So what do you all think of the TV show Once Upon a Time set in Storybrook Maine? Personally I love it, I think its a great sci-fi fantasy based on both old fairytale stories and also has it's own originality to it. I'd have to say though that even though there is lots of woods in Maine it's not actually that great a place to live. The people there aren't all that sophisticated and the ones that are tend to be standoffish hippie crunchy granola types that act rather stuck up. Also a lot of drug abuse and poverty in Maine. Sorry all that said I am delighted that this show is based in Maine just like Dark Shadows was. Though Maine really has no mystery to it from it's annoying party school in Orono UMO which by the way got an F grade in 2010 for Academic Performance to Bangor with it's many many Meth Clinics to Portland with high crime and lack of jobs Maine is basically like anyplace else in the US right down to it's over priced tourist traps. ha ha But it's cool to see a TV show based in Maine. The characters are well developed and the dialog is well done.