jennifer riley
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Bowling Green, KY

#22 May 18, 2011
that buck tooth whor* makin all that money off of child support needs to get het teeth fixed nasty ass bitc*...
Kims mom

Salem, IN

#23 May 18, 2011
Id say she looks better than you,Lmao at you.Jealous???Id talk about hating,you need to wake up and smell the roses:)

Bowling Green, KY

#24 May 21, 2011
well honey she only wish she looked half as good as me i have 7 kids an im way better lookin then her muffin top packin ass giraffe lookin ass mr edd lookin ass, hoe...
Just reading

New Albany, IN

#25 May 21, 2011
haha wrote:
well honey she only wish she looked half as good as me i have 7 kids an im way better lookin then her muffin top packin ass giraffe lookin ass mr edd lookin ass, hoe...
. Well I don't know jriley or Bonnie but this person with all these post from florance ky is the same person see how fast Bonnie came back with reply if I was a better I would bet this Bonnie person is being cheated on got a house full of drunk friends of her husbands and sounds like she may be a little jelous of jriley go back and read the posts she is really bragging her home life up wonder if her 7 kids have 7 daddies

Medford, MA

#26 May 21, 2011
haha wrote:
well honey she only wish she looked half as good as me i have 7 kids an im way better lookin then her muffin top packin ass giraffe lookin ass mr edd lookin ass, hoe...
well honey, dead giveaway! 7 kids? and allll by the same man..not likely. who are you to call a kettle black. you are jealous..sooo jealous, hillbilly! and you dont live on welfare or no assistance? get real..your jealousy is showing. there is not one ounce of lady in you by th way you sound, you need to wash your mouth out w soap. what are your 7 doing while you are on here downgrading someone!??? no one can afford 7 kids, who has 7 kids now a days anyway, dont u believe in birth controll, if you cant feed them and dress then and care for them like she can you shouldnt be bringing them into this world. if she got zero dollars she could still care for her children cause she keeps a JOB!!!
Kims mom

Lexington, KY

#27 May 21, 2011
I think we hit a nerve with this ha ha person,Lmao,she seems to be hot under the collar.
not happy

Thermal, CA

#29 May 21, 2011
ha ha let me tell u something u stupid whore ur proble one those woman that sells their ass for drugs as for jee she is my neice she is a wponderful mom mike is a great father to those kids and he loves them all they have a great life she dont fool around m,ike makes her very happy and he supports his family unlike terry all he knew was drugs booze and whores while she w3as out working she is a great mother if i knew who u was i would come to austin tell u to ur meth head face u got kids who feeds urs u bitchs r so jealous of jenn and all u can do is hide behind computer lol get a life leave her world alone
not happy

Thermal, CA

#30 May 21, 2011
if any of jenns friends or family knows or finds out who this bitch is i want to know so me and her can have a chat face to face i dont live in austin but i can b there in a short time

Sellersburg, IN

#31 Jun 10, 2011
Obviously you don't know them to well. The oldest boy is not Terry's biological child. She had him before she met Terry. His name is Kenny "Bowling" not Wicker. His father has been in prison for who knows how long. Not that this matters really anyway, especially when Terry has been with him since he was about 1.
I don't hate anyone I just don't like when people who don't even know what they are talking about post things like this.

Sellersburg, IN

#32 Jun 10, 2011
Okay I just read all of this and I swear your all dumb. Except the people taking up for my mom, I love you guys! I'm Jennifer's oldest daughter, and I can guarantee you all don't know anything about our lives.*Jussayyen !* Grow up a little? I'm Terry Wicker's oldest daughter. Only fourteen going on fifteen. All I'm going to say is my mom most definitely does not do drugs. Does she even LOOK like she does them? Hell no! My mom is the best. She works for us, to give us the things we need or want. And if you want to say I'm not his daughter Um Yeah come look I'm 4ft 9. And I have his attitude for sure. Or you could just ask him, even though he hasn't always been there for me, when I want him to be all I have to do is call him up. You want to say ANYTHING come to me and I'll knock you six feet under. Keep my mom's name out of your crack head mouthes. Thanks.
yep I do

Lexington, KY

#33 Jun 10, 2011
Notice how Bonnie and haha spell "juss" for "just". Coincidence, I think not.

