake.

United States

#18 Jun 5, 2010
Well, this girl is still in our band, and I was told just last week, she was sitting on a boys lap in the band hall.... I mean she was sitting on his lap, faceing him in the band hall... WTF????????.. I also was told that she told Dr. Grant that this boy was bothering her.. but not in a sexual way !!!,,, There are 350 students in this band.. and alot of them play around, and say things... Im sure he just thought it was one of these times.... We all love this band director, and what he has done for our band.. I do know, that if he doesnt come back... My band member will be quiting band... and so will alot of others... Dr. Grant was and still is a great band director, and mentor for alot of band students!!,, Whatever school gets him next will be so very lucky., and Azle will go down hill
Concerned Citizen

United States

#19 Jun 6, 2010
Many, many rumors and plain 'ol small town gossip get started when people start a conversation, or post, with the words "I was told..." Also, as a Band Mom, why would you feel it was okay to use "WTF" in your post? You are an adult yet you write like you're one of those moms who wants to be cool, like one of the kids. You're an adult so be an example of that, not of a texting teenager with the LOLs and WTFs. Leave that for the kids.

The statement, "this girl is still in our band," speaks volumes about you. This child told an adult who was supposed to protect her that she needed help in a sexual matter but he let her down. He may be a wonderful band director but he did not do what he was required by the state, or by common sense as an adult. Many people in prison had fine qualities too but screwed up somewhere along the line.

This child asked for help and was denied it. It wouldn't matter if she came to school NAKED - unwanted sexual advances are wrong and should be prosecuted. Did you ever think that this child is acting out because she saw that asking for help didn't work so she may as well just expect to be abused? Maybe now she feels like that's all she's good for? God forbid that you have a daughter and someone should touch her inappropriately but wouldn't you want someone to help her before she started acting out sexually? I hope that never, ever happens but if you'd do dome research, like all teachers and band directors do as educators, you would see that her actions now could very easily be a result of her situation.

This child need understand adults in her life, not those who brush her aside or parents who come on forums like this and gossip like a high school student. It is not YOUR band, it is the KIDS' band. What you should be focusing on is that if another child is approached in a sexual manner whould this man help or brush it aside and wish it away? I think his actions speak volumes about his character. As a teacher myself, I teach my students that character is doing what's right when no one is looking. This man's character could be wonderful but not in this situation.

No, I'm not related to anyone involved or best friends with anyone so don't start that rumor as well. Maybe channel your energy into seeing if you could help this child or her family. She is still forming her character as a child should, but the band director has already chosen how to handle his character. Just some food for thought.

Dallas, TX

#20 Jun 7, 2010
wtf?????????? LOL !!!!!!!!!

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