Teen Challenge Exposed!
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#164 Aug 10, 2012
Need to provide a correction for Child Protective Services reporting. This information is for girls or guys that believe they were abused or harmed in any way while at Teen Challenge of NM. They cannot get you to the person investigating this because by law, they cannot confirm or deny there is an investigation. They've asked for people to call and talk to intake coordinators to file a report. You can give your name or remain anonymous. They are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The number you call is 1-855-333-7233. Hope that helps!!
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#165 Sep 8, 2012
If you are a former student of the NM TC, and you were told you were getting high school credits and/or a high school diploma only to find out none of your credits transferred or your diploma wasn't accepted by colleges of the US Military, you may want to contact the New Mexico Attorney General's office to report fraud. The Texas Attorney General is going after similar organizations that falsely state they can offer high school credits and or a legitimate diploma and cannot for fraud. Ya'll probably should contact the NM Attorney General and ask them to do the same. Here is their web site.
Outraged by the lies

Agawam, MA

#167 Sep 21, 2012
Cyndi -
Your lies will be exposed. When you speak it is like snakes venom. You actually believe your own lies. The real truth will be exposed.
You lost it along the way. Turned your back against God. You are sad.
You should be outraged

Los Angeles, CA

#168 Sep 22, 2012
What you should be outraged by is the deception of these people, but you are right the truth is being exposed finally! Shame on them! Do you think that most people believe that only grace should be extended to a minister who has an inappropriate relationship with a minor, they do! And if it happens again - more grace. I will not address the salvation issue that is up to God, but a person with that problem should not have access to very vulnerable teen age girls period! The worst part is the number of people who know there are problems and refuse to address it that should outrage you! Pull your head out of the sand and stop defending someone that needs to repent and be outraged that girls lives have been hurt!
I know lets let the evil continue and just attack Cyndi!
Cyndi, so many of us love you and are praying for you. Your childhood was stolen from you now your child, but God will restore. Keep up the good fight against evil!
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#169 Sep 22, 2012
Outraged by the lies wrote:
Cyndi -
Your lies will be exposed. When you speak it is like snakes venom. You actually believe your own lies. The real truth will be exposed.
You lost it along the way. Turned your back against God. You are sad.
I don't know who you are but I think people are smart enough to see people have been posting problems with TC of NM since 2007 and that its not just me exposing problems. But thanks for your opinion. If you are truly concerned for me, pray for me. Could use all the prayers I can get. Appreciate your concern!!!
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#170 Sep 22, 2012
You should be outraged wrote:
What you should be outraged by is the deception of these people, but you are right the truth is being exposed finally! Shame on them! Do you think that most people believe that only grace should be extended to a minister who has an inappropriate relationship with a minor, they do! And if it happens again - more grace. I will not address the salvation issue that is up to God, but a person with that problem should not have access to very vulnerable teen age girls period! The worst part is the number of people who know there are problems and refuse to address it that should outrage you! Pull your head out of the sand and stop defending someone that needs to repent and be outraged that girls lives have been hurt!
I know lets let the evil continue and just attack Cyndi!
Cyndi, so many of us love you and are praying for you. Your childhood was stolen from you now your child, but God will restore. Keep up the good fight against evil!
Thank you!!! Appreciate it!! This blessed me!!!
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#171 Sep 22, 2012
I am always amazed at the people that post nasty stuff on here about me that don't know me from Adam, have not spent even five minutes with me at all or haven't spent five minutes with me for many many years. Nobody can know a person and be qualified to comment on their character without having actually spent time getting to know them. Its obvious these attacks are coming straight from Lin and Kathy Hall.
Lin and Kathy have done some hurtful things to many people for many years and some have posted information about that on this blog since 2007..long before I even knew about this blog. A friend told me about this blog in July, 2012 and that is clearly when I started posting on here. Kids who were not at TC of NM at the same time, don't know each other, and have never spoken and yet they all say pretty much the same thing. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that lends some credibility to the claims being made.

And of course Lin and Kathy won't just do the right thing, apologize and make things right with people as best they can. They simply attack the other person. These comments are no surprise to me at all. This is who Lin and Kathy are. Instead of just apologizing and doing the right thing, they attack the other person's character directly or indirectly.
interested observer

Fort Worth, TX

#172 Sep 22, 2012
Outraged by the lies must also be a fan of Jerry Sandusky. Even with the evidence, he stills says that he did nothing wrong. The people who commit the crimes are the ones who try to justify their actions. So keep believing the New Mexico teen challenge directors while they abuse more kids. Its people like you who look the other way and lets boys be raped at penn state.

