I have lived in this area for more than 17 years. When I read that they are looking for ideas to better these parks, I got really excited. Mostly because it is a great area with alot of potential.
One thing that I completely agree on, is dog owners NOT cleaning up after their dogs. It's really bad. I don't allow my kids to play there because of it. I have 2 dogs of my own but, am a responsible dog owner and clean up after them every time. My dog even contracted PARVO from the chestnut field area, when she was just a pup. There are no trash cans in the area for people to throw away their dog messes or even to throw away trash. My neighbors and I reffer to the parks as 'dog poop park'. I think that a fenced in dog park would bennefit this area. I also though that a 'rainy day project' area (run by volunteers) would be a great idea for the former Pathways building. I would even be willing to be a volunteer there. Another thing to address is definately the vandalism. Other than police pressence, I'm not sure how to fix that. On hot days maybe a sprinkler in the field would be great for the kids. also it said in article that there was a tennis court down by basketball courts and thtas just not true. The tennis courts have been gone for years, but kids don't play tennis anymore. More swings and a merry go round would be great. Adding things that gear to all ages. Also an area for parents to sit and watch their kids. Picnic tables, benches in shaded areas would be benneficial. maybe even a grill or two, for families to cook out. Just making the park more attractive to everyone. I know of alot of neighborhood parents that would be willing to help with this project. There is a huge hole in the pavement that is dangerous, along the walkway next to chestnut field. Anything would be better than what is there now. It is a wasted area. The basketball courts are used everyday. i know because my apartment over looks the courts. No trash cans near, so people leave their bottles and trash right there in courts. Also, a month or so ago, a small child was attacked by a stray dog that i personally had called police about approx. 13 times. I also know of other neighbors that called but, noone came. Make the park a comfortable place for children and their parents. i would love to see a seperate dog area. I think that and trash cans would cut down on it being "dog poop park". Maybe even a despenser for "poop baggies". I want my children to be able to enjoy this park that is a hop skip and a jump away. We need a good area for children and dogs.