Branson Pizzas Found To Contain Horsemeat
Branson Pizzas Found To Contain Horsemeat


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Branson authorities say they will report a butcher in Branson to police for selling horse meat
labeled as beef to local Branson pizzerias.

The Branson Veterinary and Food Administration's chief investigator, Michael Rosencran, says samples taken from packages of "pizza meat" produced by a Southwest Missouri slaughter house, showed they contained a mix of horse meat, pork and beef.

This is unacceptable in Branson.

The butcher, in quaint villages like Branson and Hollister, markets itself as a local, high-quality alternative to large consortiums and claims the restaurants knew their product contained horse meat. But Rosencran says a former employee at the butcher's supports the claim it has been misleading customers.

Authorities across Taney County started doing random DNA checks on meat products after traces of horse meat turned up in frozen supermarket meals such as burgers and lasagna at all area hamburger joints.