Wichita Falls, TX

#173 Sep 23, 2012
The best way to describe lin and kathy Hall is to compare them to the pharicees of jesus time. Lin and kathy Hall are just like the Pharciees look good on the outside, but Are dead on the inside! I was in Teen Challange for a while and so I have every right to feel the way I do. Lin and kathy Hall have and are hurting these young men and women from there actions. Those of you who support Lin and kathy Hall are just as guilty for hurting these young men and women as they are. The crowd who supported the Pharciees in there protesting jesus crusifiction are just as guilty just like those of you who sopport Teen Challange of New Mexico. Yall are hurting these young men and women so there blood is on your hands!!! but it is not to late to do the right thing and wash you hands and make things right! I am begging you to not take my word for it but do some research and decide for your selves. This is honestly a life or death situation. I know this personally! As for Cyndie she seems like she loves her son dearly and shame you who are condemning here for fighting her son. Shes trying to protect him from the insane people hes is under the care of! so do research and shut your mouths if your don't know all the facts! I hope you who support Kathy and Lin can live with the choices you are making and if your a parent I pray that you heart will be changed and not send you child to New Mexico Teen Challenge. I am not on a personal vendetta just justice and maybe I could help the blind open there eyes to the truth of whats going on.
I Support Cyndi

Lufkin, TX

#174 Sep 23, 2012
To outraged by the lies,

I have known Cyndi Ortiz for 8+ years as a friend and fellow member of Lubbock Area Republican Women. How long have you personally known Cyndi? She is highly respected in Lubbock County because she seeks and promotes truth and justice at every level of government, holding city, county, state, and national leaders accountable for their actions. Cyndi is known for her honest, tell-it-like-it-is way of communicating the truth, and she is a woman of integrity and grit.

There is also another side to Cyndi and that is a woman with a broken heart, broken by her parents, Lin & Kathy Hall, who are deceptively keeping her oldest son from her, and Cyndi is bravely fighting to get him back. Cyndi prays daily over her two sons whom she loves dearly, and she wants so much for them to be reunited as a family again.

Cyndi's heart is also broken for the young people who have contacted her, telling her of their tragic experiences at Teen Challenge of NM run by her parents. Cyndi hurts for the young women who were inappropriately touched by her father, and young men and women who were promised a high school diploma, only to learn later that they too were deceived and lied to, and that their credits are not accepted by the military or institutions of higher education. Cyndi prays over these hurting young people and she wants mercy shown to them, and justice brought on her parents for what they have done.

Cyndi Ortiz is a beautiful and spirited woman of God, and it's her relationship with her almighty heavenly Father that is getting her through this ordeal. My prayers go out to her, "T," "D," and the young people who have been hurt by her parents at TC of NM.
Against Kathy and Lin

Rio Rancho, NM

#175 Sep 23, 2012
Lin and Kathy are awful people. I was there from 97'-99' and they truly are destructive to all of the girls. They use religion to gain for themselves.

You both, if you!re reading this, you are horribly deceptive people. Lin, stop kissing underage girls and Kathy, stop pretending to be holy when you know good and well you are making these girls give a testimony about being redeemed from abuse when you yourself are verbally abusive. Wake up and use your pea-sized brain and realize that you are hurting people, hence these comments against you by a variety of people. Oh and more thing: you do know it is unlawful to lie under oath, right? Just saying...

I would hate to be you both on Judgement Day....
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#176 Sep 23, 2012
I am not a "holier than thou" type and I'm not all legalistic with the rules...mostly people made up rules more than God's rules, but I have not turned my back on God at all. I love God very much and if it weren't for Him I would not be able to get through this. And I do pray for former TC students who were hurt daily. People who are actually around me all the time, have actually spent any amount of time talking to me at all know I have not turned my back on God, have not made crap up about Lin and Kathy, and have fought hard for justice for kids that Lin and Kathy harmed. These are people who know me...not some crazy person who probably has never even met me and certainly is not qualified to speak to the status of my relationship with God.

