Northerners -vs- Southerners

Northerners -vs- Southerners

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NY State Of Mind

United States

#1 Apr 23, 2007
1. Why do people from the south believe in urban legends and old wives' tales?

2. Why do people from the south drink sweet tea, instead of coffee?

3. Why do people from the south eat so much fried food?

4. Why do people from the south make sounds such as smacking noises(during the meal) and sucking their teeth(after the meal)?

5. Why do people from the south mispronounce words?

6. Why do people from the south speak jealously of NY?

Alabaster, AL

#2 May 19, 2007
Are these serious questions? If you are representative of people from NY, then people from NY must believe in hollow unicorns. Fallacy Fallacy Fallacy Fallacy Fallacy Fallacy Fallacy What a douche!
Deep South

United States

#3 Oct 16, 2008
You know NY, to me you sound like you are discriminating against the people from the South. I caught one of your earlier posts where you actually got offended by someone elseís posting, and now here you are being a hypocrite and trying to offend Southern people. Letís see if I can answer some of your questions before I ask you a few of my own.

1. Not all people down here believe in urban legends and WISE tails (notice the correct spelling of the word), but some do because just like Greek Mythology stories they have been handed down from generation to generation and some people, not all mind you, choose to believe in them. That doesnít make them stupid or a dumb hick, it just their way of thinking.

2. We like our sweet tea instead of coffee because, if you hadnít noticed, itís hotter down here and it is refreshing.

3. We eat a lot of fired food because that is our ethnic makeup, and again that is how the South has eaten for generations upon generations. Recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next, and itís what we like. Weíre not asking you to like it, but have you even tried it?

4. Again not all Southerners make smacking noises during a meal or suck their teeth after a meal, but for the ones who do I guess they do it because they were not taught the same set of manners as yaíll New Yorkers. Again doesnít make them bad people and to most of us who donít do it, we are not offended by it so why should you be?

5. We only mispronounce words to you or to Northerners because you speak differently than we do. Itís the whole tomato, tomoto- potato, patato thing going on. Personally I find our way of speaking to be charming and I like hearing the way we pronounce our words.

6. As far as people from the south speaking of jealousy of the New York people, I think you have that wrong too. Down here people are actually friendlier, take time to get to know you, and are not in such a hurry everywhere they go. Children are actually taught from a very early age to respect their elders and call all adults Mr., Ms, Maíam, or Sir. It seems to me that you folks up north are the oneís that are jealous of our simple way of life and mannerism, because you see even though some of us believe in wise tails; we drink sweet tea; the smacking sound some make while eating everything that is breaded and fried in fat; the way we speak; and our simple way of life offends you, we donít really care and will still go on about our normal everyday lives without loosing one second of sleep worrying about what you or anyone else thinks of us because we actually like ourselves.

Now your turn, letís turn the table a bit and see some of your answersÖ..

1. Why do you people from the North eat disgusting food that has no taste?
2. Why are you people from the North so rude and always in a hurry?
3. Why donít you people from the North teach your young to respect their elders?
4. Why do you people from the North take everything so seriously?
5. Why are you people from the North always so rude?
6. Why do you people from the North wear some of the ugliest clothing Iíve ever seen in my life?
7. Why do you people in the North care so much about what everyone else thinks of you?
8. Why are you people from the North so superficial?
9. And lastly, if you hate the South so badly then why donít you move back up North with your kind of people?

Graham, NC

#4 Dec 16, 2008
Yeah I agree with Deep South. I live in North Carolina and people down here are not differant we just like to do things the same way ya'll do yours. ie. grits, tea, barbecue (not grilling out, barbecue is a specific food), hospitality, etc, etc. I hope this helps.

Maybe its just me but I believe we are ALL Americans. I mean we are from the same country, lord.
OH and by the way, I have noticed that the vast majority of Northerners to be arrogant. I have visited Northern states as well.

Graham, NC

#5 Dec 16, 2008
Oh and by no means am I jealous or anyone I know being jealous of New York

Rochester, NY

#7 Feb 15, 2009
im from the north, was raised in the south, and personally feel that southerners are more homy and nice than northerners. youre right, northerners won't invite you into their house because theyre too busy owning their law firm, ignoring they kids, and chowing down on organic foods. no offense to northerners though cuz my family is one of these.
North v. South steryotypes:
1. notherners are mean and arrogant and skinny and high strung
2. southerners swear all the time and are vulgar and prostitutish
3. southerners cant pronounce anything correctly
4. northerners are selfish and all "Proper"
5. southern boys like to take advantage of southern girls while working with their kin at their farm
6. northerners are rigid, southerners are overly soft
THESE ARE NOT TRUE, but i guess we all know them as steryotypes
I HATE COLD WEATHER. Maybe thats a reason why people think northerners are rigid

Rochester, NY

#8 Feb 15, 2009
by the way, i live in upstate new york, center of rude people, and it it NOT THAT GREAT trust me

