I've lived in Audubon for about two years, and since I moved to the area have been searching for a DIY solution to drainage issues in my yard. Large, soggy puddles form after any significant amount of rain and can linger for days (last year, between spring rain and snow melting, it was more like weeks).

A French drain won't do any good, because I don't need to move the water away from my house. Also, the problem area (backyard) is downhill from the street, so draining to there is not an option (although I don't think that is necessarily what you call a legal option anyway).

I tried throwing in a few drywells in the problem areas, and there was a pretty dense layer of clay. I got past that about 3 1/2 feet down, and got to a more sandy, rocky layer. Once I got there, the well started filling up with water. Dug another, same story.

Apparently, I have a layer of clay that won't let surface water drain to a lower level. Past that, there seems to be a high water table that the clay is holding down. At this point, I'm stuck, and I have no idea how to get this thing to drain. Anybody have any thoughts, ideas?