If my son really and truly had an issue with me, people who truly represent Christ like they say they do would assist my son and I in working through those problems. They would not divide and separate my son and I and my son from his younger brother. God and TC are supposed to be about rebuilding not destroying. Its very hard for me to understand how two people who say they represent Christ can rip a child from his mom and brother and lie to do it. Its also very hard for me to understand how two people who are supposed to represent Christ can deceive kids about their education, have inappropriate relationships with minor children, can expect them to eat moldy food and take showers in sewer water. It is most especially hard for me to understand how these two people can be my own parents. This causes me a tremendous amount of grief. People who are actually around me and know me know this causes me to lose sleep at night, it causes me a tremendous amount of grief and I wish so much they were not doing these things. I wish desperately they would just help kids and not hurt them and that they would not interfere in my relationship with my son..that they'd just send him home so he can have a future. He too is being robbed of his education, his talent in football, his relationship with his brother and that is NOT cool and it is NOT how God does things.
And I am sooo sorry to all of you kids that were harmed by my parents while you were at TC of NM. I do pray for you all daily..that God will bless you double for your trouble. And I know He will. He always keeps His promises.
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#177 Sep 23, 2012
I guess Lin and Kathy are telling people that I'm running from God and being deceitful partially because I've exposed what they've been doing to those kids at Teen Challenge. The problem with that is I haven't even been to Teen Challenge for years. I have no idea what goes on over there. I'm getting my information from former students who are pretty darn hurt because of what my parents did to them and I can't blame them. And what gives these kids a tremendous amount of credibility in my mind is they weren't at TC at the same time, they don't know each other, they have never spoken to each other and yet they are all telling me the same stories....exactly. So...if they don't even know each other, its not possible for them to concoct a story. Not only that, but people have posted some of this same stuff..the same stories I'm hearing, on this blog since 2007...long before I found out about this blog this past July. So, I'm not making crap up about my parents. There are some very real problems that need to be exposed and addressed because its hurting children and that keeps me up all night sometimes because it bothers me tremendously. I'm sorry its my parents doing this stuff. I wish they'd just stop. But that might be to hard I guess...because for some people, just doing the right thing seems to be too hard for them. Easier to make someone else look bad instead..I guess...I guess that is what is happening here. Who knows...I just know I'm not running from God nor have I turned my back on him, nor am I making crap up about anyone...
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#178 Sep 24, 2012
Yet another blog about TC abuse and again...we hear about the moldy food at TC of NM posted on this other blog. And this goes back to like 2008.


