Catalytic Converter Theft. Toyota Tru...
got apiece

Long Beach, CA

#941 Feb 18, 2012
This morning at about 6:30 my wife looked out the window and saw a car parked in front of the house.It had two people in it she layed back down and heard a noise not 20 seconds later,woke me up.I ran outside almost had ahold of the bastard,tried to punch out back window ,didnt work .As they were now driving,i jumped onto back of scion and managed to kick out back window before i jumped off and rolled down the street.Some cuts and bruises but it was worth it for them to have to shell out some money too.My son found out today it would cost $22oo with stock cat and $1200 for after market.The bastards were in a silver scion that now has a busted out back window
About time

Portland, OR

#942 Feb 18, 2012
Good for you, "got apiece"! It is about time someone struck back at these low-life thieves. It is amazing to me these scum haven't been shot yet, while their sticky fingers are stealing our belongings...
If word spread among these criminals that they might suffer some pain, or even die, from their bad actions, they might be inclined to alter their behavior.

Grass Valley, CA

#943 Mar 2, 2012
I started my car and I heard a loud noise!! I turned off the engine and got out off the car as soon as I can because I though part of the car got caught on fire!! Woke up my brother and he turns on the car and another loud noise!!! So I took it to the shop and found out my catalytic converter got stolen!! A 2000 4runner!!! Part will cost $1700!!! They say they steal them N sell them for a $100. Happened in Vallejo
mine too in Long Beach

Long Beach, CA

#944 Mar 18, 2012
Got mine ripped in Long Beach a couple of days ago too - probably the same Scion punks that got "got apiece's". Ballsy to crawl under a car and saw off the Cat Conv for a measley $100 - how desperate you gotta be to do that. Glad "got apiece" busted their window!!!

Stockton, CA

#945 Mar 24, 2012
My 94 toyota pickup got hit on Jan 1, 2012. Had converter welded in!
took mine in milpitas

Palo Alto, CA

#946 Apr 25, 2012
97 4runner. Parked in company parking lot out front. They sawed out the pipes but left the CC sensors (both before and after the CC). Toyota dealer wanted $2100 parts and then labor. Got aftermarket (new) parts & labor for $400. Hope it passes smog.

Young Harris, GA

#947 Apr 26, 2012
Mine was stolen in December 2011 at the Dawsonville Outlet Mall in Georgia. Cut right off with 2" to spare at each end. Is true that 1995 Toyota 4Runner does not sensors on its catylitic converter??
I believe that Toyota needs to address this issue!!!!

Irvine, CA

#948 Apr 30, 2012
Daniel wrote:
Woo-hoo! Found a place near me in Cypress, CA that will replace it for $150 (that's including parts & labor).
Can't believe I'm actually excited to fork over ANY money for something that was stolen from me...*sigh*
Hi Daniel!

My CatConverter also on my 2002 Toyota Sequoia was stolen as well. Do you have the phone number for this shop in Cypress. Everywhere I looked is not California Legal. Please Help


I Got the News Today

San Mateo, CA

#949 Jun 8, 2012
San Carlos Police Dept issued a release today about 6 thefts in 3 days.
San Carlos, CA - June 7, 2012 - The San Carlos Police Bureau of the County Sheriff's Office announced that there has been an above average number of thefts involving catalytic converters taken from late 1990's model Toyota Tacoma and 4 Runner trucks in San Carlos. Within the last three days there have been approximately six of these thefts.
The Sheriff's Office is working hard to identify the suspects in these case and would like to take the time to educate our citizens in regards to when, where and how these crimes are occurring. Additionally the Sheriff's Office has included helpful tips to avoid being a victim of these crimes.
* All of our victim vehicles have been 1997-1999 Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner trucks.
* All the cases so far in San Carlos have occurred south of San Carlos Avenue, between ECR and Alameda Da Las Pulgas.
* All the cases in San Carlos have occurred in the late night hours.
What are catalytic converters, and why is catalytic converter theft common?
Catalytic converters are devices that reduce pollution-causing emissions. Since 1975, all vehicles produced in the United States must have a catalytic converter as part of the exhaust system. The precious metals inside act as catalysts; when hot exhaust enters the converter, a chemical reaction occurs that renders toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, into less harmful emissions.
Stolen catalytic converters are sold to scrap yards for around $100 to $150, and when you consider the current prices for precious metals you can understand the demand. Rhodium sells for roughly $9,500 an ounce, while platinum pays at about $2,000.
What thieves look for
Vehicles that sit higher from the ground, such as trucks, pick-ups and SUVs, are particularly vulnerable to catalytic converter theft because thieves can slide underneath without having to jack up the vehicle to gain access to the converter. With just a few cuts of a battery-powered saw, the catalytic converter can be stolen in less than a minute.
Catalytic converter thefts typically happen to vehicles that are parked for prolonged periods of time in large lots, such as shopping centers, mass transit commuter lots or company parking lots.