Lexington, KY

#34 Jul 25, 2011
knowem wrote:
<quoted text>well she finally made it to topix! she has a bunch doesnt she. like 5 or 6? What makes you say shes trash? lots of people have kids by different parents, her kids always look neat and clean. Her mom has always helped her w the children, she doenst use drugs or smoke weed . what do you have against her. I dont know anything bad of her
She ain't very nice to her children. She takes child suport payments from her 3 kids father and won't even let him see them that's. Just ridiculous

Lexington, KY

#35 Jul 25, 2011
Kims mom wrote:
Id say she looks better than you,Lmao at you.Jealous???Id talk about hating,you need to wake up and smell the roses:)
Only thang anyone smells when they wake uup is ur nasty ass lmao ( AT YOUUH) muh fuckerrrr!!
Kims mom

Lexington, KY

#40 Jul 26, 2011
Dought it,I think you are talking about yourself,Lmfao,You have no clue.

Florence, KY

#41 Feb 19, 2012
Jriley wrote:
<quoted text>
You must have been to drunk or high with him to not remember the truth. And your right about one thing I didnt want people getting drunk and high around my kids. Thats why I didnt want his friends in our home.
I have never been nor ever will be a whore my ex-husband was the one who could not be trusted. He has cheated on his current wife as well. He has not changed. As for my kids, they see their dad when they want to whether he pays his support or not.
I was the one who went to work everyday and then stayed at home and took care of my kids while he was out cheating, getting drunk doing his drugs with all his so called good friends. Thats not being good father or husband. He did not always keep a job - he was in and out of jail - thats not changed either now has it?
Apparently you dont know everything do you."good friends"
Look at the big picture thats why I divorced him.
I have to say I was surprised last year when he apologized for the way he done me and the kids when we were married-it only took him about 9 years.
Peace, hope you have a good life!
We can only hope people will change for the better.
Anything else just ask, I have a good memory especially about my life, i am the one living it after all.
i know bonnie an i can bet u one thang she aint what u have put her out to be!!! she is a very good mother to her kids! from what terry has told us your youngest daughter loves bonnie. just because she is with your ex-husband doesnt meen you can judge her cause you use to know him! im sure u dont live in there home to see what realy goes on in there...u shouldnt judge noone unless u know what you are talking about! u just make your self look dumb...Bonnie's family an her friends and some of your family knows bonnie an they know that she aint nothin like u put her out to be to everyone.. some of the people has told stuff that u say an they just laugh at you cause we (they)know its a lie!!! soo to keep yourself from looking stupid keep your comments to yourself because there aint nobody believes u!!!

Fishers, IN

#42 Aug 27, 2012
I know these posts are a bit older but, You ignorant Crackheads need to get a life. Stop talking bad about a wonderful person. Jennifer is an amazing mother and works a full time job, takes care of 6 kids, and keeps a spotless house! I bet none of you could say half of that about yourselves, atleast not honestly.

Commiskey, IN

#43 Aug 27, 2012
I guess not everyone knows doesn't matter if you have 1 child or 100 welfare payments are all the for do not get extra for each child the payments are 200 a months rather you have the 1 or 100

Columbus, OH

#44 Aug 28, 2012
JENNIFER.....all of these post are from Bonnie i wouldnt even fell into this lil trap she is bored w/her life cause her kids r w/CPS and her O so wonder husband is locked up for DRUGS!!! thats something to be proud of...HOLD ur head high their all LOSERS!!! always gonna be I mean come on she drives a pink car for crying out loud!!!!!
#45 Oct 7, 2012
Lol swear if i knew who you was I'd KILL your nasty ass i bet you a grand that wasnt my sister juss sayin and sounds like your the jealous PINK CAR HAHA GROW UP DUMB BITCHES

Jeffersonville, IN

#47 Jan 22, 2013
Sounds like u r jealousy u dumb nasty bitch jus sayin nasty cause all the horror story's terry has ad

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