BEWARE: So I bought a snowblower from sears in East Tawas, Michigan back in 2005 (warranty expired) so it broke down and I called them.96.00 dollars for them to come pick it up and i'm 3 blocks away from them so I thought I would find a way to drop it off to save money.can u beleive that they told me there is a $40.00 charge for me to bring it down there.I have to pay to drop off my snowblower. so there charging me to get my thats got to be the biggest scam ever.soo I will never buy anything from sears again.charging me to be a customer.unexceptable!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!And also chargeing me a service fee ontop of that.I can understand the service fee but to charge me for me to bring it in Unbelievable !!I just want people to know this before finding out the hard way like i did.