Drew dixon nancy rubin John meserve it seems are all working together they sleep and eat cruise ships for breakfast or so it seems thinking of the environment how jacksonville ranks on air polution you think they would be well educated on the effects of smoking but wait Im talking about the diesel death zone that our kids are forced to breathe ever wonder what the affects of breathing the diesel emmissions of cruise ships or cargo ships ask nancy rubin why these ships are not flying the american flags is it because they cant pass the endorsement of the enviromental groups such as bluewater network or the american lung association. Califorina lung association cites the many cases of cruise ship polution and its affects, hey drew dixon how many hospital admissions in jacksonville are associated with breathing problems, how many kids in our school have never smoked a day in their lives have breathing problems, we talk about cigarettes and its affects yet we forget that this diesel death zone is much worse Im surprised the cigarette companies are not suing jaxport for polution contribution to the air we breathe as well perhaps some attorneys will read and start a class suit against jaxport for the hospital bills parents suffer for admiting their kids due to the emmissions from cruise ships etc.