Who do you side with in Ferguson?

Galena, OH

#246 Aug 25, 2014
rainbowbrite wrote:
Shit was gettin too real in Isreal. Diversionary tactic employed.
What does Israel have to do with this situation? I don't understand what your trying to say. Israel will protect it's people at all costs. The trouble in that our police departments need to use commonsense when using force. I wasn't there I don't know the entire story and neither does anyone else until this goes to trial. this isn't the same as someone bombing your country.


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#247 Aug 25, 2014
Need Info wrote:
It sounds like rapid fire during the first 7 shots, a 3 second pause then about 4 more shots.That police officer was definitely in distress. Why else would an officer fire 11 shots on an unarmed man. Complete panic for his life. I know the law is technical on self defense especially on what gives a police officer the right to use deadly force.
Will this go audio go before the Grand jury
I agree too. After listening to the audio several times,,thats what I think also. I just dont want to see this cop thrown under the bus to appease the black community, especially when the black on black violence spikes every weekend in urban cities. Chicago for example had over 20 shot and a 3yo black child killed this weekend. Selective moral outrage also keeps the country divided.

Since: Nov 08

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#250 Aug 25, 2014
If he wasn't dead it would be called police brutality.

Marion, AR

#251 Aug 25, 2014
I think the cop did the right thing he just rob the store so he got what he he got sorry the cop was right get over it and move on
Liar Liar

San Antonio, TX

#252 Aug 25, 2014
New audio reveals a total of 11 shots fired. Oddly, there's a pause after what sounds like the first 6 shots. Then, appears to be another 5 shots fired after a brief pause. Somebody has some explaining to do. FBI now in possession of audio. Hang the pig! Or, make tamales out of him.
Being equal

Marion, IL

#253 Aug 25, 2014
He was a thug, he assaulted the policeman and tried to get his gun, what would you have done? Oh but you're black so you side with the black boy. You people look for a reason to loot and cause problems. You know it's true.

United States

#256 Aug 25, 2014
dead thug wrote:
when he stole from the store he roughed up the clerk like a bully. it's not like he just went in there and shoplifted, he grabbed the clerk and threw him against a shelf or rack when the clerk tried to stop him. people close to the cop are saying the officer suffered facial injuries, likely from being struck. cops don't fuck around. if you punch them they're gonna worry about being over powered and have their gun taken from them and shot with it. some cops, too many cops abuse their power and make the law up as they go but I have a feeling this cop shot him in self defense. he was a scum bag thug to be certain. the cop might be a piece of shit too but the dead thug was certainly a criminal with a violent streak. he liked to throw his weight around, all 300 pounds of it. 300 pounds is a pretty big person. he threw it around a little too much and that's what likely got his ass killed. if the cop was hit and there are pictures of his injuries to prove it there will be no trial. self defense is not against the law. if someone that big was on top of me beating my ass in I'd shoot, stab, bite... whatever it took to save my life.
How come this information didn't come out right away? Sounds like he had plenty of time to have a friend slug him in the eye before reporting any injuries.

Since: Aug 14

United States

#257 Aug 25, 2014
Luke wrote:
I think the cops are dirty and that it was a set up intend to take Brown out and make an example out of him. Too much going on in that place that don`t met the eye.
thank you!

Albuquerque, NM

#258 Aug 25, 2014
Let the facts be sorted out with the comical head cop Eric Holder whose gestapo like henchmen just got the big easy beat down for their investigative techniques - slanted as they were.
Then we have a clown governor to deal with and of course the race baters to include
a state senator who believes their will be 7734 to pay if he is not convicted.

One way or the other the jungle will erupt in Ferguson come judgement day it's in the race baters cards.
Formally from C-burg

Yadkinville, NC

#261 Aug 25, 2014
Just Saying wrote:
<quoted text> I recently retired after over 30 years in federal law enforcement, so I have a certain perspective on this case that others may not have. First, cops are trained to shoot only to stop a threat, not to kill. As far as shooting someone in the arm or leg, that's Hollywood, and not real life. It seems to me that the following scenario is plausible, although we won't know for sure until the evidence that is presented to the grand jury is made public.
Brown reportedly had just committed a strong armed robbery, and even if the cop didn't know he had, Brown himself knew, and likely figured the cop did too. He was bigger than the cop, and apparently assaulted him while trying to get away. He then reportedly turned and charged at the cop, who could have been overpowered and lost his weapon to Brown. If the cop felt threatened, he was entitled to use deadly physical force to defend himself. What is important under the law is the cop's state of mind at that time, and not anyone else's second guessing after the fact. If Brown was still charging at him after being hit several times, the cop was justified in continuing to fire at Brown until Brown was no longer a threat. The fact that he was shot 6 times means nothing other than the first 5 shots apparently weren't sufficient to stop him.
Let's see how this plays out before lynching the cop.
I'm white and don't trust the feds or any other po po \. They are a gang and so are the bloods. Let me ask you one ? Mr, x fed How come every internal investigation ever done by the feds concerning feds killing someone has come back that it was a justified shooting. That's feds always 100 percent legit. That says everyone regardless of race are wrong. I've got to call bs on that.

Atlantic Beach, NC

#262 Aug 25, 2014
Dead thugs are good thugs.

Umatilla, FL

#263 Aug 25, 2014
topix wrote:
This is a Topix site-wide discussion about the shooting and racial tension in Ferguson, MO. Have your say by leaving a comment below.
The real question is... Would we have this media frenzy if the officer involved was black?

The Zimmerman case cannot be compared it was a foregone conclusion that he would be acquitted by Florida law.


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#264 Aug 25, 2014
ExpectNoMercy wrote:
I side with the truth.
Let's hope it is allowed to come out.
Justice is supposed to be blind.
I wish everyone thought that, since so many in society have already tried and convicted him. Heard cries of vengeance on tv today, but nothing of fairness.

United States

#265 Aug 25, 2014
yes wrote:
Thug dead, cop went home. As it should be.
Liquid Lightning

Madisonville, KY

#266 Aug 25, 2014
Seems to me if the boy was such an asset to the place there would be a opening?
give al a knife and let him try.

Ville Platte, LA

#267 Aug 25, 2014
bizzyboddy wrote:
I wonder how many run-ins this kid had with the law, previously? Really college bound??
He graduated from doing petty theft to strong armed robbery. Next on his education seems like he would have been heading to prison for his masters

Shreveport, LA

#268 Aug 25, 2014
Sick of hearing about it. The cop was defending himself. They need to let it go. Enough of the race baiters crap pushing hate. Sharpton needs to go home and shut up.


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#269 Aug 25, 2014
Liar Liar wrote:
New audio reveals a total of 11 shots fired. Oddly, there's a pause after what sounds like the first 6 shots. Then, appears to be another 5 shots fired after a brief pause. Somebody has some explaining to do. FBI now in possession of audio. Hang the pig! Or, make tamales out of him.
Dont judge with emotions, as that has backfired in other cases.

Douglasville, GA

#273 Aug 25, 2014
at first i sided with furguson but it looks.like he.punched the cop in the face he also stol a box of cigars but i dont think fugerson should have ben shot 6 times

United States

#274 Aug 25, 2014
If the cop didn't feel threatened he wouldn't have shot him. he felt he needed to defend himself and he did. defending yourself is not a crime or racism

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