Man gets life in 1990 Collin County s...

Man gets life in 1990 Collin County slaying

There are 145 comments on the Dallas Morning News story from Oct 26, 2007, titled Man gets life in 1990 Collin County slaying. In it, Dallas Morning News reports that:

“The two girls did it. We believe they said he [Mr. Shy] was there because they wanted to work a deal. They blamed him because it was convenient.”

By TIARA M. ELLIS / The Dallas Morning News Seventeen years after an execution-style murder, a Collin County jury took one hour Thursday to convict Ronnie J. Shy II and sentence him to ... via Dallas Morning News

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Minneapolis, MN

#110 Mar 20, 2012
I would be interested in hearing an update about this. Wendy, are you still waiting for Ronnie to get out of prison? Where is he in the appeals process? Is the Texas Innocence Project still handling his case?

Minneapolis, MN

#111 Mar 25, 2012
It's been almost a year since you posted. Sounds like he isn't getting out of prison on appeal. Have to say that from what I've read he's guilty as sin. Hopefully you've given up on this and have gotten on with your life Wendy.
Wendy Wilson

Caddo Mills, TX

#112 Mar 30, 2012
Yes they are still handling his case. His appeal is in the Supream courts now. i moved on with my life along time ago, that does not change the fact I belive this man is innocent and the two girls committed this crime and used him as an escape goat. There were too many things brought up in trial that said he didnt do it. When he is released Im sure we will see eachother sometime somewhere. I hope he gets everything he rightfully deserves for everything the state has put him thru when he is released! I wish him only the best!!!

Minneapolis, MN

#113 Apr 1, 2012
Moving on wrote:
Its all said and done at this point. Wendy didn't know the person Ronnie was all those years ago and those of us who knew him then didn't know the person Wendy spent her time with. The consensus is clear. Those who knew Ronnie then know he did it. If he hadn't stolen David's car stereo at the time of the crime he wouldn't have been tied to the scene. Ronnie is out of appeals and isn't eligible for parole until 2021. Its time to move on.
Actually if he exausts all his appeals he isn't eligible for parole at all. He was sentenced to Life without parole.

Minneapolis, MN

#114 Apr 15, 2012
No Obama wrote:
Yea I just read all of this as well......All inmates are innocent, just ask them..Casey Anderson was "innocent" too! Maybe he should have gotten her attorneys! I think our Justice System sucks at times like the Casey Anderson and the OJ Simpson trial but for the most part, I think they get it right!!
I think you mean Casey Anthony.

Dallas, TX

#115 Jun 5, 2012
I read everyones comments, I was really good friends with David. I attended jr.high and high school with him. I remember the pains of growing up with parents that were physically abusive at times, and I could always call David to pick me up when I needed to get away. David even took me to talk to a minister at a church one time even though he was jewish. Do I think from what I have read Ronnie Cinnomin or Cynthia did it? I would have to say I do not know. I do think that the girls didn't get near what they deserved to get. I still have yet to understand how people can look at any life and think its less deservant to live than their own. I do know this, a lot of lives have been effected, the decisions made that night have effected many many people who knew each one of these parties. Everyone is hurt, continues to grieve and its been how many years now. The pain that his parents endured, his brother growing up without him, his friends whom loved him. Now, the three parties involved and their loved ones. I think about what all David has missed and what all now these three may or may not miss in life. I am just so very sad.
A Friend

Dallas, TX

#116 Jun 7, 2012
I knew David well. We dated after we graduated from JJ Pearce. He was a very funny, caring and passionate person. He was extremely generous with his money and his time. He was also troubled and had a bit of a drug and alcohol problem. I believe that anyone convicted of a crime by a jury of their peers is of questionable character or they wouldn't be in that situation to begin with. A majority of criminals are sociopaths which means they are able to hide who they really are in order to get what they want. I also believe that Cinnamon and her friend were more involved than they said. I lost a dear friend 22 years ago. No one deserves to be shot execution style and dumped. I can only imagine the fear David was experiencing. It saddens me to realize all of the things David has missed. He never had the opportunity to graduate from college, get married or have children. There has been a hole in my life since the day I found out about his murder. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Ronnie sits in prison for a reason. He is where he belongs.
Anon Friend

Minneapolis, MN

#117 Jun 9, 2012
To: A Friend

I would hope that you are never in that situation where you are facing having to prove your innocence because even though you think that the justice system works sometimes it just does not. When someone can plea their way into being on probation for a murder charge by implicating someone there is something wrong with our system. In my opinion these girls are more dangerous as they are out free to do what they wish while someone sits in prison doing their time. If you had the opportunity to look at everything in this case you might have a different opinion.