Puyallup, WA

#950 Sep 8, 2012
Our cat conv got taken sometime in the last few days, parked in front of our house in south Seattle (Columbia City/Seeard Park).$800! 93 Toyota pickup. We
Don't have a driveway so have to park on the street. With co structuring across the street we didn't have a chance of hearing any sawzal.

San Jose, CA

#951 Oct 2, 2012
Another Joining The Club. My Cat Was Just Stolen From My 1994 4 Runner Last Night At Sun Valley Mall In Concord, CA. They Cut It Out. I Was Parked In The Lower Parking Garage Not Too Far From The Mall Doors. No Idea On Cost To Replace. Will Be Calling My Insurance Company Today.

Newark, CA

#952 Nov 26, 2012
I just had my stolen catalytic converter replaced. The muffler shop welded steel rods on both sides of the tail pipe, to make it more difficult for thieves using those chain type cutters. Small price to pay for a peace of mind. Wish I had known this 'before' getting hit.
jomar 59la

Temecula, CA

#953 Jan 11, 2013
I just get out from the la fitness gym in cerritos. I'll leave my Toyota sequioa 2005 model Then i ride my friend to going to cerritos mall to eat, we spend there 4 hrs, He drop me at my suv toyota, when i'll start the sound is like big tank, Then i found out, my CC on the right is cut they use electric saw..

Langley, Canada

#954 Jan 14, 2013

United States

#956 Jan 21, 2013
How can this be stopped? Do we stop buying this car?

United States

#957 Jan 21, 2013
On 01/20/2013,3:37-4:00pm; to check for item at
West Oak mall,Hou, Tx.came out with scary ears
Blastering sounds as I turned my 4Runner truck on.It drives slowly;police educated me that catalytic converter has been stolen. Problem:(1) low in money to replace it (1) Scared it might
Happen again (3) How do I prevent this from happening again (5) Read mony posts that it has been happening too frquently.(6) What can be done collectively to stop it (7) What is the Toyota
Maker doing to lessen or block subjecting us to
this big financial losses sustainained from owning
their cars.what are their measures of prevention and possible compensations?

Auburn, WA

#958 Feb 11, 2013
My cat was stolen today. Never heard of the wire stealing and cat stealing util Pres. Bush let the Ukrainan and Russians into our country. Stealing is what they do.

Thanks Bush, I hope your oil money is not drying up.


Columbus, IN

#959 Feb 27, 2013
Jerks cut CC off of my '03 Sequoia at a movie theater in broad daylight! Stupid thief alert....caught on video at theater and Wal-Mart across the road. Doing time now! Just wish I had been able to start it with the remote while they were in the act! Surprise! Police are thrilled, my isurance helped a bunch. Repairs? Around $600. Satisfaction? Priceless!

Portland, OR

#960 Feb 27, 2013
Dave wrote:
Jerks cut CC off of my '03 Sequoia at a movie theater in broad daylight! Stupid thief alert....caught on video at theater and Wal-Mart across the road. Doing time now! Just wish I had been able to start it with the remote while they were in the act! Surprise! Police are thrilled, my isurance helped a bunch. Repairs? Around $600. Satisfaction? Priceless!
Who were the thieves? Young? Middle aged? Old? Druggies? White, black, hispanic, other race? One person, or more help? Did the cameras spot what kind of vehicle they use for their crimes?

San Leandro, CA

#961 May 14, 2013
My catalytic converter was just stolen from my 2003 Toyota Sequioa yesterday at 2950 Buskirk Ave. in Walnut Creek, CA(RE/MAX Building near AAA Building). The thief may have used a battery-powered saw while I was at work between 9am-3pm. The car was parked 10 spaces from the main entrance, facing the windows that our desks look out to the parking lot.

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