Rochester, NY

#9 Feb 15, 2009
oh and i dont get why southerners are seen as nicer when they're less tolerant of black people

Albemarle, NC

#10 Apr 22, 2009
snorth wrote:
oh and i dont get why southerners are seen as nicer when they're less tolerant of black people
Why do people always have to throw the race card in when they try to make a point. If you don't like people from the south, just say so. Don't just assume that they are less tolerant than people from northern states. We're all Americans, it's about time we act like it.
Tommy Aaron

Athens, TN

#11 Apr 24, 2009
A Confederate officer captured at Gettysburg was writing to some friends on another subject when his mind turned to the Yankees:

"They believed their manners and customs more enlightened, their intelligence and culture immeasurably superior. Brim-full of hypocritical cant and puritan ideas, they preach, pray, and whine. The most parsimonious of wretches, they extol charity; the most inveterate blasphemers, they are the readiest exporters; the worst of dastards, they are the most shameless boasters; the most selfish of man, they are the most blatant philanthropists; the blackest-hearted hypocrites, they are religious fanatics. They are agitators and schemers, braggarts and deceivers, swindlers and extortionist, and yet pretend to Godliness, truth, purity, and humanity. The shibboleth of their faith is,'The union must and shall be preserved,' and they hold on to this with all the obstinacy peculiar to their nature. They say that we are a benighted people, and are trying to pull down that which God himself built up.

"Many of these bigots express great astonishment at finding the majority of our men could read and write; they have actually been educated to regard the Southern people as grossly illiterate, and little better than savages. The whole nation lives, breathes, and prospers in delusions; and their chiefs control the spring of the social and political machine with masterly hands.

"I could but conclude that the Northern people were bent upon the destruction of the South. All appeared to deprecate the war, but were unwilling to listen to a separation of the old union. They justified the acts of usurpation on the part of their government, and seem submissive to the tyranny of its acts on the plea of military necessity; they say that the union is better than the Constitution, and bow their necks to the yoke in the hope of success against us. A great many, I believe, act from honest and conscientious principles; many from fear and favour; but the large majority entertained a deep-seated hatred, envy, and jealousy towards the Southern people and their institutions.

"They know (yet they pretend not to believe it) that Southern men and women are their superiors in everything relating to bravery, honesty, virtue, and refinement, and they have become more convinced of this since the present war; consequently, their worst passions have become aroused, and they give way to frenzy and fanaticism.

"We must not deceive ourselves; they are bent upon our destruction, and differ mainly in the means of accomplishing this end. However, much as sections and parties that hate each other, yet, as a whole, they hate us more.

"They are so entirely incongruous to our people that they and their descendants will ever be our natural enemies."
Billy Bob

Hackettstown, NJ

#12 Apr 24, 2009
Hi ya all, anyone see Barney? Andy's lookin for him and aunt Bea is getting very upset.

Albemarle, NC

#13 Apr 25, 2009
Billy Bob wrote:
Hi ya all, anyone see Barney? Andy's lookin for him and aunt Bea is getting very upset.
Hey Billy Bob, eat any french fried potatoes lately?
Billy Bob

Hackettstown, NJ

#14 Apr 25, 2009
No only some grits at the pancake house.mmmm good.

Griffin, GA

#15 Apr 28, 2009
Southerners are indeed more tolerant of blacks than Northerners.

We have 85% of the black population here. Blacks make up about a third of the South compared to only about 1% of the North. Everywhere Northern whites come into contact with blacks, there is racial strife.

If you want a real eye-opener, google "Sundown Towns" to see how northerners traditionally have resolved the "negro problem"

Nashville, TN

#16 Apr 29, 2009
I'll tell ya one thing, alot of the men here in the south have tight butts.

Nashville, TN

#17 Apr 29, 2009
I love topping them.

Griffin, GA

#18 Apr 29, 2009
Silly fahggot, dhicks are for chicks.

Saint Louis, MO

#19 May 26, 2009
I'm soo glad I am southern and moving back to the south in 2 weeks. Ya'll yankees make me ill with your disregard for others and utter selfishness. Not to sound like a Jesus freak but I'd rather live in the Bible Belt south than the agnostic/ atheistic North anyday. This country was originally a Christian nation but that's a whole nother debate. Southerners' hearts are different because they are genuinely interested in others and naturally care. God Bless the South!!!

United States

#20 Jun 16, 2009
Hi. I am from the North and a few years ago I was at a reanactment at Gettysburg. I am use to being around northern people and I met some people from Tennese and I must say they are the nicest people I have ever met. Things are way to fast paced up here and you guys down south seem to be more relaxed. I like it.

Georgetown, TX

#21 Jul 2, 2009
snorth wrote:
oh and i dont get why southerners are seen as nicer when they're less tolerant of black people
We are not less tolerant of black people. Only jerks are racists and those can be found EVERWHERE. You must have been in some terrible town to have idea.

-From Mississippi =]

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