Why not take a trip to Newark? You will see the same type of treatment to blacks, eg. no heat, rats, broken pluming and no jobs. The people in Woodbridge are about as low as they go if you are in anyway different. The only thing they want is your taxes, time and your life. If you can give them that you are kind of in but there is no time for kindness or helping out others in your working class Meca. Woodbridge is all about dollars. If you got the dollars you stay if you don't you go to live in the slums. That's Jersey. If you want to change Jersey buy a little red star and glue it to your hat. My family has been in New Jersey since 1639. The crooks took over NOW YOU HAVE SOME HARD CHOICES and if you don't make them the crooks and their dogs will do it for you... just as they have been forever. I remember when I lived in Iselin as a kid, before the houses came, that there was a small uptown and the rest was truck farms lots of Black farmers. Capitolism was a good thing but it did a slow death. I just wonder what all you people are going to do with no food and fuel. It is sure going to give growing up in Jersey an old twist and then add a couple of nots and some sheet metal and a few pop rivets. Remember that you can always use a sharp nail if you don't have an electric drill and a rock will do nicely for punching a hole just remember to sharpen the nail on the sidewalk first. If you go to the park you can kill small birds with rocks then burn off their feathers over the fire, split them open and fry them on your 55 galon drum that you converted into a wood stove. Strip the inside of some of those abandoned nearby slum houses where people are treated so equitably like in Amboy. The houses make good fuel. There are some places to catch clean crabs and mussels on the Raritan River wetlands but if you can get a sail boat. Then,,,.. book.