Fremont, OH

#179 Oct 9, 2012
Teen Challenge saved two of our boys lives. I lost one to a life of drugs. One had 3 children and didn't support them. One stole from everyone including our church. We never knew if they were going to live through the night until they both bottomed out at their own times and decided they were ready to go to teen challenge. They had each been through all of the programs locally and gone right back into the same life. Both boys are serving the Lord ad are new men.
There were things that went on that I thought were tough for the boys but nothing as tough as living in prison, on the street or as death. They were both (as most teen challenge students are) headed in that direction. I pray that those whose hearts dont grasp that or who were harmed by a foolish people, will heal, forgive and see the good that this organization has and is doing.
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#180 Oct 12, 2012
I think there are probably many Teen Challenges that are very good. Unfortunately, the one in New Mexico is jacked up to say the least and has hurt so many. And more unfortunately it is run by my parents. I've never been more disappointed than I've been to hear the people who raised me to have character and integrity have done the things they have done to kids who went there for help.
They took people's donations...money people gave to ministry and used that money to completely remodel their own house, go out to dinner, but not once touched the facility where the boys lived. They did not even spend a little to drain the sewer properly and instead had those boys pumping the sewer right out onto the ground with no protective clothing and at times taking showers in ankle deep sewer water. The building was in such poor condition that it snowed inside the building. The boys kept warm by piling on the clothes and using space heaters. They had to eat moldy food at times. I had no knowledge personally of anything that went on at Teen Challenge in NM until someone told me about this blog in July, 2012. And it was these actions that led to Child Services intervening resulting in the boys being sent back home. I don't know what all has gone on at the girl's center but I hear it was similar. So while Lin and Kathy Hall, the directors, my parents, made sure their home was beautiful, they did not lift a finger to use people's donations that they gave for the care of these kids to work on upkeep of the buildings where they lived. That concerns me greatly.
And of course I would not have paid any attention to this had my own son not been involved. I sent him there to be enrolled in Teen Challenge. My parents instead took him away from me and they lied in court to do it. I hear they bought staff gifts so they would lie as well. I also have been told that after they won custody of my son while lying in court, they all went out for dinner, on Lin and Kathy's dime or rather money donated to Teen Challenge and praised Jesus....for the success of their lies.
I remember many times my mother telling me that families are supposed to help each other and that if they did, if families supported each other like God intended, there would be no need for Medicaid or Welfare. And instead of helping me either by supporting my efforts to keep my son from ruining his life or financially ever, they spent right around $10,000 taking my son away from me and lying in court to do it. And to make matters worse, as if that were not bad enough, I find out they've been hurting these kids who have gone to Teen Challenge for help to the point that for many, it is taking years to repair the damage done by my parents. This makes me extremely sad. My parents raised me to be better than they are being now. I thought they were better people and they certainly had a tremendous opportunity to leave a legacy of good, of healing, of rebuilding and instead have chose to leave a legacy of pain and heartache for many. The disappointment is tremendous.
Not all Teen Challenges are like this thankfully. But there are some that seriously need some positive change in leadership.
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#181 Oct 12, 2012
And of course the $10,000 they used destroying my family, hurting my youngest son beyond words, taking my oldest son away and lying to do it was all....money given by good people who intended it to be used for "ministry" for hurting kids. It was money intended to be used to rebuild, not destroy.
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#182 Oct 13, 2012
This was recently posted on the Teen Challenge of NM facebook page. This may be true now, however it was not always. Looking at various blogs on the internet, former students have posted statements indicating they had to take extra courses in order to join the military because the US military would not accept Teen Challenge of NM diplomas. TC may have made some changes and that is actually a good thing. These kids work hard to get a diploma and the worst thing in the world is to do all that work only to find out it didn't count for anything and that additional courses are required. If they made some changes so kid's diplomas are accepted, that is a good thing and I'm glad they did that.
Below is the post from TC of NM's facebook page.
"October 9
One of our graduates recently applied to join the Military. I had the privilege to talk with his recruiting officer. He said they accept all dipolomas. Because our deplomas are "class driven" and not just "test driven" they enter at a Tier 1 level. Their entrance exams are also very important. The young man he called about had tested above average, which has been the case with most of our graduates entering the Military. A rare, very rare, individual may miss the opportunities offered by joining our Military. The rare exceptions would be those who may have come with learning problems, or who did not call our office for further assistance.
There are probably former students that have served our country in the Armed Services that I am not aware of, but I know there have been those serving in the Marines, Navy, Air Force, and the Army.
I want to thank all who pray for Teen Challenge of New Mexico and who give to make it possible for these young people to have a good education and hope for their future. With God all things are possible."
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#183 Oct 13, 2012
Actually, just got additional information from a former student. This kid tried for several years to get the US military to accept his TC of NM diploma and they wouldn't. The military recently, as of just a few months ago changed their criteria and is now accepting TC of NM diplomas. It appears that has nothing to do with TC of NM raising their standards in education. The military lowered their's. That could change again at any time as the US Military is constantly re-evaluating and changing criteria for recruitment.
Cyndi Hall Ortiz

Lubbock, TX

#184 Oct 20, 2012
Really...the bottom line is if you are thinking of placing your child in any teen rehab facility, make sure it is one that allows unannounced parent visits. If they won't allow that and allow parents to view any school work, curriculum studies, inspection of your child's living quarters, review of where they eat and bathe, unsupervised phone calls between you and your child, don't place your child there. Even though your child is in need of professional behavioral or mental assistance, it is still YOUR child. Make sure the facility where you place your child has an open door policy. Abuse and neglect flourish when there is no oversight, when things are hidden or information is difficult to obtain, and when your communication is restricted. Your child is not able to tell you of any problems if they are not able to communicate with you openly.

Any good rehab facility will also have sessions or classes that assist you and your child in rebuilding or strengthening and improving your relationship.They should have specific goal date for your child's return home and a detailed plan for you and your child to get back to a routine at home that works. If the facility you are considering for your child does not have this service available, find a place that does.

Teen Challenge of NM directors and staff do not allow parents to communicate with their children openly and without supervision, they do not have an open door policy, they do not allow parents to drop in unannounced to inspect their child's living quarters, eating quarters, bathing quarters, review progress on their school work, or the Teen Challenge curriculum they use. Because of this, students were not able to communicate problems with their parents thus allowing the directors to force students to eat moldy or rotten food, take showers in feces, their education was not where it needed to be, and children who desperately needed medical care did not receive it resulting in some having serious health complications.
If there is no open door policy, find a place that has one. It is YOUR child. You not only have the right to dictate your child's care, but you have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure your child is being cared for properly. If any facility has a problem with that, get your child out of there fast and find a better place for them.

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