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. You are right that the character of ALL these people could be questioned, including the victim or else he wouldn't of been in that situation to begin with. Just because he is dead doesn't make him all of a sudden a saint. It's sad that it ended up this way but someone is doing time for something they had nothing to do with. Let us hope that the truth comes out one day for everyone.
A Friend

Dallas, TX

#118 Jun 13, 2012
To: Anon Friend

I have personally known people who have had to defend themselves in court. Our justice system is far from perfect but it's what we have. You're correct, those girls deserve to be behind bars at least.

David was no saint but he was a good person who made stupid choices. That's why he ended up dead. It doesn't make the situation any less sad. As for Ronnie, I think he was the unfortunate victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and certainly mixed up with the wrong people. I didn't know him so I'm in no place to judge him.

Many people make dumb decisions and it's usually the innocent that pay for it. I think that anyone being able to plea their way out of the consequences they deserve is disgusting. I also disagree with people who say that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment. Isn't that the purpose? I could write a book on the flaws in our legal system but it won't change anything least not yet.

I hope that if Ronnie is truly innocent that he will get the opportunity to prove it. I also hope at the same time that the truly guilty parties pay the price they deserve to pay.

I am human and I judge no one. I'm no better than anyone else. I've never claimed to be. I just express my opinion. I also believe in karma...what goes around comes around.
Free Ronnie

Pilot Point, TX

#119 Jun 14, 2012
Those girls only got 10 years probation and 2,500$ in fines! Something is really worng with that! If all he did was steal the radio from the guys car he has more than served his time. Did they prove he was at the crime sence? Did he speak at his trial? Will he get out?
Anon Friend

Minneapolis, MN

#120 Dec 15, 2012
It's so easy for people to believe that someone like Casey Anthony is guilty yet to believe that someone is in prison for something they didn't commit is hard to believe? Ronnie didn't commit this crime and the evidence supports that. Ronnie will be found innocent eventually and we will be together. I have faith in God that will happen sooner than later.

Irving, TX

#121 Dec 17, 2012
"Escape Goat"
-Wendy Wilson 03.30.2012

The ignorance of that alone says it all in the introspective spewing of Wendy's 'thoughts' on this matter.

where u there

United States

#122 Dec 28, 2012
AnonoymousOhow do u know he poodle pinniceeint wrote:
To Wendy: Are you stupid?
<quoted text>
how would u know? Where u around then? Did u know Cynthia is just at 5ft and was about 8 months pregnant at the time? I knew eiveryone involved back then. Stop blaming the girls. Sorry u fell in love with a murderer but u shouldnt talk about things u don't know about. Sleeping with someone doesn't mean u knew them in the past.

Saint Paul, MN

#123 Jan 18, 2013
Perspective wrote:
"Escape Goat"
-Wendy Wilson 03.30.2012
The ignorance of that alone says it all in the introspective spewing of Wendy's 'thoughts' on this matter.
LOL, Exactly. This chick doesn't know what she is talking about. Ignorant is all I can say.

Dallas, TX

#124 Jan 18, 2013
Well some take longer to learn than others. It's obvious she has said it enough times to try and convince herself of her prophecy, I just wonder when she will realize her ship ( Ronnie) has sailed.

Saint Paul, MN

#125 Jan 18, 2013
Beth wrote:
Well some take longer to learn than others. It's obvious she has said it enough times to try and convince herself of her prophecy, I just wonder when she will realize her ship ( Ronnie) has sailed. I feel kind of sorry for her.
Best wishes

Emory, TX

#126 Jan 22, 2013
To Suzi and Ronnie I see you were engaged on January 17th. If hes ever released I wish you both the best of luck in your life. Starting a relationship with a man in jail is hard enough, but hes looking at life. Hope your both happy in your journey.

Dallas, TX

#127 Jan 22, 2013
Suzi wrote:
<quoted text> I feel kind of sorry for her.
A part of me does also, then I remind myself she will be chosing her life, David didn't get to experience a long one. As much as I have hurt through the years with missing out on a good friends kind words, I cannot fathom his familys pain through all this. I still to this day pray at night for his family that they have the strength to carry on.

Saint Paul, MN

#128 Jan 22, 2013
Best wishes wrote:
To Suzi and Ronnie I see you were engaged on January 17th. If hes ever released I wish you both the best of luck in your life. Starting a relationship with a man in jail is hard enough, but hes looking at life. Hope your both happy in your journey.
Well you have a point there. I might have to reevaluate that.
Last laugh

Caddo Mills, TX

#129 Feb 25, 2013
No matter what that man did, what he says he did, or what he says he will do..... you ladies remember he is a liar and a murdering heartless man who cares for only him. If he and Suzi get married she will always wonder. Its human nature. Are Wendy and Ronnie still talking? Does he love her like he loves Suzi? What is Suzi getting into?

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