What a waste of tax payer dollars. I do not know the suspect or the alleged assault victims. Though I do know that this incident was politicized for whatever reason. Maybe the sheer show of force was intended to take our eyes off of the Lapeer East incident. Though the spin never ceased to amaze me in Lapeer county. As an example, channel 4 news informed me that they were not sending a truck on Friday night because the Sheriff told them the news was over. When I called the news to see why they had no coverage of this incident, they said that Lapeer Sheriff informed them that the suspect is detained in a house and was unarmed and no threat to any person. Yet then we keep the circus going for another 18 hours or so, and then wait for the armored vehicle to get there and of course the man come out without issue.(Thank God). Point being, if they knew the night before as I was informed that he was unarmed and not an issue or threat. Why are we expected to pay all of the overtime and fee's for the all niter? Of course his alleged crimes indicates he needs help - no doubt if in fact he is guilty. Though did anyone but me notice the lack of coverage on the media, yet the amazing local show? Maybe it was only meant to take our mind off of the Lapeer East issue that we are still being spun on. Or maybe it will have some political pull come election time. But one thing for sure - Channel 4 news had no reason to lie to me, so why would we pay for all of the extra charges if in fact they knew he was unarmed and not a threat as reported to me by the media, and allegedly reported to the media by the sheriff? We must stop this wasteful spending for political reasons.