Davis Monthan AFB needs to aquire the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The new fighter squadrons will insure the base for Tucson for many years to come. Back when I was a kid, and my step father was stationed at D-M AFB, flying F-4 Phantoms, the base was well away from local naighborhoods, there were no complaints. Now however Stupi idiots decide to move right next door to the base, knowing that they fly very loud jets, then they have the audacity to complain about it. TOO STINCKING BAD!!!!!!! If the don't like the noise themn they need to move somewhere else. I live 2 blocks away from the base and I thinks it's pretty cool, I get to watch the planes practice for air shows, and we can walk to the actual shows. The bottom line is, we need the A-10 Squadrons, The Airlift command Squadrons, th e visiting British Fighter squadrons, the F-16 Reserve squadrons at Tucson International, And we REally need the F-35 JSF squadrons to help build and our local economy. If Davis-Monthan AFB gets closed down for whatever reason, then all of the cry babies will have something new to whine and cry about, our economy will start to die, major corporations like Ratheon, IBM, AOL, Sears call center, and just about every R and D Firm will start pulling out ang going elsewhere. In effect Tucson WILL DIE a slow painfull death that other cities died, when military bases closed in other areas.